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Fitness new to free weights- questions! May 02 2012
19:06 (UTC)

Wait, why are you holding the bar overhead? What program are you doing? Exercises, sets/reps?

The Lounge ...are any of us from connecticut? May 02 2012
14:31 (UTC)

New Haven, yo. I lived in Wallingford for a year, Meriden for two, and the last 12 in the greater New Haven area. From my perspective, Connecticut is just the right combination of culture and inoffensive blandness. There are too many damn cars; the Q bridge (currently being replaced; originally designed for 50k cars/day, now carrying 110k, or numbers to that effect). The roads aren't that great for biking, but nobody I know has ever really had a problem with aggressive drivers (most I've heard of is people being honked at).

Property values are all over the map. I wouldn't recommend buying a house for quite some time. We do have the best pizza around. We're close to other stuff: two hours on a train gets you to Manhattan, two hours in a car gets you to Boston, the Berkshires, Rhode Island beaches (there are some nice beaches in CT, but the water is much better towards RI).

If I had to move out of state tomorrow, I wouldn't really miss it. Except the pizza.

The Lounge This will be my first time... Apr 30 2012
20:00 (UTC)
Original Post by tblover900:

Don't get any credit cards, well maybe a 500$ limit one for emergencies only and keep it in a file cabinet in your apartment, if you don't have it on you when you go out you're way less likely to use it.

Edited for clarity. My opinion: there is no point to having a credit card until you are financially in a position where you do not need it. Sure, it limits what you can do, but it's a trap. Stay away!

Fitness Need tips for running a mile. Apr 30 2012
15:01 (UTC)

Train three non-consecutive days per week (MWF, MThSa, etc.). Warm up with 2 laps fast walk (4:00/lap; check 1:00 at quarter laps), 5:00 recovery. Workouts:

Day 1: run 1 lap on 2:15 (check 0:37 at quarter laps), 2:00 recovery. Repeat 4x.

Day 2: run 4 laps running the straights and jogging/walking the curves. Run pace is just beyond comfortable, jog/walk as needed to recover.

Day 3: run 3 laps on 3:30/lap (check 0:52 at quarter laps), 5:00 recovery. Repeat.

Cool down after each session with 2 laps easy walk and maybe some light stretching. Eat right and get to bed early. Try some cross-training on non-running days: easy biking, swimming, some trail walking, but no running.

Message me if you want more specifics.

EDIT: changed the wording to hopefully clear it up.

Fitness heart rate monitor and exercise Apr 30 2012
14:41 (UTC)
Original Post by chrissie989:

Hi..Thanks for your reply...I weigh 141lbs...5ft 1....age52 and female.....I use a Polar HRM...FT7...My activity is hard for me to say but on an average day I walk  with my dog for at least an hour sometimes 2 over hilly terrain......I Zumber or Step 3 times a week and have just started using the gym once a week for both toning and aerobic exercise....i dont leave the gym until i have earned approx 500 cals and like to see my heart rate between the 120 and 170bpm which i find comfortable.....every diet i read about is telling me that i should only eat about 1400 cals which to me is silly....i love my food and like to enjoy a drink with my friends.

Welp, your BMR is 1310, so assume normal daily burn of 1570 (Harris-Benedict equation). Walking for an hour is around 3 miles; at 141 lb, that's 127 kcal for level ground, so let's round up to 200. So your normal daily burn is somewhere around 1700-1800 kcal. I'll give you 500 kcal from Zumba, which suggests that your actual burn yesterday was probably more like 2300.

Now, there's a bunch of stuff I'm neglecting and glossing over, so your actual burn could be ±20% of that number, but 3600 kcal seems a gross overestimate.

Bottom line, though, if you're enjoying life and where you want to be weight-wise, whatever you're doing is fine. Keep doing that.

Fitness Strength/Weight Training [Till fatigue vs. For a set duration] Apr 30 2012
13:26 (UTC)
Original Post by hollowness:

No offense but this (thread) has made me feel like I don't deserve to lift.

This is the only thing I've read here that I think needs to die a nasty horrible death. You owe it to yourself to figure this out. The person you are going to be in a year is yelling at you right now to get back under the bar and pick it up.

Fitness heart rate monitor and exercise Apr 30 2012
13:23 (UTC)

Interesting experiment. May I ask your current weight/age/height/gender, make/model of HRM, and normal activity level?

To answer your question, I agree with your math (deficit = calorie burn - calorie intake). I don't know that a 1600 kcal deficit is sustainable for any real length of time, but it shouldn't pose a problem here or there (typical recommended deficit is on the order of 300-700 kcal/day, depending on your stats and goals).

Fitness if i dont feel exhausted , did i work out? Apr 30 2012
13:12 (UTC)
Original Post by curtron:

Well city bikes are designed for...the city omg!  I am guessing it's one with thinner tires.  Less tire surface area = less friction = less resistance = less of a workout.  If you want a workout switch to your mountain bike.

Or just ride faster.

The Lounge It's a crime to blog about your food. Apr 28 2012
02:40 (UTC)

You really can't see a difference between promoting a film and promoting a diet?

The Lounge It's a crime to blog about your food. Apr 27 2012
19:52 (UTC)

He's walking a line. It's one thing to say, "I was Type 2 diabetic, I did this, my diabetes cleared up," and another thing to say, "If you have Type 2 diabetes, you should do this." And from the linked article, "The board also directed Cooksey to remove a link offering one-on-one support, a personal-training type of service he offered for a small fee." Dangerous territory, that.

