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The Lounge Taxes! Apr 23 2014
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I got my fad refund already. Less than a week for stat,e and 10 days for FedsFeds

Fitness April 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Apr 23 2014
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Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Original Post by crazineko:

Today I did my last NROLFW workout.  I'm DONE!

Brag moment:  I posted my summary and results on the NROLFW fb page and Lou Schuler liked my finishing comment!  COOL.


Excellent work Neko! Of course "done" is a funny term, the finishing of one thing is usually the start of another. Might I suggest NROL for Abs? Lou personally recommends it:)

Me too!  I still think it is the most fun and challenging of all the NROL programs.  

Next month when I get my one year review at work I asked for an hour off earlier each day instead of a raise - crazy I know but with my commute I find it impossible to get the motivation to go to the gym so if I can leave at 4 I can be at the gym and dressed out and ready to go by 4:45 or 5 and since a lot of the classes are at 5:30 I'll be able to do some of those and lift weights on the other days.  

today my walking buddy at work returned from her vacation and we did the 15 min walk in the am and afternoon.  It is getting hot out there and I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to keep it up.  The good news is the LDS church we walk by waters their grass around 3:30 when we walk, so if nothing else maybe we will be able to walk through the sprinklers at the 1/2 way point!

Fitness what makes a good lifting routine? Apr 23 2014
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I just saw your other post and see you are a young teen female and eating the bare minimum for an adult who sits around all day. 

If you want to get "in shape" you need to eat probably double what you are now.  You can't build any strength or muscle with such a huge deficit.  

I am 5'6" 54 year old and I would eat 2000 calories a day and lose inches when I was actively weight lifting.

I had the best success when I ate enough to fuel my body and workouts and lifted weights 3 times a week and on none lifting days I just walked my dog for 30 min.  I went from a size 8 to a 4 in a few short months.  I lost a few pounds, but I was overweight to begin with, not like you at a good weight now.


If you want a nice figure lift weights, build some muscle, eat more and maybe cut down on so much cardio.


The Lounge Too much time to myself. Apr 23 2014
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Original Post by restless_marmot:

Ugh, this just brings back awful memories of being unemployed and going out of my mind. Sooo glad that's over. Idle time = spiraling into a ruminative, restless, anxious, self-loathing funk (for me at least). 

I guess to answer your question, I like to spend my free time on weekends exploring nearby hiking trails and urban parks. The outdoors is always soothing, and I'm lucky to live in a place that has that available. 

Hope your job comes through soon. 

I so can relate!  I was unemployed this time last year- I did work a few hours on the weekend for awhile but during the week, besides scouring the internet for jobs and filing for unemployment weekly - the rest of the time I spent sitting on my arse doing nothing.

I gained weight, stopped going to the gym, felt miserable about myself and started drinking way too much.  

I don't have satellite or cable tv so I watched netflix and hulu and played on facebook or here 

because of the "funk" of depression and such I just withdrew and didn't take time to do things I probably should have done - like clean my house, go out with friends take up a hobby stuff I usually would have done.

Oh I also live in a small town with no place to go except a bar.  Our one movie theater closed a few years back.  There aren't even any malls to just walk around in.  


The Lounge where do u do groceries? Apr 22 2014
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Original Post by februarystars:

Weep for your lack of wegmans.  The only part of upstate NY I miss... .a lot. ng-wrong-again/

This week, Wegmans announced the supermarket opposed mandatory GE labeling and instead supports a voluntary approach.

Thousands of loyal Wegmans shoppers pledged to take their business elsewhere.

Wegmans’ response? To call them anti-scientific luddites who don’t do their homework.

Apparently, in Wegmans’ world, the customer is always wrong.

- See more at: ng-wrong-again/#sthash.x0mrfuQZ.dpuf

Fitness what makes a good lifting routine? Apr 22 2014
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Original Post by sweatkillah:

. I'm a little active with around 8 hours of moderate to intense exercise. I know these routines work best if you separate days into back day/arm day/leg day, are there more things I need to know? Thanks!! :)

Unless you are an experienced lifter looking to get bigger this "split" routines are actually not a way to do things.

