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Are Crackers Healthy?

Crackers come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and shapes. The specific nutritional content really depends on the ingredients, and that also determines the crackers health benefits. Because there is such a large variety available, specific health benefits cannot be pinpointed. Although crackers can be high in carbohydrates, eating them in moderation as a snack is beneficial. For example, those made from whole grains will have fiber. Many are also fortified with nutrients such as calcium and iron, and may contain protein. Low calorie crackers can be found as well, for example reduced-fat cheese crackers. Also keep an eye open for different options that are specific to your diet, for example gluten-free crackers.

What to Eat With Crackers?

Any type of cracker makes a great snack for the middle of the day. When buying a pack, split it into several smaller baggies so you have better control of portions, and have something quick to grab-and-go snack for those rushed days. If you want to spice it up, consider dipping them in Greek yogurt, or pairing them up with sliced vegetables or cheese to make a mini cracker sandwich. For example, sliced cucumber topped with a small piece of cheese over a cracker is delicious!

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