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Toppings like sauces and gravy can add flavor to meat and vegetable dishes, but do you know the calories in sauces like chicken gravy, barbecue sauce, or Caesar dressing off hand? The answer is probably no, but if you use the Soups, Sauces and Gravy browser, you may soon be able to change your answer. Soups are great paired with salads, but sometimes soup nutrition labels may reveal more sodium than you realize. Remember to check your favorite brands for soup calories as well.

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Sauce calories can add hundreds to your meal’s calorie count. And depending on sauce nutrition, may or may not have many other nutrients to add to your meal. Find nutrition facts on condiments like ketchup, mustard, and dressing as well. Wondering what kind of gravy to make? Check the gravy calories in beef, chicken, or vegetable broth-based gravy and make an informed decision. Don’t sacrifice some of the tastiest Italian sauces, like marinara, pesto, or four cheese sauce simply because you don’t know their calorie counts. Instead, look them up before you head to the store and get the taste you want knowing full well what you are getting yourself into.

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