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The Lounge Women who've slept around have worse marriages... Aug 28 2014
18:16 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

If it weren't so easy to get married, there would be a lot fewer divorces.

People should have to complete seven tasks before they are granted a marriage license.

The first, a test of bravery and skill with swords.

*snickers* I bet you do, I bet you do.

The Lounge Honey and antibiotics Aug 28 2014
16:53 (UTC)
Original Post by dnrothx:

I also have a theory that escargot was a joke played upon the aristocracy by peasants so the peasants could have access to more beef and chicken.  Convince the elitists that snails are haute cuisine and the good stuff is left for you to eat.

Sully has a similar theory about blue cheese and the French.

The Lounge Honey and antibiotics Aug 28 2014
16:48 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Shows what you know.

I am lucky to be blessed with great skin - I don't need to wear make up.

^5 - I just don't care to take the time. So far, I haven't turned anyone to stone.

The Lounge Autism <--> Vaccination Study Thrown Out Aug 28 2014
16:27 (UTC)

To be fair, it's not quite as bad as Wakefield's situation, where he was applying for a patent for his own MMR vaccine, giving him a very large and direct monetary incentive to discredit the existing one.

Nah, actually, it's probably just as bad.


The claim by Hooker seems to be that by excluding kids that don't have a Georgia birth certificate, that somehow skewed the data. But the "CDC said its study presented results for two sets of children: all children initially recruited for the study, and a subset of children for whom a Georgia birth certificate was available."... so wouldn't the results from the "all children" group have shown something, if it was there.

Weight Loss Heat question: Does anyone know? Aug 28 2014
16:14 (UTC)
Original Post by dakatz:

Original Post by trh:

You burn a lot more calories walking outside in the heat than you do riding in your air-conditioned car.  Dress for the heat, replace fluids and electrolytes, and keep walking.

Did you literally not read a single post in this thread before posting this?  Because it is totally incorrect.  Sweating more, and losing more fluid does NOT mean you are burning more calories.  Your body can sweat to cool itself off with minimal calorie expenditure.  And since people tend to fatigue in the heat and move slower, the increase in calorie burn from sweating is more than offset by the decrease stemming from the lowered pace and early fatigue.

Did you literally not read a single word of trh's post?

Walking burns more calories than riding in a car. Calm down. Other people know what they are talking about too.

The Lounge CHATs in the Vasoline, We Are Aug 28 2014
14:58 (UTC)
Original Post by runesplendor:

No idea about the veracity, but I've heard ice cream is the best thing to get babies moving, or an ice cold pop.  The cold surprises them (they can feel it through your stomach?!? o.O) and then the sugar livens them up.

I would think orange juice might help too - just the jolt of sugar. Might also help if you are feeling off b/c of low blood sugar.

The Lounge CHATs in the Vasoline, We Are Aug 28 2014
14:49 (UTC)
Original Post by lily42:

*places hand on floor*
*lays down*

Lie on your left side.

Young Calorie Counters Slimming my thighs in my goal weight? Aug 28 2014
12:00 (UTC)
Original Post by talibantrucker:

but you could tone your thighs through jogging and salsa, as you already stated. Cycling is very effective. Squats and other leg exercises with weights could help too.

What does "tone" mean to you? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Something else?

The Lounge Honey and antibiotics Aug 28 2014
11:58 (UTC)

Rather than linking to your youtube channel, maybe it would be more useful to link to the study?  That would give people the chance to read it and discuss (assuming that's your goal).

The Lounge nine-year-old kills gun range instructor with uzi Aug 28 2014
11:56 (UTC)

In the movie American President, Annette Bening has a line:

I might be able to give you just the leverage you need to pass some ground-breaking piece of crime legislation -- like a mandatory three-day waiting period before a five-year-old can buy an Uzi.

It was hyperbole... yet now it seems a lot less so.

The Lounge nine-year-old kills gun range instructor with uzi Aug 27 2014
23:54 (UTC)

Dbacker suggested the parents be charged with abuse/endangerment. I'd think the courts wouldn't let the child stay with her parents under such charges.

The Lounge nine-year-old kills gun range instructor with uzi Aug 27 2014
19:22 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Did the girl die too or was it just the instructor?