Fitness This Morning was a Little Scary.. Apr 27 2012
17:19 (UTC)
Original Post by NicoInYourFace: Even though walking doesn't sound like a work out at all.....

Ambling at 2.5 mph on a level surface isn't that much of a workout. Walking up a 9% grade at 3.9 mph is a hell of a lot of work being done.

Fitness Teenager - Calories to eat when working out Apr 27 2012
12:44 (UTC)

Are you recovering from an ED?

Fitness This Morning was a Little Scary.. Apr 27 2012
12:35 (UTC)

Perhaps this is one of those things for which seeing a doctor would be a good idea.

Fitness Some advice on shoes please Apr 26 2012
12:42 (UTC)

Sounds like normal soreness from being away for a while. Give your feet and legs a while to get used to being used again. 20-30 min on the treadmill is a good start; try increasing by 5 min per week. When you can walk comfortably for 45 min at a clip, try increasing incline or pace.

If you still have foot pain after a month, you might need new shoes (or maybe a larger size, or tie them looser). But what you described sounds like muscular soreness, and the only way to fix that is to use your muscles for their intended purpose.

Fitness Will I lose muscle if I do cardio first? Apr 26 2012
12:34 (UTC)
Original Post by mochacafe9874:

EDIT: I've never experienced improvements whenever i've done cardio first. It was back when I was starting out with working out, and confined to the machine weights, and starving myself on 1200 calories with an hour-ish of cardio. It won't be directly after the cardio either... I've just never done it before, so I really don't know what's going to happen.

Yeah, doing cardio first was definitely the problem there. Eating below your BMR, using weight machines, and burning 400-ish kcal through cardio definitely had nothing to do with it.

EDIT: took out the second paragraph (a little too aggro).

Weight Loss Cellulite is destroying me... :((( Apr 25 2012
15:55 (UTC)
Original Post by ootek:

If it's destroying her state of mind, she needs psychological help way more than she needs a diet and exercise plan.

My initial instinct was along the lines of ambereva's post, but this is really what I wanted to say. It's not the cellulite that's destroying you, it's your belief that this one particular feature is so horrible that it outweighs everything else that makes up you. All your hopes and dreams, every single laugh you've ever given to someone, every time you helped someone else out, everything you've ever written, even your most private thoughts that you don't even share with your conscious self? No contest, the cellulite defeats them all.

I have twin daughters who just turned 5. They're smart, energetic, beautiful little things. One of them loves to dance, and she's started to match the content of the dance to the music (so "We Found Love" gets a very uptempo hip-hop-looking treatment, and "Flying In A Blue Dream" gets something flowy and ethereal). The other one loves to read and talk about what she read, and she's doing things like pointing out that some words start with a different sound than the initial letter suggests. They ran their first race two weeks ago; their endurance and speed were commensurate with not training nor really caring about their performance, and yet they enjoyed it as much as anything else they've done.

And every time I read something like "Cellulite is destroying me", I wonder, how long until that's my daughter? How long until somebody starts whispering evil messages into her ear that start to rob her of her joyfulness? How long until my daughter is insulted and bullied because of who she is, and what's going to happen to this beautiful, sweet child?

I know that kids grow up, and I know that I'm doing everything I can to give them positive messages. I know you can't protect them forever, and honestly, I want them to go out and fail at a few things. But I don't want them to be held hostage to the beauty-industrial complex, and I certainly don't want them to look in the mirror and see nothing but flaws.

So, viktoriatb, go back to the mirror, and look again. But this time, see all that you are, not just this one thing. (And it's not even a real thing! What you see on the internet and "beauty" magazines? Photoshop. Makeup. Studio lighting. One out of a thousand pictures taken in a professional shoot.)

Be more than this one thing.

Fitness 1 1/2 hours at the gym Apr 25 2012
15:07 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

Free weights are preferable because they require your muscle groups to work together in a coordinated fashion.  They allow you to use more weight, get stronger faster, and do a full body workout in less time.  Free weights have their place, but if you aren't an experienced lifter or trying to rehab an injury, free weights are a better use of your time

Did you perhaps mean "cable machines have their place"?

Fitness not losing weight am I doing something wrong?? Apr 24 2012
13:31 (UTC)

(From another thread, OP is 4'11" and 132 lb, 35 years old, presumably female.) That calculates to a BMR of 1350, or around 1620 kcal/day for sedentary lifestyle. Running burns about 83 kcal/mile, so tack on another 330 kcal for a total of 1950 kcal/day out. Input is 1200 kcal, for a deficit of 750 kcal/day. So either you're not accurately counting calories in or your metabolism has slowed in reaction to your depriving your body of sufficient nutrition.

Fitness Should we quit spinning (riding exercise bikes?) Apr 24 2012
13:24 (UTC)

No, I totally believe this! It's got links like "Happy Ending Massage for Women" and "The Hands-Free Orgasm", their science has got to be sound.

Fitness Wanting to start running... Need help and advice. Apr 23 2012
17:26 (UTC)

Good start with the walking. Hal Higdon has a good absolute beginner program: walk 10 minutes, run/walk for 15 minutes (30 s easy run, as much walk as needed to recover), then walk for 5 minutes. Once you get to 30 s run, 30 s walk, you'll be able to continue with couch-to-5K.

Now, if you can do c25k's first week okay, but you're just unsure of the progression, start with it and repeat week 1 two or three times.

Whatever route you go, you should still be able to walk 3-4 miles on your non-running days. It'll help your recovery.

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