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The Lounge Good language course apps for Spanish? Sep 15 2014
13:59 (UTC)
Original Post by Stephanie0205:

Duo Lingo! It's a free app and it has several languages. I'm doing the Spanish right now.

I second this one! I use it, too, for Spanish. The little owl reminds you to play a little bit each day :)


The Lounge a TINY kitchen pet peeve Aug 27 2014
14:25 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

I thought of another one, actually several:

  • letting a glass or bowl used for a milk product sit on the counter without rinsing so it has to be scrubbed
  • leaving rinsed dishes in the sink
  • not filling up ice cube trays
  • not setting out a new stick of butter after using up the old one

I know I'm late to the party, here, but, ^this. Why is it so hard to fill ice cube trays?

The Lounge Your Top 10 Places in the World Aug 08 2014
22:18 (UTC)

I love thinking of this topic! And, as Lys mentioned, my list changes often. There are too many interesting places to visit and not enough vacation days to do so. I've been to 7 of your top 10, Nomo and was fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling with my family overseas. As of tonight, my top 10 places to visit next are:

1. Kruger National Park, South Africa

2. Cape Town, South Africa

3. New Zealand

4. Argentina (Mendoza)

5. Indonesia

6. Bora Bora

7. Egypt

8. Morocco

9. Chile

10. Banff/Lake Louise


And like anew (I think) , my #11 is also my #1 - Australia. I've been before and I am returning this Fall, but I would move there tomorrow if I could find employment.

The Lounge What the... what? Jul 07 2014
18:43 (UTC)

Wow. I just...don't even have coherent words for this. The lengths that some people will go to in an effort to display their hatred (and/or ignorance) is stupefying.

Fitness Correcting running gait Jun 05 2014
19:22 (UTC)

Thanks Lys. I have downloaded a couple of apps for cadence from my time in PT. I have to remember to use them again! I didn't experience the shin pain before and would like to run free of that pain again.


Fitness Correcting running gait Jun 05 2014
19:20 (UTC)

Thanks Oldguysrule. Good points about the mirror. I do have access to a treadmill (although I haven't run on one in ages outside of PT) and can make use of that to help.

Fitness Correcting running gait Jun 05 2014
17:52 (UTC)

Thanks Bier. I'll watch that tutorial tonight. It's a bit of a frustrating change, but at least it's fixable with some time and attention to how I'm stepping.

The Lounge Spending "diet" Jun 05 2014
17:12 (UTC)

Personal capital is a pretty cool resource! There are also lots of other free web-based products you can use to track spending etc. Squawkfox has several different programs listed and some downloadable spreadsheets available for free. Dave Ramsey's site does as well.

We're on a spending diet as well. As WG said, it can be sobering to see where it all goes, but watching your savings grow is a really great feeling.

Good luck!

The Lounge Advice for a (soon-to-be) first time server? Jun 02 2014
17:44 (UTC)

Try to top off water glasses/coffee etc when you see them getting low, so people don't sit with empty glasses/cups.

Good luck!

The Lounge Dear Apr 05 2014
17:53 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

I sometimes put it in emails. More likely, I'll write "Dearest [name/relationship]". I might sometimes write overly formal emails to invite our friends over for pizza.

I had a coworker who used to (maybe still does) sign off on emails with "Best". A fellow coworker responded and asked him to not do that, because it always felt like he was breaking up with us.


Amethystgirl - thanks for the laugh! That's generally how I sign off on emails at work and I never thought of it like that. I will also use "Regards" when I am not familiar with the person I'm writing to and the situation seems neutral. (I work for the government.)

Like Mayflower, I try to get away with "good morning" or "good afternoon" in lieu of anything else. If it has to be stern, I revert to either "Mr./Mrs./Ms." or "Dear."

And Cajun - I still use "Dear" on greeting cards and snail mailed notes, too. What else would one start a personal note with? Just a name feels a little unfriendly.

I am apparently old school ;)

The Lounge Mad Scientists Mar 21 2014
01:58 (UTC)

Huh. That article made me feel a little lame (for a scientist.) I suppose I better retreat to a lab and figure out what madness I can test.

