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I recently attending a talk where the guy swore that you had to dtox your body before you could really get at all of the fat cells.  He claimed that toxins from the processed foods that we ate all kind of accumulated around our fat cells.  He claimed that these toxins had a slight acidity to them, and as such, our bodies stored water around our fat cells in order to counter-balance that acidity (water is a natural acid-base buffer). 

He claimed that by rebalancing our pH by detoxing, we would lose that water weight that our bodies was so desperately clinging to (because of the toxins) and that then we would begin to lose fat much more easily than before.

Has anyone ever done this?  He said something about an algae that is the best detox method, but he wouldn't give anyone more specific details about it unless we paid 35 bucks to have a specific consultation.  Ideas?
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So how are you doing? What is the name of the program on ebay...i just came back from a cruise, and now I wish I had done the program. I was at a seminar but didnt do anything.

Thanks for your bravery and posting your story. I too attended a seminar on a cruise ship recently (Carnival) and paid the $35 fro an individual analysis. I walked away feeling like that may have been the most valuable $35 I've ever spent. To everyone else's credit though, I must say that I am typically the biggest skeptic with these things because I was a competitive athlete in college and understand the basic principles of being healthy and staying in shape. What compelled me to listen was that in the last couple of years, I've noticed a distinct change in my health. I can't seem to lose weight and more disturbing is that other techniques like intense workouts, fasting, etc. doesn't seem to have any effect on this "bloated" feeling I get whenever I eat any meals large or small.  In the seminar, the basic understanding of healthiness was reinforced with a new concept of liver detox and yes, they touted an algae process but they really didn't push their product that hard. It was about $100/month. I didn't buy it and thought I would do a little research first. I can buy into the notion that all of our foods contain additives, preservatives, growth hormones and other non desireable things. Perhaps after a lifetime of ingestion, there is a benefit to purging this stuff if it's possible. The anlaysis that I took for $25 defined how much water content was being stored in muscle tissue and how much was being trapped in fat cells. The results apalled me but I couldn't deny the visible connection. Considering all the money I've spent on food and bad habits like beer and alcohol, even just the renewed effort to balance my vices will be worth the money.

My husband and I also heard this same information on the Norweigen Cruise this week.  Our seminar was presented by qualified physical trainers, with one having a Bachelor's in nutrition and health.  We did not purchase the analysis because we also like to do research first, as we sat through two classes feeling like beached whales.  However, the same information was presented as on the other cruises.  We found it very valuable. In the past I have paid attention to food labels for pork products and kosher but not to this extent of watching the additives and preservatives.  I left the "Whole Foods" world because it became a little expensive. However, with this new information and a renewed vision of a healthy lifestyle my husband and I decided to rejoin the "Whole Foods/Trader Joes" family.  Also, our seminar representative stated that if these stores seem to big for your wallet Target and other grocery stores have organic products as well. 

Ok but what about the "Algae Detox." As a member of the healthcare community, I know that pH levels are important in analysis of any disease state.  Therefore, looking at what we put into our bodies and it's reaction to a acidic level makes since.  So the tips about soda and coffee, as well as the additives, preservatives and artificle sweetners took the egg head in me to another level. We all know that diet and exercise can make you or break you but we don't know is that we need to be looking at labels closer, and that portion was a benefit to itself.  Also, it makes since that anything found naturally on this earth could help control the disease processes we have. God gave us everything we need to survive on this earth.  Like mentioned before, we spend money on things that can harm us like alcohol and tobacco and we don't care what it cost.  Why is it always a problem to spend money on things that may help us?  After doing my research, online and at Whole Foods Green Blue Algae is a great buffer and it is found to help with AIDS/ weight loss, allergies, anemia, vision problems and many other diseases. 

The only thing is that people are willing to pay for information instead of doing the work themselves. These are the people, who find time a value over money.  It is nothing wrong with that.  They have the information if you need it.  You can choose to take it or leave it. There was no pressure to buy after the seminar. Like Jesus told his disciples in Luke 9:5  "and who ever will not receive you, when you go out to that city, shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them."

Well as soon as we placed our feet on the ground, we went straight to Whole Foods and started reading even the labels there, and we also brought some green blue algae tablets to start the process.  The pills cost $17.00 for 90 pills. Once we find the perfect detox plan, that fits our budget we will start a program. Good health and God Bless.

Thanks for the info # 23, moral support also plays an important role here! This is such a great forum, I benefit from every post, even the skeptics that keep me grounded in reality. There is no one pill that will miraculously convert years of neglect, if it takes a critical viewpoint to remind me of this then it's greatly appreciated, thank you everyone! I did buy a 2 week liver detox program and did get the bottle of much less expensive blue green algae. I've also converted my typical shopping habits and spend a little more on organic foods. To date, I haven't lost a pound, actually gained a couple. Testament to the fact that a pill can't possible balance the tried and true physiological principles that involve controlled calories in and controlled calories out. As they clearly stated in the seminar, the triangular equation was nutrition, exercise and detox.....the latter of which is so much easier to attain. Now for the real work ...!

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Hey there,

Interesting to hear how so many people don't believe in a detox concept, but they totally believe in a healthy eating plan.  So if they don't have a healthy diet of organic food what is all that processed garbage doing to the body?

Your body will survive almost any disgusting, acidic diet you could imagine, but you will feel sick, tired, and your body will become underweight or, in most cases carry excess weight.  Body fat being the best buffer for acid.

