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The Lounge Politics/Voting Oct 25 2014
16:51 (UTC)
Original Post by marrichch:

So there's no Christian politicians to vote for?

unfortunately there are too many "self proclaimed Christians" who are in fact not doing anything Jesus says we should do.  As TVFH stated we were put on this earth according to your book to be stewards.  

Jesus talked a lot about feeding the poor, taking care of the children and less fortunate and a whole lot of "Liberal" ideas.  Your Jesus today would probably be the total opposite of what a GOP candidate is.


The Lounge Politics/Voting Oct 25 2014
16:07 (UTC)
Original Post by marrichch:

Never liked cool aid but I love God's Word that tells us a lot about global warming, which is what all these regulations are about.

Genesis 8:22 As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.?

yea, but back when this book was written there was no one using coal, electricity, propane, natural gas or oil ( except the kind made from plants and animal fat).  There wasn't even indoor plumbing and that is why it was safer to drink wine and not the water.  Water not downstream from a population was probably clean enough to drink fresh from the river because there was no chemical dumping.  

To claim there is no Climate change in our world is rather naive and offensive to those of us who want to leave a world for our children and their children.  The idea that all inhabitants of earth have to live by your book is what is wrong with our country.  

Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 25 2014
15:30 (UTC)
Original Post by Aimee_kj:

Happy Saturday everyone!

First can I say thanks to everyone for their lovely advice!

I just want to say I am increasing my calorie intake - I love being able to eat and hated my ed! I am recovered from my mind frame of my ed but I do understand that to be happy I need to break free- which I'm working actively on!:)

Today was another workout day! Just to let everyone know I am decreasing the amount of time I spend in the gym- gone are the 2 hours of hell everyday! I just love being active that's all.

Today mm I did my Tabata with the kb swings in between, added some snatches and manmakers as well! kicked my bum I loved this hehe!

Followed by some abs work- roll outs, Russians and planks. My workout only lasted about 45 mins but I know I worked hard!

Tomorrow is leg day :)

Mm if you or anyone else can give me a workout schedule/ sample exercises I would so love it :) I'm not looking to lose weight or anything like that- I just like being fit and strong

Look into "Starting Strength", Stronglifts5x5, or maybe New Rules of Lifting for Women, NROL Supercharged or the one for Abs.  

Coming off an ED I would gander you are "under muscled" and need to build these up and doing all that metabolic type work you are currently listing is actually the total opposite of what your body needs.

Rest and Recovery is IMPERATIVE  doing a Full body weight lifting program like the ones listed above with a full day off the day after will do wonders to get the muscles built up again - with the proper nutrition.

On non lifting days maybe a nice 20 - 30 min walk outdoors - maybe a bike ride or something.  "Active recovery" would be something easy.  Also try to make it outdoors activity.  You could do an intense day of metabolic once a week but with the warm up - the intervals and the stretching after should only take 40 min- 10 min warm/ 20 min interval/ 10 min stretching

A 3 day lifting and a 2- 3 day cardio/ active recovery and one full day of doing nothing but maybe some stretches.

Maybe give yoga a try for one of those off days.  

 Also if you have the energy to do something in between sets - you aren't doing weights- you are still doing interval/ circuit work.  You should NEED that 1 min between sets to actually REST and get ready for the next set.  You should be challenging the muscles enough to not be able to have the energy to do much more than drink a sip of water and recover.  When I am lifting weights challenging enough my heart rate gets a LOT higher than it will on any piece of cardio equipment.  It is amazing how fast squatting even 65 pounds for 8 reps will do for the heart rate.  If you aren't challenging the muscles enough and adding weight to the lift at least once a week then it's not really weight lifting IMHO.  


The Lounge Politics/Voting Oct 25 2014
01:47 (UTC)

I think Americans need to become more involved in politics and voting.  

No matter how you vote, vote for what you feel is the best option for you.  If you aren't sure who to vote for, don't believe the commercials - read articles written about the issues/ people.  If someone is running for re election go to the Senate or Congressional website and find out how they really voted on the issues important to you.  If they are new research if they held a different office and how they handled themselves there.

For me any candidate who is wanting to take women's rights to birth control or calls for women to stay home and raise babies and take us to the 50's is wrong for our country.  Any politician wanting to make our country a theocracy is not following the constitution.  Any politician who believes gays aren't entitled to the same rights as all other people is not on the right side of history and won't get my vote.

And anyone being backed by a Koch superpac is not acting in the general interest of those who aren't wealthy.


Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 25 2014
01:33 (UTC)

This morning I did a slow steady 2 mile walk on the treadmill.  Kept the heart rate in the low zone for most of the 40 min.  I did lots of stretching after.

This evening did the Octane elliptical after a warm up.  I am bummed out though that after 20 min I experienced the numb toes that actually kind of hurt your feet issue I had with the other cross trainers.  I did the thigh workout again and after the first 10 min I was going really slow on the 1 min recovery after just the 30 sec work.  The machine even flashed "go faster" a few times!  Oh well 1.25 miles, something like 70 stories climbed and my heart rate monitor had my avg heart rate over 145 

I did play around with some of the programs and there is one called "MMA" and it consisted of 1 min recovery with 1 min "fights"  Maybe some other time I'll give that a go.  


The Lounge Who's Fat and Who's "All That" Oct 25 2014
01:00 (UTC)
2 re2.jpg

map shows southern states from southwest to southeast and KS thrown in for good measure

The Lounge Who's Fat and Who's "All That" Oct 24 2014
19:50 (UTC)

Arizona has lots of pecan farms.  I have a friend who has about 50 pecan trees on her property.  My exes grandfather had pecan trees and he lived in Georgia 

The Lounge Who's Fat and Who's "All That" Oct 24 2014
16:23 (UTC)

Where I live I guess the foods I'd be eating would be pecans, wine and corn.  If there weren't the drought fish would be on the menu.  There are a  few craw dad festivals around as well as the pecan and wine .  I guess for protein we'd be stuck with venison, elk and javelina.  Flour would be made from mesquite which the natives due use.  Also prickly pear and other cactus for fruits.  Honey is plentiful here too.  

We could also have tequila 

Fitness visceral fat Oct 24 2014
01:36 (UTC)

It is better to lose body fat with the incorporation of weight lifting and interval training instead of slow cardio .  You can do a 20 min workout with intervals of intense work for 30 sec rest for 30 and burn 3 times the calories and it also keeps the calories burning afterwards.

What are your stats?  

I see by an old post of yours you were 148 @ 5'7" which is a pretty healthy weight.  If you are just feeling flabby then I highly suggest getting off the machine and hitting the free weights.

A couple years ago I only lost 10 pounds but went from a size 8 to a 4 strictly from weight lifting and interval training.  

Look into New Rules of Lifting for Life or Supercharged those are good beginner programs and the one for Life is for people over 35 ish.    Of course lot of women like the New Rules for women.  


Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 24 2014
01:11 (UTC)

I have a new favorite "cardio" machine.  My gym got this "Octane Elliptical" which is pretty cool.  It is like an elliptical except it also comes with adjustable dumbbells so you can do a cross training mode.  The other cool thing about the elliptical is it has variable width strides so you can use it like a regular elliptical or have it more like doing "skaters".

The program I tried tonight was the "thigh workout"  It starts out as a regular elliptical then it does a random spin and it tells you to squat, or lean back, or shift body weight and reverse.  It was a lot of fun and so different than a regular elliptical.  I did only get through 10 min on it though because I had already done the Jacobs Ladder for 20 before.  

This morning I did 2 miles on the treadmill at home.  


Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 23 2014
01:22 (UTC)

Today I did 30 min on treadmill before work and then after work was weights

Warm up

Squats 3 sets x 8 @ 65lbs

supersets Glute bridge/ 1 pt row  this is the first time I've attempted a Barbell Glute Bridge- I will probably be seeing it tomorrow on my hips as I bruise so easy!  3 sets 45lbs x 12  Rows 25 x 15 and 30 x 12

supersets db presses and russian twists.  it was "2 sets high reps"  I did about 12 reps on each 15lb db and 17lb kettlebell for twists

Foam rolled and stretched.  

My muscles were already a bit sore from the other days workouts so tomorrow should be fun!

Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 22 2014
02:08 (UTC)

Another active day in the books.  This morning treadmill just 1 mile but a little jogging thrown in.  

After work I did a tabata timed workout consisting of box jumps, burpees, kettle bell swings, KB snatches and tried spin bike and jump roping but didn't do long on those.

i also almost tripped on the step f,or the jumps, so didn't complete the whole 4 min on that round.

foam rolled and has been 21 days now that I've been consistent in my workouts, so that is now a habit!!!

