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This is not a DIET, but a LIFESTYLE change. You can DIET for a week, and gain it all back. If you change your lifestyle, you'll get where you want to be and stay there!

Don't gain that Freshman 15, Sophomore 30, or even worse... the Junior 50! Come here for support from students who are going through the same thing you are!
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Welcome to the Group

by hattie319 in Introduce Yourself on Nov 12

Hattie 18 NDSU Goal is to replace all fat with muscle. I don't care if my weight stays relatively the same

Your Story

by kschneeberger95 in Introduce Yourself on Oct 23

This is my story...what's yours? So I started my senior year of high school chunky at 5' 6" and 156 lbs. I wanted to...

Just another freshmen

by bdosseis26 in Introduce Yourself on Oct 07

My names Brandon, and Im a freshman at UWM and iv been here for 5 weeks. I noticed I gained 4 pound sense iv been here...

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