A more alkaline/organic/healthy eating plan with plenty of clean water, and by plenty I mean at least 3-4 litres of clean water and guess what?!  You are de-toxing you body and claiming back you health or keeping it.  The most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If using supplements helps you alkalize your body then do it.  Your body will love you for it.

You are all effing loony!!! There is scientific evidence completely disputing what you are being SOLD (pure and simple, this guy doesn't care about you, or he would have told you everything for free--HE WANTS YOUR MONEY), and you just are all lalalalalala who cares about science, I'm going to listen to a con man.

I have lost 35 pounds, and am very very healthy (my blood workup at my last checkup was on point, my blood pressure is very good...And guess what??? I haven't ever tried any kind of BS detox, cleanse, etc. Just eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots of water. That's all you have to do.

This is the only weight loss technique that is GUARANTEED to work:



Calories In < Calories Out = Weightloss

That will be $35, plus $5 for every pound you lose, plus.. um.. What do you have in your wallet?

I had the $35 session on a cruise ship and then bought the program which for me and my issues is a skin brush and 6 months supply of algae bath sachets (together with email support).  As soon as I have finished them I will buy more and in fact always use them.  I have to have 2 baths a week and skin brush daily but after using them for 2.5 months I am sleeping much better, my facial contours have improved (after I seemed to have suddenly aged last year), I have much more energy and my cellulite has improved.  After about 40 minutes in the bath I get quite a strong tingling sensation all over my thighs and calves and I have been told that this is toxicity coming out of the connective tissue.  I feel as though I am betraying them by saying which brand they use but it is a well-known, expensive spa brand.  I have seen cheaper on Amazon so search on 'algae bath' (although I have not used the one I have seen on Amazon so will probably repurchase what I originally bought).  I am so glad I discovered this and my advice to anyone who comes across this on a cruise ship is to buy it as I don't think you will regret it.

I add that whilst doing the program you must also drink 2-3 litres of water a day to flush out what the algae break down.  I was already drinking 1.5-2 litres a day, even a year before the cruise, as I have experienced the positive effects of doing that.

Two cents from someone who has been fasting 6 days a year since she was 12. (Jewish fast days.) 

I definitely think there is something to giving your body a "break." Not just the occasional fast day, but eating foods free of foreign substances (pesticides, additives, highly processed); sticking to food that are close to the ground; eating easily digestible foods (aka baby food - squash, mashed carrots and peas, potatoes); etc for the most part.

As for the detox diets: do a search for the master cleanse or detox diets or the like -- all the information is online and you can buy everything at your local supermarket.

My personal opinion is that there is definitely something behind detoxing the body, but I am not quite sure these naturalists have found the proper means of doing it.

I have used detox diets before and found them to be amazing, if not a little hard work and pricey with all the foods.  I cannot deny the incredibly positive experience with the baths and particularly the comments I had from one friend in particular and I had not told anyone that I was using them.  Even a slightly protruding eye due to having had an overactive thyroid showed improvement in that my eye was not protruding as much.  I had been told by a specialist that it would not go back in.  The friend who made the comments knew about my thyroid and my eye condition as I was suffering with it about 3.5 years prior to the cruise.  Only a few months after suffering with sore eyes (3.5 years before the cruise) the eye was protruding to a degree and had settled into position.  2.5 months after the cruise the friend commented on how different I was looking generally and the fact that my eye did not seem to be protruding as much (I myself had noticed something in the mirror).  I only confessed to this friend that I was having the baths after their compliments and had not told a single person until that point.  I have been into all manner of alternative therapies and have been reading up on nutrition for 24 years and I trust the experience I have had, in fact it jumps up and shouts at me loudly.


The other thing is that, in the field of alternative therapies, there is so much focus on diet and things that we ingest.  In my experience it is just as important to allow painful emotions to come up e.g. having a cry when upset or moved/touched by something (even something positive).  This in itself is transformational.  Having a huge cry (over a few days) when I moved into my house 4 years ago because I didn't like it that much and it made me desperately miss my my mother who died years before, caused me to lose half a stone over the following weeks without any diet or exercise or any conscious effort, in fact I ate what I wanted.  Having been very overweight for much of my life I needed to lose it and it also continued to stay off.

Hi Sharte,

Do you know what the algae was?  Was it Chlorella?  I just came back from a cruise as well and I already have Chlorella at home so if that is it I'm gonna try and stick to it!

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Wow a lot of people are gullible, your liver and kidneys detox your body, and unless your skin has a yellow tinge or you have blood in your urine, they are working just fine.

Anybody can come out with some substance that if you swallow it, it will help you lose weight. But only of you exercise and eat really well. Why do you think everybody keeps getting fatter, but the industry of weight loss supplements is taking in more money each year.

And water cannot balance out the ph of your stomach, again shear stupidity and ignorance on your part, which they are banking on to make their money.
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I just was on a cruise and attended a seminar, where the fellow stated much of what you said.  I paid $35 to hear these same ideas.  Sounds like a good idea for detox and I also read that algae does help with some things.  I also have heard about that alkaline diet.  Some makes sense, but when it came down to it, he recommended a 15 month detox program and the first 4 months would cost me $405.  I know I have allergies so I asked to see the ingredients.  Unfortunately I have too many food allergies to even start.  Any one else have ideas?  Weight loss of 100 pounds or more....


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