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Weight Gain Reached Minimum and Hate My Body Composition Oct 21 2014
13:51 (UTC)
Original Post by jameslewis95:

I'm currently 133lbs, however I think I'm skinny fat

The solution for this is to gain muscle, not to try to lose anything.

And therapy for your body image issues.

The Lounge Have you lost weight and gained it back and are currently trying to lose again? Oct 21 2014
13:49 (UTC)

Nomo, I breastfed for 22 months - I think I put in a good run. Pumping stopped working at about 13 months (which was fine with me!). Although I liked the calorie burn, at this point, I'm really happy to have my boobs back to myself.

The Lounge Look at them go, Look at them kick, Makes you wonder how the other half Chat Oct 21 2014
12:39 (UTC)
Original Post by shepard2826:

*stumbles in, leaving trail of tissues and tea bags, flops on couch, moans dramatically*


I'b sick!!!!! By first pregnancy cold. It's baking by nose all stuffy and by throat hurts. 


*surrounds self in blankies and puts up protective bubble*

Do you have a neti pot or squeeze bottle? It helped (relatively speaking) in the absence of good cold meds.

Also, Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Calm tea.

Foods Food packaging lies?? Oct 21 2014
12:34 (UTC)

Most packaging of things like chips and crackers leaves lots of empty space to prevent breakage. While I'm sure there is some variability (and I wouldn't be surprised if they generally overestimate the number of servings), it sounds pretty normal that the bag would appear to be half empty. But it should still have approximately the right number of crackers.


I have a chocolate bar that gives the serving size as half a bar, and then for servings per container it says "about 2". I don't know how that works.

The Lounge Have you lost weight and gained it back and are currently trying to lose again? Oct 21 2014
12:30 (UTC)

Kind of. I lost weight using CC in 2009, from 168 to 135 in 9 months. Maintained for several years, gained a little with a pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, then gained a lot (higher than my '09 starting weight) with a successful pregnancy, and lost it all through breastfeeding (no calorie counting) - again, took 9 months.

Right now, I'm up ~10lbs from another recent pregnancy/miscarriage. I'm just starting to get back to the gym, but having also just weaned my son, I no longer have that extra calorie burn of breastfeeding to help me out. I'm hoping that getting back to activity and dropping some of the more unnecessary snacks will be what it takes to drop the weight, rather than going whole-hog into calorie counting. Alternatively, I'll get pregnant again, and I'll have to wait until post-partum, at which point, hopefully the breastfeeding will work its magic again.

The Lounge winter wear in cities Oct 20 2014
17:51 (UTC)

I am 5'6" and my shoe size is US7. I have a high arch and instep, plus my big toenails point almost straight up, making many closed toes shoes uncomfortable. I love boots, but don't have any nice ones that are comfortable.

The Lounge winter wear in cities Oct 20 2014
15:09 (UTC)
Original Post by runoff55:

Lastly, nothing I have said makes any real difference.  My experience is that people coming from a warmer climate are totally shocked by the cold (physically and mentally).  I have a lady at work from Ghana who is already commenting on the changes in her skin and difficulty breathing in the cold.  It was at the end of September and only 5 C.  Winter is going to be hard, she ain't seen nothing yet  (we easily get to -30... which yes, it looks like Toronto may do at random times)

When living in the DC region, we had a few people in our office from Puerto Rico, and they had a helluva time dealing with DC-area winters. And DC winters, need I say, are nothing compared to anything you are going to get in Toronto.

As you say, it's mental as much as it's physical.

Weight Loss 8 pounds in 1 week!!! Oct 20 2014
14:49 (UTC)

I second Sally - chances are high in general that you are seeing water retention, and if you are eating a lot of take-out, that makes it even more likely.


... and I just realized this thread is almost 2 months old.

Weight Loss Eat anything in quantity but not quality? and stil lose weight?? Oct 18 2014
20:31 (UTC)

You might temporarily retain or gain water weight, but you are not gaining fat by eating pizza or carbs, as long as you are not eating more than you burn.

Weight Loss Eat anything in quantity but not quality? and stil lose weight?? Oct 18 2014
13:49 (UTC)

I eat pizza once a week. I don't gain weight because of it, because I am not eating more calories than I burn.

The Lounge Weight Loss Love Story Oct 17 2014
14:38 (UTC)

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary!

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 17 2014
12:47 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

You... are somebody.   ?? i don't know how to take this?  

Nomo said that "you" (and she clarified that "you" = "somebody") wouldn't like that she uses hand sanitizer, and would say that she's the problem. Your response indicated that you were part of the "somebody" group.

FWIW, I'm part of that group too. Although I'm less worried about someone carrying around a bottle of purell for times when they can't wash their hands with soap and water. It's the antibacterial soap for household/everyday use that I think is probably more of a concern.

Calorie Count What is net Cals? Oct 16 2014
13:56 (UTC)

Answered here.

Please don't post the same topic in multiple forums on the site.

New Members Need Question Answered Regarding Analysis Oct 16 2014
13:55 (UTC)

In the analysis section, net is the same as deficit/surplus.  A negative net means a deficit, a positive net is a surplus.

If you burn 2000 calories in a day (including but not limited to exercise) and eat 1500, you will have a deficit and net of -500. If you do that every day for a week, you will have a weekly deficit of 3500, which is roughly a pound of fat.


It gets a little confusing because some people use "net" to mean intake minus exercise, but that calculation doesn't mean anything for weight loss, since it doesn't include the calories you burn the rest of the day, and it isn't what CC uses "net" to mean.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 16 2014
12:29 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:


Well, that's unsettling.

Foods Frozen TV Dinners? Oct 16 2014
12:01 (UTC)

Kashi has some good frozen dinners that aren't as high in sodium compared to the Lean Cuisine types, and generally have better ingredients.

The Lounge right to carry Oct 15 2014
16:53 (UTC)

How does "right to carry" turn into "right to not be frisked for a concealed weapon and checked for appropriate permit".

Do airports in Utah not screen for weapons?

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 15 2014
15:42 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

My recollection is that reports said she had "prolonged" contact with him. This would lead me to believe she treated him during an extended stay. Can't say for sure.

I found this, suggesting that they were both part of the second team. That's scary.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 15 2014
15:01 (UTC)

Does anyone know - were the two nurses that have contracted ebola in Dallas part of the original "misdiagnosis" team that send him home, who might not have been adequately clothed, or were they part of the team that was suited up for dealing with an infected patient?

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