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Do hoodia or green tea supplements really work?

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I have about 10 lbs to lose, and although I am at a good BMI, exercise regularly and eat well (resulting in a daily deficit), I can't seem to lose these last 10 lbs.

I've read some things about hoodia and green tea supplements. Do they really work? And do they work for those last, stubborn pounds? I just feel stuck, not making progress.

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I tried the green tea pills (not the fat burning ones, the vitamins that actually have green tea in them so it's the same as drinking green tea, but i hate green tea so i had to take the vitamins) and i took them for a month before i exercised.  they honestly didn't make a difference in my weight... i lost 5 pounds over a month but it probably was due to my dieting and exercise than the stupid pills...

I tried SlimQuick's green tea pills for a few weeks (there may have been some hoodia in them as well, I can't remember). I was in the same boat as you - healthy, not overweight but wanted to lose 10 pounds and the gym/eating healthy wasn't quite doing it. It worked, I guess, but I had to make sure I ate enough and drank a ton of water otherwise I'd get horrible headaches. I assume the 5 pounds I lost in 2 weeks was mostly water weight.

If you're limiting your calories and exercising, I wouldn't recommend adding the pills. They could make you feel pretty weak.

hi, I used to take an all natural Hoodia supplement, and it was AWESOME. it was by flora, but they discontinued it :(. with the help of the pills, i was able to curb unneccessary eating and stick to a healthy, balanced regime.
since they discontinued it i have yet to find a comparable alternative.
BIJA hoodia Tea, by FLORA is like the sister to the Hoodia Trim, its ok- i dont really find it helps that much with cravings and it tastes kind of nasty.
Currently i am taking Natural Balance, Reduce 7. Supposed to be very similiar to Hoodiatrim and has aspects of green tea in it.
I have not noticed any weight loss (yet??), im on my second bottle ( a bottle of pills last about a month)....  so if in another month i have not lost any weight i will stop using it.

the ppl at the store i go to to buy these products r always very helpful, knowledgable and honest. they recommended this current one, but if any one else knows of something like what Kelseye3 is looking for im intrested too!


I have actually had a positive experience with green tea supplements. I take one or two 150mg capsules a day of Spring Valley Green Tea extract. What I've found is they help to reduce cravings, and I also feel slightly more energized when I take them... but I'm also on a 1400 cal a day diet and I exercise 3-5 times a week so I cannot claim that the supplements actually burn extra fat or anything. All I know is that for me they do help with hunger.

Short answer: No.

The magic pills for weight loss are called exercise, diet and attitude. If these hoodia or other green tea pills somehow do 'work' (and they don't recall the product b/c of some crazy side effect), are you going to take them for the rest of your life?

The goal should be to develop a lifestyle and a lifetime of habits that allow you to manage your weight and live healthily. We're all learning how to do this successfully, but it definitely won't be a quick fix.

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