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Fitness new workout routine going in effect tomorrow , help? Feb 08 2013
14:19 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

If adding a bunch of extra stuff to a program made it more effective, the program would probalby already have that extra stuff included.


Fitness Managing Calories and Exercise Feb 08 2013
14:18 (UTC)
Original Post by ChadLavender:

As far as exercise goes I want to add in C25K and either the 30 Day Burn or the Turbulence Training.

Pick one. Any one is challenging; two at once is pretty nuts, and you're really asking for to burn out.

I agree with dbackerfan re: weights, and you should check out Starting Strength for future reference. Great program, and it's really something how the added strength carries over to the rest of your life. But until then, I vote for running. C25K has good progression and a lot of followers, and at the end you have a concrete accomplishment.

Fitness How to stop legs from being weak during morning cardio Feb 08 2013
14:01 (UTC)
Original Post by rachiesk:

I would love to thank everyone over the debate on Jillian instead of answering the original question.


I'll go find another board to post on.

WTF. #2, "warm up with some dynamic stretches". #3, "make sure you are well hydrated", "could be low blood sugar so eat something that digests quickly". #5, "you're eating at an unsustainable caloric deficit". #9, "you're undereating and overexercising". Plenty of answers here.

If you have low energy when performing this metabolic workout, the solution is not "go find another board", it's "figure out how to get more energy". You have a few things to try here. Have you already tried them and not gotten results? If so, make with the followup info.

Fitness Am I exercising enough to make my goal? Feb 07 2013
19:41 (UTC)
Original Post by jackiel87: I am always so worried of looking muscular since I am so tall I just imagine a monstrous muscular lady lol.

As long as you stay away from steroids and anything that'll change your genetic profile to that of a man's you should be all set.

Fitness is this enough training? Feb 07 2013
19:25 (UTC)

It's enough time to do 3 days of Starting Strength and 1 day of metabolic conditioning. That'll get you an increase in strength and decrease in bodyfat%. Or 4 days of endurance training, which can get you to the point where you can finish a sprint triathlon. Or 4 days of metabolic conditioning, which might get you to the point where you can pass the Army/police/firefighter's physical qualifier. Or 4 days of plodding along on the treadmill and spinning your wheels on the Nautilus circuit, which will get you not far at all. Choose wisely.

Fitness please help me Feb 07 2013
16:01 (UTC)

Forget about your weight. What are your dreams? What do you want to do?

Fitness 30 day shred NO results Feb 07 2013
15:11 (UTC)
Original Post by voicesinsideher:

today i finished day 18 on 30 day shred .i started level 3 today. tad early i know. anyway i have had ZERO inches lost. i havent weighed myself for fear of seeing the # go up & giving up & stopping. I stay good on the advance moves occasionally doing the cheatvmoves. Im on a 1300 calorie a day but after exercise I really end up eating around 16-1700 its all clean healthy foods. idk why im not seeing anything! I feel my body getting stronger and thats good but I want to see my results. Im in the 140s and im ok with my weight my goal is to just tone up some. Im about 5'7 with a 31" waist & 40" hip. Im not happy with that. I am also on day 5 of ripped&in 30 week 1 Anyone else having these problems? Bc I feel like its just me.

Sigh. No, lots of people are eating in the neighborhood of their BMR (you: 1750-ish) and maintaining a significant caloric deficit while engaging in exercise with a moderately high level of intensity, and not really seeing any composition changes.

Eat more. Really.

Weight Loss New and motivated, can anyone relate? Feb 05 2013
21:56 (UTC)

I've always used this site as more of an auditing type tool; I'll go for a week or two being absolutely fanatical about logging everything I eat, and that's usually enough to get me eating right (if only because I get tired of remembering to type in "grits", then "cheese", then "butter"). At the start, I did log all my activities as well, and it was helpful to see a consistent deficit. And I don't know why people apparently don't know about it, but the weight tracker is a wonderful tool. Weigh yourself every day at the same time under the same conditions, enter the number, and you will see your actual results plotted with the trend. Daily weight underneath the trendline == losing weight, no matter if your weight fluctuates (so 155, 153, 152, 154, 153 looks like it's bouncing around, but if you plot those numbers consecutively you'll see the trendline steadily moving down).

But to be honest, I still think the biggest change came when I started racing. Before, I used to work out. I'd go through different strength routines, cardio circuits, go out for bike rides, whatever. But when I decided to try a triathlon, I suddenly had an event on the calendar and a training plan to follow. The training wasn't anything killer, just steadily increasing swim/bike/run volumes, and even then, there were some times where I bailed early, or even skipped workouts. But race day was on the calendar, and I knew I had to at least start it.

So my recommendation to someone in your position is to find a local 5k about 12 weeks away, sign up for it (really - send in the form and pay the money), then get a copy of couch-to-5k and start following it. Because not only will you gain self-confidence, you'll show your daughter that you place enough importance on physical activity to do this crazy-assed thing. And even if she never wants to go running with you, she'll always have in the back of her mind "old-and-busted Mom can run 5k, why can't I?". And that's a good seed to plant.

Weight Loss Stressed about Calories Feb 05 2013
21:24 (UTC)

Karate and BJJ are pretty energy-intensive activities. Keep a close eye on your performance and recovery; my rule of thumb is fewer kicks == eat more calories, less recovery == eat more nutrition. And at 17, you're still growing; cutting out nutrition now means less health later.

Fitness 12 Week Body Plan... wha? Feb 05 2013
18:10 (UTC)

Well, you could try liberal use of I-statements ("honey, when you dismiss my arguments like that, I feel like you're dismissing me, and it hurts me. I'm really interested in this subject and I'd really like to argue these points with you in a constructive fashion. Maybe we can both learn something and have fun together!"). Communication, yo.

