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How much splenda a day is too much?

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In the mornings i usually have 2 splendas with my coffee then another splenda with my cup of green tea. When i get home i have 1 splenda with my coffee then 2 other cups of green tea so that's 2 other splendas. That means i have like 7 splendas a day! Is that too much? Are there any 0 cal sweeteners that would be at least a little better? People have told me why not use honey in my tea but honey has a lot of added sugar and calories and honestly, i don't like it. Also, how much coke zero a day is too much? Thanks :)

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Any is too much a day. Artificial sweeteners just trick your brain into making you consume more calories during your meals.

Soda is bad for you period.

Lol that's.. um.. not gonna fly with me. come on don't say NONE

Well if you're looking for concrete evidence on how much might be too much you're probably not going to find any. But just think about it - I assume you're using artificial sweeteners becasue they contain no calories, and yet research has shown time and time again that artificial sweeteners only trick your brain and you end up eating more calories than you would if you used regular sweeteners. THat being said using 7 packs worth of real sweetener is a lot, the problem is that you simply drink too many sweetened beverages.

As far as soda everyone knows soda is not good for you. Diet soda is even worse, again for the reason stated above; not to mention all the other horrible chemicals in soda.

So is there a magic number where it becomes harmful? Not really. Is ANY of it good for you? Absolutely, positively not. Are you better off sticking with unsweetened beverages? Absolutely, positively yes.

Can you use some REAL sweetener in moderation without harmful effects? Absolutely, positively yes!

I use quite a bit more than 7 packs a day, and have yet to notice any negative effects on my health.  A normal day for me is around 15 (I'm an avid coffee/tea fan, and use a packet or two along with stevia in my oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt etcetc).
Ideally I would use stevia for everything but due to the higher cost (and the fact none of the coffee shops/cafeterias around my college carry it) I stick with a splenda-stevia combo to satisfy my sweet tooth.


If you're not out of control with it (and 7 over the course of the day is far from over the top), and aren't noticing any ill effects from the use then, in my honest opinion, keep doing what you are doing.  If it's giving you headaches, like aspartame can in those sensitive it it,  or causing bloating, flatulence or other stomach ailments, then perhaps honey, agave or stevia are the way to go.

Black Coffee really isn't that bad. I drink a ton of coffee everyday and I'm fine drinking it bad. At first it tasted terrible but then I got used to it... maybe just trying learning to like coffee without sweetener?

I honestly don't have a problem with splenda in small quantities. 7 packs really isn't that much to do anything bad to you. It's when people start putting splenda in everything (equivalent of 1/4-1/2 cup a day) that it does enough to have any effect. I'd go for stevia first since its more natural but if its only 7? That's not that bad. 

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Yup, unrefined sugars are a much better option than Splenda. Sugar in the Raw, pure molasses, pure honey... much tastier, much better for your body.

In theory there would be no such thing as too much since it doesn't have calories.  This is a topic that is up for debate, some people think it's harmless some people think it's bad for you.  The Sugar Lobby has spent a mountain of money trying to insure that people think it's bad for you.  I don't think anything is bad for you if taken in moderation. 

But I also think that if you have to ask if it's too much it probably is.

Original Post by trh:

In theory there would be no such thing as too much since it doesn't have calories.

It does actually. 
It just has less than 5 per serving (1g/packet) so the FDA allows it to be listed as calorie free, but, if you are eating enough of it every day to constantly put you above your maintenance level, you could gain weight.

ditch the splenda all together.

Splenda does have calories, but it's pretty negligible. Some people say that it makes you gain because it apparently increases your appetite, but i haven't noticed this.  And if you're counting calories, it shouldn't matter anyway, as long as you don't go over your allotted total.

Personally, I prefer stevia.  I think it tastes better, and it's isolated from a plant rather than made synthetically, so a lot of people think it's healthier.  Personally, I'm not convinced that all synthetic sweeteners (like splenda) are inherently evil.  There hasn't been any evidence showing that splenda causes detrimental health effects.  But if you're wary of it, you might want to try stevia instead. 

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