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100 people were asked survey-type questions. It's up to you to give the top 8 answers.

There is only one answer per post. The person who provides the 8th answer then posts another question.

(this will not be based on actual surveys, you can give a serious answer you think would be correct or just be silly with it!)

It would look something like this:


Name the last thing you wished for and got

1- New car

2- Money

3- Baby

4- Jewelry

5- Job

6- Vacation

7- House

8- Mate

Name a place where you see nervous people


So...first question-

Name something adults take classes to learn

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1)   a new (foreign) language  :)

2- ballroom dancing

*hey moof- how's the movie? haven't you ever seen Rudy before?

3)  cooking classes


hiya q-tip!!  no, I've never seen Rudy before.  So far though... I'm really liking it.  I like this game by the way.... good job  :D

4) Crafts


5) Blow

6) Salsa Dancing! I love learning this

7- CPR

8) Coffee

Name the top 10 answers ___________socks.

1- soccer

2) Toe

3- tube

4) Knee high

5- argyle

6) Missing

7)  Dirty

8) Miss-matched

9- trouser

10)  cotton


ok.. back on track, as we're suppose to only go up to 8.  right, q-tip?


Top 8 famous 'Bills'

1) Buffalo

2)  Clinton

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