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Health & Support Fear food challenge Aug 25 2011
18:50 (UTC)

I have conquered pretty much all my fear foods (which was basically everything besides veggies), but I do still have a few that always give me anxiety and I always avoid.

- Cake/baked goods at parties that I don't know the calorie counts

- Restaurant meals that don't have the calorie counts online

- French fries

- Full fat yogurt and coffee drinks (trying to work on this one!)

- Mac and cheese (which I LOVEE!)

Foods Would you rather... Aug 25 2011
16:54 (UTC)

Root beer float!

Coconut cream pie OR banana cream pie?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 25 2011
16:53 (UTC)


Rice krispy treats?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 25 2011
02:02 (UTC)


Funfetti cookies?

Foods Would you rather... Aug 25 2011
01:45 (UTC)

Salt and vinegar!

Vanilla blasted goldfish crackers OR S'more goldfish crackers?

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Aug 24 2011
20:08 (UTC)

Had a rough weekend, but I am back on track :). Yesterday...

B: 2 slices cinnamon raisin ezek bread, 2tbsp cashew butter & cinnamon, vanilla greek yogurt with 1c blueberries, 1c soymilk, the usual coffee with whip/almondmilk/starbuckssyrup

L: Wrap with (grilled chicken, lettuce, onion, tomato, feta cheese), side salad with asian sesame dressing and slivered almonds

S: An apple, perfect pumpkin boomi bar, starbucks grande vanilla latte

D: Grilled chicken burger on sandwich thin, grilled zucchini and broccoli, 1c soymilk

S: 2x coconut milk ice cream sandwiches, tasty 'carrot cake' bar crumbled in greek yogurt

T: 2400

Foods ABC food survey! Aug 24 2011
19:56 (UTC)

Your favourite..

Apple? - Macintosh or pink lady

Breakfast cereal? - Fiber essentials, bran buds, ezek cereal, and peanut butter bumpers.

Type of Cookie or cake? Oatmeal raisin or gingersnap cookie, vanilla cake

Drink? - Coffee

Eggs? (e.g fried, scrambeled etc) - Scrambled or hard boiled

Fruit? - Apple

Global cuisine? - Not sure

"Healthy food"? - Salads, zucchini, broccoli

Ice cream? - Plain vanilla, or Ben & Jerry's snickerdoodle cookie :)

Jelly/ Jam? - Strawberry

Kids product? - Baby food? Lol, tastes like applesauce (only the fruit versions)

Loaf? - Wheat or pumpernickel

Milk? - Almond and soy

Nut butter or nut? - Almond butter and cashews

Oatmeal concoction? - Oatmeal, nut butter, dried cranberries, chopped nuts, and a sliced banana

Protein source? - Yogurt, chicken, nuts

Quorn product? - Never had

Rice dish? - Not a fan of rice

Sweet treat? - Cookies

Take away ? - Idk, maybe pizza :)

"Unhealthy" food? - Pudding, ice cream sandwiches, butterfingers

Vegetable? - ZUCCHINI

Wholemeal product? - Bread

Food you'd want Xtra helpings of? ;) - Grilled veggies, and dessert :)

Yogurt? - Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

Zesty food? - Hm zesty? Hot sauce?


Foods Would you rather... Aug 24 2011
02:20 (UTC)

Cashews, definitely!

Sliced sourdough baquette topped with;

pesto and tomato slices and toasted?


tomato sauce and mozzerella cheese and toasted?


just plain butter?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 24 2011
02:17 (UTC)


Coconut milk ice cream?

Health & Support maybe i wasn't as bad as i thought/people made out Aug 23 2011
19:17 (UTC)

But I have to say, I just looked at your photos, I think you have a skewed vision because you did look WAYY too thin in those bikini pictures at a low BMI. You look absolutely AMAZING now, wow, what a fabulous figure :)! 

Health & Support maybe i wasn't as bad as i thought/people made out Aug 23 2011
19:07 (UTC)

I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I never took pictures of myself at my absolute lowest, but I have a few in my album from when I was recovering and gaining. I feel like even though I got down to the same BMIs as others, it didn't look as "bad" on me. I never looked very skeletal, I just looked really tiny. I was thinking I must have a very petite bone structure too.

