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Motivation Wagon Jumpers Sept. 14-20 Sep 16 2014
02:03 (UTC)

1. How are you doing with your goals? logging have done pretty good, helping me control my intake and have logged most days. missed a couple over the weekend, on annual ol guy fishing trip with friends.  exercise bike a total flop. haven't been on it once, just look at it. 

 2. Please share something about yourself that help us get to know you better.

56 yr old grandpa of two grandsons 5 and 2 , Two married children, Married to wife 34 years. (she didn't know any better).  Live in country in Romance, Arkansas (middle usa) on small acreage on top of mountain,  21 chickens, 2 turkeys, 2 ducks, 2 dogs.  Work in town 20 miles away, desk job in sales about 50 hours a week .  after I get off work a friend and I have rental properties (over 40 now) we seem to always be rehabbing another one or someone is moving.  we work most nights 2 to 3 hours doing that. sometimes it spills over into the weekends, depends on how pressed we are to get it done.  When I am off work, I ride a motorcycle with Christian motorcycle group, fish a little, deer hunt (sleep in stand). and spend time with my grandsons, I am one of those people whose minds don't quit, I have the need to do something all the time.  

When I do stop I crash hard.  I sleep on a cpap machine,  I'm diabetic type 2 .  high blood pressure, currently controlled with medications 

Motivation I am so frustrated and I've given up. Sep 09 2014
10:59 (UTC)

graduation pictures are coming, forever immortalized.

now that I got your attention, your health is where it's at, mine is diabetes , high blood pressure, lack of energy, 100 pounds overweight, is that where u want to be in 20 years, not to mention. can't hardly buy life insurance, don't feel like playing with your grandchildren, because your just plain wore out.  I wish I had paid more attention when I was 20 pounds overweight,  now I'm down 25 of the 100. going to be a long 2 years for me.

It hit me when I looks at my daughters wedding pictures, there I am as big as I have ever been, cant find a suit to fit, forever immortalized. in her living room. She was a beautiful, tall thin woman, and I was there in all my glory.  

Take control while u can. I wish I had. 

Motivation Wagon Jumpers...Sept 7-Sept 13th...tricks to looking and feeling healthy Sep 08 2014
02:28 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Chantal,

1. What do you do specifically that you feel helps you look your best?

just fitting into my clothes instead of hanging over them has been a big rush for me. I have stumbled on a couple of pair of lucky brand jeans that are my new size and that made me feel good.  that's not something I would ever buy myself.

2. What do you do specifically that helps you feel healthier?

Reducing my diabetes meds as been a game changer for me. Haven't taken an Actos all month. I have never been able to stop them before and maintain my sugars at a decent level.

I have made a list of all the things I need to do around the house and outside areas. Getting ready for winter on the mountain. Also have to finish the new house by the end of the month. I'm actually checking them off. getting some done.

3. Do you have any rituals that you follow to add to your quality of life?

check blood sugar twice daily, adjust meds as needed. have really been watching my caloric intake. cpap machine has changed my life. Sleep all night now. Don't leave home without it.

Best thing I have done lately is spent most of the weekend watching my two grandsons. 5 and 2. we worked on boat, rode the gator , 5 yr old drives me around. we make lots of trips back  and forth to the barn and the boat, the truck, etc...  

Also, I challenge you all to try and take in some of the nice Fall air this week.

oh I'm ready, ol man fishing trip this week wed through Saturday. looks like 15 guys on the river, staying in a huge cabin,  got the boat ready, taking off work from both jobs, work and houses, The hardest part is staying on my diet.  I am so ready for this week fall outdoors adventures.  I will log as I get signal.

hope everyone has a  great  week.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 31-Sept6...ONLINE RESOURCES Aug 31 2014
14:07 (UTC)

I'm afraid I wont be much help on this one, With the exception of what is posted here by the members of wagon jumpers, some of the calorie count posts. Most of my studies are either about diabetes, Or house remodeling, investment properties.

I have been drinking a product line called omnitrition, the Omni 4 is packed full of vitamins and mineral.  combined it with a ultra low calorie diet.

I was looking over my history and noticed that this time last year, that I had lost down to just about where I am now, so I too think that this is a start of the new year.

I have learned to cook more this year.  with less oils, fats and adding spices.

