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Browse your favorite food brands for free. Find the calories in food from fast food restaurants, cafés and supermarkets that make up your regular diet. By searching through different brands of the same foods, you may find that some are more nutritious than others. Within a particular food category, there is tremendous variation in food calories and nutrients. Being forewarned with nutrition information is forearmed when it comes to choosing among the brands. Want to know how the cheaper brand compares to the expensive option in terms of food calories? Find your nutrition information here. Are you loyal to a certain brand, but it’s unavailable at your grocer? Check out the nutrition label to see what the switch could mean in the food calories.

Find Your Favorite Food Brands in our Free Calorie Counter

If you are looking for healthier snacks, the browse through the calories and nutrients in different snacks to make an informed choice. No need to waste hours in the grocery store trying to make a decision about what to try. Use our free calorie counter to calculate the number of calories in food.

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