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The Lounge Feminism or sexism? Aug 27 2014
01:17 (UTC)

I am so out of the "loop" - I don't have satellite or cable tv and the show that "sexism" woman is on I've never seen on Hulu.  Beyonce I only hear about on a radio show I listen to in the AM and the gay host doesn't play her stuff often.  he also has been saying forever she never actually birthed that baby! ( toddler now who knew - well not me)  Has made for some great radio - good thing it's on Sirius XM so they can speak what is really on their mind.  Funniest things happened when the news director for that station has an intern now who is a HUGE Beyonce fan and the harrasment she endured was so funny.

I am currently listening to the author of this article /25/is-alimony-anti-feminist.html  On "Progress" station with host Mark Thompson  Make it Plain

on Tuesday he has a "To the Womb Tuesday" and on Wednesday he has a female guest host as well.  For an African American with theological background I find his insight into women amazing!  he always does "ladies first" for his phone calls.  

I'm not sure about the turntable vs showing butts but each woman has something they need to "sell" to an audience.

I recently posted that I liked the new song "All about the Bass" and how the 20 year old sang about body acceptance, yet I know there is an article on Feministing that says it is wrong because the lyrics say something about boys liking booty.  I know there are other articles with like minds.

When does body acceptance, slut shaming, fat shaming and the ability to accept being a woman means a lot of different things to a lot of different women.  

Being a woman in my mid 50's and now a grandmother for a whopping 9 days now  and a mom of 2 girls and the youngest is due in just 10 weeks maybe my ideas have changed, but I hope I raised my daughters tho think of themselves as important humans.  I also hope I raised them to be sexual humans.  Being a feminist doesn't mean men are evil.  Being a sexual object of attention doesn't mean evil either?  Can you be secure enough in your own skin as a woman to enjoy being a woman?  I hope that is what I taught my girls.  I loved being married to their father, I loved being a woman who enjoyed sex, I love being a woman who still enjoys my self and wants the best for me and my female friends 

One of my favorite musical artists whose songs speak to me is Lily Allen.  I think her new album Sheezus really speaks volumes to women who kind  of want it all - and why is that a bad thing?  Lily tried for years to have babies, she had many miscarriages and she took years off of touring and making new music to fulfill her dream.  Does that make her a turncoat to the feminist movement because she put her career on hold to fulfill her dream of having kids?  Her one song from her new album addresses this and in the video for the song she has faced critics.  Personally I love it and it is my ringtone!  it is already outdated since "Letterman says no"

I know a lot of people have given her  hell for the "objectifying" of women in her video but that is kind of the point.  She has some older videos that do the same, but I guess since she wasn't popular in the states back then it didn't matter but I always have seen her as a feminist and a woman with a message!






The Lounge Women who've slept around have worse marriages... Aug 26 2014
14:30 (UTC)

I've read some articles recently about girls who had pledged virgin until married and then ended up being very unhappy in their sex lives, marriage and life. -virginity-messed-up-my-sex-life

I can't find the one article but the one above the woman had the same dissapointment.  

Then from the feministing website reachers-daughters-shows-everything-that-is-w rong-with-purity-culture/

The Lounge Women who've slept around have worse marriages... Aug 26 2014
13:21 (UTC)

The first time I got married it was horrible.  We had over 150 guests, I didn't sleep around - after the divorce I felt liberated and had fun.  Then met the husband of 26 years.  Had a great marriage and never thought about past partners.

We didn't have over 75 at our ceremony.  

The only thing I could see that might be true is if there are other children from previous relationships- well duh!  I would never go out with a guy who had kids who are minors or living in their house.  Even weekend custody thing is a turn off.


The Lounge a TINY kitchen pet peeve Aug 26 2014
00:52 (UTC)

Where I live the "sugar" ants aren't a problem, however fire ants are, so I use the baking soda mostly around my sinks.  Living in a desert ants like water drops it seems so the baking soda around the sink is just fine with me.  I also use it around my bathtub and bathroom sink as well.