I have controlled my sugar craving a lot better,

I have all but eliminated the actos diabetes med in the last 30 days. blood sugars have been excellent.

I look forward to the new year with a renewed direction and commitment.

I went up to the "hens nest" kitchen. (that's what I call her floor). and found a box of green tea bags. I will be  trying to incorporate that into my regiem.

I look forward to this weeks post

Motivation Wagon Jumpers August 24-30th: Tips to help you appear slimmer during the transition period and Aug 30 2014
17:07 (UTC)

Gail, would you believe a good ol southern all you can eat catfish buffet. In the south, 

everything is fried, channel catfish, frog legs, shrimp, chicken,   onion rings, French fries, hush puppys, okra,  then green beans, corn on the cob,  baked sweet potatoes, salad, crackers for your salad,  top it off with banana pudding, chocolate pudding, soft serve ice cream, with all the toppings, some whipped cream, and a soft drink, tea, or water. how about some coffee to sit around a digest all that.

You can get all that for $12.95  plus your drink.

sigh, I have to find new people to hang out with. lol


it's the social gathering place for us country folk. 

 Did I mention only available Fri night, Sat night  and Sunday lunch.



Motivation Wagon Jumpers August 24-30th: Tips to help you appear slimmer during the transition period and Aug 28 2014
02:30 (UTC)

Gail, I just use  the little round peppermint candy, they melt really fast in hot coffee.

 (I keep them around in case my sugars fall to much. get the diabetic shakes if I do to much activity. I monitor sugars twice daily and decide on how many pills I'm going to take. ) 

Lawrence, I drank my green tea today. it's different. I'm so used to drinking water now, everything is different.

one more thing about looking slimmer. My stomach now fits inside my pants instead of bulging over them, not sure if I look slimmer but I feel slimmer.

I'm done, with the house that was so far away, Now I can concentrate on my meals at home. next two are close to home.

something funny happened to me today, I went into a restaurant, ordered a grilled chicken salad. The waitress informed me it would have bacon and ham, on it also. So I asked her to please fix a salad and a grilled chicken breast. No dressing and a glass of water.

She brought me a bowl of lettuce and a grilled chicken breast. I looked at the order she wrote. It said no ham, no bacon, no egg, no cheese, no cucumber and no dressing. Moral is Be careful what you ask for you just might get it!!!   by the way the bill was over 10 bucks.

I don't believe ill be going back there.

Hope everyone is having a good week, Everyone of my friends are trying to take me out to eat this week.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers August 24-30th: Tips to help you appear slimmer during the transition period and Aug 25 2014
12:21 (UTC)

appear slimmer ? wear black.  I  am just happy to fit into my clothes.

Please share a quick tip such as drinking tea or some such thing you use to curb your appetite that are easy to implement. I am really trying to drink the daily water of 8 cups. and I drink a lot of coffee. once in a while I add a piece of peppermint  to my coffee t change it up a little. and I can always snack on an apple.

clothes , I separate them into what can I wear and what I can not get into yet. Clothing for large guys are somewhat limited, not much to choose from. jeans, tee shirts, and what ever they stitched up at little rock tent and awning this week. I do have some of those flowery cruise shirts. I occasionally wear to remind me of the cruise I didn't get to go on.    I am starting a pile of what I cannot wear anymore to big!!! I usually donate them to a local charity organization one of the churches runs.

Time to go to work.  Good Morning everyone.



Motivation Wagon Jumpers Aug 17-24: What would you change? Aug 22 2014
14:58 (UTC)



Don't you hate it when you come home,  Walk into the wifes kitchen to get something to drink and amazingly there on display is a whole bowl (BIG SALAD BOWL TYPE). of mixed candy, consisting of snickers, Peanut M&M's, Trix bars, Milkyways. and hersheys chocolates.     

Of course thats sitting among the pop tarts, fruity pebbles, lucky charmes. and frosted flakes.

Knowing I'm a chocoholic!!!!    And a Diabetic, makes you wonder if she is trying to collect the life insurance sooner. :)


Now you know the real reason why I have my own Kitchen in the Man Cave.




