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Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Dec 14-20th, Pasta's Topic: What is one Change you're particularly proud of effecting: Dec 20 2014
00:48 (UTC)

sounds like a good program.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Dec 14-20th, Pasta's Topic: What is one Change you're particularly proud of effecting: Dec 19 2014
12:42 (UTC)

a) What is one change, moment, or achievement in your healthy lifestyle journey of which you are proud? (Probably, there are a few!) I'm just not sure what to follow it up with. (Maybe: What is one thing you could commit to doing this week that will allow you to look back over the week and feel proud of yourself?)

The feeling of fitting into the next smaller size clothes, going in a store and picking something off the shelf. being able to get up and do stuff.

b) My thinking is that often recalling a positive moment will bring back that positive feeling of pride and achievement, which can be a very motivating thing.

the positive that does it for me is when someone comes in that hasn't seen you in a while and asks what you have been doing ? they notice you have lost some weight.

c) Do you have any sources you can show everyone else how they can get inspired? 

I share calorie count info, but everything else is personal goals for me.

through the Christmas holidays , all the lady's at the office bring in the goodies, cookies, cheese balls, crackers ,food plates, there across the hall from my office. and 3 Christmas partys

I have gained 6 pounds back, pants are getting tight, I feel bloated and miserable  and realize that I have no self control.   back to counting calories and the exercise bike.

I cleaned closets this week . took 25 shirts and 4 jackets to work to donate to the church house. My brother who has been putting his weight back on after getting control of his addiction took them all. Glad he could use them. everyone needs to remember that there are people less fortunate than us out there that needs help.

have been back on the exercise bike. Starting to get a cold and sore throat this week.  vitamin c and cough drops.   A roaring fire in the fireplace.   

Happy holidays to everyone.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Dec 7 - Dec 13: Because 85% of all weight is lost in the kitchen, some easy ways to lose it Dec 09 2014
00:59 (UTC)

I watched the video.

I am counting calories,  Fresh pork chops, and mixes veggies. (my dog is very happy this week ) 

exercise cleaning out chicken coop tonight. (anyone need fertilizer) lol

spent the weekend in sheds and barn on ladders putting in power finally.

Worked until I just couldn't hold my arms up anymore. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.


Planking. LOL , I'm a 280 pound  5ft 9 inch guy, Lawrence planking isn't an option. 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Nov 30-Dec 5: What we can do to jumpstart our efforts. Dec 06 2014
17:51 (UTC)

1)  What are three things (or more) that have held you back from achieving your goals (be specific) whether it be exercise or diet or both. commitment, schedule, exercise 

2)  Please be specific and tell us what you can do to overcome these things and how you might implement them.

just trying to maintain over the holidays. get committed to my goals again. 

3)  Let's try to implement one of them-please describe it for us.

I really think that planning Is my weakest point. I took some hamburger out of freezer to cook for an evening meal Sunday night . last night was the first chance I had to fix it. something going on every night after work. I am just ready for January and all the Christmas party's to be over.

I need to plan my meals more, I push and push to finish a job and wont stop to eat. wait till hypoglycemia kicks in from not eating and the meds  then binge to get over shakes and go again.   diabetes sucks,

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Nov 23-29: Gail's Topic: How to cope with Thanksgiving Nov 25 2014
03:04 (UTC)

1)      What are three Thanksgiving / Appreciation wishes that you have?

I'm glad that I get to spend the time with my family,  a little time off work, and play with the grandsons.

2)      How can you maintain your diet perspective before and throughout a feast?

try to stay on track, smaller plates, samples instead of full meal deals.  drink plenty of water.

 3)   Explain one way you hope to broaden your activity level during your time off this week, and can follow through in your weekly routine

We are between houses, taking a break. Had a utility bed truck built, Spending my free time reconsolidating tools and supplies. Fixing some things around home.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers 11/16- 11/22: what will you do when you get to your goal weight? Nov 19 2014
17:20 (UTC)

NO ones ready for this one.

Run around naked on the mountain top . LOL  of course my neighbors would have me committed. My wife would disown me and my kids would say I don't know him. My chickens would quit laying and they would kick me off the volunteer fire dept. 

BUT I would be Happy for a moment....

Realistically, buy a new suit, take new family photos. Have a salad for lunch. take all my "fat clothes" back to "little Rock tent and awning" And breath easy for a day or two.  Go to my doctor and get off all of those meds. Start dedicating myself to maintenance of the new ME.

I just took a vacation, spent it with my kids (there grown now).  we went deer hunting, eat out to much. worked around the house. getting it ready for winter to set in.  brought up fire wood. built the first fires in the fireplace. winterized the water pipes on the farm.  Had our first snow. I didn't log all week. came back within 3 pounds of where I left. (UP).  But I had the best time I have had in months.

