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A great support group for those who are aiming to reach 130 pounds or below. Anyone is welcome to join... We CAN do it!!
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Find Your "Twin"

by savagepainter in Introduce Yourself on Dec 13

Female 34 yrs old 5'6" Current weight: 154 Goal weight: 130

Tiwinsky I love food, but my relationship with it isn't good.
Welcome to the Group

by Tiwinsky in Introduce Yourself on Nov 25

Hi! My name is Andrea, I recently moved from Mexico City to Berkeley, CA. In the months prior to the move i gained 40 pounds...

Goals like freaking soccer

by elizabethtac in What are your goals? on Jul 02

Hello, my fellow calorie-counters! Some time ago, my first and most amazing love, the size two jean, left me, and since...

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A great place to vent, ask questions/ post comments, share tips, etc.
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Set your goals... and how will you acheive them?
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Discuss the latest fashion/ beauty trends.
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A great place to have some fun and get to know each other.
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