This Fox news report says that the girl died.

Given all the typos in that report, I think it was a mistake. It might have meant the previously mentioned 8-year-old boy who did die, given the past tense?

Foods quest bars Aug 27 2014
17:50 (UTC)
Original Post by jansey:

I don't really like the taste but my nutritionist thinks they are the best for you, and if have one, it is a meal replacement.

Hmm, this is the same nutritionist who tells you to eat egg whites only?

The Lounge Feminism or sexism? Aug 27 2014
16:50 (UTC)

I think on the surface, the message is always that rape is bad, people should not rape.

But the subtext of how people discuss rape once it happens can lead to confusion.  If a news report includes what a rape victim was wearing, for instance. Or a politician utters the phrase "some women rape easy" (might be off in the wording, I'm not googling that). No matter how often we are taught "no means no" there's confusion about how far into sex can a person say "no" and have it be a *real* "no". What if they don't agree to having sex, but don't actually say no? What if they are both drunk? Who is responsible?

So yes, people know that "rape" is bad, but there are a lot of people who would argue about what counts as rape. Remember the politician who said women don't get pregnant from rape? So if a woman claims she was raped, and then got pregnant, clearly she wanted the sex, right? Therefore not rape.

And I would also add that when people joke about hoping a man gets raped in prison, that's part of the rape culture - because if you make that joke, that means you think certain types of rapes are ok.

The Lounge Women who've slept around have worse marriages... Aug 27 2014
16:14 (UTC)
Original Post by dnrothx:

Original Post by catwalker:

The stupid articles say "quality marriage" not "happy marriage". And it was all self-rated. More women who had little sexual experience self rated their marriages as quality. The stupid articles did not define what a quality marriage is.

I was aiming for a high-quality, unhappy marriage myself.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are people out there who believe that their marriage is a good one, even if they are deeply unhappy in it. Because it's better than their parents' marriage, or whatever other rationale they give, to excuse not changing things. People who say "well, spouse doesn't beat me, so it's ok" or "well, spouse is good parent to my child, so it's ok".

Health & Support Low Blood Pressure from Exercising Aug 27 2014
15:57 (UTC)

Do you get enough salt in your diet?

The Lounge Feminism or sexism? Aug 27 2014
15:42 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

I agree completely. 

Someone should frame this.

The Lounge a TINY kitchen pet peeve Aug 27 2014
15:16 (UTC)

I had a roommate who would leave knives in the drying rack with the point up. Bugged the hell out of me.

But it was nothing compared to her habit of leaving a separated egg yolk on the counter for days.

Or putting drip-able things into the fridge at an angle, so that they'd drip, generally onto my food.

Or letting raw chicken defrost in the fridge wrapped only in saran wrap, with no plate underneath to catch the drippings.

Or leaving a sink-load of dirty dishes when she left for a week (I had already left, so I returned home to them).

Or opening the screen of the bathroom window to let the steam out (then leaving it open for the rest of the day).

Or turning on the air conditioning, but not closing the windows in the apartment.

Or leaving her dog alone in the house while we were both away, with friends who came by once a day to walk her, generally at 3 in the morning. I had fortunately left my bedroom door tightly shut, and I didn't leave anything of mine outside my room, because the dog had ripped apart the rest of the apartment. Couch was thoroughly eviscerated.

The Lounge Feminism or sexism? Aug 27 2014
13:40 (UTC)

When I heard the news story about the nail polish, I thought it said "gateway drug" not "date rape drug" -- which gave it a completely different spin.

I have a hard time seeing the nail polish as a bad thing.  Just like we practice defensive driving and lock our doors at night and don't take rides from strangers, we (people, not just women) need to assume that not everyone around us is always going to do the moral/right/legal/appropriate/safe thing.  My only explanation of the detractors' is that, yes, the nail polish is not a complete solution. But what is? How's that "teaching men not to rape" working?

Weight Loss weight loss Aug 27 2014
13:23 (UTC)

Rather than posting multiple times in different forums with incomplete info, stick with one thread (of your own - this one will work).

Provide your full information: age, weight, height, sex, activity level and/or exercise, how much you are eating.