A trick I learned at work for a natural deterant for ants is rubbing alcohol.  Put it in a spray bottle and when you see ants just douse their trail in alcohol.  I know it kills them instantly, and I think it neutralizes the scent of the trail so the new ones don't come out.  It did take me about a week to get rid of the visitors I had at my desk.  I work in a doctors office so we try not to use harsh poisons or chemicals.  Another safe ant repellent is vinegar and water - it will make your house smell like vinegar for a day or 2, but I much prefer smells than bites of them!

One day I came home from work to find a whole bunch of those fire ants had made their way into my bed!  I couldn't find the trail, and I don't have a washer at home so I just sprayed all around the bed with rubbing alchohol and vinegar - I even sprayed my sheets and killed all that I could find.  It's been weeks and no more ants in my bed.  


The Lounge three reasons Aug 26 2014
00:13 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

my post was for the OP, not the mods. i don't care what you do, nomo. the only thing that bothers me about this thread is that macoooo is non-responsive.

that was kind of where I was going too.  It just seemed like a lot of "whole lot of not original thought" and I just skimming over each new post seemed like the old post, lot of boring "support" but no interaction to support the support

The Lounge three reasons Aug 25 2014
13:58 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:


  • Your post is subject to modification or deletion by our moderators. Repetitive, off-topic, disruptive, and frivolous posts will be removed. We will take down

lock it down!

The Lounge a TINY kitchen pet peeve Aug 25 2014
13:57 (UTC)

Now that I live alone I don't have any peeves, but it would drive me crazy when someone would use teh same knife for the peanut butter  and jelly or mustard and mayo without wiping off - so you get jelly in the PB or mustard in the mayo

The Lounge Funny things that your pets do! Aug 21 2014
00:29 (UTC)
Original Post by immabee:

My cat Coco kneads my boobs. I think she was taken away from her mama too early. But she's 5 now.

eta: ooh ooh, my husband's cat Mojo who lives with his parents gets a shower and blow-dry every day.

When I was pregnant with first child we had a cat who kneaded my belly - it never did it before or after I had the baby, just while I was pregnant.

The Lounge Funny things that your pets do! Aug 21 2014
00:27 (UTC)

I don't have a pet at this time, but one of my favorite dogs was a lab/ springer spaniel mix that loved to play hide and seek with the kids.  My girls were about 3 and 6 at the time and I would cover the dogs eyes count to 10 the kids would go hide somewhere in the house and then the dog would go run and find them.  Sometimes she would come up to me and put her face in my hands out of nowhere and so I'd tell the girls that Sparky wanted to play and I'd count and she'd go find them.  Funny thing was the 3 yr old of course always hid in the same place every time so the dog would find her quickly.


The Lounge Weird Informal Poll Time! Aug 21 2014
00:18 (UTC)

1908 - Model T Ford - 

1914 - beginning of World War I

1920: League of Nations is established in Geneva by Woodrow Wilson and other world leaders. The Ku Klux Klan launches a recruitment campaign using mass marketing techniques to gain 85,000 new recruits. Women secure the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The first commercial radio broadcast is made.

 Adolf Hitler  appointed chancellor in 1933. He wanted to establish a New Order of absolute German Hegemony in Europe. He Invaded Poland which was the cause of World War II. He basically started the whole war.

1 Sep 1939 The Start of WWII was on September 1, 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland and France (also British Empire and Commonwealth) declared war on Germany.Many cointries were already at war with eachother but later on joined into the war when the German’s invaded the Societ Union and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. People were to scared to stand up and check on what Hitler was doing and this led to war. If Nazi Germany wouldn’t have tried to invade other countries then war wouldn’t have happened.

