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Hello - Wondering if anyone can give me so feedback...or has had a similar experience?

For the past month or so, I have noticed about a half a cup to a full cup size increase in my breasts. They are also slighty swollen and achy. And it's not related to my period or ovulation, since it's been over a month.

I've been doing some reading on the subject and several sources have said breast growth is possible for girls in their 20's and 30's (I'm in my 20's). I know weight gain can lead to breast growth, however, if anything I've lost a pound or two in the last month.

And so, my question is, will my body start to change now? If my breasts get bigger, does that signify that my hips and bottom will start to change as well? I always hear people gripe about how their bodies changed in their 20's and became heavier and stuff. I'm very careful with my diet and my exercise because I don't want that happening to me.

Anyone have a similar experience w/ breast growth?
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Breast growth/reduction can be related to hormonal changes, weight-gain, weight-loss, the contraceptive pill... quite a few things.  The advice is to get measured for bras every 6 months as a result.   Your body does change shape subtly as you mature.   Don't see it as a negative.
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