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How many calories in samosas?

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I just had a spinach and cheese samosa from the safeway many calories do you think its worth??
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I found only one website that listed samosa and it said 369 calories. Hope this helps! n-foods.html
Aww, I thought you were talking about the Girl Scout cookies. Now I remember they're called samoas and now I'm craving them. :(
thx dawn! i guess that was my treat for the night :P lol...

and lanicita..nope not the girl scout cookies haha. and it was a very good samosa, i recommend them :D, very worth it hehe.
I found this:

Samosa, Vegetable, Tesco

Calories in 100g of samosas

Calories  252.0kcal
Carbohydrate  28.4g
Protein  5.0g 
Fat  13.2g
Fibre  2.7g
Alcohol  0.0g

Calories in a samosa (50g): 126kcal

however no mention if there is cheese in this (just says veggie), so not sure what to tell you.
Quote  |  Reply .php?q=samosa&x=12&y=9 ... .php?q=safeway&b=&page=3 but samosa isnt there

Samosa, Vegetable, Tesco Calories in 100g of samosas

Calories 252.0kcal Carbohydrate 28.4g Protein 5.0g Fat 13.2g Fibre 2.7g Alcohol 0.0g

Calories in a samosa (50g): 126kcal

The calories in samosa depend on its size, stuffing and frying medium. Generally, the larger ones can have up to 350 calories. The smaller ones have around 150 calories. Healthy samosas are hard to come by.  from 06072200900600.htm

Samosas are savory pockets of dough filled with vegetables or meat. They‚??re usually deep-fried, which adds a load of fat and calories. Taj for figured out how to make a baked version that keeps all the taste and almost none of the grease. Three to six grams of fat -- none of them saturated -- and about 160 calories are all you‚??ll get from each three-ounce samosa.

no safeway site with cheese and spinach samosas that i could find...sorry

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