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Fitness July 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Jul 23 2014
19:57 (UTC)
Original Post by robca: ladies scare me with your fitness routines!!! I am such a beginer!!! :( :(

We all start at the same place.  I had gotten fit, then stopped and now I'm a beginner again starting all over

The Lounge Spanking out grey matter Jul 23 2014
19:53 (UTC)

I never hit my children and they were well behaved.  I think being firm and conveying disappointment and desired change happens more with tone of voice and immediate action

Weight Loss Any other guys doing paleo? Jul 23 2014
19:49 (UTC)

No amount of supplement will keep your muscle mass unless you are lifting weights, and since when did the Paleolithic have access to supplements?

Weight Loss Any other guys doing paleo? Jul 23 2014
18:42 (UTC)

BMI has no equality to body fat.  Athletes can be obese according to their BMI because  of their increased muscle mass.

the best way to measure fat loss is to take measurements or doing special testing that measures you muscle, bone and fat

Fitness Building muscle while maintaining aerobic capacity? Jul 23 2014
14:14 (UTC)

I know there are a lot of people here who lift weights 3 times a week and on non lifting days do some sort of aerobic activity - training for marathons, 5K's, Triatholons,

You could also incorporate speed work with weights.  I find doing interval work with things like burpees, kettlebell swings, box jumps, jump shrugs, explosive push ups things like that will build strength, power and because they can me intense can be very endurance increasing too.

I checked out a book at the kindle store about weight lifting and training during off season of sports.  It had lifts that are good for a specific sport to build strength and power and prepare for the actual sport duing the season.  Can't remember the book, but there are probably many available.

Fitness July 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Jul 23 2014
01:40 (UTC)

Today was my "cardio" day.  First this morning I woke up early so had time to do a 30 minute walk.  since my shins were feeling fine did the hilly route. 

At break time did the usual 15 min walk.  It is really smoky again in the area due to fires in Sedona.  This time the big fire was caused by a small 4 person plane crash.  The other 4 small fires were lightning caused and the forest service is monitoring only and letting them burn the underbrush.  

After work did 10 min on the rower after a warm up

Did 15 minutes on the treadmill, varied speeds between 3.5 and 4.8 MPH, mostly 3.8 at zero incline.

Did some interval work KB swings about 10 min of 30 sec work 30 sec rest then 15lb med ball slams for 5 min - foam rolled and stretched.

Speaking of smoke- today marks my 9 year anniversary of quitting smoking!  Best thing I ever have done for myself!  I can't imagine what my COPD would be like if I didn't quit when I did!  


Fitness July 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Jul 22 2014
01:18 (UTC)

Congrats Metmom!  I remember when I did a 200lb DL and how awesome it felt!

Tonight NROLSC WB3


Side planks and static holds 

Combo RDL / ROW

SHELC/ INcline DB press upped to 20lbsx 15 reps  

Reverse Lunge/ standing row  only did 7 lb weights for the lunge but reverse lunges are hard!!Standing row 40lbs

Didn't do the intervals 

foam rolled and stretched.

Fitness How to get in shape most efficiently Jul 21 2014
19:53 (UTC)

I am anxiously awaiting all this never been anything like it awesome program details.  I mean like do you have a degree in nutrition, exercise science and physiology?  What are your credentials exactly?


Fitness not loosing weight due to excersize Jul 21 2014
19:49 (UTC)

Usually when first starting a new eating habit and exercise program losing happens but if you've been calorie restricting in the past and then add exercise this can slow down the scale.


you have to fine the right balance of calories in the right macros be enough to fuel the workouts, good fats and carbs and protein.

sometimes it can take weeks to see the scale move, after the initial newbie results.

i think expecting results visibly in less than a month is  asking a lot.

i heard something the other day it takes 4 weeks for you to see a difference , 8 weeks for family and 12 for the world

Fitness Overall body transformation Jul 21 2014
17:19 (UTC)

Expecting someone new to exercise to put aside 3times a day to exercise is a huge undertaking.  Most out of shape, overweight and beginners are not going to be able to commit 30 minutes a day let alone what 30 min to 60  here times a day!

i know body builders who compete who only workout one time a day during bulk phase


Fitness How to get in shape most efficiently Jul 21 2014
16:52 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Working out three times a day doesn't sound very efficient to me.

Yea, some of us have to work for food and rent and oh yea the gym membership!!

ETA your profile picture really doesn't make me thnk your doing this awesome program yourself, well at least it isn't selling me on it.


