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The Lounge Let's Talk About Our Dogs Apr 16 2014
01:06 (UTC)

I miss my dog!  He was a Jack Russel Terrorist.  He got ran over by a car in October.  He would have been 3 this year.

My daughter who lives next door to me has a Min Pin chihuahua mix who is old and fat and she comes over to my place sometimes when she gets lonely, but she is mostly looking for her mom who does laundry over here and uses my computer.

They also just got a puppy - pit bull and boxer mix.  cute little guy, who isn't really that little anymore, just puppy.  He tries to get the female to play with him, but she is a real old dog and doesn't much like other dogs in her face.  It is fun to watch him do the puppy dance and then she just barks and bites at him.  


The Lounge How often do you change your sheets? Apr 15 2014
23:31 (UTC)

I do have Egyptian cotton sheets, but they are old and starting to wear.  I bought some sheets from Costco I haven't used yet, but I think my sheets will be tearing soon, especially if I keep forgetting to trim my toe nails 

The Lounge Taxes! Apr 15 2014
22:06 (UTC)

I can't imagine someone turning down work just to keep getting food stamps that is not much to live on, and is only for food.  I have a coworker who works overtime and still qualifies for food stamps but she is a single mom of 3 kids she gets $100 so she has to feed 4 on 25 a week.  

I have a daughter who lost her food stamps last year during the cuts, she was working as much as possible but as a waitress was only making about $250 a month.  When she lost food stamps she lost weight because she couldn't afford to eat.  She was already underweight.   And since she couldn't afford food she also couldn't afford birth control so now she is unemployed pregnant and broke 

she survives on the little bit of food bank offerings that she can get if she can get a ride.  

I think the blanket statement of freeloaders is evil.

The Lounge How often do you change your sheets? Apr 15 2014
20:31 (UTC)

Every Saturday or Sunday.  I to. Have bad night sweats.  I also have to buy new sheets often if they start to get those little "balls" on them. I buy expensive nice tons of thread count, but still they get ballsy and rough after so many washes.

The Lounge The Unwritten Novel Apr 15 2014
17:05 (UTC)
Original Post by Kara576:

Haha! Yes, I know the books you are talking about with the beep. I loved those in school! Maybe your life on cd with the soundtrack in the background as you narrate? :)

I mostly read kid books (being an elementary school teacher). They are surprisingly good. My favorite genre is historical fiction. One of my all time favorites is Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor. My class loved it.

When I was in school elementary and jr our English reading books were many times related to what we were learning in History.  I didn't hate reading when that was the case.  Books like Johnny Tremain , Across Five Aprils, animal farm, 1984, Future Shock , and even Shakespeare and Dickens when we studied England

The Lounge Taxes! Apr 15 2014
16:13 (UTC)

They prefer to send you a bill with interest and penalties for unreported income.  

After I divorced the ex we got a tax bill for unreported income he got in 2008.  Since we were divorced I was able to file a innocent spouse form or something and he got stuck with the bill for taxes and penalties was around $2,000 after all said and done.  

Fitness Weight Loss Tips? Apr 15 2014
01:47 (UTC)

Like diana said - there is no exercise on this earth that will work if you are eating junk. 

First get rid of the chips those have no nutritional value.  Instead get some Kale and make Kale chips. html

Bagels also aren't very healthy plus a ton of calories and of course cream cheese isn't making it better.  I have a coworker who brings in bagels and I'll take mine and make a chicken bagel sandwich  - use chicken breast the bagel and cream cheese and have that for lunch instead of eating a bagel and then a few hours later my lunch -  so this way I get to enjoy the bagel and yet didn't derail my calories for the day.

What do you eat for vegetables and protein - Salad is boring, but find some vegetable you do enjoy or find a way to spice up a boring vegetable.  I discovered this blood orange olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar that is to die for.  Makes boring salad explode with flavor.

Do you like cereals?  I used to make steel cut oats in a crock pot and eat that for the week.  I would also eat eggs though.  You say you don't like eggs - how do you make them?  I do egg whites and scramble a couple whole eggs into the mix and then eat that.  I also like eggs over easy with Ezekiel bread.  One of my favorite snacks is Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread and scrambled eggs.  

Do you do any fish?  I personally hate Talapia, even though that seems to be all anyone eats anymore, but cod, orange roughy, mahi mahi are all really tasty fish.  I just broil the fish add some Mrs Dash's Lemon Pepper and call it good.  I also eat a lot of tuna and salmon.  

If you insist on eating only carbs then the only way you will lose weight is if you do some form of physical activity to use those excess carbs for fuel.  The way to do that would be take up running, jogging, lots of walking, and some weight lifting and stuff that needs carbs for fuel.

Make sure you eat enough healthy fats and protein and stuff to keep your body healthy 

The Lounge The Unwritten Novel Apr 15 2014
01:13 (UTC)

I live in a small town, but our library has writer workshop stuff all the time, and it's free.

