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Ideal measurements for tall girls? (5'10 and above)?

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I've always heard the "ideal measurements" for a girl are 35-25-35 (Bust-Waist-Hips)

But I have a hard time seeing how that could apply to a girl as tall as me (just under 5'11).

My measurements are about 34-30-39 (I tend to gain ALL my weight around my hips/waist/butt and absolutely none anywhere else (if you looked at just my upper body you'd think I was really fit). 

I think ideally I'd want to be around 34-27-34.

Any other tall girls here? What's your opinion? And what are your measurements? Input from non-tall people welcome too :)

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Im right there with you Nigara :)

I am 5'9, still 2 inches shorter than you and I know that I would look VERY tiny if I had a 25' waist. In fact about 2 years ago I was at that and I was very ill. I now have a 30' waist. I am aiming for 27-28' waist. There is NO way I will ever be a 25' waist again. I think that naturally, taller girls have more weight on them and it would look funny if we were really tall and tiny.

There are no ideal measurements for women. We did not come out of a factory - we are meant to be all different shapes and sizes!

my measurements are about 30-24-35 and I'm 5'2... the only way I would ever be "perfect" is if I were to get breast implants!! HAH yeah right!! Since I'm short my hips look big on me (at least I think so) and my waist doesn't look that small, and my chest is pretty flat... I am no where near perfect, but I have yet to hear someone disaprove of my shape; in fact my boyfriend LOVES IT

face it. we all come in different shapes and sizes, there is no "one size fits all"; nor is there an "ideal measurement"

according to whom are these the "ideal measurements"? Hugh Hefner?

an approximately 10 inch difference between waist vs. hips/breasts is the standard to be pin-up girl "curvy" or have an "hourglass" shape

but honestly I wouldn't be too concerned, it's very rare that someone will come up with a tape measure and size you up to make sure you're "good enough"... stick to a healthy diet, excersize regime and lifestyle, and be happy being you.

measurements are more for vanity purposed then anything, and for sizing clothing... the best purpose they serve is to show changes in body composition/weight loss/fat loss... sometimes weight/fat loss won't show up on the scale but you'll lose inches

I am also tall like you (5'10") and have never really given my measurements any thought.  It is all about being comfortable with yourself and eating healthy.  The thing to remember is that no one else will know what your measurements are unless you share them with them.  I know how you feel about all the extra weight being concentrated below the waist!  My arms are downright skinny while my rear end just about needs it's own zip code!  Not really, but I do gain pretty much all of my weight on my hips and rear end.  So, just remember you are not the only one and others like you are here to support you.  :)

Where about do you take as your 'waist' measurement? to keep an eye on my progress I usually measure 3, just under my ribs, then again around my navel, and then again the widest part of my belly, but I always wonder is the waist the smallest of the 3 as in just under your rib cage?

Am I the tallest here at just a little over 5ft 11"? 

My vitals are 34-26-35.  No way could I get a 24 waist unless I starved myself.  And no bloody way I am doing that!

Im 5'10" and my measurements are (35)-(25)-(32 1/2) (bust-waist-hips)

Im told im thin but i dont feel like it :/ I would think the perfect measurements would be a chest a bit bigger than mine, a waist around mine, and hips a bit bigger than mine. Even though my hips feel Really big to me when you measure them they are kind of small :/

I'm 5'10" and my measurements are 35-26-37.  I have been thinner as well, where my hips are closer to my bust measurement and my waist is slightly smaller.  However, I have a very small frame which might be the difference between me and you.

Just remember:  women aren't cookie cutters.  We are all shapes and sizes, and we are all beautiful in our own way.  There is no "ideal shape" that is applicable to every woman.  Your job is to be the best you that you can be, and that is all.  Don't worry about what other people say :)

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Hi Nigara,

I'm piping in a little early but was wondering how your progress was coming and if you made a decision about your ideal measurements. I'm 5'10" and have a larger frame I think; my wrists are 6" around. I feel like I am in good shape but after taking my measurements just now I feel huge! I am 40-31-40 and weigh 163 lbs. I have been told that I look thin and I really don't have much flab to grab... so like everyone else says, everyone is different and there are no perfect measurements. It would be unrealistic for us tall girls to expect to have the same measurements as someone who is 5'5".

Good luck,


Can I just say, a 35 inch hip (if you're measuring at the largest point) is tiny! Yes, it doesn't look as small on shorter girls, but really, that is on the rather small end of things!  I wouldn't expect that a lot of tall girls to be able to healthily have hips this size, depending on body type of course.  A 35 inch hip is a size 2 and I hardly think that's ideal for everyone!!!

