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How much is 3 oz of ground beef? Is it like 1/2 cup or more or less? I dont have one of those nifty scales So im hoping somebody knows this :)
Thanks Jen
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8 oz is one cup, so I'm estimating it would be just under 1/2 cup.

4 oz being half.

Hope this helps
Well, that's true for water, not solids.

8 oz of water is 1 cup of water... and since most liquids are mostly water, that's true for most liquids.. but ounces are a measure of weight, and cups a measure of volume. As beef is probably heavier than water, 3 oz. might be about half a cup, maybe slightly less...

Think you've just gotta measure it, purrfect. Sorry :)
Oh I'm bad, I didn't know that.  Thanks for the correction.  They say you learn something new each day!!!

My guess would be the size of a deck of cards.
An easy way to figure it without a scale is to buy a pound of ground beef and divide it into 5 portions... I actually do this but divide it into 4 portions and that way I know that I have a 4 oz burger... because when you cook it, it will shrink a bit and you'll have your 3 oz portion...
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