Dec 7 1941 Pearl Harbor

27 Jun 1950 North Korea Communist forces invade South Korea. U.N. called for cease-fire, and asks U.N. members to assist South Korea. U.S. troops are ordered into Korea by Truman

1959 - I was born 

1960's has so many important dates that changed our country.  Kennedy assasination, Civil Rights, Vietnam war can't decide which defines it most I just know I remember when Kennedy was shot, I remember watching the funeral, I didn't understand it, but I remember it - I was just 3 - I remember the race riots of the 60's I remember my parents getting injured during a Wallace for President rally - I remember my sister's cheerleading bus getting flipped over after a high school football game with Omaha North High - to this date these 2 schools always play on a 'neutral field even though both schools are pretty racially balanced now.  I remember watching Walter Cronkite and the war reports and listing of the men killed that day

1970s -  End of Vietnam,  Disco, and I graduated from High school

1973 -The Who’s Quadrophenia. Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy. Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies.  

1980's AIDS

personal note 1980's were a monumental decade - married 3 times 2nd was to Iranian to stay in country - married 3rd and had his 2 children in the 80's we were married 26 years

1990 - 1991 World Wide Web!  Gulf War

too many evils that decade including NAFTA - first bombing of World Trade Center, Waco, OKC bombing

and more recently of course 9/11/2001

The Lounge Hillary = Hitler Aug 19 2014
17:34 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by bratcat:

Original Post by anewdawn:

I was never so happy in my life to discover that you can un-follow someone without un-friending them on FB - it will make Thanksgiving more peaceful this way if I ever have to spend it with my cousin. 


How do you "unfollow" someone without "unfriending" them?  I have some incredibly stupid relatives.

Go to their facebook page, towards the top right, it will say "friends" with a check mark, and then "following" with a checkmark. Just hit the "following" button and it will stop being checked. You won't see their posts in your feed, but they'll never know.

You can also just click on one of their posts on your feed and "hide" their posts.  I've hidden a lot of people but they still comment on my posts sometimes so know they don't know.  

Much the same way you block all those damn game posts. LOL


it never ceases to amaze me how Obama is portrayed as Hitler, yet aren't Nazi's about being white as white can be?  Don't get it at all.


The Lounge Powerful Mental Illness/Treatment Story Aug 18 2014
23:53 (UTC)

We have a patient at our clinic who is Paranoid Schizophrenic and the provider he sees has told him that he is welcome to come sit in our waiting room whenever he needs to hear other than the voices.  He comes in sits for a couple minutes sometimes to a couple hours.  He doesn't bother anyone, he just sits and the hustle and bustle of a waiting room is enough to calm him down.


The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 18 2014
02:28 (UTC)

Blame the victim because he is black and probably was up to no good and deserves to die for he would never grow up to be anything but a black man!

The Lounge Does anyone else have hair that never seems to grow? Aug 15 2014
22:14 (UTC)

Things can change in a year.  Maybe time to get them done again, especially if you also have missing period issues.  Have you suffered any radical weight loss, previous issues.


The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
21:53 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

This is what is confusing... Dorian Johnson was the main witness... I have not heard what the cop said happened.. has anyone?? 



There is not!  Also the police didn't even bother to interview witnesses - the companion as far as I've heard was never interviewed by the Ferguson police and has only talked to FBI.  

The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
21:06 (UTC)

This is an article from July _facts_about_americas_militarized_police_forc e_partner/

"In June, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) brought more attention to police militarization when it issued a comprehensive, nearly 100-page (appendix and endnotes included) report titled,“War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing.”  Based on public records requests to more than 260 law enforcement agencies in 26 states, the ACLU concluded that “American policing has become excessively militarized through the use of weapons and tactics designed for the battlefield” and that this militarization “unfairly impacts people of color and undermines individual liberties, and it has been allowed to happen in the absence of any meaningful public discussion."

