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How do i keep my skin tight while losing weight?

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Ive had 2 kids in the past 3 1/2 yrs. Im 5'9'' and wiegh 178lbs-my goal is 135-140. While losing this weight what can i do about skin. Ive read some horror stories on here about women having huge excess skin?!?!?!

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If you lose your weight slowly and gradually, you can definitely lower the risk of getting a lot of excess skin. As an added bonus, you're also more likely to keep the weight off.

Building muscle (by lifting weights) will also help, I think.

I don't think with a 40 lb loss that you should have a lot of excess skin.  But... a lot of it depends on your skin and your age as well I guess.  I've lost 65lbs in a very short period of time and I don't have flabby skin.  I took a daily Lutein pill while doing it because research shows that it can increase skin elasticity but whether it worked I have no idea.  It's sort of like that old elephant and whistling joke.

I use a palmer's lotion with lutein in it. Works pretty well on skin tightening, but it takes a month or so of continuous use to see real results. But it seems to lighten stretch marks pretty well too.

you know i have the same question. i am not planning on loosing tons of weight at once. but my stomach deffinetly is alot more stretchy like i can tug on it. so im worried that it wont shrink and as i loose weight.

If you look into the Body For Life Challenge they use a great diet based around good carbs and high in protien with an extensive muscle building workout and there's a challenge every 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks the people who have entered the challenge submit their pics and none of them have loose skin. I would suggest looking at their diet regiment and maybe doing something along those lines that isn't as intense. .. because it's REALLY intense

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at everyone's worries about having loose skin.  Because I currently weigh 85 pounds less than I did 3 years ago, and I've got a serious skin apron going on. 

And I'd rather have the skin than the fat, I'll tell you that!  I've been looking on-line at tummy tucks and when I have maintained my goal and continued to work out for a year, I'm gonna look harder at it.  Even if I never do it, I look pretty fabulous in clothes right now.  And I sure never would have been in a bikini at 283 pounds!

Maybe I would feel differently if I was younger, or if I had less weight to lose and the hope for a bikini-buff body.  For me the freedom I feel from compulsive over-eating far outweighs any regret I feel looking at my frowning belly-button.

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Drink lots of water and avoid coffee or coke, ebcaue these dehydrate you. Also, try to drink water throughtout the day, not gulping down 2 liters at 8 pm when you remembered that you have to drink. Water keeps your skin's elasticity.

Also, very important is to use a body lotion. Any would do, but the best are those specificly made to increase the skin's elasticity. Those for sterch marks could be good as well, ebcause they too ty to impove the skin's stretchability, and women tend to gain a few stretchmarks when their weight shift- either down or up.  Massage your body well with them.

And yes, exercise does make your skin more elastic.

Finally, there are some shower gels (I think from Johnson's baby) that keep moisture in your skin - which is what gives the skin elasticity.


Good luck!

My wife uses dermelastic Serum from dermelastic.com and says it works as well as expensive brands without the cost.

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I just read an article about how we are powerless in the face of cellulite.  This goes for the loose skin after weight loss too.  My own fitness instructor is the model all that is healthy and trim, but since her 2 children she has been unable to change the appearance of the loose skin - it is one thing that really upsets her but she is able to share it with others going through the same thing.

To me, it is indeed a dirty trick, somehow, isnt it?  It surely can be demotivating except that we personally know that is not the only reason we are getting fit and healthy.  Perhaps we should encourage young people we know who are interested in science to explore a way to beat the skin!  The good with the bad and all those annoying old sayings, hum?

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