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I Hate My Butt!!!!!

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I'm a 5'7", 23 year old female currently at 130 lb. My BMI is at a 20.4, so i'm at a "healthy weight". The problem seems to be my butt. I can't seem to get rid of it! I do a little weight training for the back of my legs (but it's not intresting... at all and i get bored so i stop doing it) and 25+ minutes of vigirous cardio on the elliptical, but it's still there!

What's the quickest way to tone my trunk for these upcoming bikini months?

Should I be drinking protein shakes to help build muscle? or will they make me gain weight all over?

Also, I have a "love handle" problem too. My waist is super tiny, but i've been developing that mushroom top hanging over my jeans. Any ideas how to tone that area as well?

Thanks in advance! Laughing

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I'll give the obligatory response:  squats, deadlifts, and lunges.  And move as much weight when doing them as you can.

It's kinda cliche around here, but truthfully, nothing will help you more for what you're looking for than those exercises.  You're at a healthy weight, but maybe not an ideal body composition - heavy resistance training will do more to help you look firmer in your legs, glutes, abs, and back than anything else you can do.

well beyonce is 5'7 and 130-140 maybe? but it seems u need to go running or stair walking so u can switch up your routine and that the fastest way to get rid of the sides and to lift or get rid of your butt maybe take a dance class especially ballet it helps but overall u sound really fit

Have you ever tried pilates? It is great for toning areas that need firming and it's fun.

Also, if you do oblique exercises on the ball, that might help your love handles.

Original Post by flrdianathrt:

Have you ever tried pilates? It is great for toning areas that need firming and it's fun.

 In order to "tone" and area you need to either increase the size of the muscle in that area, or decrease the fat covering the area.  Pilates doesn't provide enough resistance to build muscle efficiently nor does it increase calorie burn enough to effectivley reduce fat.

*I'm assuming you're using the word "tone" to mean a certain look, if you're refering to the correct, scientific definition of muscle tone then pilates still isn'te effective.

Original Post by flrdianathrt:

Also, if you do oblique exercises on the ball, that might help your love handles.

 Oblique exercises will build the oblique muscles, not burn the fat that's covering them and creating "love handles"

First of all, she's already pretty thin. Second, the Pilates and oblique exercises will help in addition to the cardio she said she does on the elliptical.

The pilates will help with what? building muscle or burning fat?

I actually have a pilates DVD at home and I used for about 2 months and got sick of it. I felt like nothing was happening.  The oblique exercises may be more intresting for me. I don't know if i need to burn fat as much as i do build muscle. I'm really small framed, but when i gain weight it goes right to my butt. I lost some weight a few months ago and I looked sickly (my arms were like sticks) but my butt looked decent (smaller, but not toned). I want to get to the point where my butt looks nice, but i don't look like a twig.

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Your response just screams for the type of weight lifting we're talking about - lunges, squats, deadlifts, and other big muscle, compound lifts will help you retain muscle and trim fat.  If you lift hard and heavy, you wont' look like a stick.  You will build some muscle.  You will "firm up" for lack of a better (and scientifically accurate) term.

Oblique exercises will do very little for the problems you've cited.

Great! So should i cut back on my cardio and do more weight lifting? or should i still do 25+ minutes of cardio in addition to the weight lifting? How much weight lifting should I do a day?

despite the haters here ;-D I have to say.... pilates have done wonders for me, and they may for you, too, PROVIDED you're using an intense session/DVD. No wimpy stuff! and GOOD pilates DVDs use resistance training and stretching and a bit of cardio.... the 10-minute solutions videos with Lara Hudson worked wonders for me (and I'm a competitive high school cross country runner who previously did intense cardio workouts and weight training, SO THERE). they're DVD's made up of ten minute workout segments that target different muscle groups... now ten minutes a day won't do much for you, but if you combine all 5 into an hour workout or so, you'll see amazing results.... it helps your balance, posture, and general flexibility so you will look more slender, in addition to TONING instead of building up bulky muscle under fat... it definitely shrank my "muffin-top" considerably!