Finally The stresses of live have started to relax a little. I'm slowing down and am going to enjoy this winter. 


The people I work with are bringing in the things there kids are selling for school fund raisers. (cookies, candies, etc).. I have decided that I am just going to make a donation. and order nothing. I have no self control on items like that anyway. I just cant eat ONE BOX as the saying goes. 

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: November 9-15th:Molly's Topic: How much Fiber are you getting? Why is it good for you? Nov 13 2014
00:55 (UTC)

looks like my average is about 60% of daily requirements of fiber.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Nov 2-8: What's stopping you from exercising. Nov 05 2014
02:36 (UTC)

has anyone ever used any of these points you have built up on calorie count? I have over 9000 and don't have a clue what to do with them. I looked at the nature box snacks they look like they might be good. but they don't say anything about calories. any one have any experience with them?



Motivation Wagon Jumpers: October 26 - Nov 1 What's for Dinner Oct 30 2014
01:57 (UTC)

Wow some great recipes here this week.  I'm going to try to print this weeks post so I can "savor the Flavor" lol

Step I:  Let us each give 3 recipes (Breakfast; Lunch: home/bag; and Dinner).

the thing about me is I'm very basic.  breakfast for a while has been 3 cups of coffee and an apple on the way to work.  

I do love  some oatmeal with some sort of fruit added. peaches is my favorite. add a little truvia and some 2% milk. I think I will treat myself to that when I meet my next 10 pound mark.

lunch is almost always out . just to get out of office and add some variety to my life. I usually have a grilled chicken salad. with NO dressing of any kind. never eat the stuff. maybe a little black pepper or Tabasco sauce. sometimes I go to the Chinese restaurant here they have a good fruit selection on the salad bar. I like the spring rolls but have to watch how many I eat.

dinner at home when ever I get in from work. is usually some talipa, cooked in one of my new green skillets with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

I fix two filet's. and maybe a granola bar for a snack before I go to bed.

I do keep some graham crackers and peanut butter around if I get hungry later.  Snack on some beef jerky during the day sometimes.

I have just about completely removed sodas and tea from my life. drink bottled water for convenience on the go. and coffee.


Step II:  Tell us about how you plan to survive “eating out” both in restaurants and during holiday season.  What has worked for you?


portion control is hard for me during the holidays.  especially if my moms cooking. :)  like others have said. small amounts of what you like and a smaller plate helps. I try to start with a salad. and go from there.

eating out is like lunch shoot for the chicken salad, grilled salmon, with a side of steamed veggies,  only problem is I love catfish. stay away from the buffet and order the three piece.  


dang I'm getting hungry talking about food. lol

Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 19-25: Nuturing and Self-sabotage Oct 22 2014
02:41 (UTC)

1. Do you sabotage yourself and your goals? If so, how?

getting off the focus of staying on trac, a change of direction like vacation this week. spent two days with grandson he's 5 . We did all the fun stuff he wanted to do. ate all the places he wanted to. and now im paying the price for it.

2. How could you modify your behavior to nurture yourself instead?

make no changes to my routine. get on trac and stay there.

3. What topic or question would you like to see in upcoming weeks?

how about easy to fix, healthy meals. in 10 minutes or less. 

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 12-18:Dream Goal Oct 18 2014
04:15 (UTC)

started my day out with my morning coffee, got on the exercise bike 15 minutes, felt more awake and ready for the day.  I listened to my favorite oldies songs while I rode.

Had sales meetings today. spent the day in a classroom setting. was more alert and had a hard time setting in there.

Start my vacation tomorrow. going to spend the week, doing a little work around the place getting It ready for winter.  

Have a fundraiser for our volunteer fire dept tomorrow. Were having a chili cook off and auction. My house is filled with the aroma of my moms favorite chili recipe. I hope it's as good as hers.  I always add a little hot pepper to mine.   

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 12-18:Dream Goal Oct 16 2014
15:33 (UTC)

I need to make this statement to the wagon jumper group to  make me held accountable for my actions.

I have started walking places instead of riding. Spent the weekend walking the malls and my feet didn't hurt. Feeling a lot better,  IT's time I got back on the exercise bike.  stop looking at it. and dusting it. This is the day I start back.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 12-18:Dream Goal Oct 16 2014
15:18 (UTC)

A) How would/will/did your life change? What does your daily life at goal weight/fit/healthy look like in your imagination?


I have changed my eating habits quite a bit.  quit buffets,  take my time to eat healthy salads,  light menu items. 

My goals are a very long was away. but I am trying daily to stay on track. Not overindulge. and stay on course with my long term habit change.

In my imagination, I'm thin and happy, wearing nice clothes, Have the time to enjoy my life.  

