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Foods Frozen vegetables Sep 21 2014
19:38 (UTC)

If you are choosing a generic item it may not be accurate.  The best option is to either find the food/ brand name you are using and use it or add it to the database yourself.  could be what you are looking at is someone too lazy to actually add to the database the real nutrient content.

take the package details and search if the food isn't listed add it yourself and fill in all details

Fitness September 2014 Fitness Group-- ALL ARE WELCOME Sep 21 2014
19:33 (UTC)

so my gym has added a Jacob's Ladder to it's cardio equipment.  I planned on going this afternoon to check it out, but my daughter who turned 25 today asked if her and her boyfriend/ baby daddy could use my car to go over to Prescott to celebrate.  I gave in so I will have to wait till Tuesday to check it out.  Tomorrow we are having a family dinner to celebrate the birthday.  

We would have done it today but there is a HUGE biker rally in our town and the restaurant she wants to have dinner at is in the part of town with road closures for the rally.  honestly it is like a mini "Sturgis" in my town this weekend


Fitness females who do pelvic floor exercises ? question Sep 21 2014
18:50 (UTC)

If you have issues it may be too late already, but maybe able to stop any further progression.

I'm not sure how reversable it is.  

I would say do it as often as you remember.  Kegels can be done anytime, anywhere and can't hurt. -doing-kegels-real-pelvic-floor-advice-for-wo men-and-men

saw this article and looks like doing squats can do wonders for the pelvic floor.  If you decide to go that route take up a full body weightlifting routine.

I'm almost 55 and have had 2 children and I don't have issues with bladder control, leakage or stuff related to weak pelvic muscles.  I can laugh and sneeze in public with no worries.

I don't do exercises directed towards the pelvic floor.  I do kegels when I remember but I do weigh lift so there is that.

Fitness 25lb dumbellls Sep 20 2014
18:05 (UTC)

Also might want to look into adjustable weights- they are kind of pricey, but one barbell can go from 5- 45 lbs so he could progress as needed. 

also getting a full body established program would be beneficial


The Lounge How closely do you look at your receipts? Sep 20 2014
17:55 (UTC)

In AZ there is no sales tax on food, except in the town I live in.  They don't have property tax in the city limits so they charge sales tax on everything and since the town itself is small, the 'community" which includes about 4 surrounding towns increases the tax base, since the Walmart, Safeway, Fry's (Kroger) are in city limits.  All the stores like a small Sears, JC Penney and other shops are in city limits as well.  The people in Sedona usually come over here to shop since basic prices are cheaper.  So the city makes a killing off all the other towns that are too small to have a lot of shops and no grocery stores.


The Lounge I'm all about that bass! Sep 20 2014
17:48 (UTC)
18 arody-Video-35732569

I think the song is catchy and I'm seeing a lot of parodies.  

The Lounge Really Strange Songs Sep 19 2014
02:21 (UTC)

I have the opportunity to listen to odd songs any day of the week with my Sirius/ XM subscription.  

There are many days I will delve back into the 60's and one of my favorite things is listening to American Top 40 on the 70's station with original Kasey Casem broadcasts.  The "Streak" songs were great, and also the songs that there were "interviews" or news broadcasts and the questions would be answered with a song lyric.  

Dickie Goldman

there are some from the 60's as well but I don't really remember those on the radio, but the 70's ones were very nostalgic.

Not sure if anyone posted about Alice's Restaurant yet but I loved that song and on Thanksgiving day every year Sirius/ XM Classic Vinyl station plays it ever hour on the hour.  

I remember "in the year 2525" being one of my favorite songs growing up.  

I remember when Janice Ian released "Society's child" and my sister bringing home the 45 and my mom taking the record and breaking it into pieces.  Years later my brother had the album and my parents were accepting of the song.   My sister brought it home in the 60's my brother not until the 70's. It made an impression on me.  I love Janice Ian to this day and her song At Seventeen is something I do like to do at a Karoake if available!

