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I recently attending a talk where the guy swore that you had to dtox your body before you could really get at all of the fat cells.  He claimed that toxins from the processed foods that we ate all kind of accumulated around our fat cells.  He claimed that these toxins had a slight acidity to them, and as such, our bodies stored water around our fat cells in order to counter-balance that acidity (water is a natural acid-base buffer). 

He claimed that by rebalancing our pH by detoxing, we would lose that water weight that our bodies was so desperately clinging to (because of the toxins) and that then we would begin to lose fat much more easily than before.

Has anyone ever done this?  He said something about an algae that is the best detox method, but he wouldn't give anyone more specific details about it unless we paid 35 bucks to have a specific consultation.  Ideas?
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Sounds like a scam.  There are all kinds of detox systems out there.  Check around on the internet if you want information.  There's probably information on the algae thing there too.

I've heard a lot about detoxification lately, but I don't know enough to know if it's necessary.  A friend of mine had hydrotherapy, but I think green tea works to clean your system pretty well.
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I'm doing a no acid diet right now and detoxifying. I saw a naturopathic doctor and this is the diet I'm on now. So far I feel great and although I'm not doing it to lose weight it has given me a little help.

I didn't need any algae or anything, I had some drops and some pills that I'm taking but I think you can just buy them in health food stores. The rest is just diet - not eating acidic foods.

You can buy a detoxification kit too usually with some pills and diet instructions but some work better than others. I would beware of anyone withholding information unless you pay them.
You might find this article interesting

Detox diets - Mayo Clinic

Whenever I see someone offering this for money, red flags go up. 
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One of the main problems with the typical or fad detox diets is that they're very quick and intense. I think it's better to take a slower approach instead of fasting and purging the system quickly.
You can detox with just water. Everyone is supposed to be drinking around 64 oz daily, and water naturally cleanses your system and gets rid of the water weight. That would help you lose weight.

I wouldn't pay him the $35. He might take your money and give you some idea that wouldn't work for anyone. Ask your doctor for a referral to a weight loss specialist who would know about detoxing.
I don't know a lot about detox,  but I know that the kind I am talking about you cannot just do with water... while water helps you a lot, it does not reduce the acidity in your body... at least, I don't think so.

Has anyone had particular luck with any products in particular?
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It seems like "detox" is the big catchword right now. Does anyone remember when everything you bought suddenly was incorporating "oat bran?" Sure, it's a good thing to eat oat bran (I guess). But with health and diet stuff, don't believe the hype. Especially when they're charging for "more information."

If you really want to detox, drink water, eat organic produce and meat, get all the antioxidants you can, and stay the heck away from high fructose corn syrup and other "highly-mediated" foods. The closer it is to the natural source - picked, dug, milked, or slaughtered - the better it is for you in general. It's when people get their grubby little mitts on it and add all kinds of artificial stuff that things go bad.

You can contact me for info on how to send me the $35.

Peace and love from Vermont,
       &nb sp;     HF
Water's not an acid-base buffer.  So right away you know that the guy's full of crap.  :)
I think is a great idea to do. I have done it before with great results, much more energy, alertness, brain clarity and function much more improved.

I am actually thinking of starting a detox routine, before I adopt my new healthy diet and excercise routine. Beaware that you need to relax, meditate, low stress factors, little or no exercise except maybe yoga. Quit smoking, caffeine, any other polutants even before you start your detox regiment.

Detoxifying can take a toll on you body, it is not pleasant to get rid of those toxins, so reducing your intake, a week before is optimal.

The majority of kits out there are natural laxatives and fiber, and a natural fortifying such as thistle.  You can go to the grocery store and buy what works for you. I went with a package becasue is easy and it comes with instructions. It was $14.99 and had all the herbal mixes to fortify your liver, kindney and lungs.

Also remember to take good intestinal bacteria.... I know there are too many things you can do... I am buying a book about it before doing it because I feel that the times I did it before I didnt get all the befefits I could have so I want to get a good book that can coment on all the things you can do to improve your skin, hair, muscle toning etc.

I am still researching for the perfect book, once I find it I will share with you. So far I have found really good info at search for detox plan.

Good luck!
Hrmm....  Sounds like this guy proves the old adage, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

He's right about how fat cells are often used by the body to sequester the uneliminated toxic byproducts of metabolism and poor diet, i.e. toxins.

He's probably heard something about how water pressure builds around fat cells in a body with a huge toxic load, but he's just guessing at why, and getting it wrong.

The real reason has to do with excess proteins and salt in the bloodstream and in the skin.  The more of those you have, the more water is used in the body to dilute them.

A lot of women see an improvement in their cellulite if they cut back on cooked proteins over a long period of time.  This has to do with the water pressure around fat cells, built up by damaged proteins that weren't properly digested or utilized.

But I'm getting off track.

Has anyone ever done this?  He said something about an algae that is the best detox method, but he wouldn't give anyone more specific details about it unless we paid 35 bucks to have a specific consultation.  Ideas?

Yeah, he could be talking about chlorella, which is a mercury chelator.  Most people see the most obvious benefits by doing a course of chlorella over the period of about a month.  It's a tool in rebalancing the microbial populations in the body: Candida (yeast) tends to latch on to mercury, so the removal of mercury helps the good bacteria to flourish, which has the usual effect of helping the body heal the immune and digestive systems.

