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Fitness best earbuds? Jul 28 2014
22:03 (UTC)

I wish there were special ones for weight lifting.  I have a pair that clip around the ear, but I get sweaty and then they get wet and plugged up.  


I wish there were more comfortable ones that stayed in when you are in angles not standing up

Fitness July 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Jul 26 2014
20:14 (UTC)

the last fair I went to was when my oldest was in 4H in Tucson so probably 1997.  I was severely obese back then and a smoker and it was all I could do to just walk the grounds looking at exhibits.  the kids had fun on the rides though.


today NROLSC WO B4 I pushed hard and increased weights as much as possible on all lifts.


Side plank and plank rows was able to hold side for 25 sec so that is an increase of 5 sec  Hadn't done the plank row yet so used the yellow band and was able to do 10 reps

SHELC / Incline DB press 20 lbs on DB press.  Not sure if I can go up to 25 next workout but will try it for the first set

Reverse lunge/ standing row  Lunge upped to 10lbs then 12 lbs the 2nd set x 15  Standing row - blue band 

I realized I had forgotten to do the combo move prior to the strength so did it after RDL 45 / 55 x 5

Didn't do intervals but I did do some easy complex RDL,. front squat press and good morning with a small PVC pipe maybe 12 lbs?  


In better news 2 weeks ago I started Weight Watchers because I needed a change of pace from just calorie counting - I wasn't doing that with consistency. anyway I've measured myself each Saturday since and I've lost 4.6 lbs but better lost an inch from waist and 1/2 inch from hips.  My arms haven't lost anything, but they look better.  Starting to see the "indents" where the bicep and tricep meet instead of just a blob of flesh.

Lys - I think the elevated side planks are what put me out of commission on the psoas muscle in May and kept me out of the gym in June.  The Supercharged warm up has a hip flexor stretch and also the spiderman thing really helps warm  up the hips.

I already feel today's SHELC hitting my hams and glutes.  Plan for the day - stay indoors where it's relatively cooler.  Although later I do need to go buy new walking shoes. 


The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 26 2014
14:22 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Now that I think of it.. my actual X was a hoarder,, big time.. which is why he is an X.. *shakes* Best not to go there.  Thankfully, that was long ago.. long, long ago..

Funny thing, Dh is the opposite of a hoarder,, he is a tosser.  If it isn't used, get rid of it.. no discussion.. Food in the freezer, clothes, furniture, stuff in general..

Sometimes I have to protect my "stuff" which is why I have my own cabin in the back yard..  See, there is stuff and then there is precious stuff, and he just doesn't see the difference..




My ex would hoard HIS junk, but anyone else's things were subject to his cleaning moods.  I too had to hide my stuff for protection, even then he sometimes discarded them.  

the one thing that really upset me was a box of things my mom had given me that belonged to my brother who had died.  I was furious - sure could have been a box of "junk" but it was sentimental value that is irreplacable. 


The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 25 2014
18:03 (UTC)

sorry if this has already been posted but did anyone see the woman's spreadsheet about her husbands lack of fulfilling her needs? rated-wifes-sex-spreadsheet-reveals-3911381 -than-sex-spreadsheet.html


The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 25 2014
17:42 (UTC)
Original Post by barbarjinx:

Original Post by catwalker:

If I'm doing stuff late at night and not really watching TV I often put hoarders on in the background. I don't know why the disorder fascinates me so much but it does.

If I am flipping channels and that show comes on, I can watch it for about 5 minutes and then I have to get up and find some items to throw away.

that almost makes me wish I had tv!  I really do need to clean house and purge some of my collections recently..  

I seem to collect "workout" shoes.  I have a ton of New Balance and Nike shoes in my closet that I have worn out yet won't toss.


The Lounge No booty for you! Jul 25 2014
17:39 (UTC)
Original Post by igloogal:

Omg now this shows in my recently browsed items on amazon.

ill have to explain that one to hubby. Lol

sorry!  but really what does a blow up doll do for a woman?