Fitness Female Body Breakthrough Jul 21 2014
12:55 (UTC)
Original Post by candy1980:

I was also not super happy with the way this is written. It does sound like the sole goal of women in life is to look hot to at track men. Anyhow, I'm trying to look at the technical stuff and hopefully she knows what she is talking about in that arena...

Since her husband is the one who put together the NROL programs - I think it is safe that the workouts are good, as he put those together for her as well.



Fitness Female Body Breakthrough Jul 21 2014
00:06 (UTC)

I do like this program, though I know a lot of women take offense to her writing, it didn't bother me!

i had very good results with this program, and especially with following her food recommendations but not the severe restriction at the last phase, but the food lists are great.

I have done this program 3 or 4 times I think, and even when doing other programs I try to follow the food list to get good results.

the metabolic workouts I think are key to the fat loss aspects.  

I do like this program and it will give you results if you follow it and try to integrate the food aspects into your routine


Weight Loss newly single mother. ... weight lost goals and support Jul 20 2014
14:50 (UTC)

Agree with Watergirl - his leaving wasn't about your weight it was about his own dealing with the hard times life gives us sometimes.

First I suggest finding a support group for loss of children, then find support for single parents or if you have the means, get a counselor / therapist or psychiatrist to help you with all these extremely stressful things that have hit you at once.

Perhaps the father will rethink his selfishness and try to come back.  A couple counseling sessions would be something you should consider - and if it is before or after you let him back that would be your choice.  As long as he is not abusive to you or your child, but using your weight as an excuse to leave is abuse IMHO.


Fitness July 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Jul 19 2014
20:34 (UTC)

I want a new tv!  My current TV is so big it takes 3 men and a small boy to move it- honestly it's as wide and thick as high.  It is only 30 in or so I guess?  It is so old that Goodwill and other thrift stores won't even take em if I wanted to give it away.

Today I went to the gym - got there a little before 11 and there was a class full of teenage girls in the classroom- turns out in July the volleyball team of the high school is using the classroom for some conditioning work with one of the trainers.  When they I used the classroom for most of my workout only had to go to the weight room for the kneeling lat pull down and incline pushups 



Plank and stability hold 30 seconds 

Power - box jumps - used the short plyo box

Supersets Goblet squats/ kneel lat pull down 15 reps 2 sets increased weight to 20 on squat and 60 on pull downs

Step ups/ push ups - did a few push ups on the floor  then went to the inclines

didn't do the intervals foam rolled and stretched.


The Lounge Abuse to let 9-year old go the park alone Jul 19 2014
01:25 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

This is awful.... My best friend manages a large library and children are routinely deposited there unattended all the time.. No one ever arrests those parents.


I know the lifeguards at the local community pool feel the same way.  there is a sign on the entryway saying no child under age 12 can be left unattended yet they don't enforce this.  

I really feel sorry for the kids who can't be kids and become accountable for their own actions, I mean making decisions, having some "free range" and spirit.  If they aren't hurting anyone and are being responsible what is the problem?  

It seems that this population is just doomed from the start.  Parents can't afford to take care of their kids, yet when they have a job and try their best to provide a home they are arrested for being poor and not able to afford the jobs they do have.  

Our country is so effed up!

The Lounge Abuse to let 9-year old go the park alone Jul 18 2014
19:58 (UTC)

I can't help but wonder if this family and that other lady who had left her children in a car while she interviewed for a job to get her out of homelessness were not of color they would be arrested?

i have a coworker who is a single mom and when her 6 year old gets sick she has to bring her to work if her brother isn't available to watch her.  She would set up a little bed for her in the MA office with jackets and a pillow from an exam room.  She can't afford to take a day off work even though she gets more than minimum wage, it is still a struggle to house and feed 3 kids on your own.


The Lounge Abuse to let 9-year old go the park alone Jul 18 2014
19:29 (UTC)

I saw that report and thought  it is too bad the parent wasn't able to have the child prepared for questioning with something like oh my mom had to run to the pharmacy for some tampons she'll be right back

it is also a shame that the mom can't afford child care because she has a crap minimum wage job at a fast food place.  I am sure if she could afford some one to watch her child she would have, but a 9 year old is at that age where they really don't need a babysitter

i too remember never being home in the summer.  It was the pool and bike riding and parks and my parents worked.  Is it because it was simpler times back then?

The Lounge holy crap! Malaysian passenger plane "shot down" Jul 18 2014
14:19 (UTC)
1 rts_more_than_100_aids_researchers_and_staff_ among_298_killed_on_malaysian_airliner

Seeing reports this AM that 100 people including scientists in AIDS research were on the plane as they were heading to Melbourne for the 2014 AIDS conference.