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Everyone is built differently!


My ribcage happens to be quite wide, so unless I get my floating ribs removed (which will never, ever happen), I don't think I could EVER achieve a 24" waist.


I am 5'10", 149 lbs, measurements: 36.25 - 27.5 - 38.5


Even at my leanest at 130lbs at 19 years old, my measurements never went smaller than 36-26-36 and I looked SKINNY. The benefit of being tall is that even though your measurements may be "bigger", you are more stretched out, so to speak, so you look leaner than you may think you are. When I was 130-135, people would think that I weighed, like, 115 or something ridiculous like that.

"I've always heard the "ideal measurements" for a girl are 35-25-35 (Bust-Waist-Hips)"

The ideal model measurements are 34-24-34, not far off from what you are saying are the ideal measurements. I think the ideal, would be a little more than 35-25-35.

I'm a bit over 5'11 and I'm 33-25-36.5. Would love to have a 35' butt, but it's never going to happen.


um, no such thing as ideal measurements really, your body shape is yours, and it is not really possible to change your proportions at your size, if your bum and waist gets smaller, then your boobs are going with them unfortunately. As long as you dress well, a few extra inches don't really matter, I wouldn't be wearing skinny jeans if my hips were disproportionately large (which I don't think any of you have)




Im a 14 yearold girl whos 5 ft 8 and my measurements are 35-25-35, but i've always been naturally slim and slightly hourglass, and you sound pretty healthy, so as long as you have a healthy BMI i dont think you have anything to worry about :) x

Hey there,

well im 17. i think im a lil over 5 11" if not 6 ft ( uggh!!) My measurements are 31-23.5-36. yh im small buhi dont feel like it. you sound healthy as well and yh for sure. maintainin a healthy bmi is essential. im doin some leg exercises buh not over exertin myself. ive always had that small a waist but o well its not gettin any bigger.

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I'm 5'10", and my measurements use to be 35-26-36 but I was extremely thin and slightly underweight according to the BMI. Models are 34-24-34 which is skin and bone for 5'10".  I'm fairly small boned anyway and I pretty much have a modelesque kind of figure but now I'm 36-28-38 which I think is perfect.  It's a mix of hourglass/pear.  I'm trying to maintain the 28 waist though with exercise!

But most guys prefer curvy to super thin so I wouldn't worry if your measurements happen to be larger, but when you're tall, it doesn't look good to be big all over because than you risk looking BIG rather than tall and it's not good to be tall and a stick either.  Medium build with some curve is nice.  Brooklyn Decker, who is 5'10" has amazing measurements!

im 5'11 and right now my measurements are 34-23.5-35 although i am kinda small, i think ur perfect and healthy! :) the only reason im this small is cause im a vegetarian and for me i have a small apetite. i dunno if this happens to everyone but for me i dont eat that much unless i go to like a fair or something. but then it all goes away by the next weekend i try to gain weight by eating junk food but that dont help either :S. dont know what to do, im tryin so hard to gain weight lol

Original Post by merylwhite1:

There are no ideal measurements for women. We did not come out of a factory - we are meant to be all different shapes and sizes!

Couldn't have said it better. Every body is different and therefore the "ideal" measurements range from person to person.  What looks good on you does not necessarily look the same on another body. 

I'm 5'10" and my measurements are 36-28-36 and I'm 139 lbs. I've been trying to lose weight but mostly because I know I've been eating badly and I think that if I started eating right (I already exercise a lot), I think I'd be a lot thinner then I have been. I've been gaining a lot of excess weight lately and so that's why I'm here. I'm also an aspiring model. I don't think you should worry too much about your weight unless you're eating badly and not exercising. As long as you're healthy, you're fine. Don't put too much stock into the craze to be thin, it's not worth starving yourself. Besides, guys like curvy, real looking curves. At least any guy you want to be with! Don't worry so much about it. If you want to lose weight, do it to make yourself feel healthy and to feel good, not because you feel big or not pretty. If you look thin, who cares what your weight is? Measurements don't make people happy. I wouldn't worry so much, as long as your happy, who cares how many inches your waist is?

I am 6'1" and my measurements are 41-29-38. I think your measurements are just fine. The only reason my chest measurement is so big is because i have big boobs. Also i was wondering if 190 lbs is too big for someone my height? Ideally i would want to be 165.

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