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Period Weight Gain...

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For the ladies on this site...

I'll start off with.. I KNOW BETTER than to weigh myself during my period or that time of the month... but some months I cant help but get on the scale to see.

I was 7 pounds heavier this morning !! .. I have not even come close to cheating . I count absolutely all my calories. I know I need to use the washroom and am probably retaining water but thats a lot of pounds.

What's the most you've ever "gained" during a period and how do you keep it from messing with your head? Also how long after your period do you usually wait to get your true weigh in reading from the scale?

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That's absolutely normal. I've heard women gain between 5-9lbs due to their period (water retention, bloating etc.) I usually wouldn't weigh myself around this time and wait at least 3 days after my period ends to get better numbers. So, I wouldn't worry! Keep up the good work and continue making good choices :) Good luck on your journey.

Worst is 8-10lbs, usual 3-5lbs and best 0-2lbs. I can have this weight from 1.5-3 weeks and all I say "It is water weight, it is water weight, I know when it goes I'll even show a loss" (and I do, most of my chunk of weight lost (2-3lbs) is after my TOM 2-3 week plateaus or mini plateaus). I even convince myself not to weight the first few days :) 

I'm going through this right now! I tend to jump up 2 or 3 pounds a few days before, and that's become my 'warning flag'. Unexplained sudden weight gain? Girl, it's that time of the month, soon!

I can never really resist stepping on the scale, and I watch the numbers with kind of a morbid fascination XD

The most I've ever gained was I think 8lbs. But I have had 'good' experiences where I ate well, kept my fluids up and stayed active and only showed a 2-3 lb increase the whole time. I think it depends on a lot of factors, like comfort eating, increased water retention for comfort food digestion, and of course just water retention for horomone/stress factors. When I'm really stressing I show a higher gain.

Usually it goes away no problem if you behave and stay out of the snickers bars!

I'd say around 5 pounds is usually average for me to 'gain' during my period. I don't weight the few days leading up and the few days after just in case.

It's so frustrating to see those numbers jump up even tho we KNOW it cannot possibly be true weight gain lol.

This may be too much info but I think the reason for my large "gain" is from the period and constipation.. I just wish I didnt feel and look so bloated. When I was super obese.. I never "looked" bloated lol I was just always big.. now it seems to really show in my stomach even tho i'm not "skinny" yet.. it's frustrating cuz I dont want to go anywhere during my period incase people think ive gained weight back or gotten pregnant again lol!!

I can understand that, nothing worse than feeling your going b ackwards once a month for being women. Men apparently lose faster and don't have to worry about this : / Oh joys of womanhood :P

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hmm I'd say on average I gain five pounds when I get a period. I only get one about once every three months because of the birth control I'm on. but if it helps, instead of boycotting weighing yourself while your on your period, do it! it's scary at first but if you weigh yourself consistently and continue to do so even when your on your period it gets less depressing. when you visibly see that you haven't actually gained any weight it becomes soooo much easier to not care. at first I'd get so frustrated because I'd think 'all that hard work is ruined' but after I stuck with it, just seeing my weight rise and fall consistently helped me really understand that it wasn't actual weight gain.
^^ this:)

I gain 3-5 lbs around the 24th of every month. I guess its about a week before I get my period. By the time my period comes, I'm down the "gain" plus a lb or 2 :o) So no worries, those 7 lbs will be gone by next week!

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