Get the book Starting Strength, download Stronglifts 5X5, look into New Rules of Lifting.   Can't tell if you are male or female so can't specifically recommend NROL 4 Women, or Female Body Breakthrough.  Also specifically what are your goals?  Muscle gains, fat loss, strength?

The above mentioned programs are all full body routines, 3 times a week - on your none lifting days you can do cardio if you want, or whatever it is you are doing now.


The Lounge where do u do groceries? Apr 21 2014
18:50 (UTC)

Sometimes if I run out of laundry soap or toilet paper  paper towels I will go to any one of the dollar stores, again because I disagree with walmart policies

The Lounge where do u do groceries? Apr 21 2014
14:28 (UTC)

I will never go to a Wal-Mart or a Sam's club because I don't like their practices.  

I live in a small town with 3 grocery stores and one small local health food/ organic/ vegetarian only stuff.  The 2 major stores are Fry's which is a Kroger brand.  There is a Safeway - which is where I go 99.9% of the time due to the wide selection of Ezekiel breads, great fruit and veggies and more organic stuff.  The 3rd is "Food City" which is the Hispanic version of "Basha's" which is a state of AZ only chain.  I don't go to Food City because most of the items are all in Spanish - the aisles markers that say what is down that aisle are in Spanish as well.  They are cheap and many of the foods are American brands just the Spanish version names.  It is a great place to go for great Mexican products you can't get in the other stores, but still very hard for me to shop there since I don't know Spanish and the employees are Spanish speakers with little English.  

I do go to the Basha's in the town I work at only because in that town they don't charge sales tax on food- like the rest of the state of AZ but the town I live in does charge sales tax on everything.  The Basha's in that town is just a small store though so selection is limited.

I get all my paper and canned food items at Costco- have to drive an hour to that store and without a freezer or cooler buying the frozen items and such doesn't work for me.  I do love Costco for wild caught canned tuna and salmon, condiments, and canned fruits and veggies.  


The Lounge The Truth in Advertising Act Apr 20 2014
21:34 (UTC)

I kind of agree with the OP - in that photoshop does not really provide the "truth in advertising" that is in fact already on our books as law.  

I mean the manipulation of "real people" to the impression that no one has cellulite, body fat, thigh gaps, visible collar bones, pimples other not so perfect bodies is sad.  I look at magazine ads and know it is a manipulative picture, but really do young girls or even young men know what they are seeing is a not really the true fact.  

Sure we want to think our youth know the difference between a picture they see in a magazine is not "real life" but the fact is that if that were true would would really have so many girls on this website seeking help on achieving this thigh gap, bikini shadow and who knows what else?

I recently tweeted about Valerie Bertinelli to someone who had her on his radio show and he defended her saying - yes she gained some weight but she still looks fabulous. erie-bertinelli-weight-gain-pounds-jenny-crai g-talk/

We should start by making sure ads depict 'real" life.  No more clearing up the skin, removing the imperfections and extra pounds.  maybe if more "real life" pictures of famous people in the media were used more people would see they aren't ugly and have a real "average and normal" body of most people.  We don't need to starve anymore to achieve a body image that the industry decided is 'perfect'

The Lounge Blasphemy or just fun? Apr 20 2014
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Original Post by hatamoto:

I'm all about Pepe Pilate (okay)

I love the Pontius Pilate songs but have to confess Pepe the king prawn is a character I was not familiar with, but youtubing him I like it!

The Lounge Blasphemy or just fun? Apr 20 2014
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Original Post by amwick:

What a treat for a chilly Easter morning.  I sincerely believe that God has a sense of humor.  No, this is not blasphemous.  A priest in a 2.2 million dollar mansion is blasphemous.  Not that I am picking on priests, but you get the general concept.


I remember a friend many years ago saying "If G-D did not have a sense of humor, then how do you explain Giraffes"

I also agree that the larger the church is and the more money they make are the ones not really doing the works of Christ.  