A couple weekends ago I posted on Facebook what was it about that week in  1973 that made all the songs on teh ATF 40 so depressing and a friend pointed out the middle of the Vietnam war.  

In brighter news a lot of the top 40 songs in the 70s were movie soundtracks or even tv show themes - Welcome Back Kotter was popular as well as Happy Days.

It seems today a theme song or soundtrack of a motion picture is never in the top 40 - exception being Frozen ( I've never seen that movie)

How about  Disco Duck?   

Way back before Sirius/ XM merged there were repeats of the 80's shows of ATF top 40 as well.  Some of my favorite " strange" songs would probably be  Mexican Radio  I raised my oldest daughter right when  she once posted she went to see a band play at a bar and they played this song and she was the only one in the audience who knew the song~\





The Lounge Ray Rice (Football player who knocked out his wife) Sep 19 2014
00:22 (UTC)
12 dinals/2014/09/17/cardinals-johnathan-dwyer-a rrested-abrk/15796691/


No surprise the actual assault occurred months ago.   Wasn't reported until 9/11 according to the police report, but it appears his wife fled the state sounds like maybe she was afraid to report anything until her and her child were safe distance away from the man.

I heard on the news today that he head blocked her for denying him sex and broke her nose and then next morning punched her in the face.  There is also report he threw a shoe at the toddler in the home.




The Lounge obstruction of justice Sep 18 2014
03:03 (UTC)
2 831/-Are-the-Ferguson-and-St-Louis-County-pol ice-departments-conspiring-to-obstruct-justic e?detail=facebook

The Lounge Obamacare Success = Republican Vote Sep 17 2014
18:24 (UTC)

I work in a family practice clinic and sometimes I'm just amazed how self hating people must be.  Have patients with no insurance or recently lost their insurance or one guy was paying over $500 a month for insurance he didn't need because his wife who works and has her insurance will need this plan when she retires in 2 years.  I told him to go to an insurance broker and get a Medicare supplement policy drop the unnecessary policy and then when his wife stops working in 2 years she can get ins on the exchanges.  He said but that's Obamacare!  So I said ok and walked away without saying then Why the hell did you ask me for help on ways to maybe save you on your insurance?  Go ahead and flush the money you said is 1/2 of your retirement.

living in a Republican state I find the I'd rather die than get on insurance, even if I can get it at a discount

The Lounge skin-colored* speedos Sep 17 2014
18:05 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I'm going to guess that it was a man. But I don't know.


Actually I think I read a female designed and the team voted on the design!  

Fitness 25lb dumbellls Sep 17 2014
16:44 (UTC)

As Kevin said it really depends on what exercise he's doing.  If his form is horrific then it would be bad if he has great form and has built up to that weight for said curls then great.  If he just throwing the weight around with no real purpose or program then probably not a good idea

The Lounge skin-colored* speedos Sep 17 2014
16:37 (UTC)

I saw that and just felt so sorry for those women wearing something that made them have huge camel toes.  

I'm sure the padding in the crutch is to cushion the bike seat, but still it just looks horrific.  All it needs to be more offensive would be a black sharpie pubic hair drawing

The Lounge obstruction of justice Sep 16 2014
14:37 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:


It seems like the kind of thing that indicates a systemic corruption, so I also wonder what kinds of things police departments might be doing and completely getting away with.

Like racial profiling? itimacy/Pages/traffic-stops.aspx

Raping (this was also a racial profiling cases) 4/08/29/oklahoma-cop-charged-sexual-assaults/ 14830063/

illegal strip searches - and forced medical procedures ( colonoscopies and xrays ) ed-a-second-man-to-have-invasive-surgery/


The Lounge feed a cold... starve a fever? Sep 16 2014
14:17 (UTC)

When I begin to feel like something is coming on I start taking extra vitamin C, D and Zinc.  I will take supplements but also eat foods that are high in these vitamins and minerals.  Usually within 24 hours I'm well.  The secret is to get on the extra vitamins as soon as possible when you start feeling sick.

