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For anyone trying to get pregnant (2012)

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Hi all,

I thought I'd start a 2012 thread for people trying to conceive.

Please share anything you'd like here. You never know what might help someone.

Sticky baby dust to you all!


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jessicarabbit26, thanks!

hmbghettopic, yeah, we have started trying for #2 Laughing And BTW I am also starting to work on my 5K timing. Last time I ran it at 33 min, so my goal is to bring it under 30. Won't be running any 5K races for now, just working on the treadmill by myself Wink


Hi, I am way overweight and I have had two miscarriages back to back. My doc said to get my BMI in the 23 range because I'm 5'7. Once I get to my BMI I should be able to carry full term. I hope this helps some ine

Hello! I've been hoping for another child since my son turned 2 but I have been unsuccessful. My son is now 4 and I don't want a huge age gap between children. My mother thinks my stress levels and weight have something to do with my inability to conceive. I'm hoping that she's right and it's not something more serious and by managing my weight and stress I'll be able to have another baby.

WOW, I love that this thread was created! I am 29, (30 next month) and my husband and I just got married in September! This is our second time around, if you will, and we have 4 kids combined...ages 8,9 (girls) & 11,12 (boys). We (mostly him) originally decided that we were not going to have a child together, we had our hands full already, plus, he had a vasectomy when his youngest was barely 1.  He came to me last month and told me he really wanted to have one more, and I was soooo happy! We called and scheduled his reversal for March, and (crossing my fingers) hopefully we can can conceive soon after! I am really excited, and really SUPER nervous! 

I gained 85 lbs BOTH times with my first 2 kids...prob because I was 17 and 20 when I had them, and ate everything I got my hands on -including like a gallon of orange juice a day (oink, oink). I am older and hopefully much wiser! I am currently trying to get back down to the 145/150 range before I get pregnant, and hopefully my wisdom, and maturity will help me be much healthier this time around!

Wish me luck!

BTW - I am about currently 168 - 5'9" and really need this sight! I have seem to have fallen off the healthy train!!!! 


Original Post by darkmiko2003:

Hello! I've been hoping for another child since my son turned 2 but I have been unsuccessful. My son is now 4 and I don't want a huge age gap between children. My mother thinks my stress levels and weight have something to do with my inability to conceive. I'm hoping that she's right and it's not something more serious and by managing my weight and stress I'll be able to have another baby.

Hon, do yourself a favor and go see a good doctor, your GYN can run tests or give you a referral to a fertility doctor, for a thorough checkout.  There might be factors other than weight and stress at work.  And if everything comes back good and healthy, maybe that will help alleviate some of the stress :)  Hope this helps, I wish I had known about my endometriosis and how to correct it before we spent a year trying unsuccessfully.  Sending happy healthy baby vibes your way :)

Original Post by batsoncarter:

Hi, I am way overweight and I have had two miscarriages back to back. My doc said to get my BMI in the 23 range because I'm 5'7. Once I get to my BMI I should be able to carry full term. I hope this helps some ine

So sorry about your losses.  Regarding the weight/ BMI, I am rght there with you, trying to get to/ stay at a healthy weight so I can safely get pregnant.  Sending good baby vibes your way!

TTC for 1.5 year

Hi I'm 24 and my boyfriend and I are trying to conceive...we live together and plan on getting married but want to start a family soon....I recently stopped taking my pill (seasonale) which only gives you a period 4 times a year..the last pack I took I didn't have a period afterwards...but apparently this is normal with this pill...I took tests and they were negative anyway. I was just wondering if anyone has used this pill and if they are having luck conceiving and how long it took them. Since I haven't had my period yet I can't even calculate if I am late or when I would even ovulate because of that pill. Any advice would be of help! Thank you
Confused - I have never been on seasonale, but in general, it takes a little bit before periods return after discontinuing birth control. I was on lutera/aviane for a few years, stopped it in june and didn't get my period until late july/early august. I have heard of people going much longer than that as well. The periods women have on birth control aren't "true" periods anyway, just withdrawal of birth control hormones, so not getting one after your last seasonale doesn't have any bearing on your ability to ovulate. Also, when I went to a preconception counseling meeting, they told me that if you get pregnant after going off bc before your period returns its not a problem, it just means your body is ready! :) good luck trying! I just started officially trying myself :)
Thank you. I still havent had my period yet so I don't know if it is because we're pregnant or because of the pill! But we will keep our fingers crossed and if not just keep trying I know it can take some people a while before it can happen coming off bc. Thanks for the advice and good luck to you too 5togo !!
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Hi Everyone,

Decided to start here for my first post.  After being told for years that we wouldn't have any children and 3 miscarriages, I had my beautiful daughter 4 years ago.  My husband and I have been trying for the last 3 years with about the same success as before.  We have had 3 additional miscarriages.  I've decided to finally get the rest of my baby weight off, and am on medication to even out my hormones.  Praying for success in the near future.  Apparently the closer to get to 35 the less doctor's want you to continue to try, especially with a high risk pregnancy in my past.  Good luck to all who are trying to conceive in 2012!


