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Fitness Adult Trike Jul 18 2014
20:26 (UTC)

relevant: metafilter post on tricycle racing, tricycle touring, and the obligatory crapping all over the source material, but ignore the haterz. P.S. you are now obligated to post pics of yourself on your shiny new ride (it's in the TOS, or at least it should be).

Fitness How long should it take to run a mile?? Jul 03 2014
18:32 (UTC)

(wonders if the OP set out to run a mile on 6/7/07 and is just about back to the computer yet)

The Lounge Need help - Cheering up? :3 Jul 03 2014
14:39 (UTC)

Hey guys I'm back! What's going on? [reads thread]

Groovy. Anybody bring popcorn?

Fitness Overbuilt quads Jun 09 2014
14:47 (UTC)

Your takeaway should be that even your own mother may be unintentionally saddling you with baggage that you absolutely do not need. Really? Out of all the things you are, she has to point out that she thinks that a specific part of your legs are ugly? What the hell kind of thing is that to say to a kid, let alone your kid? "Honey, I'm so proud of all that you've accomplished in school and in your personal life, and you're a wonderful skater and athlete, but OMG your thighs are hella chunk and you need to fix that or you're a completely worthless waste of my DNA. Kisses!"

No, I'm not exaggerating. The OP was asking for help in correcting this flaw. BUT IT'S NOT A FLAW.

Fitness Running nutrition Jun 09 2014
14:32 (UTC)

At Ironman Lake Placid last year, I brought a bag of peanuts, golden raisins, and dried pineapple in my bike special needs bag (pick up halfway through the ride). At the time I got the bag I was not hungry at all, but following my nutrition plan (gel every 45 min, 1-2 bottles gatorade/hr, solid food every 90 min). About an hour later I realized I hadn't eaten anything and I was starting to feel my blood sugar drop. Uh-oh, not what you want to feel when there's 30 miles to go and then a marathon in front of you. So I pounded the fruit/nut mix (probably 500-800 kcal?) and drank as much gatorade as I could stomach, and within half an hour was back in the game.

The aid stations on the marathon can get absurd. I remember my first one had M&Ms, gummi bears, Snickers, a few Twinkies, chicken broth, and de-fizzed Coke. You never know what you might find appealing at that point in the day.

Back on topic, I had a big box of Target brand fruit snacks that my kids stopped eating, so I used them training/race fuel for a few months. They were tasty, about 100 kcal/pack, good size, and they gave me enough energy to keep moving. I'll also bring PB&J as a backup (protip: thin layer of peanut butter on both slices of bread, big blob of jelly in the middle, seal all around the edges of the bread). Once I brought a Moon Pie. That was tasty but a little too dry.

As far as gels or chews go, I'll train with them so it's not a total shock on race day, but they're not my main source of calories.

Fitness Getting back to normal? Please give me some advice!! Jun 09 2014
14:10 (UTC)

You already have a summer body. When you take your body into summer, it becomes a summer body. The crazy thing is that it's also your winter body.

Fitness increasing run speed Jun 09 2014
14:09 (UTC)
1 beginning speedwork beginning 5k training plan

Read the instructions and caveats. Speedwork is hard on your body. Don't do it without sufficient prep (6 months of running 3 days/week). Do one day per week. Get plenty of sleep. Wear sunscreen. Call your mother. Etc.

Fitness loosing belly fat? Apr 15 2014
15:27 (UTC)

What exactly will losing 20 lb allow you to do that you can't currently do? Is your weight restricting your movement? Do you feel your stamina is lacking? Does your stomach literally get in the way of your dancing?

Fitness Is this Workout Routine okay? Apr 15 2014
15:26 (UTC)
Original Post by bubbakoo92:

Ladydog, I took the time to read over some of your posts and blog site. You got a smart marketing scheme going on. Your spite and general hatred really does fuel a good following. I'm sorry you do find so much satisfaction in trying to bring others down.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Fitness Supersetting Apr 15 2014
15:06 (UTC)

Supersetting is great when it's needed. But you're a long ways away from exhausting linear progression. Squat, press, pull 3x/week for 6 months will get you so much more than any split routine.

Fitness question for experienced runners Apr 15 2014
15:02 (UTC)
Original Post by realrawhealthyandfit:

Sometimes I have rougher days than others and i just kinda have to "get through it" and somedays I feel as if I broke every personal record. (Running has been mentally challenging, part of why I'm loving it so much!)

I'm sure time will improve as I lose weight as well, but I'm running my first official 5K may 16th for Susan G komen and would love it to be under 40 minutes.

Would appreciate any advice.

One nice thing about C25K is that you're setting PRs every dang week. PR isn't reserved for people who can break 10:00/mile pace, or who have the right shoes. It applies to you this week for running 15 min without stopping, and it applies to you next week for running 20 min without stopping. And whatever your time is on 5/16 will become your 5k PR.

Leave the speedwork until you've finished C25K and have another 3 months of consistent training under your belt. You will see significant speed gains just through regular training. Honest.

Fitness Weight Goals Mar 11 2014
01:50 (UTC)

Week 10 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.3 (24.3/78)
  • B: 40 (572/3096)
  • R: 23 (155/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)
Fitness Weight Goals Mar 03 2014
18:01 (UTC)

Week 8 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.9 (18.5/78)
  • B: 71 (496/3096)
  • R: 20 (119/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

Week 9 current (total/projection):

  • S: 3.5 (22/78)
  • B: 36 (532/3096)
  • R: 13 (132/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

New 5k PR (26:35). w00t.

The Lounge what to do with vintage china (besides selling it) Feb 28 2014
19:56 (UTC)

Freecycle or craigslist.

Fitness arm workouts? Feb 28 2014
18:22 (UTC)

Fork put-downs and plate push-aways are definitely arm workouts.

Fitness Help? Feb 25 2014
21:24 (UTC)

Friend of mine long ago was driving a car with a busted gas gauge. She called me up one day in hysterics because her car wouldn't start. I asked if she had gas in the tank, and she got all uppity because how dare I insult her like that, of course she had gas in the tank, she had just filled up four days previous, and if I wasn't going to help she was going to hang up on me, or something. Anyway, she called AAA, when tow truck guy showed up, the first thing he did was put a gallon of gas in the car, bang, started right up.

Your body is that car. If you don't put fuel in it, it's not going to go. And then you're going to hop on the internet all mad and stuff because your car just won't go. So don't be that guy (girl).

What does your coach say about your lifting?

Fitness Weights before cardio or after? Feb 21 2014
22:32 (UTC)

I love this thread.

Fitness No change in scales, but am I really gaining that much muscle??? Feb 21 2014
22:31 (UTC)
Original Post by stricklandoo:

I Know I am fitter as my clothes fit better and I am stronger (5'7'', 171 Lbs. with an athletic frame)

Then stop giving a care about the number on the scale. If anything, start taking body circumference measurements once a month. My brief foray into lifting saw my belly drop from ~44" to 42" and my weight go from 220 to ~230 in 4 months. Also, I'm now an inch taller, just because I'm standing a little straighter.

Fitness Weight Goals Feb 21 2014
20:44 (UTC)

Week 7 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.4 (15.6/78)
  • B: 73 (425/3096)
  • R: 18 (99/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

Motivation: pretty g.d. low. But! Shamrock 'n Roll 5k about 10 days out. Feeling like a PR kind of race.