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The Lounge I don't think Beyonce is all that Dec 27 2014
22:19 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

i haven't listened to enough beyoncé to have an opinion. generally these days, i think anything that's that popular has to be pretty generic, which typically means literal, repetitive, predictable, and kind-of dumb. you know how over the last few decades, the reading level of most magazines and newspapers has consistently dropped? it's like that.

and anybody who can't appreciate the beatles has no ear. or they're judging based on the early bubblegum stuff. either way, they have no credibility with me - at least when it comes to music.

how about if we think Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin have more artistic value than the Beatles?  Are we uncredible?  And being a Genesis fan from the early days I still find their music back in the day more credible than any Beatles tune!

Fitness starting out Dec 27 2014
20:25 (UTC)
Original Post by oldguysrule:


I'm a firm believer in the benefits of walking. Since you are heavy, pay close attention to your how your feet are doing. Try to get really well fitting shoes. Do foot exercises to avoid plantar fascitis, and shin (anterior tibialis) exercises to avoid getting shin splints.

This is imperative!!  When I first started out I had to lose over 50 lbs to be healthy weight.  I walked for all my exercise and unfortunately didn't have the best shoes for the job.  I did develop Plantar fascitis and shin splints.  I had to wear custom orthotics for about 2 years before the PF healed.  

the shin splints do still act  up if I try to run.  

I now invest in good shoes.  I try to use different shoes for everyday use and exercise.  

Don't feel like  you have to start a running program.  Running is a very advanced sport and heavier people really should work on walking, increasing speed and mileage for increased intensity.


The Lounge Apartment Etiquette Dec 27 2014
20:16 (UTC)
Original Post by spoiled_candy:

I use to be the neighbour upstairs whos every step you could hear through the ceiling.  Even when we were not at home they could hear the cats footsteps.

Save up every penny that you can and buy a house.  And then you might have noisy neihbours but there will be some distance next to you and them.

Take care

But then you are stuck with a mortgage and no chance to have peace until the neighbors sell or move out or die.  

I am moving in less than a week to a place with people who will be closer.  Currently I have a lot of space between me and neighbors and the only noises are coyotes, owls and sometimes the fair noise drifts across the river to my place.

I hope I have quiet neighbors.  There is a business next door so at least at night it will be quiet on that side.  3 places down is an American Legion there could be some noises there and then the crematorium next to them.  There is a large yard an alley and another yard between me and the neighbors to the back.  I guess if people are too  noisy I will call the marshal's office 

I don't think it will be too bad.

The Lounge One Word! Dec 27 2014
19:43 (UTC)
Original Post by buggyhair:


-balance my spending. Pay down my debt load.

-balance time (family vs friends) & (work vs play).

-balance healthy food choices vs "treats."

-balance physical vs mental exercise.

I really love this!!

I might have to steal!  I do need a lot more balance or maybe 'boundries" in my life.  One reason I'm moving come Jan 1.  My youngest needs to become more responsible for her life and I need to let her make mistakes.

Her 7 week old baby comes home from hospital today- I've let her get away with too much over the last year.


Fitness starting out Dec 27 2014
18:22 (UTC)

I am moving and going to set up a home gym space that I'll be just using every day household items, and bodyweight. ining-Anatomy-Contreras/dp/1450429297

I have a gym membership but the town I am moving to has very limited weight section so I'm planning on using the above program mostly from home.  

I have a long history and love of lifting weights, but after reading the book I think I will be able to achieve some great results with the program he has laid out. 

I also try to walk a lot.  I try to do at least 1 mile in the morning before I get ready for work.  I walk for 15 min at my morning break.  When I move I will be walking everywhere I can.  

Fitness Gym membership on hold Dec 26 2014
23:33 (UTC)

I joined my gym in April of 2009 and have seen some real fluctuations in memberships.  The city I live in opened a Recreational Center in June of that same year with an indoor pool, classes, weight machines, lots of cardio equuipment and a measly free weight section - plus their prices were dirt cheap.  

This brought about the demise of 2 local gyms so those people were given a big discount if they joined our Snap instead of the city.  Lots of people took advantage of that, but I'd say most of those people have left the private gym and gone to the city.

