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Sugar vs. Sodium... both horrible, but which one really takes the prize of being the worse for your health? And why?

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All opinions are welcome.

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I don't like to demonize any food.  Both sugar and sodium can be healthy parts of any eating plan, in small quantities. 

That said, I think that most Americans get far too much of both in the modern world, and I would suspect that since even savory foods (like chips and pizza) have added sugar nowadays, that excess sugar is probably responsible for more health damage than excess sodium.  But, it is the excess that is the problem.

I agree... in moderation, both salt and sugar aren't 'horrible' and aren't going to do you any harm.  Excessive sugar intake over a prolongued period could lead to weight-gain, tooth decay and might be implicated in reducing the effiiciency with which your body can produce insulin.  Excessive salt intake over a prolongued period is probably going to result in raised blood-pressure as you hit middle-age. 

Moderate consumption of both and you'd probably be in good health.

Salt is one of the essential the way nature intended, salt and sugar are not a problem......simple really....ED's aside of course.

my opinion is that i think youre nuts, who the hell cares, unless youre living soley on containers of salt or sugar, i think youll be alright

It really depends on what you're eating.  If it's between a processed snack full of salt, it'll probably be worse for you than a single piece of fruit, which is high in sugar, but also naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  The other way can be true in that having something with high sodium canned tomato paste would probably be a wiser sauce than something with orange juice that is really just orange flavored sugar stripped of nutrients and fiber.  That's just my two cents.

agruskin, obviously you are delusional. Get lost. :)

For everyone else, this has nothing to do with me. No I am not eating excessive sugar or salt, I eat a healthy amount. I am not asking for advice what so ever. This is suppose to be a fun debat/discussion about the health affects of sugar and sodium. It's funny because these topics are fun and do so well on other websites. But on CC it's seems everyone is such a tight ass. So nevermind. Thread closed, what a waste of time.

Your question exposes your basic misunderstanding about healthy eating and proper diet.  Both salt and carbohydrates (aka sugar) are vital nutrients and without them you will die. However, too much of anything will eventually kill you as well.

Do not demonize food; learn to eat it responsibly.

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Original Post by xlovelyx:

All opinions are welcome.

Apparently not...

Only one post was in any way rude. Get over yourself, dear.

Assuming you know both are good for you in moderation by now, I'm going to save that lecture. But In my OPINION, I think the consequences of long-term excessive sugar intake (weight gain, diabetes, tooth decay) are more serious than the consequences of excessive sodium intake (raised blood pressure). But I'm not trying to say the consequences of excessive sodium isn't bad, I'm just saying the consequences of excessive sugar probably just sucks more.

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