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What sizes do you wear?

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What sizes do you guys and gals wear? (if you don't feel embarrased telling?)

I'm 6'2" 196lbs, and wear:

Shirt: medium - large (depends on type)
Jeans/pants: 34W 30L
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I'm 5'4", now 124 lbs and still wearing size 6 pants and S or M shirts.  I can wear XS shirts (I'm an "A" cup woman T_T) but I feel most comfortable (lose) in size "M" :)

10 years ago at the same height, and 105 lbs, I wore size "4".  I'm hoping I can keep up with the weight loss to come down to about 110 and fit back into those size 4 jeans again!  For now, I'm starting to feel like I should stop at 120 lbs and stick with size "6" :)
I weigh 151 & am 5'4.  After having my daughter I went back down to my pre-baby weight (137) without much effort but I now take meds for hypothyroidism & I was taking depression meds (that's when the weight REALLY started climbing!).  I finally made a concious decision to do something to bring my weight down & I just found you guys yesterday!  I'm so excited!!  Anyhow, back to the topic at hand!  I wear:

shirts: mostly medium ~ not that blessed up top :(

pants, skirts, jeans, shorts:  8/10 depending on exact style

Hope to post on many more topics on this forum & find some great support in my dieting efforts! 
Shirt: Size Medium or Small depending on the cut.

Pants: Size 31 or 32

Used to be a size 35 at one point, so thats good!
I'm 5'3" and weigh about 107, and my sizes really depend.

I mean, mostly in shirts I wear small or medium, but I own a couple XLs that fit just fine... It's really hard to tell sometimes because a lot of times now they make shirts and stuff to fit really skinny people. :(

Pants, I can usually go with a juniors' 1.

And people always say, oh you wear a size 1, why are you on a diet? Because I've been doing my own little diets off and on for a couple years now but they haven't really helped much. But the thing is, apparently the people I know in real life see me as a lot bigger... my best friend gave me a pair of pants last year that were size 7 and told me they'd be a perfect fit... I couldn't wear them because they fell right off. o_o

So, even though my BMI is supposedly normal, I'm on more of a quest to feel better about my body and you know, not look bigger than I am... So yeah, I just decided to start a new plan today, and it's really nice to meet you all, and sorry about getting kind of off subject there... haha. <3
5'3'' weigh around 164 right now.
Jeans - 12.
Shirts - (since they run small because stores are stupid and dont give you a right size) L or XL. at times medium. o.0

I am 233

Wearing a Uk size 18-20 in pants!

I'm 5'9

I started at 340- pants 26; shirts 22-24

now at 300- pants 24; shirts are still the same.

Truthfully I'd be happy to get down to a 12-14. 
I'm 5'6"

When i weighed 227, I wore a 16-18 pants and XL tops.

I now weigh 187 and wear size 12 pants, M or L tops

Still working on losing the weight, but even when I was my smallest, at 131, I was a size 8. I'll never be anything under an 8 and that's just fine.
I'm 5'6,

I weight 210 and I wear size 16 - 18

at 180, I was a size 12 and I loved it there. I just want to be a size 12 again
I'm 5'7''

184 lbs

size L shirts

size 13 pants
I'm 5'6"

129.5 lbs

pants/jeans:  size 4

dress:  size 2

shirts:  S  (I have a very small bust and tiny shoulders)
I'm 5'6.5''

Dress-14(and that was tight)
Shirts-Sometimes large but mainly XL or XXL

dress size(in may)~9
shirts- medium. sometimes large.
I'm 5'6.5''

Dress-14(and that was tight)
Shirts-Sometimes large but mainly XL or XXL

dress size(in may)~9
shirts- medium. sometimes large.
At my biggest I was 210 lbs. and I wore a size 18/20. I think it just depends where you carry most of your weight. Right now I'm 160 and I wear a size 12 or 13 in jeans and the waist is too big but the legs and butt fit good. I don't like my clothes tight though. And the shirt always depends on the store. I can usually fit into a M or L and it feel lose. I have a pretty small chest so I don't have to worry about shirts a lot.
Currently: (5'4" / 121)

Shirts: Anything from children's large to petite small; the cut, the fabric, and the brand all make a difference.
Pants: Usually misses' 4.
I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs I wear: Shirts- usually a small Pants/skirts- US size 4 Dresses- 3/4

I'm going for 105 and hopefully a pant size of 2!


Large Shirt

10 or 12 pants
I'm 13, wieght like 104.

Shirt: size 3..small

pants:size 14/16
I am 19, 5 feet 4 inches, and I weight 113

pants: size 3/4

shirt: Small or medium, depending on the brand....

.....although I think it all depends on the brand. I have the whole gammet of sizes in my closet. lol.
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