And before people yell at me again saying I'm blanket stating this - I am only saying this from the examples I see and think a lot is just hypocrisy too.  

But Gonzo just rocks it as Judas!!

Weight Loss Paleolithic diet? Apr 20 2014
00:14 (UTC)
4 stone_age_delusions/

Another book debunking this craze

Weight Loss Paleolithic diet? Apr 19 2014
21:27 (UTC)
6 /ambereva

recently posted this on her facebook page.

Paleo is the new Pro-Ana.

You're dizzy and fatigued? It's not hunger, your body is 'detoxing'. Paleo harder!

Your friends and family are telling you they're concerned? They're just jealous and trying to make you quit. Paleo harder!

You lost interest in sex? It's just adrenal fatigue. Paleo harder!

You lost your period? You're eating too many carbs. Paleo harder!

You're craving sugar? It's not hunger, obviously you're addicted. Paleo harder!

Your hair is falling out? Not enough nutrients. Take these supplements and paleo harder!

It's a lifestyle. Other people don't understand. Stop hanging around with them and paleo harder!


I had great weight loss success by cutting processed foods.  I eat Ezekiel Breads, real butter, whole milk, fruits, veggies, meat and eggs.  I find if I eat mostly foods found from the perimeter of a grocery store vs what is in the aisles I can lose weight faster, AS LONG AS THERE IS ALSO A DEFICIT 

Just eat food that is actually food.  If a food is processed beyond recognition of a real food item ( High Fructose corn syrup, sugar, sucrose, fructose, BHT, and stuff that isn't actual food but an additive, then it isn't food)  

Reading labels should be the first thing you do before putting into your cart.  If it has stuff you don't know what it means, don't put it into your body.  

I find it interesting that people say to eat like a caveman, yet didn't evolution show us that we have evolved beyond a paleo diet.  

The Lounge Career options!! Apr 19 2014
20:51 (UTC)

I am not sure if there is a dental option, but I work for a family practice clinic, and before that a Certified Nurse Midwife with also a Woman's Health Nurse Practioner and the DO in the family practice is just 3 or 4 years out of med school and the Midwife also recently out of school and both faced with a ton of student loans and they both applied for and qualified to make the clinics they work at "Sliding fee schedule" services so people without insurance and at poverty up to 200% poverty level qualify for free to reduced fee services. 

For our family practice clinic the doctor files paperwork each year showing how many patients we served that were self pay, sliding fee qualified and then she gets a large payment by the government to her student loans.  This has saved her about 25K a year in repayments, and most of the $ now is actually going to the principal and not the interest.  

There are also other programs that will defer payment entirely if the physician goes to work in an under served area.  I live in an area that in the early 2000's qualified as an under served area, but now we don't qualify for that incentive due to the large influx of family practice providers.  But I did billing for a doctor who went to work on an Indian Reservation in 2008 due to the extra incentives available to work in areas where most doctors don't want to work, because there really isn't much $.  

There probably are incentives like this to help teachers and others who are willing to work in a remote area that is under served.  Something worth looking into at least. 

Many years ago I had a podiatrist ask me to work with his clinic on the Navajo Reservation.  If I wasn't married at the time I think I would have jumped at the opportunity.  The $$ wasn't great, but there was free housing on the reservation made available to anyone who worked at their hospital.  


The Lounge Blasphemy or just fun? Apr 19 2014
18:49 (UTC)

I think the movie was more controversial than the Broadway play.  

I tend to watch the movie every year at Easter.  


Fitness April 2014 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Apr 19 2014
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Original Post by meganr:

Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Original Post by oldguysrule:

@kevin: are those burpees with, or without, the push up? I'm pretty bad a burpees of all types.

Without. I don't think I could do it with!

I didn't even think it was *legal* to call something a burpee without the pushup.