B) Once you reach your Wagon Jumpers goal, what will be the first three things you will do?

Go get a tailored suit,

start a maintance program.

sign up for a cruise , and take a vacation. and have lots of  Pictures made.



Molly, that's wonderful. I am glad your achieving your goals.  how do you stay on track? and the insulin shots mine is getting rid of the pills.


A note:  I just spent the weekend in Branson MO.  I actually went shopping with my wife. found clothes off the rack I could get into. (that's been a long time coming). Tried on new belts. mine are running out of room to punch holes in them.  A new size fit , looked good, and I put them back and walked away.  I feel like I will need a yet smaller size soon. so I will wait a little longer.  But it felt good to try them on. and they fit.  I did buy a new lightweight jacket, something that I dearly needed.

Some new shoes . the one thing that never changes size once your matured.

Had a little bit of a struggle counting calories, and logging . but came back and got started again.  We walked all over the outlet malls and MY feet didn't hurt. (that's a real new thing for me). I enjoyed visiting with my releatives, (family reunion). 

We all stay in the same motel, I got up every morning and went down to the breakfast buffet  got a cup of coffee, waited on the releatives to mingle in and watched them eat biscuits and gravy, omlets, eggs, sausage, waffles, donuts, bagels, cerial and milk. etc.  When I got up and left I got another cup of coffee, an apple and went off for the day.  That wasn't a struggle to me. I think I have finally turned my food thinking. That's a major stumbling block for me.

Now glazed almonds at the shows that's a different story. I maintained within a couple of pounds by the time I got back. I am happy with that.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 4-10: Do you plan for being a senior? Oct 08 2014
01:05 (UTC)

1. From last week's topic, do you plan your diet, exercise and lifestyle around planning for the future as a senior?  I recognize that it might be a little early to make plans to be a senior for some people in the group but it's something we do financially from quite a young age so why not do it, when it comes to your health.  What long term health plans do you have if any?

my plan at this time is to try to control my diabetes.  get my weight down to a healthy level. and try to maintain it at a safe level.  Exercise get more regular as I feel better.  My bucket list is getting shorter.

2. How did your three days of counting go? If you missed it, let's pick three days this week. 

I counted, I excessively over ate at the buffet,  Now I'm trying to get back to where I was.  still counting daily.

 3. Finally, I challenged everyone to do push ups of some sort.  Did you try it? What was the effect?  For this week's physical challenge, let's try planking. I don't know how to mitigate it however if anyone finds it difficult but it's certainly a workout for your back.  Tell use about your experiences planking this week.

didn't do pushups, planking, no way my back will take it.

4. Given our topic, can you provide a food that's good for brain development in seniors? 

my diabetic group this week the topic was probiotics. cutting edge stuff is saying, diabetes, obesity, alzheimer's, heart health , ashma, etc.. are possibly related to the probiotics in our gut.  or lack of. heres a  debate on the subject.



Motivation Wagon jumpers Sept 28 - Oct 3: Ways to limit portion control Sep 30 2014
01:43 (UTC)

Portion control,  breakfast , apples try to buy same size, lunch quit buffets, buying lunch specials of meat and baked potato, or salad,  today they advertise its 6 ounce steak, I use the palm size method, or pre packaged fish, chicken breast, salads are by the cup size, dinner, salad again. and some sort of meat.  it's not an exact science, but it's working.

weigh yourself, and count calories.  I weight twice daily, when I get up and when I get home from work,  Counting calories, I have been doing that almost daily for a while now since I returned.

Finally, will everyone try pushups for four days this week.  getting down and up is a chore for me, I will try the door pushups,  my strength isn't what it once was, at 280 pounds I don't do pull ups either.  I started bench presses last year but didn't stay with it long. never got to 1/2 my weight.

I have a personal trainer working in my office as a temp,  she has been pushing me a little toward exercising more. we will see how this turns out.  She is fitting in well, hope she stays with us.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Specific Diets vs Lifestyle Change-Sept 21-27 Sep 22 2014
03:24 (UTC)

just got home from a 3 day real estate seminar, getting home in time to go back to work on Monday.  Walked in the house stepped on the scale and was very close to where I was when I left town, That was a relief. we ate out more while I was there.

1. Practice portion control. I have been really trying hard to do that. along with watching what my choices are.

2. Think positive. It's easy when u see the scale moving.  My cup is usually 1/2 full anyway.

3. Keep food records.

logging is where it's at.  as long as I log, I watch what I eat.


4. Eat structured meals and snacks. that's what I have been doing, I decided I would take control of my kitchen, my cooking is not a very broad spectrum anyway, Keep it simple.

