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Working out like a gerbil in an exercise wheel and I CANT LOSE A POUND-- HELP!!!

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Hello Everyone:

I'm a newbie to this site.  I have been working out like a gerbil in a wheel  5 to 6 times a week and HAVE NOT SHED 1 BLEEPING pound. I've also been consuming 5 to six meals a day, which is nuts to me- its "supposed to speed up my metabolism". High protein diet, moderate weight training and aerobics is what I am about lately. I weigh weekly and have been 203 lbs. for the past three weeks. This week I found this delightful website and have been counting my calories, I'm hoping that wil l help. Any suggestions as to what in the Helman's mayonaise is going onYell 

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I'm from Brazil and so is my little old scale of a long time. I think metric system, but I've been living in Westchester, NY for 7 years now. Yeah, weighing twice or more a day is not for everybody. And I weigh in a little corner of my room, naked mind you,  that has mirrors on 3 sides! It is like that show, what not to wear. It is my shock treatment. I like my curves though, you know brazilians have them plenty. My back fat bugs me though, just below the bra on the sides. I lost inches in so many places,  why oh why it is still there like two little baby chimps hanging on my sides?

meisha, i once lost 1 1/2 lbs after i peed. Water weighs like 5 lbs per gallon...something like that, I'm not exactly sure...As far as the "other", I've not lost more than .5 lb at a time. It's crazy. Now I don't worry about if my hair is wet, but i do try to have on minimal clothing. weighing 2x a week would be better, but there's the gratification thing. And the torture thing...

Do you like the Wii Fit? Is it worth it?

Health-I'm in Brooklyn NY. Talk about shock treatment. Three way mirrors. Let's not talk back fat. It appeared a year and a half ago. Two rolls right under the bra line. I'm hoping I can lose that as well that's a tough spot. How often do you measure. I'm thinking once a week is too close, but being that you are a chronic weigher . . .     perhaps you measure more often. I just started measuring when I started on this site.

I'm going to weigh my self Friday morning, and I'm scared to do that because I weighed on MONDAY.

Benpen- in the ever so infamous words of Borat-- WOW we wow wah 1 and a half pounds after you drained the pipes. You know, I often think about how much water I take in, drinking eight glasses and all-- I don't think it's all coming out. That can cause weight gain too.  Benpen, I swear if I don't lose on Friday, I'm going to post you a long note (just kidding). As for the Wii-- it's a pretty good work out, calculates you BMI and keeps an accurate weight log and sets goals.The only thing is you have to build up to continuous work out. For instance, when I started the boxing on wii fit, it only gave like a five minute work out, you have to make enough points to get to 9 minutes and then advanced (don't quote me on the minutes but you get the jist) if you already own a Wii it's definitely worth it. It's around $69.99-- pretty costly for an extravagant scale. I think I'm not going to drink water the day before I weigh. You've proved my theory BEN. I will be posting my weight LOSS on Friday morning. I won't except anything less.

Health, BEN, Haleyyou better be prepared to call the paramedics if I don't lose or the G word happens, I am liable to pass out. Been working out tooo hard not to lose.

Original Post by itsmeisha:

I think I'm not going to drink water the day before I weigh.

 Don't do that!  The less water you drink, the more your body holds onto the water that's already there.  And the water in your food.  And the water in your drinks.  The best way to gain two pounds fast is to stop drinking water.

Good to see your posts Meisha, they crack me up, and I needed especially this morning, my son has a sore throat and ended up throwing up on the rug, poor thing. Now he feels better, I wonder if he is anxious with something, he didn't want to go to school...Anyway, it is good to come here after all the cleaning up, Yuck. 

I may be a serial weigher but not a serial measurer, I don't measure at all, I notice I lost inches because of the clothes. Maybe I should try once in a while. Isn't back fat the worse? I don't even know which exercises would help, do you know any? And this Wii fit seems a lot of fun, we have a wii so it would not be as expensive. But the whole family would use, would they know my weight too? It is not that's a big secret but knowing my 7 yo son, I can already see him talking right in the middle of his class, "I'm the thinner of the house, my mom, oh she is the biggest, 210 lb! Wel,l I just don't want the advertisement!

Benpen my goodness,1.5lb in pee? How many keggs have you been drinking? You must have been about to blow. Once I had to drink 8 glasses of water for a pelvic ultrasound, all the pressure! It does feel you can blow at any minute.

I second susiecue, not drinking water is the worse you can do to your body, Meisha. Just weigh in after you pee, which is just waste water. Besides you want to lose fat not water if you don't drink enough your cells will be dehydrated, won't function properly and you will burn less calories. So bad idea. And you know there would be the time of the month that you are bloated, you weigh more too, but it is just water. So if you want to weigh in more often you will have to be more forgiving. Think twice before you embark in the tough life of serial weighing!


