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Sizes: US/UK/AUS ?? What size am I in your world?

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Can anyone tell me what an Australian size 12 is in the US. And for that matter a 7 1/2 size shoe?

I am currently an Aussie size 12 after coming down from a 16 ( aiming for the size 10 I was two years ago) and my shoe size is 7 1/2. Oh and what's a 12E bra size in the US? (I am hoping that will go down to a 10D or C.) 

I'm getting thinner (woohoo!!!) and have found a wicked website for clothing and killer shoes - not to everyones taste, I'm sure - called, but all the sizes are in US and the conversion charts convert to UK/ EUR. I don't know if my foot is a 34, 7 1/2 or a 6!!! And I'd love to know what dress size I am in US sizing, and jeans size. Please someone answer my confused and confusing call!!



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This site is easy. Hope it helps!

Hi Madame,

I am an american living in Australia, so I will try to help you with my experiences with sizing differences.  It becomes quite difficult as the US sizes are all over the place and I have found that over the years vanity sizing there has become a bit ridiculous in some cases.  I also have found that while the conversion charts you get online are close, they are not always correct

Anyway, prior to the weight loss, I was ~ an AU size 16.  When I went shopping in the states, I found that I fit into US size 14 and 16. 

When i went to the states this past march, I purchased mostly US size 10, which I found equated to about an AU size 12.

All of my US size 10's are too big on me now and I am wearing a US size 6-8 (pre pregnancy clothes).  When I buy clothes here in Oz, I pretty much buy size 10 exclusively. 

So, basically it is ABOUT 1-2 sizes different.  I would say that as an Aussie size 12, you SHOULD fit into a US size 10, and MAYBE an 8 (see if the site has measurements for their sizes, that would be your best bet).

Now, for bras.  A 12E bra would be a 36E.  I wear a 10B, and that is equivalent to a 34B.  If you want to be sure, measure your chest UNDER your boobs, the measurement in INCHES should be ~ 36 for you.

Ok, shoes.... I have found NO DIFFERENCE between Australian and US shoes sizes.  I wear an 8 US and and 8 AU. 

I hope this helps somewhat!

American clothes are one GENEROUS size larger than Australian ones. So if you're a 12 Australian, you're a 10 US and you might even be able to fit into an 8. Bras and underwear are very confusing (I still don't really know what size I am after living here for five years!) but shoes are exactly the same...

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