Weight Loss Any other guys doing paleo? Jul 25 2014
16:15 (UTC)
2 stone_age_delusions/?utm_source=facebook& utm_medium=socialflow

For this reason, generalizations about the typical hunter-gatherer lifestyle are spurious; it doesn’t exist. With respect to what people ate (especially how much meat), the only safe assumption was “whatever they could get,” something that to this day varies greatly depending on where they live. Recently, researchers discovered evidence that people in Europe were grinding and cooking grain (a paleo-diet bugaboo) as far back as 30,000 years ago, even if they weren’t actually cultivating it. “A strong body of evidence,” Zuk writes, “points to many changes in our genome since humans spread across the planet and developed agriculture, making it difficult at best to point to a single way of eating to which we were, and remain, best suited.”

You might enjoy a book called "Drop Dead Healthy"

I read a large portion of the book and he did try Paleo, but the one thing he continued to use was a small "shrimp fork" to eat based on the VLC philosophy.  

He also wrote most of the book on a treadmill desk.  He tried and tested every diet - lifestyle and health craze.  I found it very interesting and how he chose the good and lost the bad's of every fad or lifestyle.  Not only diet but he also did a lot of exercise routines.  

I think I need to read it again.  


The Lounge No booty for you! Jul 25 2014
14:56 (UTC)

wonder if the Katy Pervy one would do- it has a "candy cooch"!

The Lounge No booty for you! Jul 25 2014
14:45 (UTC)

This is what he will end up with

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 25 2014
14:22 (UTC)

My sister's MIL was an animal hoarder.  My sister said she had a 3 bedroom condominium and in one room was floor to ceiling bird cages  and the other bedroom was full of cat littler boxes and cat stuff  for her 8 or 9 cats - her hallway was lined with boxes of cat litter and food for the animals.  I can't imagine the smell!

She also had 100's of wind chimes on the patio and there were so many that neighbors for floors around her complained to the management and they had to rewrite the HOA's to say no wind chimes allowed on patios for the entire complex.

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 25 2014
13:33 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Original Post by amethystgirl:

Yeah, that's (in my completely non-professional-but-i-did-stay-at-a-holiday- inn-express opinion), pretty extreme OCD. With maybe some hoarding (wrt the car) tendencies?

Any chance she'd be willing to get help for this? It could end up ruling your life. It sounds like it already is to an extent.

Hoarding is definitely one of the manifestations of OCD.

That does sound a lot like OCD with hoarder tendency.  

My ex used to have to have his shirts hung in a certain direction on the hanger and my youngest only uses white hangers.  She too had to have all clothes facing a certain direction.  


The Lounge No booty for you! Jul 25 2014
13:22 (UTC)
Original Post by liseey02:

I hate it when people post do not contact me if... lists on their profile. It's a major turn off/buzz kill even when they're funny. Pretty much if a guy says do not contact me if... I will not contact them period even if they initiate conversation.

This list definitely takes the cake and I just can't see where he's coming from. I couldn't even read the whole thing it was just too much. lol.

I don't have an issue with don't contact me "deal breakers" just to make sure that person is somewhat on the same page as you, but this guys list guarantees no one on earth should come in contact with him ever.  


The Lounge cures for insomnia Jul 25 2014
00:19 (UTC)

I have chronic insomnia and rely on drugs plain and simple.  I take 2 melantonin concotions that contain valerian root and other herbs I also take doxlamine succinate ( not the stuff in PM medicines, but the "real" sleep stuff I can take benadryl for my allergies and be wide awake does nothing for me!)

I also take 1 mg of alprazolam and 150 mg of Trazadone.  

I usually take my meds around 6:30 or 7 so I am able to sleep around 9.  sometimes I do fall asleep watching netflix or something and go to bed at 9.  If I wake up before 2:30 and can't get back to sleep due to "restless brain syndrome" or kind of like a panic attack dream I will put my Ipad on to a netflix of amazon prime tv show or maybe a movie and watch that.  Usually the distraction helps my brain not think about what it is that has me panicked and I can go back to sleep after an hour.  If this occurs before 1 and after 30 min of tossing and turning I'll get up and take another melantonin and OTC sleep aid.  Sometimes if it happens on a Friday or Saturday night I will skip the OTC and go right for the xanax and another 50 mg of trazadone as long as I can sleep in the next day.

My internal alarm clock usually wakes me up anywhere between 4 or 5 am this only sucks when I actually stay up late on weekends if I go out and party.  