The things that keep me at the Snap instead of the city are #1 the city's free weight area is small- I went one Sunday afternoon with my friend to try it out and it was pathetic.  No squat rack just a couple bench press areas, a smith machine and then the tiny area made it impossible for me to really do any of the NROL programs.  

Another advantage to Snap is 24/ 7 access.  On holidays there just isn't a paid person in the building, but you can still scan your card and use the gym.

When I joined the gym there were a few group classes and there was no additional fee to do them.  Now new members who want to take classes have to pay an additional fee.  since I'm grandfathered I don't have to.  I've even taken classes in the Sedona campus which is even more $$ a month than mine and hadn't had to pay extra.  Right now I just have the single gym membership option, but will have to increase it to the all gym access when I move to the different town, but I'll keep my membership in the town here instead of transferring it to the other town.

The town I'm moving to has a small franchise gym.  No real squat racks but I think I'll be able to work the Strong Curves program ok over there.  I also plan on making my new spare bedroom into a little workout space.  

The Lounge I don't think Beyonce is all that Dec 26 2014
21:20 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

I like dance music, so I like most of her songs. I don't care if you think her music sucks.

She is a brilliant performer. You don't have to like her music to be able to see she knows how to work a performance.

I feel this way when people talk bad about Michael Jackson - I don't think anyone can deny that he was a great performer and despite his weirdness no one can take that away.

I am not really familiar with much of Beyonce work but I do listen to a gay radio station and he plays a little B but he too isn't as big of a supporter as the average gay.  

I get a lot of slack from EVERYONE on Earth it appears when I come right out and say I really don't like the Beatles.  There are a few songs I enjoy, I love the solo work of Lennon and Harrison but I despise Sir Paul McCartney - if a song of his comes on the radio I have to change the station immediately - he makes me nauseous.  There are 2 songs he did with Michael Jackson that are ruined because he's on them.

I guess that is what makes this world a great place- what music I love and never get bored with is something others don't understand.  Music is such a personal experience I think.

I am a huge fan of the original Genesis back when there were 5.  When Gabriel and Rutherford left and it was only Collins, Banks and Hackett and after "And then there were Three" album came out Genesis went too pop and they suck!  I however still love anything Gabriel puts out.  



Calorie Count Fitbit Dec 26 2014
18:10 (UTC)

This is a pretty old post, but I'll reply anyway.  Might want to check the fitness forum for feedback.

I have a Polar Loop that I love.  It syncs with my phone (Samsung Note 4) and when I wear my bluetooth heart rate monitor it records my workouts for me.   then I can either sync with the Polar website which I do each morning so it keeps my diary of workouts, sleep, calories burned and steps.  

The Polar Loop was only $100 - I did buy a new heart rate monitor and the blue tooth strap, but my old HRM was dying anyway.

The Lounge Prankster gets a surprise from homeless guy Dec 24 2014
23:48 (UTC)

love it!  those who are less fortunate seem to be those who are most giving!  


The Lounge Black Mirror (BBC TV Show now on Netflix) Dec 24 2014
15:29 (UTC)

The episodes are available on youTube I discovered last night.

Fitness DECEMBER 2014 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Dec 24 2014
15:19 (UTC)

Last night I put a 30 day hold on my gym membership.  I am going to be busy moving and just don't want to deal with the new year resolutioners if you know what I mean

I will be having to change my membership from a one gym to all so I can go to the little one in the town I'm moving to.  I don't want to get a membership at the other gym because I'm grandfathered into free classes if I move back this way in the future.

No workouts recently.  


The Lounge The Dysfunctional Family Christmas Sing-Along Dec 23 2014
14:28 (UTC)

You Ruined my Christmas 

Fitness DECEMBER 2014 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Dec 23 2014
01:57 (UTC)

This weekend was a total wash!  I didn't even get in any measurable steps.

Today I found out I am moving!!  I applied for this little 2 Bedroom 1 block from where I work and got it!  - this weekend I spent reading training-anatomy/ and loved it and am now planning on how to make one of those 2 bdrooms a workout room.  I honestly think the big bedroom with the mirrors needs to be the "gym" and the smaller bedroom my actual place to sleep.  