5. Move more. I did walk a few blocks at lunch today. in Classrooms all weekend. 

6. Cut yourself some slack.  that's why in in the shape im in. I did that for years.





Motivation Wagon Jumpers Sept. 14-20 Sep 16 2014
02:03 (UTC)

1. How are you doing with your goals? logging have done pretty good, helping me control my intake and have logged most days. missed a couple over the weekend, on annual ol guy fishing trip with friends.  exercise bike a total flop. haven't been on it once, just look at it. 

 2. Please share something about yourself that help us get to know you better.

56 yr old grandpa of two grandsons 5 and 2 , Two married children, Married to wife 34 years. (she didn't know any better).  Live in country in Romance, Arkansas (middle usa) on small acreage on top of mountain,  21 chickens, 2 turkeys, 2 ducks, 2 dogs.  Work in town 20 miles away, desk job in sales about 50 hours a week .  after I get off work a friend and I have rental properties (over 40 now) we seem to always be rehabbing another one or someone is moving.  we work most nights 2 to 3 hours doing that. sometimes it spills over into the weekends, depends on how pressed we are to get it done.  When I am off work, I ride a motorcycle with Christian motorcycle group, fish a little, deer hunt (sleep in stand). and spend time with my grandsons, I am one of those people whose minds don't quit, I have the need to do something all the time.  

When I do stop I crash hard.  I sleep on a cpap machine,  I'm diabetic type 2 .  high blood pressure, currently controlled with medications 

Motivation I am so frustrated and I've given up. Sep 09 2014
10:59 (UTC)

graduation pictures are coming, forever immortalized.

now that I got your attention, your health is where it's at, mine is diabetes , high blood pressure, lack of energy, 100 pounds overweight, is that where u want to be in 20 years, not to mention. can't hardly buy life insurance, don't feel like playing with your grandchildren, because your just plain wore out.  I wish I had paid more attention when I was 20 pounds overweight,  now I'm down 25 of the 100. going to be a long 2 years for me.

It hit me when I looks at my daughters wedding pictures, there I am as big as I have ever been, cant find a suit to fit, forever immortalized. in her living room. She was a beautiful, tall thin woman, and I was there in all my glory.  

Take control while u can. I wish I had. 

Motivation Wagon Jumpers...Sept 7-Sept 13th...tricks to looking and feeling healthy Sep 08 2014
02:28 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Chantal,

1. What do you do specifically that you feel helps you look your best?

just fitting into my clothes instead of hanging over them has been a big rush for me. I have stumbled on a couple of pair of lucky brand jeans that are my new size and that made me feel good.  that's not something I would ever buy myself.

2. What do you do specifically that helps you feel healthier?

Reducing my diabetes meds as been a game changer for me. Haven't taken an Actos all month. I have never been able to stop them before and maintain my sugars at a decent level.

I have made a list of all the things I need to do around the house and outside areas. Getting ready for winter on the mountain. Also have to finish the new house by the end of the month. I'm actually checking them off. getting some done.

3. Do you have any rituals that you follow to add to your quality of life?

check blood sugar twice daily, adjust meds as needed. have really been watching my caloric intake. cpap machine has changed my life. Sleep all night now. Don't leave home without it.

Best thing I have done lately is spent most of the weekend watching my two grandsons. 5 and 2. we worked on boat, rode the gator , 5 yr old drives me around. we make lots of trips back  and forth to the barn and the boat, the truck, etc...  

Also, I challenge you all to try and take in some of the nice Fall air this week.

oh I'm ready, ol man fishing trip this week wed through Saturday. looks like 15 guys on the river, staying in a huge cabin,  got the boat ready, taking off work from both jobs, work and houses, The hardest part is staying on my diet.  I am so ready for this week fall outdoors adventures.  I will log as I get signal.

hope everyone has a  great  week.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 31-Sept6...ONLINE RESOURCES Aug 31 2014
14:07 (UTC)

I'm afraid I wont be much help on this one, With the exception of what is posted here by the members of wagon jumpers, some of the calorie count posts. Most of my studies are either about diabetes, Or house remodeling, investment properties.

I have been drinking a product line called omnitrition, the Omni 4 is packed full of vitamins and mineral.  combined it with a ultra low calorie diet.

I was looking over my history and noticed that this time last year, that I had lost down to just about where I am now, so I too think that this is a start of the new year.

I have learned to cook more this year.  with less oils, fats and adding spices.

I have controlled my sugar craving a lot better,

I have all but eliminated the actos diabetes med in the last 30 days. blood sugars have been excellent.

I look forward to the new year with a renewed direction and commitment.

I went up to the "hens nest" kitchen. (that's what I call her floor). and found a box of green tea bags. I will be  trying to incorporate that into my regiem.

I look forward to this weeks post

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