I'll brainstorm with two of my former lab students tomorrow night when I meet them for drinks. This could be very interesting...   ;)


The Lounge Care Package for a Lonely Sister Jan 09 2014
18:19 (UTC)

A also like her work - especially the trees.

What about purchasing something from her new hometown to help her explore it? I'm thinking you may be able to find info on a great local coffee shop, or pub, or art museum (with an event she might attend?) that you could get a gift card for?

This is a very sweet idea, btw.

The Lounge Best wishes to the Duchess of Cambridge and HRH the Prince of Cambridge aka George Jul 22 2013
16:27 (UTC)
Original Post by crazineko:

Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by theviewfromhere:

i also hope something newsworthy happens so we get to hear about something else this week.

Do you really think anything could be newsworthy enough to trump this?  Martians could invade earth this week and nobody would report it.

Why anyone gives a flying **** about this kid is beyond me.

I dunno.  This was pretty close on Twitter.

Crazi - this is hilarious!

And I'm with Sully - I just don't get the hype.

The Lounge Any Master's Students Jun 25 2013
17:22 (UTC)

What they said. I'm as confused as TVFH.

If you are an undergraduate, publications are not something that would be expected, although having had an opportunity to collaborate with someone (either in a lab or on a project) and be credited in a publication is great experience. I would absolutely list relevant volunteer work on your CV.

What is the application for?


Weight Loss Fit in Fall and Beyond May 28 2013
16:53 (UTC)

OMG, Sped, thanks for sharing that story about shopping! I can totally imagine being in a dressing room and hearing all of that unfold! It's good to be able to laugh at those moments :)

J and I were walking along an ocean pathway yesterday behind a little family of five - two little boys that were perhaps 2 & 3 and a baby in a snuggly carrier that the dad was wearing while the mom held the boys hands. The smaller of the two little boys was walking along singing every single song he knew the words to - it was SO CUTE. When we first caught up to them he was singing, "B-I-N-G-O! B-I-N-G-O!..." I'm not sure he had all the words down, but he was in tune. Then he moved on (without a break) to Old McDonald's Farm, but substituted in the "EIEIO" part for the animal noises. I ended up making a comment to his mom about how cute it was as we were passing them and she said, "He's on an endless loop with these songs all the time. When he starts talking, I think I'm in trouble!" So freaking cute!

Your new class sounds good! Hope trainer-man didn't take too much out of you ;)

I'm still crazy busy and think I might be until I get back from the next contract job trip in June. The chapters for the book are on the agenda for this week at night. It feels never ending! LOL

Nothing much else new to report here. Spent the weekend working, except for yesterday. J and I took a long walk (about 7 miles) from my mom's cottage down to the next beach town, where we rewarded ourselves with rum punch and then salad, pizza and beer :P It was a great day for a nice walk though.

OH! I also bought two new hats for the warm weather. Because of the skin graft, I am supposed to keep sun off of my nose for this summer. (So the graft sets correctly and I don't have discoloration. The skin for graft came from my hip, so the texture is already different.) So I am practicing being a confident hat wearer in public. I just feel like it's aging me faster than I would like. The only other people in hats to shade themselves from the sun seem to be older people:/ And I am a sun worshipper - so it's killing me to avoid it. (Pun intended)

Weight Loss Fit in Fall and Beyond May 13 2013
00:33 (UTC)

O - you definitely have cyber friends!! I really hope we can meet somewhere in between some time to hang out! How far is Ring from you? Maybe she's our halfway point - I don't mean to stay with her, but maybe her area? I'm far away, I know that. NH is not near anything good - unless you are in Me, MA, VT or maybe CT :P I'd love to come visit down your way - you have some wineries to check out! My FIL was down that way for work and brought me back a t-shirt from a vineyard (not the one you worked at though) - that could be fun, too! We should work on making this happen :D


Thank you for saying my furbaby counts. I think Mother's day may be the hardest day of the year for me now. It's gotten worse as I've aged. I've known since I was 17 (when I had the first three ovarian tumors removed) that kids were probably not happening for me) and when I was 35 I had the next tumor removed and final confirmation of that. I know that pets are not the same thing as a real child, but they still mean something to those of us who can't have anything else. (Again, I don't treat Mulder like a kid - just want you all to know that!!!) But I appreciate that you understand :D

