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A discussion group on symptoms, medications, and experience with diabetes.
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Diabetes Survey, Please Consider Taking!

by venividivici in Diabetes -- discussing medicines on Apr 03

Hey everybody, my name is Elle and I am reaching out to anyone who has or knows somebody that has Type-1 or Type-2 Diabetes...

carb/fat/protein ratio?

by wxxifan in Diabetes -- Discussing Foods and Food Ideas on Jan 17

I really found this discussion thread helpful...will try to implement these formulas into my diet now. Thank you to those who posted them!!!...

Is it possible to set specific nutrient goals?

by wxxifan in Diabetes -- Discussing Foods and Food Ideas on Jan 17

Hi, I'm Marilyn and am a newbie here, but not so new to diabetes. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago now. I am type 2, insulin dependant...

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Diabetes -- Rants, Vents & Whining Allowed 14 22
A place to complain, vent, whine, grouse, rant and sigh.... with people who understand.
Diabetes -- Discussing Foods and Food Ideas 18 89
Got any favorite foods? Good menu ideas? Looking for suggestions?
Diabetes -- discussing medicines 10 62
This is the place to discuss insulins, pills, shots, etc. (Medicine-related)
Introduce Yourself 55 139
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