I am a serial weigher, but I don't take it that seriously, i don't curtail my consumption of anything before i weigh. I just like to weigh before and after i use the bathroom, it's just kind of facinating to me to see how it fluctuates. My friends are after me to stop weighing so much and I really should, but i can't!!

I've been thinking about the Wii Fit, it's not as expensive as i thought....I don't know about earning points or whatever. If it's too complicated, i get frustrated and bored and then lose interest. I may just stick with my DVDs and walking.

these posts have been entertaining and informative! thanks!!


Susiecue- thanks for the info. Sometimes I do think I retain water. I don't get it. I drink an awful lot and don't see as much comig out. So I will continue to drink my 8 glasses a day. At least I'm not full of Sealed  LOL

Health- I can beat your back fat. Why do have under the bra and then ANOTHER layer by the freakin waist. It looks like a cheese burger or something. There are certain ways to lift free weights to help back fat. I will check out the chart at the gym and post them after I input my dinner calories. As for your son, it's that time of the year. Kids are sniffling sneezing and hawking all over the place. I hope he feels better.

BENPEN- Wii fit isn't expensive as long as you already have the console. The wii system itself is $250. the Wii Fit is a game that you can buy for the system.

Hi Meisha, Nooooo you don't beat me I also have the other layer, from the back its like freakin Michelin girl! But the one in the waist doesn't bug me as much because its a given, most people have it and it is probably easier to lose. But under the bra drives me nuts! I'm trying the machines lat pulldown and seated row. They have indicated that it works on the muscles in the back. But have been doing it for 3 months, 3x a week and I don't know if it's working.

But wait, I looked for what melkor, the wise one, told us about strength training and repetitions and found out right at C-C this link:

http://caloriecount.about.com/article/partner /strength_training

that says the same thing, use enough weight to complete only 10-12 reps, not the frigging 20 times light weight I was doing! I have changed last week and started setting the machine to more weight for the 10 reps and I think it is working better! I feel more toned. And I saw more difference with the abs, I used to do 5x20 with 30lb crunch but now I'm doing 3x12 50lb. And for the oblique twist/curl 3x12 70lb. I think I lost some belly! I should start measuring. But Melkor, are you listening? thank you!!!! But be carefull with the weight increases though I think I added too much for the biceps curl and  I was feeling it today.

So Meisha, maybe less aerobic and more strength training might be the holy grail of fat loss (I still do 30 min eliptical before the weights and 30' bike after). And thanks for your wishes, my son was almost like new this morning. Kids recover so fast. Thank God!

From MONDAY to FRIDAY i have o nly lost one pound.  Ben Pen you're lucky I lost a little something or the lenggthy post would be on. I can't weigh more than once a week, and I'm reducing my calories back to 1600-- I think the 1850 the site reccomends is a tad bit too much. I applaud you scale nymphos who can, but personally I would drive my self batty-- and I'm already one flew over the cookoos nest if you know what I mean.

Health I asked one of the personal trainers what excersices were good for back and she said the eliptical machine is supposed to work and then these lifts with free weights. I really can't explain but will try to give you a mental picture. If your bend slightly and place your free weight on your thigh and then pull it all the way back and turn slighlty with your elbow pointing out.  Okay, I read that and didn't get it. Sooooo,  Three months and no results, time to switch. That back fat should have melted down some by now. Consider my work out offer, we can attack the back fat together.  I swear, the back fat on my lower back there's a little pocket that I can hide candies in.  IT MAKES ME SICK-- but not sick enough to stop eating. Sealed

Hi Meisha, 1lb in 4days! Good job. Yeah I think it is, let's say, psychologically healthier if you weigh yourself once a week (if you can resist). I'm lost the scale has a pull on me. I also went to 1600 instead of the 1850 recommended and I feel I'm eating very well.  Ok I almost got you mental pic for the exercise, few glitches, when you say bend, knees or torso forward? Pulling all the way, you end up like in chicken dance? And then turn sideways? from facing forward to sideways? See almost there.LOL As for the fat pockets (sounds like food), now this mental pic I got (unfortunately), me reaching for some M&Ms right at my back. Argh! I'm not going to start on the things I can hide under my breasts!