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 24 2014
18:49 (UTC)

Folding underwear is about as reasonable as ironing sheets there are a lot better uses of my time.  I also don't match socks until I go through the drawer looking for the match.  I tend to buy the same brand and type of sock so they always match.  Black and just below the ankle

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 24 2014
18:49 (UTC)

Folding underwear is about as reasonable as ironing sheets there are a lot better uses of my time.  I also don't match socks until I go through the drawer looking for the match.  I tend to buy the same brand and type of sock so they always match.  Black and just below the ankle

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 24 2014
17:04 (UTC)
Original Post by barbarjinx:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

my ex used to fold his dirty clothes before putting them in the hamper even underwear!


 Did he fold clean clothes too or only the dirty ones?!   I gotta know how far the weirdness extends!

For many years I would fold his laundry and then discovered he unfolded and redid them so I would wash his clothes, hang the shirts and pants but leave the folding stuff for him to do himself

The Lounge Oddest ex-SO habits Jul 24 2014
16:55 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Original Post by alaskanme:

I had a boyfriend in HS who thought he was a modern day "outlaw", a la Jesse James, or some such. His favorite song was "Desperado". He wore skin tight jeans, sometimes with buck shot holes in them. He had pistols, he listened to a lot of Jethro Tull. He told our fortunes with Tarot cards (gave me my own deck for Christmas...), wore his hair long, etc., etc.

It was more than just a persona. He actually believed that he was born to be the leader of his band of outlaws, and that he would someday be the "king" of all he surveyed when the revolution/apocalypse came...I would be his queen/consort and we would have children and dogs hounds...*sigh*

We dated for six months, and then I just couldn't take it anymore. Not sure whatever became of him, though I think he still lives in the area.

Didn't he move to Guyana with a bunch of friends?

Don't drink the Kool aid

i personally cannot sleep with clothes on!  My doctor had suggested a sleep study and I think no way will I waste my time or , the techs knowing I can't sleep with something  on my shoulders or back.

my ex used to fold his dirty clothes before putting them in the hamper even underwear!


Fitness Tried and tested gym routine for toning? Fitness gurus needed! Jul 24 2014
15:58 (UTC)

I always say a woman should go weigh their purse and double it for a starting weight. If they have a small child that is a good starting weight too. 

I think the secret is also to start light, but something challenging enough, then if after the first set you feel you could have done more reps increase the weight on the next set.  If the weight is right you will have a harder time pressing out the last 2 reps.  Once you feel comfortable at a weight the next time you do that lift try to increase the weight on the first set when you're fresher, if it's too difficult then go back down the second set. Always attempt to increase at least one lift per session for continued progress.  Using the same weight will only make your muscles adapt and not progress.

 eta also concentrate on lifting and set aside all the cardio.  

Fitness Tried and tested gym routine for toning? Fitness gurus needed! Jul 24 2014
14:21 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by PetiteCupcake:

Thank you for your reply. I won't be cutting out carbohydrates or changing my diet as I'm happy with the way it is and as I said, I don't need to lose weight.

Do you think I should stick with the cardio or focus more on the weights? I'm very much a beginner so a lot of the lingo went over my head, but can I take it that the best thing to do is lift as heavy as possible on th machines?

I'm so glad you replied with this - it's very heartening that you aren't going to let someone tell you to lose weight.

I agree with the others - lift to gain muscle (that means lifting heavy) and make sure you are eating enough calories - at maintenance or above.  As scrapper said, Starting Strength or New Rules of Lifting for Women (or one of the others) would be potential routines to follow.

Machines are not the best choice.  Look into Starting Strength, Stronglifts 5x5 is available for free, and any of the New Rules of Lifting programs.  


Weight Loss Any other guys doing paleo? Jul 24 2014
14:17 (UTC)
Original Post by dakatz:

Original Post by gettinggood:

haha yeah my whole point was to try and inspire and it seems it has done the opposite.

Maybe I should just delete this post and try a new forum lol.

Spurring on debate and discussion is sort of the purpose of a forum

You asked for success stories and are upset because no one else is chiming in in agreement?

This might be the telling you need to hear.  Fad diets come and go.  People try something have good initial results, but after a few weeks or months they suddenly realize their bodies are revolting for that macronutrient you are depriving it of.

I know a lot of people here on this site have done Paleo and I don't know of one who had sustainable results after the initial rapid losses.

Also if paleo was so great, why did we evolve past this?  

I agree staying away from processed breads and other processed foods is great, but there is nothing wrong with eating grains, carbs and vegetables.