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Fitness loosing belly fat? Apr 15 2014
15:27 (UTC)

What exactly will losing 20 lb allow you to do that you can't currently do? Is your weight restricting your movement? Do you feel your stamina is lacking? Does your stomach literally get in the way of your dancing?

Fitness Is this Workout Routine okay? Apr 15 2014
15:26 (UTC)
Original Post by bubbakoo92:

Ladydog, I took the time to read over some of your posts and blog site. You got a smart marketing scheme going on. Your spite and general hatred really does fuel a good following. I'm sorry you do find so much satisfaction in trying to bring others down.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Fitness Supersetting Apr 15 2014
15:06 (UTC)

Supersetting is great when it's needed. But you're a long ways away from exhausting linear progression. Squat, press, pull 3x/week for 6 months will get you so much more than any split routine.

Fitness question for experienced runners Apr 15 2014
15:02 (UTC)
Original Post by realrawhealthyandfit:

Sometimes I have rougher days than others and i just kinda have to "get through it" and somedays I feel as if I broke every personal record. (Running has been mentally challenging, part of why I'm loving it so much!)

I'm sure time will improve as I lose weight as well, but I'm running my first official 5K may 16th for Susan G komen and would love it to be under 40 minutes.

Would appreciate any advice.

One nice thing about C25K is that you're setting PRs every dang week. PR isn't reserved for people who can break 10:00/mile pace, or who have the right shoes. It applies to you this week for running 15 min without stopping, and it applies to you next week for running 20 min without stopping. And whatever your time is on 5/16 will become your 5k PR.

Leave the speedwork until you've finished C25K and have another 3 months of consistent training under your belt. You will see significant speed gains just through regular training. Honest.

Fitness Weight Goals Mar 11 2014
01:50 (UTC)

Week 10 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.3 (24.3/78)
  • B: 40 (572/3096)
  • R: 23 (155/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)
Fitness Weight Goals Mar 03 2014
18:01 (UTC)

Week 8 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.9 (18.5/78)
  • B: 71 (496/3096)
  • R: 20 (119/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

Week 9 current (total/projection):

  • S: 3.5 (22/78)
  • B: 36 (532/3096)
  • R: 13 (132/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

New 5k PR (26:35). w00t.

The Lounge what to do with vintage china (besides selling it) Feb 28 2014
19:56 (UTC)

Freecycle or craigslist.

Fitness arm workouts? Feb 28 2014
18:22 (UTC)

Fork put-downs and plate push-aways are definitely arm workouts.

Fitness Help? Feb 25 2014
21:24 (UTC)

Friend of mine long ago was driving a car with a busted gas gauge. She called me up one day in hysterics because her car wouldn't start. I asked if she had gas in the tank, and she got all uppity because how dare I insult her like that, of course she had gas in the tank, she had just filled up four days previous, and if I wasn't going to help she was going to hang up on me, or something. Anyway, she called AAA, when tow truck guy showed up, the first thing he did was put a gallon of gas in the car, bang, started right up.

Your body is that car. If you don't put fuel in it, it's not going to go. And then you're going to hop on the internet all mad and stuff because your car just won't go. So don't be that guy (girl).

What does your coach say about your lifting?

Fitness Weights before cardio or after? Feb 21 2014
22:32 (UTC)

I love this thread.

Fitness No change in scales, but am I really gaining that much muscle??? Feb 21 2014
22:31 (UTC)
Original Post by stricklandoo:

I Know I am fitter as my clothes fit better and I am stronger (5'7'', 171 Lbs. with an athletic frame)

Then stop giving a care about the number on the scale. If anything, start taking body circumference measurements once a month. My brief foray into lifting saw my belly drop from ~44" to 42" and my weight go from 220 to ~230 in 4 months. Also, I'm now an inch taller, just because I'm standing a little straighter.

Fitness Weight Goals Feb 21 2014
20:44 (UTC)

Week 7 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.4 (15.6/78)
  • B: 73 (425/3096)
  • R: 18 (99/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

Motivation: pretty g.d. low. But! Shamrock 'n Roll 5k about 10 days out. Feeling like a PR kind of race.

Fitness Weight Goals Feb 10 2014
19:14 (UTC)

Week 6 current (total/projection):

  • S: 2.5 (13.2/78)
  • B: 75 (352/3096)
  • R: 24 (81/768)
  • L: 0 (7900/?)

Included: a 20k run and 2 h bike trainer session. Ugh. SPRING WHERE ARE YOU.

Fitness Shin Splints Feb 06 2014
19:13 (UTC)
Original Post by Kara576:

Thanks- very mild pain, but I took a couple of days off. It happened after I started sprints. I started calcium/ magnesium supplements hoping that would help. I am lactose intolerant so I have issues getting enough calcium. Right now it only hurts when I run my finger down my shin. I will try stretches.

Shin splints are frequently related to a sudden increase in intensity. Stop doing sprints until they're healed up, then gradually introduce speedwork. And don't do full on sprints at first, do strides (gradually increase to 80-90% of what you think your max speed is, hold that pace for 30 s, slow to the original pace, recover for 1 min, repeat for a total of 4x). Warm up with 10-20 min easy run, cool down with the same. It's not going to be a lot of time at speed at first, but it's not supposed to be. Tendons are slow to adapt, and it's going to take time to build them up.

Fitness Is too much? Feb 06 2014
13:16 (UTC)

Here is a thread with some useful information.

Fitness Adding calories in conjunction with exercise Feb 05 2014
21:40 (UTC)

I don't think yoga on Wii Fit will burn any substantial amount of calories. As far as eating a little more, I think you can feather it out a bit. Maybe eat back half what you burn at first. Just pay attention to how your body's doing: are you chronically tired or achy, extra cranky, etc. anything that might suggest you're undernourished.

I'm interested in your claim of DOMS after elliptical. The whole point of the elliptical is to reduce or eliminate impact and eccentric contractions. What was the onset of the soreness? Did you do anything else?

Foods Cheese is bad??? Feb 05 2014
21:16 (UTC)

Sod the grades. Where cc really shines is the micronutrient breakdown. It really helps me to see what are my top contributors to sat fat, sodium, sugars, etc.

Fitness do I need a rest day??? Feb 05 2014
20:46 (UTC)
Original Post by kmacnab:


I am a recovering AN suffer. Have a steady diet and exercise plan in place but just looking for advice from others. Thank you for the response :)

Has your plan been reviewed and approved by medical personnel familiar with your history? Then by all means follow your plan. Meaning, if your doctor or dietician or psychologist or whomever has said, "Yes, it's okay if you exercise every day," then go for it.

You really need someone who knows more about what's best for you because of your specific circumstances.

Fitness Why the hell do people think horseback riding is exercise? Feb 04 2014
22:41 (UTC)
Original Post by myvalentinesquest:

Original Post by carmenxox:

Well, it's more exercise than darts is...

And the last time you trained in anything equestrian was.............?

And the last time any of you trained for Combat Darts was..............?