Good luck to you! and to the haters.... don't knock it until you try it, the RIGHT way :-D

Original Post by gew90:

 in addition to TONING instead of building up bulky muscle under fat... it definitely shrank my "muffin-top" considerably!

Good luck to you! and to the haters.... don't knock it until you try it, the RIGHT way :-D

Females can't get bulky without more effort than most women are willing to give. Men don't get bulky without a lot of effort.

Also if pilates is giving you better results than your weight routine, your weight routine was seriously flawed.

Original Post by gew90:

 in addition to TONING instead of building up bulky muscle under fat... it definitely shrank my "muffin-top" considerably!

 could you explain to me the difference between "toning" and bulking?

I have been doing more serious (nothing crazy, but I was doing some wimpy stuff before) weight lifting for the past 6 weeks and just in those six weeks I have noticed my love/back handles disappear... seriously.. it's amazing...

I do squats 3x a week (3 sets of 12)
I do lunges 2x a week (3 sets of 12)
I do deadlifts 2x a week (3 sets of 12)

I've just increased my lower body weights up to 25lb's and I. can't. wait. to see the results....

I ♥ weights

well I have a pretty much all muscle butt... and I run, I do track and I also play soccer, but it's the running that's made my butt toned. sorry I can't be more help, but running is a great exercise and easy to do... you just need some shoes ;)

Remember that not all people are built the same.  I am more of an 'apple' (weight up higher on body) so I tend to have trouble losing weight in my  waist.  Two of my best friends are 'pears' (weight more through hips/legs) and they will have bigger butts no matter what they do.  The one hates her legs but has this great waistline.  She envies my legs but doesn't know I hate my waistline!

In short: you can't fight genetics.

I'm a ture 100% pear.... I am shape like the hour glass from hell, and the butt is the thing I love the most about me..

Stats... March 2007- 226lbs Today 166lbs
Bust- 40DD Now 36D Hip to Hip 53 1/2" Now 45" Wasit 40" Now 31"
Bad body a year ago...

You can't Fight Genetics, the only thing you can do is improve them..We have to Keep it from looking like a load of JELLO, and giving it....... SHAPE!

So many of us do these things just to keep that wiggle in check.. Squats, Lunges, and Open Squats- you name it.. Pilates... That's the thing you need to be doing.. I do it or yoga 3 days a week... 30 mins- But it can also be used for 10 mins. Give it that TONE & LIFT!

I mean come on girls.. You can't tell me you don't like looking at a well tone A** on a man..  I do, and I know they like looking at the same on us.. Just tone it.. Don't lose it, because it can't be done.

yeah i was about to say...first of all you're pretty thin for your height. now im having trouble grasping 2 things here. WHY do you want to get rid of your butt!?!?! haha. i have such a flat butt and im DYING to make it fuller and rounder.

the other thing is...everyone tells me the EXACT same things to give me a BIGGER butt -- lunges, squats, deadlifts. so, to everyone who responded to the original poster, who's lying to who? am i wasting my time trying for a nicer rear, or is she not going to get a smaller butt doing these things?

babydudes -- the only way you can quickly and effectively burn fat is by doing significant amounts of cardio. 20-45 minutes a day. all these butt exercises are awesome, trust me. but what they are going to do is build and firm your glutes(muscles under your butt cheeks). if you have excess fat storage in that area, which it sounds like you are a "pear" shape, meaqning that is where your body stores it, you can build and firm all you want, but if you dont burn fat it won't look smaller at all.

everyone telling you to do all those exercises is like telling someone who asks "how do i get rid of my gut?" to do crunches. if you dont burn the fat, nothing with look flatter, smaller, more defined, or tighter.

I have one of the biggest male asses I've ever seen... (most track runners do)

running sprints will do it, but you can check my journal for butt workouts... as long as you are doing cardio it will help.



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