Motivation Wagon Jumpers Aug 17-24: What would you change? Aug 20 2014
03:03 (UTC)

Hi everyone, Sorry, my weekend was brutal. Between grandsons birthday, (5). meeting a man with a trailer, working on finishing the Shannon Hills rental I'm working on. and driving back and forth the 70 miles 4 times . I am ready to take a break.  The hardest part is finding time to eat healthy on the run.

If I could change anything it would be to slow down, take the time to fix healthy meals. Spend more time with my family, And to set my max weight I refuse to go over to a much lower number.   

Welcome everyone back and I'm headed to bed now. been a long day.

Weight Loss (100lb goal)Heres my one month progress. Aug 14 2014
16:37 (UTC)

I was raised a meat and potatos guy. veggies has been hard to me to agjust to. but I have found a new taste for steamed veggies, ocasionally a roasted or grilled version works too. I started by just changing the fries for steamed veggies. Now I regularly have salad with my meals, Try to leave the breads (which i love) alone and alot of grilled chicken, salmon, fish etc.  although extreme I actually built a second kitchen in my home. this one is the man cave version. with no snack foods.


 I have diabeties so portion control and sugar content is something i really have to watch. My diabeties is weight onset . something everyone big has to watch for.

Don't worry about the number on the scale. it's a daily measurement. The main thing is your taking control of your life. Something I wish i had done when i was younger. 

Congradulations on your continued success. I look forward to reading your posts.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 10-16: Who has inspired you in losing weight Aug 13 2014
16:11 (UTC)

My micowave (vent a hood type ) quit last week and i havnt replaced it yet. I'll try it as soon as i get the new one. 

Lawrence .

Freezing. great do you put it in bags or just lay it in the husk?  

Weight Loss (100lb goal)Heres my one month progress. Aug 13 2014
12:07 (UTC)

That's wonderful result's your well on your way to your goal.  I started at 307 down to 286 with diet change, been feeling like I need to start an exercise regiem of some sort.

I have been taking vitamins and am starting to feel like I might have the energy to start  something lite. I didn't say I'm 56, Diabetes and high blood pressure.   looks like your getting some good advise on here. I'm thinking an exercise bike and some light weights for starts.

Reading your post has inspired me to try harder. Keep up the good work, your young and have the energy levels and determination needed to go where you want to.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 10-16: Who has inspired you in losing weight Aug 13 2014
04:16 (UTC)

I find that if i'm hungry in the afternoon, i get a bottle  of water, still trying to get them in anyway. I try to take on a small task that will keep my  mind busy for a while. Tonight it was to paint a door frame that i installed last week. If that dosen't work then i have a few almonds and start the process of fixing dinner. With my new found cooking skills I have been trying different things. Tonight it was corn on the cob, with ground turkey burger. Corn is in season here, and lets just say turkey burgers won't be on the favorite list around here.

Although Skeeter my black lab didn't complain.

She gets excited now when I get the pots and pans out. Knows something is on the menu besides her dog food tonight.

Tried some keruig dark chocolate drink this week for about 65 calories. I think I like that.

Debbie, very good news about your blood sugars. that is something I deal with daily. mine have been running from 131 to 150. An occasional 115 shows up. better than I have been in years.  Finally learning that what I eat is what effects my sugars,

I took the bread out of the house today and fed it to the chickens.  I'm finally taking control of my life. my diabetes, and blood pressure.   

I havn't taken an actos in two weeks, and blood sugars are maintaining.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 10-16: Who has inspired you in losing weight Aug 11 2014
12:19 (UTC)

like Nenke, I  refuse to be over 300, I need to reset that point to much lower number. I hit 286 today where I was last sept, before I blew back up with the stress of the legal action  to 302.  My Cousins have been loosing weight doing a ultra low calorie diet with a lot of vitamins. I have been following the plan. and it's working. I'm cooking again, eating salads and meat. drinking lots of water.

My brother lost 116 pounds on meth. he is so proud he is down to a size 36 waist, Told him I didn't want to pay the price he did, divorce, jail, loss of family. We all carried the stress of working with someone on meth. His son followed in his steps. In jail now.

Cravings are very hard for me. sometimes popcorn, but mostly I just cut the snacks out of my home, now an apple or orange is my snack foods.

Tracking, I have done pretty good for the last 10 days. only missed Friday completing the day, the weight is coming off again. 286.6 today. I'm pumped.

