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should i eat more or less calories when on my period?

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i know it's common to have cravings =P but on the reaL, should i be eating more calories when i'm on my period? i normally eat between 1200 - 1400 calories per day .. so what would be "okay"? lol ..
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here's a good article that helped me ~ especially to feel ok and not guilty when I truly needed to eat more during this time... check it out... mon/standard/transform.jsp?requestURI=/health atoz/Atoz/hc/wom/fitn/alert09112001.jsp

oh thanx a lot =)

omgg i feel so gross though .. i ate waaaaay too much today =(

i couldn't stop myself at the box of honey nut cheerios .. and i ate like 3 cups of it with 2.5 cups of 1% milk which is like 700 calories! ew!!!

well, tomorrow's a new day, i guess =S

i HATE periods and stupid comfort food lol
i'm gonna hit the gym tomorrow anyway sooo i should aim to burn off a loooootta calories =D
Try and eat foods that arent unhealthy. If you crave fats, go for nuts. If you crave sugar. cereals arent the way to go - try fruit. it'll be more effective PMS relief and you'll be on track with cals :)
Yep, tomorrow is a new day. learn from your mistakes and move on. thats what I try to do
it is TTOM for me and i have been so friggin hungry. i hate it!!!! last night i was craving ice cream so i had 200 cals leftover after all meals so i ate blue bunny vanilla fudge brownie ice cream. only 90cals per 1.5c. it is soo good. then i had some rice crackers.
gah.. im just before my period.

Daily intake around 1700/1800. For a few days its been 2000 to 2200!!!
Try being menopausal and never know when TTOM is going to  rear it's ugly head!  All my life, I have been so regular, you could set a clock by my TTOM.  Now I may go 2+ months before another one, but I always feel bloated, I always crave chocolate (and was never a big chocoholic before) it's HELL!!  And do we even want to discuss crabby?!? Holy cow, it's like I am never in a good mood anymore!  Ok...I've vented, sorry.
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