I now need to buy a TRX type system and a pull / chin up bar .  I'm going to put my gym membership on a 30 day hold and then get the all gym access so I can use the Snap gym in town I'm moving to.

I don't want to give up my "grandfathered" benefits I have with my current Snap like free classes and such and the Snap in the town I'm moving to is very tiny so I do plan on still getting over here sometimes.  

I'm going to miss some things here, but I am going to walk to work ( 1 block) every day and even the post office, gym and grocery store are only 1/2 a mile at most away.  

My youngest daughter wants to move into my place I rent now and her baby will be discharged sometime next week from the hospital so things are looking good

speaking of TRX systems can anyone recommend some "off brand" systems?  How about bands  and or other resistance type things that won't break the bank?

Fitness When you reach your maximum Dec 23 2014
01:42 (UTC)
Original Post by serapa:

Must be my form.  I need to take a look at that.  I have a lot of imbalances for sure.  

I have always done lighter weights at 12 reps 3 times.  I prefer higher rep range.  Maybe that's a problem? training-anatomy/

I finished reading his book this weekend and find I am excited to take up a body weight training program when I move.  He talks a lot about sets and reps and progressions just using one's own body.  

I am a firm believer in heavy weights, but I also know if those aren't lifted correctly it causes more harm than good.

I am moving the first of the year and plan on converting one of the 2 bedrooms into a workout room and will be investing in bands, TRX suspension trainers and pull up bars.  I am really tempted to make the big bedroom into the gym and the small bedroom into my bedroom.  

If anything I do know form is the key to prevent injury and keeping one able to stay on track.


The Lounge The Dysfunctional Family Christmas Sing-Along Dec 22 2014
15:36 (UTC)

That is easy on a computer, but the app or IPad through a browser it is not as easy😊 

The Lounge so how do americans feel about the cuba development? Dec 22 2014
15:27 (UTC)

Yea, and I also included "barn finds" in my first statement

The Lounge so how do americans feel about the cuba development? Dec 22 2014
14:15 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

i think you may be underestimating the degree of modification necessary to keep an american car on the road for 60 years with only russian parts.

just saying that the idea that tiny little cuba, where these vehicles have been working for generations, is a better source of restoration-worthy cars than the US is kind-of dumb. the ones that are still around in the US have been looked after like collectors' items, not driven into the ground for 60 years and internally converted into ladas.

sounds to me like the topic on the radio show was "cuba" and among the hosts' limited knowledge of that country was the fact that cuba has old cars. so they made something up. /12/17/cuba-automakers-trade-cars-collectors/ 20547903/

The Lounge Black Mirror (BBC TV Show now on Netflix) Dec 22 2014
12:53 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Wow, I thought this was another racial bias thread.  Happily I have Netflix, I will definitely look it up.  I think you mentioned Orange is the New Black a while back, and I went and watched every episode.


I changed the title to fix that!  

Yesterday I watched them again.  

There are rumors that the "History of you" might be made into a full length movie here into the states.

The Lounge so how do americans feel about the cuba development? Dec 21 2014
20:28 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

Listening to a news show today and they mentioned that American Car collectors are biting at the bit to get to Cuba and find some late model cars in excellent condition that were perhaps stored in barns and covered some Cubans could be seeing some big income potential.

they might be disappointed. although there are plenty of 50s car bodies in cuba, most have been patched together and repaired with russian parts to such an extent that they no longer resemble the cars they started out to be. they're not collectors items in cuba; they're just cars, and necessities.

If the frame is is in good condition a car collector will know how to restore.  I have had 2 bosses in the last years that bought old classic cars that weren't in best 'driveable"state but with years of work the one current boss has been offered over $60K for his Chevy Pickup.  Not sure of the year but it is a pretty truck 

The Lounge so how do americans feel about the cuba development? Dec 21 2014
20:04 (UTC)

Listening to a news show today and they mentioned that American Car collectors are biting at the bit to get to Cuba and find some late model cars in excellent condition that were perhaps stored in barns and covered some Cubans could be seeing some big income potential.