Today I lost my wallet at the post office at 3:30pm. 4pm I noticed at Walmart when I was paying, had just enough money to pay for my Special K Vanilla Almond (my everyday breakfast, essential). At 4:08, post office was closed! grabbed an employee that was picking letters in mailbox, and he looks everywhere, nothing. 4:15 pm desperately, I thunder inside the gym to grab my husband (poor thing, he finally gets his time to workout). 4:20pm at home pray to Jesus for someone honest to find my wallet. 4:21 me and husband calling on cell to cancell credit cards. 4:35 call from wonderfull man who found my wallet! Credit cards were unfortunately cancelled already, thankfully debit cards have different numbers, so husband still has some access to money. 4:45 Wonderful Gerald comes with my wallet, he tried before and I was not home, he had to look for my phone (Note to self: write down phone on wallet). Was so gratefull, was hugging stranger on the street. 6pm had Special K with milk for dinner. Don't know how I managed not to binge during stressful afternoon, so in shock only ate 1200 cal today, with McDonald's for lunch (grilled chicken caesar salad, little dressing). Not bad day afterall. Thank you Jesus. Think going to start an early thanksgiving thread.


Health What a freaking day, health.  Thank God, someone honest found your wallet. I'm glad you made it through. I've been scrap booking lately-- who would have ever thought I would be scrap booking!!!! Then went to hang with my BFF at her house, and we watched sex in the city. Why did a baby squirrel swoop into her living room through the chimmney and she screamed and panniced like she was being attacked by jeffery Domer. Her husband came running into the living room and she was hysterical. I couldn't believe it. The squirrel scoured behind a chair which was less than a foot away from a tremendous, and beautiful antique mirror (which stands at least 12 feet) from the Metropolitan House of Opera he purchased her as a gift sometime ago. Well needless to say it looked like an episode from an African American version of I love Lucy-- She screaming and clawing at my arm-- the squirrel is practically flying on top of the mirror-- and he's chasing it around with a box and her six year old son is trying to shoot it with his nerf gun. After calling someone to help him they trapped the squirrel and I went home. Straight comedy.

Today-- three whole grain waffles with 100% maple syrup and glass of oj/flaxseeds after the gym a whopping 650 calories. I love weekends. During the week I am up and out by 7 am. ON the weekends I leave for the gym at 9 am and am not back until 11 ish. If it was during the week I would have already been through breakfast and my first snack. So on the weekends i do big-- but healthy breakfasts.

SO, I was back with my ex yesterday night. I couldn't help myself!!!! We were in the movies and before you know it I had his long lanky self in my hands then  in my mouth. GET your minds out the gutter, I'm back on twizzlers again!!!!! Once again I've managed to pull another package of twizzlers out of the candy box my daughter is selling for school-- correction that I end up selling. This is her fifth box- Hershey's with/wout almonds, kit kats, twizzlers, resses peanubutter cups and resses pieces- 9 a piece. That's 54 freakin pieces of candy per box this child has been bringing home for me to sell. So for me to eat three out of the 270 packages of candy I have sold isn't sooo bad. I decided to be proactive and take the little package with 8 twizzlers with me to the movies instead of inhaling the huge package of 18 that are twice as long. And yes, I finish the entire package.  That was 240 calories, but I still managed to remain a 100 calories less than the website suggested 1850.

How does anyone who posts in this thread manage to survive on 1600 calories a day with out eating berries and branches, do tell! I can easily inhale 1600  calories per meal-- but I don't. I'm finding my food choices for the day are becoming drab and boooring. I generaly stay between 1600 to 1700,

Hi Meisha, Wow too many candies around, that's tough, I avoid buying even for my son, so I am not sneaking some into my mouth. But good job just eating a few! My question is going back to ex made you crave more candies or ex in mouth saved you from gobbling more candies?At least ex in mouth is sweet and calorie free!

Now for 1600, it is not easy sometimes. I went with husband and son to an all payed for overnight stay at Mohonk near New paltz, NY. It was an award for my husband at work and we went on his birthday. It is a great place to visit, we had a lot of fun and a lot of food! I estimated I ate more than 4000 calories in 2 days! Put on 2.2lb! all the buffets which I went only once, but could not resist chocolate obssession for dessert, that's the name of the dessert. Well it was worth it. But back on the diet yesterday and I lost 1lb already, so going right back on the wagon after the fall puts you right back on track. Not bad.

Back to 1600, it can be done and now that I am counting cals I found out that I even eat less than that sometimes. I tend to eat the same things, gives me comfort and so far I am not nauseated by eating same foods over and over. I also read in this Abs guide that "too many tastes and textures encourage you to overeat, they recommend being consistent with major meals, few surprises limits the opportunities to overindulge". It has been working for me. For the last 5 months I basically eat the following:

Breakfast: Special K Vanilla almond 1 cup with 1/2 cup of 1% milk.

