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Weight Loss Best net calorie difference for weight loss Mar 03 2014
21:21 (UTC)

Have you calculated your BMR? I've had great success eating right at my BMR on non exercise days and then bump it up another 200-250 calories on exercise days, depending on the workout.

What are your stats?


Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Feb 24 2014
16:09 (UTC)
Original Post by rabbitlvr_:

Still looking:

Height 5'4"
Apple shaped large frame
CW 167 lbs
GW 125-130 lbs
Age 29

I'm close to your twin.

Age 30


Goal weight 130-135

Weight Loss not losing weight Feb 21 2014
17:13 (UTC)

How did you come up with 1200? I'm guessing that is way too little for you. When you only have 10 pounds to lose you can't be as aggressive with the weightloss as you once were.  I would re-calculate and aim to lose 1 lb a week. Make sure you choose an appropriate activity level when calculating or make sure to log all of your exercise.  Try and eat 500 less than you burn and you should be on the right track. 

Weight Loss not losing weight Feb 21 2014
16:11 (UTC)

Well 2 pounds in 4 weeks is actually a healthy 0.5 pound weightloss per week.  Depending on how much you have left to lose this may be a good rate for you.  Have you used the CC calculators to determine an appropriate calorie range? Are you logging food and exercise and keeping a deficit?

Weight Loss Moms who work full time: how do you do it? Feb 14 2014
20:12 (UTC)

The only way I am able to exercise Mon-Fri is to do a video at home after I get all the kids to bed (3 of them!).  I alternate between 30 to 60 minute videos, 3x a week depending on how exhausted I am.  It's hard. I'll be honest.  Almost every night I don't want to do it. I try to talk myself out of it from the moment I get off work until I'm pushing play.  What has worked well is when I get home I immediately go change into my workout clothes. 90% of the time knowing I'll have to change out of my workout clothes into pj's without having exercised is enough to motivate me.  It takes dedication. You have to want it. The evening is the only time I can do it. I look forward to the weekend when there is more time and I can get outside for a run.

You can do it. If you want it bad enough, you will find the time :)

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Nov 15 2011
20:07 (UTC)

Hanging around 141.5 lately.  Hubby and I are trying for baby #3 so I'll be maintaining and not trying to lose for a while.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy, I just lost nearly 50 pounds and now I'm wanting to get pregnant and have to lose weight all over again!!!

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Nov 01 2011
14:06 (UTC)

141 today. Very surprising considering last night I raided the girls' halloween candy :)

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Oct 28 2011
13:35 (UTC)

143 this week

I had a great run last weekend. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I've signed up for another on Dec 3. I've enjoyed having fitness goals instead of number goals.

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Oct 18 2011
13:22 (UTC)

Woo hoo! 142.5 today :)

I'm getting ready for my 1st ever 10K this Saturday :) Wish me luck!

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Oct 11 2011
15:41 (UTC)

Not weighing in this week. I ate way to much sodium rich foods over the weeknd and can tell I am holding onto major water weight!

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Oct 04 2011
14:20 (UTC)

Thrilled to be holding steady at 143 Smile

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Sep 20 2011
15:01 (UTC)

Must have lost some water weight....143 this morning.

Weight Loss frustrated Sep 15 2011
13:59 (UTC)

I plugged your stats into the burn meter with an activity level of moderate-which you are if you workout 5 times a week.  It says you burn 2110 on exercise days. To lose 1lb a week subtact a 500 cal deficit and you get 1610. This is how much you should be eating.

"I am consuming between 1300-1400 calories a day some less..but not more"

This is too low.  I found another thread you started a while back about pretty much the same didn't take most of the advice on the forum. Why not ? What you are doing now is not working. Based on your stats you should be eating around 1600 calories.

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Sep 14 2011
13:40 (UTC)

Thank you so much for those very nice compliments Shane. You are right; I am too hard on myself.  I have to remember how far I've come. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm closer then I was yesterday. Thank you again.


Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Sep 13 2011
21:41 (UTC)

145; A month later and I'm only down a 1/2 freakin pound!

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Aug 09 2011
15:12 (UTC)


I've started weighing in on Monday's now.

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Jul 26 2011
15:52 (UTC)

147 for me.

Weight Loss Last. 20. Pounds. Need a buddy!! (Closed) Jul 26 2011
15:03 (UTC)

I know you said no more members, but pretty please???? I need you girls bad!!!! I started in April 2010 at 189.5 and have been stuck in the range of 145-147 since Christmas (6 months!!!!!).

SW: 189.5

CW: 147

GW: 130 (was 135, but I'd really love 130)

I am 17 pounds away!!!!


Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Jul 01 2011
20:38 (UTC)

Sorry I've been MIA for the month. I went on vacation and then just sort of didn't feel like logging foods for a while. I'm back though! I guess I can't stay away.

Weight this am 147.9

Maintaining 2011*Friendly Weigh-In*2011--CLOSED Jun 03 2011
18:57 (UTC)

Went on a mini vacation and gained weight. Ugh. 149.6.

I'm going on a week long vacation in 3 weeks and CAN NOT gain more weight then. Must get these 2.6 lbs off before I go!!!!