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Hi Ladies!

I am 43 years old and trying to have my 2nd baby.(wow! That sounds old:) I did not get married until I was 40. My husband and I tried for 2 years to get pregnant. Went through numerous unsuccessful IUIs and finally decided to try IVF. Miraculously, we got pregnant on our own the month we were going to start the IVF process! Our baby turned a year old in Jan.

I am nervous about trying again. It can be so emotionally draining and given my age, I am nervous about being as lucky the 2nd time around. Our baby is healthy and beautiful!

I'm looking to lose about 20 lbs which is about where I was when I got pregnant the first time.

Good luck to everyone! I know how difficult this process can be.

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Hi I'm a new bride, and I'm 31 years old.. and we have been putting it out there our wish to fall pregnant. I have not seen any doctor or anything, we've been trying now for a few months. Should I see a doctor, maybe take something to help with the process? Confused as I thought it would be easy to fall pregnant... Help
My husband and I have been trying to conceive a little over a year now. I have been to getting my Pap done by my regular doctor. Every time I go see her she ask me if we have conceived yet. I asked her about Clomid and she didn't offer me a prescription for it. She did give me a list of fertility doctors, but I don't think my insurance covers that. My doctor did run blood work on me and everything was normal but my trylecenrins are high. She told me to loose weigh. Go figure!!

I am new to Calorie Count and am hoping to lose weigh. I am slightly over weight right now and I think that my be a reason my husband and I haven't been successful in conceiving a baby.

I have been told to go see a normal Gyno for my issue. Has anyone else had this same issue by going to a regular docor for yearly Paps? I figured that they would be able to answer your questions just as easy. I just had my yearly Pap done and I don't really want another one but if I have to go see a Gyno to get my questions answered then I will.

Any advice would greatly help:)

busielev- I went to my doc for a "preconception appointment" a few months before we started trying. She reviewed my medical history, gave me a pap to make sure everything was OK, and told me to start taking prenatal vitamins. She told me to come back in a year if I didn't get pregnant. I thought it was a worthwhile visit, we discussed my habits and any issues likely to affect my ability to conceive. So even though you've been trying for a few months only, it's still worth a visit! 

tjalden- sounds like it might be worth seeing a gyno instead of your regular doc. Maybe they don't have to do a pap again and can just review the results of your last one? 

Good luck! 

katyayer- thanks for the words of advice.  I am going to be calling a gyno to see what they have to say. 

I've been looking at this thread a couple of times now and I might as well post my story to. I am happy that this is here!

I am 33 5'5" and just went off the pill last week. I had been on the kind of pill where you don't get any periods. when I told my Dr that I was planning on getting pregnant in the future she suggested switching to the Ortho-trycylin (sp?) at least 6 months prior to ttc to help get my cycles reguated. I had been on that pill snce last spring and now we made the pluge to ttc. In my preparation for knowing that I wanted to ttc I joined this site to loose weight. I started at 240 lb and am down to 167! I would like to get down to 155lb. I am excited and afraid to have a baby but willing to take all that comes my way! Laughing

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Katyayer thank you for the response, I will definitely go see my doctor. I have a few questions I need to ask him. Will keep you posted @ Katy ;) Thanks

Good morning everyone! I am hoping for updates from everyone...has anyone else had any luck yet?!

I am currently on my first "two-week-wait" and I am terrible at it!! I keep thinking everything I feel means I'm pregnant and (this is embarrassing) I have taken two pregnancy tests even though I knew nothing would show up based on the timeline. My husband bought a bunch of sticks online last summer for super cheap and I have more than I will ever need before they expire, so it's not like I'm going out and buying them, but still. LOL!

I really would not mind if I were not pregnant because this is our first month trying, it is just the not knowing that is killing me. I want to either know that I am and be happy, or know that I'm not and relax, preferably with a glass of wine! ;)

Is anyone else dealing with this? Also, for those of you who are or have been pregnant before, what were some of your earliest symptoms/signs?

5togo, it's possible- I got pregnant the first cycle I tried! (I'm 10 weeks now). I wasn't expecting that, but was so happy it happened. :)

The two week wait though is all too fresh in my mind- what torture! I know what you're going through. With me, I had suspicions I was pregnant about 4-5 days after I conceived. My boobs got so incredibly sore at that time that I couldn't even touch them and had to sleep in a sports bra. They do normally get sore before my period, but not so long before my period was due to arrive and not for that length of time. They were killing me! They stayed that way for about a month, too, long after I missed my period. Finally they are kind of back to normal. 

The other symptom I got very early was a strange feeling in my abdomen, kind of like a slight pressure. It happened maybe 3 days before I missed my period. It was very subtle though, only noticeable because I know my body really well and my cycle has always been very predictable each month, so new things are noticeable. 

Good luck to you! I hope the two week wait goes by swiftly!

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