Calories in Drinks

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Use Calorie Count's Food Browser to Find Healthy, Low Calorie Drinks

Beverages can be a convenient snack, or add a refreshing break from your hot meal, but when it comes to nutrition, the calories in drinks can be healthy or extremely unhealthy. Find low calorie drinks by browsing the Beverages browser page. You may be surprised to find that you can substitute some high calorie drinks and replace them with healthier alternatives simply by searching the beverage browser. Wine, coffee, tea, and soft drinks can make or break your daily calorie count. Gaining knowledge on what to drink and how much of it is important to keep you on track to your long- term goal of optimal health.

Keep a close watch on beverage calories by looking up the size and sugar content of drinks served away from home in restaurants, bars, and sporting events. By knowing that a 32-ounce cup of soda has more sugar than you should have in an entire day, you can make an informed choice about what to drink. You will also find that learning how to dilute certain sugary drinks can still give you the taste you seek without sacrificing your healthy diet plan. Another plus to having so much beverage nutrition information at your fingertips is finding new ways to drink fruity flavors without the unhealthy sweeteners that can be harmful to a healthy diet.

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