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Can you eat too many eggs?

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How many eggs a day can you eat? I'm a new lacto-ovo vegetarian and as of late I've been eating 2 eggs a day about 4 days a week. One in the morning, one for lunch on a salad or sandwich. I'm still adjusting to having to plan ahead and eggs are just so cheap and easy. Could the fact that I don't eat any meat lessen any risks?

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Best place to search for health info is a pro-veggie forum!

My dh is vegetarian, diet forums always HAVE TO play on the safe side, as so many ED people join, join a veggie forum and they'll tell you all the facts.

You can eat too much of anything, but 8 eggs/week is fine.  I eat 1-2 dozen a week.  They're healthy, eat em up.

I'd imageine a veggie forum would be a great place for info that supports the idea that not eating meat is healthy/natural/makes you fly, but not the best place to fine unbiased health information.

I think the primary concern with eggs is that the yolk contains a lot of cholesterol (which is why so many people eat just the whites), but really, if your diet is balanced and otherwise decently low in cholesterol, a few extra eggs shouldn't be a problem.

it has been shown that there are numerous benefits to consuming eggs in their entirety, if you don't have a history of high cholesterol then this isn't a problem, however, if you do have high cholesterol you might want to keep it to around 5-6 eggs a week. :)

Original Post by nomnom:

I think the primary concern with eggs is that the yolk contains a lot of cholesterol (which is why so many people eat just the whites)

Dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on blood cholesterol. 

I stand corrected! 

The only healthy worry regarding eggs is the cholesterol and fat.

I was reading a news article about eggs a few days ago, they DO contain an awful lot of cholesterol(1 large egg is 2/3 RDA) but so does meat and fish so if your not eating any meat at all i would think it works out at about the same as us carnivores :) And considering it is a good source of protein its perfect for vegetarians.

The article did say that dietary cholesterol has alot less effect as oposed to other sources but the high fat content(10%,of which a quarter is saturated) of egg yolks is actually suposed to contribute more to bad health than the actual cholesterol.

2 eggs is supposed to be the maximum daily intake, but considering you dont eat meat its going to be higher for you.

I would guess that I eat 2-8 eggs a day, 7 days a week. 

Sometimes we have egg in every meal!  An egg white scramble for breakfast, quiche or fried egg sammy for lunch and in fact tonight for dinner we're having pan-seared scallops with an egg on top!

Just be aware of what is known as "eggy farts"!

I eat 2 eggs a day every single day. Sometimes I have 3 if I'm real hungry.

I've been eating eggs like this pretty much my entire life and my cholesterol (checked it 8 months ago) is perfectly normal!

Mmmm eggs.

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