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The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
15:37 (UTC)

Our boy isn't in daycare, but goes to library lapsits, grocery stores, indoor playgrounds, and in the coming warmer months, outdoor playgrounds. I work in cube-land with other parents of children who do go to daycare, so I could potentially bring home something.

He is healthy, therefore he receives the CDC recommended vaccines on schedule.

The Lounge Taxes! Apr 16 2014
15:30 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Original Post by mercurystar:

Filed as soon as I got my paperwork. You've got to be even more careful lately, ID theft involving people stealing your SSN & other info, filing a tax return in your name before you can, and stealing a refund, is WAY up, and getting worse. (It can take months to years to fix, too, especially with the IRS.)

Are people submitting fake W-2s? Or are they hacking into your employer and stealing your real information? How are they doing it?

It kind of doesn't make sense how people would be very good at this, such that the IRS wouldn't recognize it as very fishy.

The IRS already knows what income (wages, at least) you've actually earned and from what employer, so if you sent in something totally fake that didn't match their info, I would think that would cause a big red flag on their end.

Perhaps hacking into partially completed turbotax and rerouting the refund to their acct, not yours?

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
15:08 (UTC)

Well, one of the reasons that many feel so strongly about vaccinating is because there are the people who are unable to get vaccinated. Parents sometimes claim that their decision not to vaccinate their children (for bad reasons, such as fear of autism) affects nobody but their own children. This is an example of how they are wrong.

The Lounge Traveling with Food Apr 16 2014
14:24 (UTC)

Realize that unless you've only been doing the counting calories thing for a week, it's unlikely that you could completely undo your hard work in just one week.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
14:21 (UTC)

Our house is an arts and crafts bungalow.

I had never heard of that before, and thought it was just a silly way to advertise it. Showed a picture of the front to a friend, and she immediately said "Ooh, arts and crafts!"

It has a fairly open first floor, and what nobody ever warns you about open concepts is how much harder it is to gate off areas for a toddler.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
14:18 (UTC)

Say Yes to the Dress would make an excellent bingo/drinking game.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
14:14 (UTC)

Just to prove I didn't make it up: drinking game.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
14:09 (UTC)
Original Post by cajunrider:

Open floor design is way overrated. The separation of areas of the house must be well thought out. After all it's a house not a freaking warehouse. 

Have you played the HGTV drinking game? You drink whenever the people say they want an open floor plan, stainless appliances, marble counter tops, an en suite, double sinks in the bathroom, and when the wife jokes about "where are your clothes going to go" or the husband mentions how his wife doesn't really cook.

I'm sure there are more - it's a dangerous game.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
14:04 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Sort of.  I'm talking this (which combines both of a-girl's favorite styles!).

Gah, that's a hot mess.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
13:59 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Original Post by amethystgirl:

I hate split levels. I also hate garrison style houses.

YES!  I didn't realize those things had a name.  I just had to look them up.  Terrible.

Exactly. Why do they exist?

We're going to build a house. Two stories. But we are going to make the first story slightly smaller than the second story, so that there is a 1-ft overhang. This overhang will provide no benefits, and will just look stupid. Awesome.

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
13:48 (UTC)

What, you were out of cannoli?

The Lounge All CHAT Ever Wanted, All CHAT Ever Needed Is Here In CHAT's Arms Apr 16 2014
13:45 (UTC)

I hate split levels. I also hate garrison style houses.

Calorie Count Why are my posts deleted for being "pro-ana"? Apr 16 2014
12:34 (UTC)
Original Post by greekyogurt_science: <snip> Once, a person who suffered from fainting (presumably from a solely a lack of calories) was suggested a liter of milk a day.

Really? Milk? All that gives is more calcium. Any credibility you had was lost with this statement. Milk only has calcium? It doesn't have protein, fat, or carbs?

Grow some brains people. All people are different. A diet for one is not a diet for all. Even if someone required 4000 calories, does it have to be fast-food? No, and we are trying to make it clear to airy_mint that this is not true. Think of the composition of the diet, how many carbs, how many lipids, etc. Nobody is arguing that those things don't matter.

You are what you eat. No, I'm a human. I don't eat humans. I recommend you don't either. Don't let others get too in the way of that.