Lunch: Sandwich with Light swiss wedges (laughing cow), turkey breast, arugula or romaine, sometimes carrots, cucumber, tomato. I use Arnold Healthy Multigrain bread (110 cal a slice!) but now Arnold has this multigrain sandwich thins that is very good and 110 cal, they are cut in the middle and you can make a sandwich off with less bread. Try it. I sometimes change the protein to salami or tuna (in this case no cheese wedge but 1tbsp mayo)  but turkey is my favorite.

Dinner: sometimes the same as lunch, when I cook: grilled chicken or fish, with veggies (broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, spinach) or salad. sometimes bit rice -2tbsp max or 1 potato. When we have pizza I have just one slice which I top with lots of baby arugula or baby spinach and 1Tbsp of olive oil.

Snacks: quaker chewy chocolate chip bar, special K bar, 2 squares of 70% dark chocolate from Lindt, apple, banana with cinnamon (microwave for 1 min, yummy), almonds. Try to eat every 2-3hs about a 100 cal snack, but somedays I eat 200-300 cal snacks if I feel hungrier. I also drink oj or milk as snack.

Good luck!

Forgot to mention, for the banana with cinnamon in microwave, I slice the banana lengthwise, add cinnamon generously and microwave on max for 1 min. Let it cool down a bit, it gets very hot. Very sweet comforting fast snack or dessert with only 110 cals for a medium sized banana. Enjoy. Kids love it too!

I am going to try that banana thing. I generally  eat a tablespoon of peanut butter, weight watchers icecream bar if I want something sweet. Apples sauce or fruit.

Original Post by itsmeisha:

LMAO, Haley darling, the jokes keep me going. Because if I don't laugh, the emotions will come out some how, and I don't want to be depressed, because that's just depressing. YOU ARE MY NEW INSPIRATION, freak BEYONCE-- your stats are terrific. Great job, how did you do it, tell me your secrets ole slim one. Seriously, congrats, Haley. Where did you get the weigh los ticker thign from, I'm adding you to my friend's list sista. Please school me, give me tips-- I seek knowledge

 Sorry took so long to reply......was in vegas for almost a week and it seems I only gained 4 lbs....but I am also pmsing AND i'msure a couple are sodium retention!

Tips??  Water......walking......and wegetables....LOL I wanted the last one to start with a W.  I eat vegetables 2 times a day.....at dinner and lunch and I make sure myplate is at least half full of vegetables.

To keep it interesting, I usually eat 2-3 different kinds each day.  My newest love is roasted red/yellow/green peppers and onions in baking dish. DELICIOUS!

I weigh ALL my food. 

I try to burn at least 200 calories a day either walking or riding my bike.  I love my heart rate monitor.  It is SO worth the investment. 

I dont weigh myself but once a week.  The daily fluctuations would send me into major depression.

I have cheat dinner once every other week.  Beer/wings and nachos!  YUMMM

My vegetable steamer along with those steamer bags are my best friends.

I lost about 100 lbs in about a year.  I eat around 1350 calories but i'm also only 5'0".  I"d be super happy if I could lose 10 more. 

Hope to chit chat some time :)


Cry After counting calories and eating 1600 calories of berries and freaking branches I am up 1.1 pound this week. What in the Helman's mayonaise is that about. After I worked out Saturday, Sunday, Tues and Wednesday im up 1.1 pound. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The red carpet did roll out on Tuesday and is due to be finished on Saturday. Ladies when you are in the "red" do you tend to gain.

I'm sick and tired of being tired. This unexplained weight gain has got to stop.

Wow Haley, congratulations!!!! You will be my inspiration, lI ost 45lb and I want to lose 50 more. probably bit more than that, but I don't want to be too ambitious. I will try your veggies mix, seems so good and I have yet to try these steamer bags. What about this cheating dinner? I just heard about cheating to break plateaus in another thread, did it work for you? See thread:

Cheating On Your Diet To Increase Fat Loss.

Meisha, It is so frustrating to do everything right and nothing. I am in the same boat this week. But it is probably water retention in your case. I also feel exhausted tonight, I think it's the weather change. So cold tonight. And I know sometimes is hard with kids but sleep well, it's the weekend! Relax, relax, relax, let's not build up cortisol levels. Years ago, my mom was in a spa to lose weight, 600 cals a day, she learned that her friend forgot to feed the cat for the last 3 days, she got so upset that the next day her weight was up 2 lbs! and eating so little. Go figure! The only one that lost weight turned out to be the cat! learn about cortisol:

http://stress.about.com/od/stresshealth/a/cor tisol.htm

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