I have been following a few reports asking what would happen if black persons participated in those "Open Carry" protests- 

What makes a black person in a Walmart with a air gun toy pose a threat to police that they shoot him down

What makes a mall cop pepper spray an innocent bystander instead of the racist - and then arrest the bystander despite the protesters saying he maced the wrong guy? p-ignores-racist-harassing-seattle-protesters -and-pepper-sprays-black-bystander-instead/

Why is Cliven Bundy still free to steal from the United States government despite being in violation of court orders and several legal cases?  


The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
19:55 (UTC)

A few minutes ago I heard the police chief flat out tell in the press conference the police office WAS NOT responding to the robbery report- people are now even madder.   PC said they were stopped for walking in the middle of the street

Why did they release the video- because there were requests under the freedom of information act.  

Next even if the kid did rob the store - this is not a justifiable reason to murder a person.  

Where is the incident report from this police officer?  Why isn't there one?  Isn't it standard procedure that anytime a police officer discharges a weapon a report is written up.

This cop is a cold blooded murderer and has so far gotten away with it.

Death by cop has been going on far too long.

 Following twitter and someone found this 695488  A guy witnessed the shooting and has pictures as it was happening.


The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
18:53 (UTC)
Original Post by WinterInMay:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

An article today in The Daily Beast tells a story of the history of the Ferguson police for many years. /15/the-day-ferguson-cops-were-caught-in-a-bl oody-lie.html

I think if the pictures posted on twitter of the police chief having a confederate flag in his living room is proof enough that he supports racist arrests and harassment of the people in his town he is suppose to "protect and serve" .  

I am listening to Free Speech TV today and a good point "Since when does robbery become a capital offense"  Also the cop never did put the kid in custody, he was never arrested the cop decided he was guilty by color and killed him on the street like a rabid dog.


Woah, woah, woah.  There was a struggle in the officer's vehicle over his gun where a shot was fired.  This doesn't even remotely sound like something that would happen to an "innocent kid".

I haven't heard about the confederate flag pictures, but I have seen many photos of Mr. Brown posted on Facebook with guns, drugs, rolls of money, etc.  I'm not saying that that means he was a criminal.  He may have just been posing to look "tough".  Why are we assuming that a confederate flag picture is "proof" of the Chief's racism??? 

Critical thinking would do a lot of good. /15/the-ugly-smearing-of-michael-brown.html

"This should go without saying, but vaguely intimidating photos of you do not give the police carte blanche to gun you down, and we no longer live in a country where it is OK to sentence black men to death for the crime of petty theft.

Brown’s family made just that point in a statement Friday: “There is nothing based on the facts that have been placed before us that can justify the execution style murder of their child by this police officer as he held his hands up, which is the universal sign of surrender.”

Thankfully, the ugly gang smears against Brown have been relegated mostly to the noisy but fringiest elements of the American right. On mainstream conservative news outlets such as Fox News, you can treat yourself to more thoughtful commentary on the situation in Missouri, including thisFerguson segment suggesting that rather than blame the police, the black community should look at its own “moral decay.”"


There is the the "Which picture would media choose if they were gunned down. /2014/08/12/if-they-gunned-me-down-hashtag-tw itter/13982539/


The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
18:45 (UTC)

Why did the police wait days before releasing this tape of the supposed shoplifting. 

Why does a police office have to shoot a person 6 times with many in the back?

The Lounge Michael Brown death by cop Aug 15 2014
18:26 (UTC)

An article today in The Daily Beast tells a story of the history of the Ferguson police for many years. /15/the-day-ferguson-cops-were-caught-in-a-bl oody-lie.html

I think if the pictures posted on twitter of the police chief having a confederate flag in his living room is proof enough that he supports racist arrests and harassment of the people in his town he is suppose to "protect and serve" .  

I am listening to Free Speech TV today and a good point "Since when does robbery become a capital offense"  Also the cop never did put the kid in custody, he was never arrested the cop decided he was guilty by color and killed him on the street like a rabid dog.


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