I can totally see one of my nieces trying new foods - and the faces she made as she experienced the flavor for the first time! Priceless. One of my nieces had not had sugar in any form until her first birthday and I have the BEST photos of her trying her first birthday cake. The first photo is a tentative finger in the frosting, that she timidly tries. The next photo is of her trying it again, with a confused face. The third photo is of the lightbulb going off, where she realizes how much she LIKES the frosting. The fourth photo is a full on dive into the cake and smearing it on her face. It was absolutely priceless to watch it unfold!! (I still think if I had the choice, I'd hold off on the sugar exposure, just because I know how much I LOVE it, and my progeny would most likely love it too! There must be something else to use for birthdays!!)


Weight Loss Fit in Fall and Beyond May 12 2013
23:37 (UTC)

I'm with O!! Take measurements even if you are avoiding the scale (which I am also doing - I looked at it at the beginning of the month and I'll look at it next month for comparison.) And I wanna see photos of you in the hot dress!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you!! I think I am the only childless poster in here, right? *I'm laying claim to my furbaby Mulder, since I can't have human children ;) And he still buys me gifts so I am not left out :P* BUT - I am not equating a furbaby with a human one, just to be clear.

Where are Ring and Chris???!!! We have to liven up this space. I check this every day at lunch and hope people have posted, since journals are the only other thing I have time to read at work. I miss everyone! Where is Jess?! She needs to come in and update us too :)

My birthday was awesome - thanks for your bday wishes!! We went to dinner at this uber-pricey restaurant that we go to every so often and it was beyond amazing. I can't think about how much it cost, because it's obscene, but we did have a gift certificate to offset the cost a bit. J always tries to make my birthday a really fun day. This year I had to work in the morning - it was the opening day of Farmers' Market - it was frustrating, but the evening more than made up for it. AND, as a HUGE tequila fan, it's perfect that cinco de mayo just happens to be the NEXT day! So my birthday becomes a fun Mexican fiesta as well! It's always the most fun when they fall on weekends, so we take full advantage of both "holidays."

Some day I will spend my birthday taking the tequila train from my brother's house in Guadalajara to Tequila to REALLY live it up! LOL

At any rate, I am trying to get myself into a new schedule. I will write more about it in a journal either tomorrow or Tuesday. Life is really very complicated right now and I need structure. More on that later.

O - I love that J is eating so many new foods! It must be fun to watch his expressions when he tries new things :D One of my friends has a seven month old and she gave her ice cream today for the first time. The baby loved it, but I'm wondering about introducing sugar so that a good idea? I feel like the sugars in fruits should be the only sugars at that age, but I have no idea really. (I hope I don't anger any of you! I really am clueless about babies and timing of stuff.)

And Sped - I hope that molar comes in quickly so you are spared too much turmoil as she deals with it!




The Lounge We didn't start the Fire May 10 2013
01:33 (UTC)

Thanks Kevin ;) I liked your post, too. Maybe we'll think up enough for a whole new song.

...Or maybe not. I can't think of any new rhymes. Tongue out


The Lounge We didn't start the Fire May 09 2013
17:41 (UTC)

Runesplendor - I love this idea but man, that song is HARD to write new rhymes for!

(And thanks to all for the earworms throughout the rest of the thread....)

Anyway, I gave it a try for some of the major events of the '90's and 2000's...please pardon the second line - I can't think of a better rhyming word! LOL


Apartheid fell, Mendela released

Two Germany's become one piece,

Ethnic cleansing, Iraqi wars

Terrorism hits our shores....

Weight Loss Fit in Fall and Beyond May 01 2013
17:28 (UTC)

Drinking milk in the sun just sounds gross - ick. And I would not be happy about having to clean up multiple sick kids. Why can't they have the snack inside after they play?

Sped - sorry you were both ill! Glad you are better now though. And I can't wait for summer! Although I have to say, it's been pretty nice out up here in NH. No complaints!

O ~ don't beat yourself up about the weight. You had a baby 5 months ago. You are not sleeping regularly. This means you don't eat regularly either. When you are not sleeping, your leptin and ghrelin cycles are out of balance. All of that makes it so much harder to make changes in the diet realm. Be kind to yourself!


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