I will keep up the extra for another 2 - 3 days and never get so sick as I miss work.  Since I work at a drs office I can usually have a doctor look at me real quick and judge if it's bacterial.  I have COPD so coming down with a chest cold makes it hard for me to get enough oxygen so I have to get on steroids to breath.


Fitness September 2014 Fitness Group-- ALL ARE WELCOME Sep 13 2014
20:05 (UTC)

Now with the Apple Watch that has HRM functions do you all think Polar or Garmin are going to be mad?  

I never wash my HRM strap - I thought I read on Polar's website that "rinse after every use with warm water and hang to dry" is what is recommended and "soap" is a big no no - will cause damage to the connections.  

Many years ago I just used the cheap unencoded straps and it worked great.  It isn't as "giving" in its flexibility but unlike the coded straps it is hardy!  I've had to replace my strap a couple times recently because it wasn't picking up a signal anymore.  But I think my problem is I keep my gym bag in my car with the strap and monitor all the time and in the AZ heat I think it just gets "cooked"

The last time I replaced it was a little over a year ago and it was due to obvious fragging of the electrode area.  The watch I use now is a discontinued F11 I have had for 10 years now!  the watch works fine, but sometimes picking  up the signal from the strap proves a challenge.  

I had upgraded a couple years ago to a FT80 but that watch died a couple years later.  So I went back to my old trustworthy F11 which has been working for me very well.

I've contemplated a Fitbit, but I'm not completely sold yet.  doesn't it require a monthly subscription fee?  Also I know someone who says it registers her as asleep when she is just watching tv or reading.  I have an app with my Ipad that records my sleep and I love it - except it sometimes registers me asleep when I know I was awake - but I like how it records my snoring - since the last update it hasn't been as sensitive to my noise making as it used to do, maybe I'm not snoring anymore? - ya that is what I think too!! 


Fitness polar ft4 or ft7? Sep 13 2014
16:21 (UTC)

In 2004 I purchased a F11 ( I don't think they make them anymore) and used it for years, then in 2010 I thought I'd upgrade and bought a FT80 and it didn't last but about 2 years, so I got out my old F11 and use it again.  

I've had to replace the straps a couple times and I've had to change batteries.  There are some times when it registers no heart rate and I think this is more a strap issue.  I usually forget to rinse it off after use so I'm sure it's getting gunked up.

When I wore it while walking it would always lose signal when I walked near the guy with the ham radio tower on his house, but my XM would also go out around that house when I drove by.  


The Lounge Coffee vs. Tea Sep 13 2014
00:39 (UTC)

I have a metal tea pot at work and will fill it with hot water from the Bottle water dispenser and use decaf green tea.  

I have to be really careful with no caffeine after 7am or I really have trouble sleeping that night.  

I appreciate the mentions of places that sell loose tea.  I remember a restaurant in Nebraska that had the absolutely best Iced Tea I've ever had and it was a brewed loose tea- true wonderful tea have never found anything close to that, but I continue my quest.


The Lounge Coffee vs. Tea Sep 12 2014
14:27 (UTC)

I live in a small town that has a health food store that once sold loose tea but not anymore.

There is a coffee shop next door to my work that has loose tea and I'll sometimes get a cup.  

The Lounge Coffee vs. Tea Sep 12 2014
01:42 (UTC)

I drink many cups of coffee each morning.  I am not picky, all coffee seems to taste the same to me so I buy whatever is on sale hot and black.  Flavored coffee is gross.  I remember my grandma making coffee on the stove - boiled coffee is what I was raised on.  She did add egg shells to the grinds to "cut the bitterness" but it was still thick and black and hot and hard the way coffee is suppose to be enjoyed!

I do enjoy teas though.  I like "Earl Grey hot" because everyone knows Capt Picard is HOT!

I also like English Breakfast.  I get a green tea from Starbucks whenever a drug rep is buying us Starbucks.  

I love restaurants that have iced tea that tastes like brewed tea.  If it tastes like just lipton I'll get a soda instead.  I am surprised how hard it is to find loose tea leaves to brew "real" tea.  If I could do that I would do tea before coffee.