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Weight Loss Starvation Mode Jan 16 2015
17:39 (UTC)
Original Post by Lori1218:

Thanks, but when I want to maintain my weight, what do I do? Because I know I will have a higher intake than I do now.

To lose weight, you eat below maintenance. When you want to maintain, you eat at maintenance, and then you won't gain or lose weight.

If you eat too little during weight loss, you can affect your metabolism and end up making it harder to maintain, so don't eat too little. General rule of thumb that many of us use is to eat at least your BMR. Even if you are sedentary, you will burn 20% more than your BMR in a day, and therefore will have a deficit. Use exercise or activity to get burn higher, and lose faster, but most people who are under 200lbs should not aim to lose more than 1lb/week.

Fitness calories burned Jan 16 2015
16:00 (UTC)

Try logging it as calisthenics.

Fitness Flatulence Jan 16 2015
15:56 (UTC)
Original Post by shoein:

 I'm 45 in February and male.

Your profile says: I am Vanessa.

No judgement, of course, but were your parents really hoping for a girl?

Health & Support Getting family to understand? Jan 16 2015
13:09 (UTC)

Stop helping them. Do what you have to do for your horses, and that's it. No extras.

And for god sakes, no running.

Weight Loss Started eating healthy now always hungry? Jan 15 2015
18:50 (UTC)
Original Post by djchadwick:

Yes I've count everything calorie.

People are asking, in a multitude of ways: How many calories are you eating?

Weight Loss birth control and diet pills Jan 15 2015
17:24 (UTC)
Original Post by jimenap418:

Will that pill affect my birth control?

I was going to respond that the only thing it will affect is your wallet.

But that's might not be exactly true. Some otc "diet aids" can be harmful to your health too.

Weight Gain priorities Jan 14 2015
19:14 (UTC)

I think you need to see a medical professional. You could be at risk of refeeding syndrome and might need to be monitored as you increase. I wish you the best of luck, but I think your question is beyond the scope of a message board.

Health & Support Getting family to understand? Jan 14 2015
13:07 (UTC)

I'm glad you are going to be getting more professional help. Please be honest with any new doctors you see, and make sure they know everything that is going on with you.

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 13 2015
19:27 (UTC)
Original Post by kikt:

The whole freedom fries thing was already incredibly funny back then. They shoulda just called them chips.

Chips in American English already mean either chocolate chips or potato/tortilla chips (I think Brits say crisps). To add fries as yet another possible meaning, especially given that it's the British word would ... not happen.

Weight Loss the weight loss plateau Jan 13 2015
16:09 (UTC)
Original Post by kelly_saunders6:

Thanks for your help it says I should be eating 1540 which is a bit high I think. I will aim to stick to the 1300. I never let myself get too hungry I always eat a snack. And I'm losing weight again. I think I stopped because I was gaining so much muscle. Fingers crossed it keeps up.

It's highly unlikely that you are gaining measurable muscle eating 1540. You certainly weren't if you were undereating (1000-1100).  For most people, it takes a lot of hard work of lifting heavy weights and a calorie surplus to gain any appreciable muscle.

You lost weight quickly in the first couple weeks, much of it likely water weight, and then your water weight evened out, causing the scale to stay the same (I agree with oxford, that's not a plateau).

Fitness Feel exhausted after workouts Jan 13 2015
15:04 (UTC)
Original Post by ashleyvdk:

For those wondering: I do strict cardio at the gym. Walking on the treadmill on 10.0 incline at 3.4 speed for 30-45 mins. I also jog around the indoor track 5x before I leave. Then I come home and do PiYo later in the evenings as well.

What Kevin said. But also, I'd be tired after doing this, because I'd be really bored of it.

Does your gym have anything other than treadmills? Weight area, perhaps?

Weight Loss 2-year plateau after 60lb loss? Jan 12 2015
18:06 (UTC)

Gaining like that can be an indication that you had been keeping your calories too low for too long... if you were low carbing, and then reintroduced carbs, it could be water weight, but presumably you'd have lost that again, if that was the case.