I prefer history and really love biographies.  So if I were going to write a book - I think my life story would be very entertaining and fun and crazy and some drama and sorrow but mostly I've lived a great life and even with what some people might consider mistakes, it made me who I am and I don't regret anything at all.  I would also think a "soundtrack" to go with it would make it more interesting.  The book would come with a CD and there would be at the beginning of a chapter or a story - play track 1 now - kind of like the old "film strips" where the tape recorder would "beep" when you turn to the next picture- I know so many of you have no clue what that is!!

In high school I wrote a few chapters to a sequel of Lord of the Rings- actually it was more of The Silmarillion type - I liked fantasy and science fiction back then.

That episode of Seinfeld was hilarious!!

 Some books I've read in a day or 2 - with no sleep were Carrie ( original first edition because I am that old) -  The Little Girl who Lived Down the Lane ( movie sucked but the book was great) Burnt Offerings, The Lathe of Heaven ( I still read the Lathe of Heaven at least once a year)


Fitness HELP!! How do I tone up my belly!!??? Apr 14 2014
00:51 (UTC)
Original Post by dakatz:

Original Post by lweil:

I understand your concern, having a lot of friends with ED I don't want to end up like that either. I just want a healthy way to lose my belly fat so my abs show. As I am small boned I can still lose five more pounds by eating a healthy diet where the objective is losing fat, then I can put on some weight with muscles. Now I try eating a lot of proteins but I don't starve myself I eat when I'm hungry so I guess that's not unhealthy.

You aren't going to see any abs no matter how much you lose right now. So don't bother losing any more weight before this trip. Again, its when you lose fat AFTER building muscle that you will see more muscle definition. Losing 5 more pounds now would be pointless.

I agree.  Start weight lifting and building some muscle then you will get abs.  Got to build muscle then lose fat to have them show

Fitness HELP!! How do I tone up my belly!!??? Apr 13 2014
14:34 (UTC)
Original Post by lweil:

Thanks for the advice. I will give it time, I know it takes some to make some change. I'm just really impatient :)

And my profile picture doesn't really have to mean anything, it was just the picture I had on my phone at the time. I may not have the best self esteem ever as I used to be chubby as a kid but I am confident now. People my age care a lot about weight and appearance in general. I just want to be prepare for my vacation, no offense but not everything needs to be overanalyzed.

The thing is due to people thinking they need to be thin and have a certain appearance is what caused eating disorders and body image issues as well.  Young people like you come here wanting taht "thigh gap"  the bikini gap - or whatever that myth is and other unhealthy ideas of what the perfect "body" is suppose to look like.  

Most of what your describing as wanting to achieve is not achievable in a healthy way.

We are maybe over analyzing because we want to make sure you aren't seeking an unhealthy image and unattainable standard.


The Lounge Taxes! Apr 12 2014
19:03 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

File as soon as we get all the tax documents. If we get a refund, we get it quickly; if we have to pay, we schedule the payment to come out a few days before the 15th.

I did have my taxes done late in January and almost hit "send" on the online tax service I use, but one day when I checked my mail I found I had another close to $500 unreported income W-2 in my mailbox.  I forgot I had that severence pay from the jerk who laid me off around Christmas.  

I did file today and am still getting a refund   I hope it comes quickly even if not a big amount!  

Fitness HELP!! How do I tone up my belly!!??? Apr 12 2014
17:50 (UTC)

At your height and weight you are perfect right now.    At 115 lbs would put you too skinny.  If you want a really rocking hot body look into weight lifting.  Even if you add some muscle to your bones, you'll have a rocking body for your trip.

The "belly fat" is a fact of being a female and having a uterus, learn to accept this.  It probably isn't fat just undermuscled.  

Having some muscle will actually thin you down better than losing some weight.

Look into doing some Zuzka Light workouts

Fitness Short bursts Apr 11 2014
13:13 (UTC)

Shen, congrats on the awesome loss and overcoming the breathing limitations to boot.  I too have COPD and asthma and when I first started trying to get active it was all I could do to walk around the block for 15 minutes.

If you don't have 30 - 60 min at one time to devote to exercise, then hopping on the treadmill for a few minutes here and there throughout the day is 100% better than just saying "oh well, don't have time to do anything now so I'll just sit here and do nothing".  

Walking also doesn't require "warm up"  we walk all the time - we walk to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the mailbox to the car and to the store -  If you have 20 minutes to devote to a workout then hop on the treadmill, walk and increase the incline every 30 seconds and soon you will be doing what OGR refers to.  If you only have 10 min to do something - hop on the treadmill and just walk as fast as you can in that time, add the incline if you can.  

As time progresses, maybe you will advance to waking up 30 min earlier and being able to devote a good 30 - 45 min at once and be able to get a good interval workout done.  You could do intervals of running and walking in your short bursts too if you can.  