But honestly, who cares if you don't think you looked "as bad" because there will always be someone who weighed less or more at their lowest, and that doesn't matter. We are all in this, fighting the same thoughts, we all deserve recovery no matter how "bad" it got. 

Foods Would you rather... Aug 23 2011
18:45 (UTC)

Pepper jack

Red peppers or green peppers?

Health & Support before ED & during ED pictures up... Aug 23 2011
18:36 (UTC)

WOW! You were absolutely stunning! So gorgeous in the healthy weight pictures. You will look amazing once you are healthy again :)! Thanks for sharing.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 23 2011
16:10 (UTC)


Peppermint hot chocolate?

Foods insomnia... let's do a holiday food survey :) Aug 23 2011
15:34 (UTC)

1. favorite chocolate bar to recieve on halloween? Reeses

2. favorite fruity/non chocolate candy to recieve on halloween? Gummies, skittles, or gum.

3. favorite halloween treat? Candy

4. what meal do you most remember eating before a night of trick or treating? I used to not eat a dinner, I would just eat candy all night, haha.

5. be honest, who still goes trick or treating just for the candy? No :(

6. on a scale of 1 to 11, how much do you love oven roasted pumpkin seeds? 8, they are super yummy!

7. the gross candy you just can't stand? 3 musketeers bars, plain hersheys chocolate


8. favorite thanksgiving munchie before dinner? Pretzels and dip

9. favorite food at thanksgiving dinner? Croissant rolls

10. favorite type of pie at dessert? Apple or pumpkin!

11. favorite thanksgiving dessert overall? pumpkin pie!

12. dark or white turkey meat? white

13. gravy or cranberry sauce? Neither

14. are you a fan of stuffing? No

15. worst tasting thanksgiving dish? Cranberry slices, beet slices, green bean casserole


16. what do you have for breakfast on Christmas morning? used to have waffles with strawberry sauce and powdered sugar

17. eat before or after opening presents? after

18. favorite Christmas-y drink?  hot chocolate, or starbucks peppermint latte

19. favorite item at Christmas dinner? Christmas cookies :)

20. what does your family have for Christmas dinner? It's always different

21. favorite Christmas dessert? Cookies!

22. best flavor candy cane? Peppermint

23. eggnog- yay or nay? nay

24. does your family still put out snacks for the reindeer & cookies and milk for santa? ;)Haha, no


25. best new years eve/day snacking foods? Raspberry tarts

26. best drink for the occassion? Sparking grape juice


27. favorite Easter candy? Reeses eggs, butterfinger bunnies, 

28. biggest candy you have ever recieved on Easter? Giant reeses :D

29. does your family do Easter brunch or dinner? Neither


30. favorite valentines day candy? Reeses hearts or butterfinger hearts or lindt white chocolate/dark chocolate truffles


31. in general, what holiday has the best food & why Christmas, because winter is my absolute favorite time of year. I just love the smells of christmas, the whole atmosphere is just amazing <3.


Foods Would you rather... Aug 23 2011
14:24 (UTC)

Scrambled eggs with cheese, don't like bacon!


Lettuce with sliced strawberries, pecans, grilled chicken, and topped with a lemon poppyseed dressing?


Lettuce with slivered almonds, cheese, hard boiled egg, and topped with a creamy cheesy dressing?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 23 2011
00:24 (UTC)


Honey combs candy/sponge candy

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 22 2011
19:36 (UTC)



Foods Would you rather... Aug 22 2011
19:36 (UTC)

Those both used to be my absolute favorite things to order at restaurants when I was a kid. Really tough, but I'd have to go with....chicken nuggets (with hot sauce;)

For breakfast;

(savory) an egg omelet stuffed with caramelized onions, green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese. With a slice of toast and butter on the side?


(sweet) waffle topped with maple syrup, yogurt with sliced banana on the side?

Health & Support joining the recovery pictures trend... Aug 22 2011
14:40 (UTC)

Wow, I agree with beth22, you are amazingly gorgeous. You have a stunning face :). The bikini picture was definitely way too thin. You will look absolutely stunning once you are at a healthy weight <3