Pants are starting to get loose again.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 3 to 9th: Let's break down our goals to make them more achievable. Aug 07 2014
18:51 (UTC)

oatmeal is my favorit too, add a few peach slices, or baked apple with cinnamon .


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 3 to 9th: Let's break down our goals to make them more achievable. Aug 06 2014
14:18 (UTC)

I bought one of those ceramic green skillets , advertised on tv and wow it's great. Being the skeptic i am I just knew it was a hoax.  use no oil or butter, a little water  and it cleans easily.

Been cooking venison tenderloin, Tilapia last night , chicken breast tonight.  Garlic salt, basel, parsley, onion, Jalapeno.     Wife isactually comming down to the man cave kitchen and enjoying my new found cooking capabilities. 

Bty my wife wont eat venison, but she sure is liking that pepper steak i have been cooking (LOL). Maybe Ill Tell her after the supply is gone. :)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Aug 3 to 9th: Let's break down our goals to make them more achievable. Aug 04 2014
01:19 (UTC)

1. What are your goals again?

log and return to the exercise bike

2.  What foods do you find help to control hunger pangs and avoid food cravings?

salt seems to be something that I crave, have started using garlic, pepper, parsley, basil, in my meat servings. eliminated oil and butter this week. Has made a huge difference.   

3.  What types of activities have you tried and which work best for you? exercise bike, along with general construction repairs of rentals.

a) for enjoyment… just plain fun?  really used to enjoy fishing with kids, anything that's not outside in the heat of the day,  

b) for strength… help you to do more than you used to?  have a weight bench on the patio, but haven't used it in some time.

c) for stamina… help you work out for a longer time? I just push till I have to sit down, then get up and hit it again. rehabbing is something that changes every day. being a large person sometimes you go till your feet and legs hurt so bad you just have to quit.  Take a break, drink water and  sit a while, and plan your next move.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: July 27 to Aug 2: Easy tips to help you exercise or diet. Jul 31 2014
16:23 (UTC)

Kelly,  everything in a rehab is some sort of exercise, You don't realise it untill you use those sore muscles again.  I 'm happy to go back to work on mondays get rested up and stock up for the next weekend rehabbing. I am really trying to push to finish this one before school starts. Good neighborhood good schools. Should Rent quick if i can get it done in the timeline i need to. (this ones 80 miles away).

Wife and I am going to take a weekend off get away as soon as I'm done with this one. 

We close on another one Friday . So the next one will start soon . at least it's going to be around  home this time.   They Just accepted our offer on another one this week so the following one will already be lined up. Looks like I will have a busy fall.

Fitting in any cardio workouts is what I have a problem with. after a 10 hr work day and then a couple of hours of rehab, I'm exhausted most times when I get home.  Eating on the run is my biggest problem. I need to slow down and start cooking healthy more.  

 Thanks for the info .  I bought some apples.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: July 27 to Aug 2: Easy tips to help you exercise or diet. Jul 31 2014
16:03 (UTC)

Donna Be Careful watching those shows like, property brothers, house hunters, property virgins, love it or list it.  Thats how I got started rehabing properties. The only thing is I listened to everyone of the no money down programs too.

Now Besides my full time job Im always rehabbing a home somewhere. I just didn't sell them. We (me and the other village Idiot)  rent them out.   

I guess it's exercise in one form or another.  Keeps me from sitting and watching TV at home. The only thing my wife will tell you, our house isn't top priority.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: July 27 to Aug 2: Easy tips to help you exercise or diet. Jul 28 2014
17:03 (UTC)

tips: Not sure if i know anything, the exercise bike with my favorite oldies music works the best for me. I really need to schedule the time to do this. maybe that would give me the encouragement to try harder.  My wife and I have seperate kitchens. I just dont buy the sweets for my kitchen. (Diabetic).

 My favorite tv shows are , Jerry Springer. (Makes me feel normal). wrestling, storage wars, fast and loud, shipping wars. If it wasn't for the DVR I wouldn't watch much of anything.

Weight is the same as it has been, will really try to log this week.

Glad to see everyone posting.


I have been really pushing hard to finish a house remodel. Spend my weekends there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel coming.

(fell asleep driving home yesterday, scared me pretty bad.)  went to bed when I got home slept 12 hours and back to work this morning. planning next weekends work now.