Fitness How to stop legs from being weak during morning cardio Feb 05 2013
13:47 (UTC)
Original Post by rachiesk:

Metabolicmom: I know strength will help which is why I'm doing the 30 day shred

30 day shred isn't strength training.

I'm guessing you're eating at an unsustainable caloric deficit. Not enough energy available means your body is slowing things down just enough so you're burning less than you think.

Fitness Couch to 5k - are you up for it? Feb 05 2013
13:40 (UTC)
Original Post by adioso:

week 2 day one of run . i jogged at pace of 7.5 kph walked 5kph and brisk walked at 6.3 kph.It did feel like jogging and i was trying to lean a bit forward instead of backward/upright . I just hope i can pull through the week at this pace. and half way through my mid soles started to pain. i have wide feet i don't know if that makes it more difficult for me to run ... i barely touched the 25 minute mark.

i came to realize most people walk at 7kph . i guess most people are thin :).


I am confused about the week 4-5 onwards. There are 3 workouts . are we to do all 3 in the same day?


Nope, do one a day on your normal running days. The first month is mostly acclimatizing yourself to moving faster than normal and figuring out your best run pace. Starting in week 4, you're probably able to progress a little faster than before, so each successive workout increases the workload just a bit.

If you get to the point where you can't keep running for the full interval, take an early walk break, and pick up where you left off. If it happens on more than one day, it's okay to repeat a week. But chances are, even if you feel like complete crap after a session, you'll be a lot stronger the next time you run.

Fitness I want a steady .5lbs a week gain with my weight lifting schedule Feb 05 2013
13:30 (UTC)

I'm an internet pharmacologist, dontchaknow. Rx: Take 3 sets of 5 reps 3 days/week. Front squats are nice, but you can carry more weight in a low-bar back squat. And check your routine. Are you adding weight consistently, or is it sporadic? Because if you haven't been squatting regularly for a year, you have a lot of room to grow. Which is nice for you.

Fitness Need better core/ab work! Suggestions? Feb 04 2013
19:50 (UTC)
  • warm up: 10 min on erg (rower) or stationary bike
  • barbell squat: 3 sets
  • barbell standing presses: 3 sets
  • barbell deadlift: 1 set

For each barbell exercise, warm up with 1-5 sets of steadily increasing weight. Maintain abdominal activation throughout the entire weight-bearing section. All sets 5 reps.

Fitness 12 Week Body Plan... wha? Feb 04 2013
19:43 (UTC)

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make an idiot pay attention. Sorry. But what you can do is buy a copy of Starting Strength, read it cover to cover (it'll take a while; I've read thermo texts that are easier to understand), and most importantly, give yourself a solid six months on the program. The book will educate you so you can discuss things intelligently with him (squats >> leg press + leg curls + hip extension, pullups are a great auxiliary exercise after squats/presses/deadlifts), and the actual tangible results you will obtain will shut down any possible hypothetical arguments he could make. Best part, you don't have to follow a specific diet plan. Lift stuff up, put it down, eat, sleep. Repeat with a little more weight.

I have another version of the preceding paragraph that's identical except replacing "Starting Strength" with "New Rules of Lifting". So, yeah. Point is that if he's not going to listen to you, then don't try to make him listen to you. Make yourself stronger/faster/better, and if he notices the results and asks why, bam, you have your opening. And if not, you're stronger/faster/better and your life will be improved anyway.

Fitness I thought women don't gain muscle quickly?? What explains Hilary Swank then? Feb 01 2013
15:11 (UTC)
Original Post by donuthole:

so you're telling me there's a chance...


Fitness insight or comments about Hiit (high intensity interval training) Feb 01 2013
15:00 (UTC)

True HIIT is hard. Like, your entire body aches like somebody beat you with a rolling pin while you were drunk. It goes away pretty quick, and you just feel a normal level of crap, but it's hard to force yourself to go back to that. 3x/week of 20 minutes of that is pretty intense, and I personally can't take it for more than a few months.

What are your fitness goals? How much time can you make?

Fitness Day 19, 30 Days, no results? Feb 01 2013
14:18 (UTC)
Original Post by tweetingtulip:

But I've been falling off the wagon and getting back on so many times, I feel I've ruined the results that other people boast about. I know I'm the one to blame, though.

Jillian Michaels can't change your physiology. What works for a 300 lb female with otherwise decent health is not necessarily going to work for someone at the low end of their ideal body weight. If you had sufficient excess body mass, then you'd be able to eat at a significant deficit and still have enough energy to incorporate the excess physical activity. But you don't. You have just enough to get through your days, and when you started limiting your intake and increasing your expenditure, your body reacted by slowing things down. Which means that your BMR is a little lower, and all the activities you do have a slightly lower caloric burn. And after a period of time, it doesn't matter what you want the future you to look like, because the present you is hungry.

This is not a moral failing. This is the way your body works. If you make your peace with it, maybe you can stop being discouraged and so down on yourself. Because you're not your weight.

Fitness Day 19, 30 Days, no results? Jan 31 2013
16:49 (UTC)

You really think you lost a significant amount of bodyfat in 2 weeks? Or maybe you were eating clean and exercising regularly, which was enough to wring some of the water out of your body, then your body said "hey, enough of this famine crap, find some nutrition", and your brain said, "hey, good idea". Body gets the nutrients it's been denied for a while, says "okay, we can rebuild our stock levels to par". You get discouraged.

I know you're trying to lose weight for a wedding. Don't let that blind you into making sub-optimal choices, like putting all your hopes in this plan to get you the body of your dreams. You will look beautiful in whatever you're wearing.

Fitness excercise calories Jan 31 2013
16:44 (UTC)

Oh, yeah. Pretty much. Stats plz: age/gender/weight, fitness goals?

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