I think a burpee sans a push  up is just a squat thrust with a jump.  Did a quick google search and it appears Burpees without the push up are burpees, but with the push up its a Bastardo

Appears there are many torturous ways to do a burpee!  I'm lucky if I can just accomplish a squat thrust at this time!!

The Lounge worrying unnessary Apr 19 2014
17:52 (UTC)

I hate that "Racing mind syndrome".  Sometimes I'll be asleep and then wake up in a panic about something I have no control over or can't do anything about until morning, but then I can't get back to sleep because this issue is being played over and over in my brain.

I tell myself to think happy thoughts, that sometimes works, sometimes I'll 'count sheep" in German having to recall how to say 25 in a language I haven't used since high school makes it easier to get those worries out.  Then there are nights when I have to break down and take a 1/2 a xanax and a melontonin and turn on my Ipad to netflix or hulu or something and watch a tv show until I fall asleep again.


The Lounge Career options!! Apr 18 2014
22:45 (UTC)

I am so grateful when I was young college wasn't a necessary evil.  I never went to college and I have a job and work in an industry I really like.  I started out right out of high school as an entry level "messenger" in an insurance company, after  6 months worked my way to an "abstracter"   took the information on claim forms, coded it to the insurance companies standards and then it went to the auditors for review, after a year of doing that I got promoted again to an auditor.  

I did that for several years and really enjoyed my job.  I then got married and moved to a different state that had some new insurance company things I was not familiar with - HMO for one was totally foreign but I learned about it and again got a job in insurance.  

After having a child I started work as a fire dept dispatcher part time.  I worked opposite shifts of the husband so our child never saw a day care.  It was great.  After 2nd child I returned again to insurance full time work and only lasted about 2 years, then came home again and got a job doing internet stuff.  We moved and I had to get a job again - the kids were old enough to manage home alone for a few hours and that is when I got into the "billing" side of the healthcare field.  After a few years with a billing service I was given the opportunity to get a certification course took that in 2001 and became a certified Professional Coder.  I have done this ever since.  I've worked for a large number of providers, both as an employee in a billing service company and also as an employee of a medical provider.  I currently work for a family practice facility of 3 providers.  

I love what I do, I don't have to deal with sick people directly, I don't have to see sick people and I only have to deal with people who don't like to pay their bills or insurance companies who don't like to pay theirs either.  

I've never had a student loan and I find today's way of having to have a college degree to get an entry level job ridiculous.  I read a book once that called this "Education inflation" - wish I could remember the book, but I remember reading it while I was home educating my own children.

I think the days when corporations and companies "trained" employees to the ways they liked things done are gone, but it is not necessarily a better way.  There are many schools that really don't teach real life situations.  I've gotten into some heated debates with one of my employers who is just recently out of med school, and she really does not have a clue how the "medicine business" really works - sure they teach you how to care for patients, but getting paid for your services is a totally different thing.  


The Lounge Taxes! Apr 18 2014
22:22 (UTC)

OGR- it is time for you to face the future and maybe look into Efiling as an option.  I understand your home internet may be limited, but maybe ask a friend if  you can use their wifi from your computer to file.  

Granted you'd still have to travel to a place to use the internet, but the filing would be easy


Fitness wondering about weight gain Apr 18 2014
20:51 (UTC)

I think 125 for a young male teenager would be the BARE minimum you should weight.  

Doing a quick search found 

According to your height of 5' 5" your ideal healthy weight is 134 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 119 and 149 pounds.

This was calculated using Hamwi formula, a simple formula commonly used by many clinicians.

These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs.

You can learn more about BMI and see what it is for your current weight by checking out our Body Mass calculator. gi

So basically you could withing reasonable limits gain up to 30 pounds and still be healthy.  Of course, eating pizza, and chips and other junk empty calories is not a healthy way to gain or lose weight.  As a growing young man you want to be sure to eat enough healthy fruits and veggies, healthy grains and even meat.  

Save the McDonalds or pizza to once a week, the rest of the time eat "real food"  from the perimeter of your grocery store.  Stuff found down the aisles are usually processed junk and best to stay clear of.