Which bread is best: whole grain, whole wheat, or the highest fiber content per serving?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 09, 2008 in Nutrition



Look for whole grains that provide at least 20% DV (Daily Value) for fiber.

Whole grains
are cereal grains that contain all parts of the kernel: the bran, the germ, and the starchy endosperm. Whole wheat is used when the grain is entirely wheat.  High fiber refers to a food with 20% or more of the DV for fiber. The Nutrition Facts panel on the food label lists the %DV.

During food processing, when some of the bran and germ is removed, fiber, vitamins and minerals are lost. The manufacturer may enrich foods with extra fiber, but that fiber may come from cellulose and other products that do not provide the nutrients of whole grains.


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