Anything is better than nothing so do what you can

The Lounge Annoying classmates Apr 10 2014
19:25 (UTC)

Wait till you have to work with them 8 hours a day 40 hours a week.

luckily my new job is good people, but I've dealt with jerks like that in my years

The Lounge Unable To Find Suitable Forum! Apr 10 2014
14:20 (UTC)

There is a "group" for 50's but groups just aren't as active as forums.

The Health and support forum used to be a place safe to discuss menopause, pains with aging OA and such, but there is no way you can pay me to go there anymore- too many Eating Disorder issues there.

A forum for midlifers would be nice

Fitness core exercises for someone with a bad back? Apr 10 2014
13:08 (UTC)

I think whoever decided sit ups were a great "core" exercise should be taken out back and shot.

Do you belong to a gym or have a home gym?  Try New Rules of Lifting for Abs

No sit ups or crunches ever.  Lots of planks and things that work the entire body while keeping the core strong.  A great program for rehabbing a back.


The Lounge Unable To Find Suitable Forum! Apr 10 2014
13:03 (UTC)

Being a woman in my 50's I understand the need for pain meds, especially if you have OA.  I don't take pain meds, but I do have to take anti axiety meds to sleep.  I also am menopausal for years and that really effects the ability to lose weight and keep it off.


The Lounge Fake Pregnancy Apr 10 2014
01:47 (UTC)
Original Post by mrswilsonscat:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

I never had ultrasounds for my 2 kids.  Midwife didn't think they are necessary.  I did have husband with me at every prenatal visit though.

In the UK it is standard practice to do a 'dating scan' at around 12 weeks, and an 'anatomy scan' at around 20 weeks, not sure about canada though. certainly, the midwife listened to the heartbeat every visit, so not sure what went on...

...and how about those women who somehow give birth having 'not realised they were pregnant?' I just don't get that - I mean, after 3 kids, I can tell you, you KNOW they are in there... I was kicked to bits and kept awake for much of the 9 months each time!!

I had written a really long reply only to have my internet decide to crap out on me when I hit "post reply"  

Basically my children were born in the 80's.  Ultrasounds back then were only used for diagnostic purpose.  Maybe regular OB's used them regularly but they weren't the "norm" 

When I worked for an OB office he did the initial US on the first visit as a courtesy to the parents to be and insurance paid for it.  He would do the "sex" US at 20+ weeks again because the parents want it and insurance paid for it, but basically it is not really medically necessary.

when the midwife joined the practice she bought a nice new 3D US machine and again they would do the 2D at initial visit, the usual find the sex at 20+ if parents wanted to know - which was usually the norm.  But any additional US insurance won't pay for without medical necessity.  I think the allotment of 2 is just to cover the OB's butt.  It really is not necessary in most cases.    The 3D US were entirely the patients responsibility to pay for - these are not medically necessary.  If the fetus does have detectable problems via US then we would refer them out to a perinatal specialist for further tests.  If there were some questions we would have to get authorization from the insurance to do more than the alloted 2 US.

My oldest daughter who is pregnant had an ultrasound that showed she was about 4 weeks further along than she thought.  She is not having additional US as she is healthy, baby is healthy and she also is a doula and says sometimes US are not really all that "safe"  She also is going old fashioned and waiting till she actually gives birth to find the sex.  

I remember when I was pregnant with her the midwives kept saying the heartbeat was a boys.  Even after she was born they kept referring to her as "him" 'he" and boy.  When she was a toddler I would have her in frilly outfits and she was still called a cute boy!  I am totally surprised now that she isn't transgendered, because honestly she should have been a boy!!

I also have another daughter who a few weeks ago was admitted to the hospital for what they thought was gallbladder issues.  They did the standard pregnancy test on the urine analysis they do for all women of childbearing capabilities and when it came back positive they did an ultrasound of the abdomen to determine what was causing her illness and saw the fetus they suspect is 7 weeks.  She did not suspect she was pregnant.    Her pregnancy is already high risk so I suspect they will do more US on her as time progresses.  If you are one of my "friends" here on CC you know from my journal entries what her issues are.  But anyway after over a week in patient at the hospital this pregnancy is already high risk.    She will be seeing the midwife though that I worked with for years which I'm happy about.

And the part about not knowing your pregnant yea I have a hard time with that.  

When I got pregnant with my 2nd I was having cravings for egg rolls just 2 weeks after I know I conceived.  Looking back I know I got pregnant on Christmas Eve and within a week of the new year I was going to the local Chines restaurant every day at lunch time and ordering 10 egg rolls.  Me and my then 2 year old ate them all.  she had 2 me 8 then I went to my midwife and had her do a pregnancy test and sure enough even though I was only a couple weeks.  Funny the things you crave.  

The Lounge Fake Pregnancy Apr 09 2014
20:40 (UTC)

True, if there are more than 2 fetal heart tones picked up an ultrasound would be standard level of care.  

The Lounge Fake Pregnancy Apr 09 2014
19:33 (UTC)

I never had ultrasounds for my 2 kids.  Midwife didn't think they are necessary.  I did have husband with me at every prenatal visit though.

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