Calories in Indian Food

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The Composition of Indian Food Calories

Indian food can be a good bet for tons of flavor on few calories. Many Indian dishes are chock full of calorie-free herbs and spices so your taste buds and waistline will thank you. However, you should be wary of where some Indian food calories are coming from. Cream, yogurt, and oil are present in many favorite dishes (i.e. curries), adding artery-clogging saturated fat to your meal. When you check out our Indian food health facts you will also find that just because a dish is vegetarian, it doesn’t automatically mean it is healthy. Many vegetarian meals contain added ghee, a clarified butter, or oil and might have just as much fat as a meat-containing dish.


Discover the Nutrition in Indian Food

Since a lot of the dishes are full of vegetables, beans, and lean protein, the nutrition in Indian food is abundant. There will always be a whole wheat option for naan, called roti, and typically you will find brown Basmati rice can be subbed for the white rice which is the usual base. Therefore, Indian meals provide nutrition in the form of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try tandoori, saag, or masala dishes for the most nutritious Indian food without the excess fat you would get from cream-based dishes. Finish off your meal with a cup of chai tea for an additional antioxidant punch.

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