You claim that airy_mint has a point. She does - it's that she deserves to be allowed to starve herself and recommend it to others. She is right on the first point, not right on the second. Because she doesn't own this forum. She can join a forum that will support her decision to starve herself (I believe she has posted that she has already found such forums to her liking). Or she can create her own. I'm sure she will find many anorexics who will support her. Just not here.

Most of us understand that the calculators we use online are estimates. If someone finds that their metabolism is a lot faster than the calculators, that's might be a good thing, although it could be a symptom of a thyroid disorder, which might require treatment to ensure the person doesn't lose too much weight.

If they find that that their metabolism is a lot slower than normal, than that is also something to look into - why is that? Is it because they have a thyroid problem (they work in both directions)? Or perhaps because they have been chronically undereating. In either of those cases, to ignore the cause and say "well, that's who I am" would be dangerous. Just like it would be dangerous to ignore if our body was not processing sugar properly, or had rapidly dividing cells where they shouldn't be.

Foods how many unhealthy calories allowed Apr 16 2014
12:21 (UTC)

Well, there are foods like twinkies, which really shouldn't get the honor being called food. They are more like "food-like substances". I would recommend not eating them.

But most foods have some nutrition. Even custard or ice cream. They might have things that you want to consume in moderation (actually, most  things should be consumed in moderation), but 250 calories for dessert sounds very reasonable.

Health & Support recovery update, insight and advice Apr 16 2014
12:17 (UTC)
Original Post by melissamccloskey:

Dear god...I have said this before and I will say it again: DO YOU ALL NOT REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE? I realize that you're recovered...that's fantastic, I commend and admire you for that. But was there not a time in your recovery where you were struggling?

I'm curious - do you think that perhaps the approach that the people who are recovered (or at least aren't actively relapsing as you seem to be) favor might be better than the approach that you are recommending, given your situation?

If I were trying to get my PhD or a job, and several people who already have PhDs or jobs telling me that I have to do certain things, and then another PhD candidate/job searcher telling me to do something else, who do you think I should listen to?

The Lounge Anyone know of a decent garlic crusher? Apr 16 2014
12:04 (UTC)

Have you tried ebay to get the same type you used to have?

We have an old garlic press that my mom probably bought at a tag sale decades ago, but if I were to buy a new one, I'd probably try Oxo - they generally make good kitchenware.

The Lounge Taxes! Apr 15 2014
19:29 (UTC)
Original Post by washywishywasfulness:

We both withhold as single even though we're married just so we'll get money back give the government an interest free loan.

We withhold as single, as well, because in our experience, the married withholding only works if one of you is not working/making significantly less.  While I much prefer to get money back than to owe additional money, we want it as close as possible - no surprise bills, but they haven't been holding onto our money for us.

Weight Loss It is "lose" - not "loose" Apr 15 2014
13:41 (UTC)
Original Post by yy10:


Yes, finally someone posted on this. Too long have we remained silent.

Oh wait...

loss - lose - loose (rant)

"Lose," not "Loose."

Lose, not 'loose'

Lose not Loose !

Lose v. Loose

It's "lose" not "loose"

Lose vs. Loose

Lose the loose weight

Lose vs. Loose

The correct word is "lose" NOT "loosed"

Lose vs. loose

It's lose not loose

Lose vs Loose...etc..

LOSE and LOSING not loose and loosing >:o

Loose vs Lose

Spelling - Loose vs. Lose

loose vs lose

It's LOSE...not LOOSE ! ( a vent...)

Loose people, please LOSE the "O" :)

It's L*O*S*E, not loose! lol

"Lose weight" is correct, "loose weight" is not.

Foods Easter! Apr 15 2014
13:06 (UTC)

If you believe that it is a good idea to tell a person who has a history of starving herself and has reported a goal to be underweight that they should avoid a type of food because it has fat in it, that's on you.  But then, looking at your profile, I suppose that makes sense.

sk8erdiet - sometimes God kills puppies instead. As they say, she works in mysterious ways.

Foods Juicer Pulp Nutritional Content Apr 15 2014
12:05 (UTC)

If you juice a fruit, and consume both the juice and the pulp, it's the same as consuming the fruit in it's un-juiced form. So just log the fruit.

And the idea that you would skip meals because you don't know how many calories you are getting from pulp is incredibly disordered. Without knowing anything about you except that you are presumably a teen, I am very concerned that you are heading down a bad path.