There are other algae supplements out there, but none I would bother recommending to anyone.
Did you just get off the Royal Carribeean Navigator of the Seas cruise to the eastern medditerannean?! How funny i attended that same metabolism seminar. I couldn't tell if it was a scam or not. I did do the Body Analysis thing for 35$ basically I was interested in whether my metabolism was as low as i thought it was. I can't find any other information online about detoxing the body using algae. I am very confused. He did try to sell me these algae supplement pills after I had the body analysis thing done to determine my Basal Metabolic rate. I didn't buy them. They were like 100$ a month.
Detox is a scam. Eat nutritious food most of the time, exercise, and drink water. That will be $35, please!

anecdota - is there something wrong with your own intestinal flora? Why do you want to artificially introducing someone else's idea of an ideal mix? Did they take cultures of your gut and determine what bacteria you personally need and in what ratios? If your sytem is healthy, you'd just be adding an unnecessary stressor. An introduction of good bacteria in the wrong form or wrong quantities can wreak havoc on your unique, individual, and delicate balance.

Someone is just trying to make a buck by convincing people they're full of "toxins".

I recommend everyone read that Mayo clinic article linked above. In short, it's all bull.

Most has already been said but I will add my 2 cents.

Some "toxins" (and vitamins for that matter) are fat soluble, so they are stored in fat cells, that's true, however, it doesn't "block" the burning of fat. I would say the best way to "detox" then would be to just lose fat, so there's less so-called toxins that could be stored.

And water is a horrible buffer. Imagine you have a 500 mL solution with a pH of 3 (which is pretty acidic, but less so than what's in your stomach), and you add 500 mL of water, so you double the volume, while keeping the number of hydrogen ions approximatly the same, so the concentration is halved. This gives a pH of about 3.3, which isn't really that much better in terms of acidity. That would be the point he definitly lost me, because claiming water as a buffer just isn't true.

If your body couldn't get rid of these nebulous "toxins", you would be dead.

People who do ridiculous (and yes they are ridiculous) detox diets feel better because they are no longer eating a bunch of junk, or worse case, they feel great because your body releases endorphins as you starve it.

As others have said, eat a healthy diet and you'll feel great. If it's already healthy and you feel it could be better, fine tune it.

There is no such thing as a "detox".

The other thing I'm curious about, is how you know if it's "working" or not and reducing your body's acidity?  Do you get a kit of litmus paper to pee on so you can measure your pH?

Original Post by clairelaine:

You might find this article interesting

Detox diets - Mayo Clinic

Whenever I see someone offering this for money, red flags go up.

Thanks for posting this.  Finally information from a reputable source that isn't trying to sell me anything, stating that detox is bunk.  Something else to add to my anti-detox arguments.

I just returned from the mariner of the seas royal caribbean cruise and heard the same seminar. I did not purchase the $35 test. Nobody needs to confirm that I am retaining water and overweight, the mirror will confirm that! I am curious if the detox has any benefits however and any comments on algae as a weight loss supplement, are appreciated!

I too have just returned from a cruise vacation and went to a seminar about getting rid of stubborn belly and thigh fat.  Sorry guys but what the trainer taught me made a lot of sense.  I have heard this stuff for years about our bodies being out of the alkaline state because of all these "man-made" toxins we put in our bodies for years.  When our bodies are in an acidic state we welcome a host of diseases to come in and take over our body.  My husband and I did do the $35 body compositon test (may not have the right name). He actually did my husband for free! To me that is nothing as far as cost to be able to tell me how toxic my body is. I pay more in medical bills just to see my doctor for a throat culture!

So on with the story. The test gave each of us our own reading. He expalined each and every number, what it meant and how it related to me losing muscle weight instead of the belly fat.  He then explained how the detox works and the reason he does not give you the name of the detox and details is because it is an exclusive program that caters to percentage of toxic water weight you need to lose before even losing that belly fat. Everyones body needs a different amount of time for a total body cleanse (this is not just cleaning your colon) Forexample I need 6months of detoxifying to reach alkaline state while my husband needed 9months to a year. One of the reasons I understood his seminars was because I have tried so many different approaches diets exercise and never losing around my belly always from somewhere else.  To pay $35 when I have purchased so many other diet scams is not a heavy price to pay. He answered all of our ques. and like i said he gave my husband the reading for free. 

I did decide to go ahead and purchase the first month of the detox and I was impressed by the fact that he also gave me an eating plan where I am NOT starving myself he gave me good choices and bad choices in different food categories and how much to eat.  He also once again did the same for my husband and he did NOT purchase any detox products (he's still a lil skeptical as he has every right to be) Yes I paid $100 for the first month. This is not something you are going to find in GNC is not "man"ufactured by people who start putting other chemicals into the mix.  He told us straight out: You can go to GNC and purchase a detox for 7days that will not rid your body of any toxins you developed over years and years. and you will be putting other chemicals into your body because of the type capsules they use. So after all is said and done. I am going to start tomorrow. I came across this forum as my hsuband had me search for the same detox for less money and yes they sell it on ebay exact program i got for much less (packages of three mon. supply or you can get it seperate). So I got ripped off there but hey the guy was GREAT! he gave me literature to read. the health plan. his personal email. and recommended that I tell him about my journey.  I will update you on my journey as well as I plan on doing this for the full 6months and I can EAT (just gotta change some eating habits)  Sorry for the long story but had to share!  "If you don't believe in something you'll fall for anything!" and I've fallen for it all. Let's hope this is it! Get back to you in a month.

What are his credentials?  While I still think that detoxing is a load of hooey, someone with degrees in nutrition or medicine would have a lot more credence imo.  It seems that everyone who has lost a few lbs is hanging out their shingle for $.

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