Fitness The Perfect Situp machine Oct 22 2014
01:59 (UTC)

Don't waste your money.  Sit ups are crAp for abs, they just end up tearing up your spine.

if you really want to build abs do planks.  Try for a 2 min one. Do side planks elevated, reduced base

do squats and deadlifts.  Real push-ups with feet on the floor not your knees does wonders for abs


The Lounge Grocery shopping at Walmart vs. your local grocery store? Oct 21 2014
18:53 (UTC)

I don't go into a Walmart .  I buy my paper and supplies for cleaning and such at Costco.  I won't even do a SAMs club.  I have to drive an hour away to go to Costco, where as the Walmart is 3 miles away, and on my way home from work.

if it's an emergency for laundry soap or toilet paper I'll go to a dollar store before Walmart.

when I did shop at Walmart the milk would always spoil within a day of opening it.  Their meat looks like crap and I never bought meat there.  


The Lounge Have you lost weight and gained it back and are currently trying to lose again? Oct 21 2014
01:53 (UTC)

My weight log here on CC looks a lot like a roller coaster  I didn't even join this site until I had already lost and gained weight again.  

I lost 55lbs in 2005 then quit smoking and gained 30 back.  

I joined CC in 2006 @ 165 lbs in 2009 I was back up to 192 that was when I joined a real gym and got serious with NROL4W and in a few months was back to 175 lbs had some major stressors and back up to 185 in early 2010 then I divorced and got serious again got to 170 lbs.  In 2011 to July of 2012 I had gone from a size 10 to a size 4 despite only losing 15 lbs in the 2 years.  Again it was weight lifting that helped lose the sizes.

I then gained since that low and had to go all the way to size 14s all do to drinking, not exercising with regularity and eating poorly.  

This month I stopped drinking and started the same program I had done in 2005 so far I've lost 10 lbs.  I am also going to the gym every day to do some activity.  I started lifting just this week as I was nursing a shoulder injury.

My goal is to be a size 10 by Christmas and get into my 8's by Spring.  With determination and doing it right I hope to be in my size 6's this time next year  - my goal weight used to be 145 but when I was 155lbs I was in size 4's so I go by size not pounds, but I would like to be in a healthy BMI at the most

Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 21 2014
01:39 (UTC)

2 workouts today 

this morning treadmill for 30 min  Some jogging at 4.5mph and the rest walking at 3  


After work did weights was a real short workout

Inverted rows ( hate these) and step ups only did about 5 reps on the inverted rows for 2 sets  Step ups did 10lbs x 5 and 15 x 5 for 2 sets

bicep curls with swiss ball planks 10 lb curls x 15 and 30 sec on planks x 3 sets

After lifting did 10 min intervals on Jacobs ladder 1 min on 1 off

foam rolled and stretched

The Lounge Female D-bag Syndrome Oct 20 2014
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Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 19 2014
23:12 (UTC)

This afternoon was a 2.5 mile walk on my treadmill.  Wasn't super fast just a stroll but better than sitting and watching tv.  

metmom - thanks for the input on the programs I am going to do.  I was reading on the Jefferson deadlift" as one of the options in the program from yesterday.  Interesting.

And kevin, that rainbow looks pretty awesome.  

Fitness October 2014 Fitness Group All Are Welcome!!!! Oct 18 2014
23:10 (UTC)

So far today I did some weights.  I decided to put off doing any NROL program for now.  Instead I decided I'm going to do a program I had downloaded a long time ago.  The weight lifting part is called  "Get Stronger Faster"  written by David Dellanave ay-by-david-dellanave/

and I have his wife's program as well "Lift weights Faster" which is a lot of circuit/ interval type workouts from bodyweights , kettlebells, and weights.  There are a selection of workouts from 10 min to 30 lots of "ladders" workouts.  Will give this a go for the next couple weeks just to get myself reintroduced to the weight lifting and metabolic work.

 I will go to the gym later to watch Dr Who while biking.  

Warm up

Deadlifts 3 sets of 10 - 2 @ 65 1 @ 85

supersets 3 sets of 10 DB push press  2 sets @ 10lb 1 2 12 / face pulls  2 sets red band 1 set blue ( due to my shoulder injury still taking it easy )

SHELC - 2 sets 7 reps

2 30 sec planks.




Fitness What is UP with my Polar FT4? Oct 18 2014
17:47 (UTC)

Does this HRM have a VO2Max test?  I think the fitness tests helps adjust the actual calorie burn estimate.  

I had read years ago that the Polar HRM can overestimate female calorie burns by up to 20%.  Also does the FT4 allow you to put in gender?  

I am needing to get a new HRM or at least a new strap as mine seems to flat line me or put my HR off the charts.  My current monitor is about 10 years old now.  

I agree with OGR if the estimate you are getting in calorie burn is so far off, then reducing your weight or increasing age might help