With your stats, you shouldn't be eating less than 1500 or 1600, but eating that much should allow you to lose weight. I'm sorry, I don't really have a good answer. In theory, I would suggest spending more time at a maintenance level, and let your metabolism rebound, but I know that can be a hard solution to put into practice.

Health & Support When should you start worrying? Jan 12 2015
18:01 (UTC)

"Better" is not the same as recovered.

Not being able to maintain while eating a healthy amount of calories is an indication that you are not physically recovered. Your fears about becoming overweight by eating enough suggest that you are not mentally recovered.

Weight Loss 2-year plateau after 60lb loss? Jan 12 2015
17:54 (UTC)

Have you taken a break from trying to lose weight? Sometimes spending a few weeks, or even a month, at maintenance (for you, I'd estimate that's 2400, if you are moderately active, and it sounds like you are).

Weight Loss 2-year plateau after 60lb loss? Jan 12 2015
17:44 (UTC)

How much are you eating?

Health & Support When should you start worrying? Jan 12 2015
14:00 (UTC)
Original Post by vegandaisydoll:

I'll try to eat more.. I just freak out whenever I gain weight because I'm terrified that I'll become overweight if I add more calories in, even if some days I am a tiny bit more hungry then usual..

Yep, definitely time to start worrying.

I can't keep track of what your history is (I'm suspecting you might even be a old user/new name?) but seek help from a professional with expertise in eating disorders. Even if you don't have one now, better to get help before you slip further towards one.

Health & Support When should you start worrying? Jan 10 2015
21:31 (UTC)

Height, weight, how much are you eating?

Foods Opinions: Am I eating enough? Am I eating OKAY? Jan 10 2015
19:10 (UTC)

I don't know your stats, but generally 1200 is the bare minimum for a small sedentary elderly woman. Eating less than 1200 for pretty much everyone isn't a good idea.

Rather than shocking your system by eating too little, have you considered giving your body a break from weight loss - still a shock to your body, perhaps, but a much healthier shock. Eat at about maintenance for a few weeks, and then go back to a (moderate, not extreme) weight loss amount.

New Members no plan Jan 09 2015
18:30 (UTC)

Start logging what you are eating, to get a sense of how much you eat in a normal day.

Use the tools to figure out how much you burn based on your gender, age, weight, height, and activity level - there is a calculator that does this for you.

For activity level, you can either set yourself to sedentary and log your exercise, or pick an activity level that best describes you in total, and don't log activity on top of that. Either way, get an idea of how much you burn in a day (remember, you burn calories all day long, not just from exercise).

For most people, it is reasonable to aim to eat 500 calories less than you burn in a day, which will let you lose 1lb/week. This can often be achieved by modifying portion sizes or reducing the number of snacks you have, or by increasing activity - it doesn't require a whole-sale change in your eating habits. Make small changes that you can stick with over time, rather than make large changes that aren't sustainable.

The Lounge Email Spam Jan 09 2015
17:11 (UTC)

My mom runs a listserv for her neighborhood. Many of the people on the listserv are fairly new to or oblivious of technology - perfect victims of the "log onto your yahoo account now through this link or your account will be closed" tricks.

Relatively recently, a woman on the listserv sent a message to everyone, asking to be removed from the listserv, saying that the woman who was sending flirtatious notes to her husband needed to stop, and that she was deactivating her email account because of this untoward harassment.

I was able to guess the name of the woman sending the flirtatious emails, because at the time, I had about 6 of them in my spam folder - "Hello darling, my name is xxx, I'm a 21 year old ...." you get the drift. Always the same name (at least that month).

My mom told me this story, and I am picturing a 90 year old woman, waving her cane at the computer, saying "hands off my man". Turns out the woman is 30-something. Which made me find the story so much more entertaining.

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