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Motivation Wagon Jumpers Week of July 13th-19th Jul 15 2014
22:59 (UTC)

Bertadee,  I tried quitting smoking in 84 when my son was born, picked them back up and quit for good in 87. when daughter was on the way.  Has been a long time for me now. But on occasion something clicks a memory and I catch myself grabbing at my shirt pocket looking for a cigarette.  I'm glad I quit.  You can do it. breaking the habit of the triggers is the hardest problem I faced. for the oral gratification   I chewed sugar free gum. my wife threatened to buy me a cigarette I wasn't very happy to be around. according to her.


living in the country has it's benefits.  Mainly I can see all the stars at night, sit on the deck watching the wildlife across the pasture. 
peace and quiet! the down sides are a long way to town, tornadoes hit the top of a mountain and straight line winds are worse.  I miss a couple of days at work each year for snow. but I wouldn't leave for anything,

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Week of July 13th-19th Jul 15 2014
02:48 (UTC)

A) Tell us a bit about yourself and B) Tell us something you love about where you live.
  Im a 56, married to my wife in 1980. (34 yrs). Two married children 26 and 30, Two grandsons 4 and 2. and 2 dogs.
  I live in arkansas In the country on two acres on top of the mountain, surrounded by farms, have 25 chickens, two turkeys and two ducks,
   It's eight miles to the closest town of about 450 people, 20 miles to work in a town of 30,000 or so.
   The country life provides fresh air, quiet living and friendly people. I will never return to town as long as my health lets me stay out here.
   I work in sales at a family business, A friend and I have 41 rental properties, that we do the upkeep on. seems like something is always needing fixed.

1) How do you shake things up to make a change? Concentration,is my hardest point. Diabeties is taking a toll on my life. I
 have to get it under control.

2) What motivated you to improve yourself? diabeties, high blod pressure, and the time i want to spend with my grandsons.

3) How do (or did you) you motivate yourselves, pull yourselves out of a slump and create a new more healthy pattern in your life? 
  Have started trying top get plenty of rest, turning tv off. and watching what i eat alot closer.


4) What has been your greatest success in your healthy journey?  last year 30 pound loss, dropped part of my meds, and was exercising regularly.
ell off the wagon gained it back, and and have started taking all of my pills again.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: July 6 - 12: How to Jumpstart yourself when you fall off the wagon. Jul 11 2014
01:45 (UTC)

Hi everyone, Ezrod here, been out of the picture for a while. ready to start committing my life to trying again.

1 What caused me to fall off the wagon was a legal action. I immediately lost all concentration on anything but that.
Closing a business, selling of assets, paying legal fees, re-consolidation of loans, planning wills, looking at the divorce option to protect her 1/2 of the assets. Also bankruptcy was a option considered. 
Allot of things go through your mind at that time. I am a stress eater. I gained the 30 pounds that i had lost back. couldn't sleep at night. I withdrew from the world, friends and family.

2 Is this something you can avoid?  who knows ? hind sight is a wonderful thing,
I wish i could of had someone to mentor from.  I didn't think anyone could help me.
If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I reverted to the physiological and safety needs.

3. when you find you fall off your routine, how have you been able to jump start yourself and to start over again quickly?
Finally, everything is over. A new day has risen in my life. I knew what i was doing was working for me, slow steady changing in my life. that's what i wanted.
I started counting my calories again. It started working again. I am trying to back to a routine of logging, exercising, and living again.
I have been on a vacation. seen old friends that i haven't seen in 30 years. Visiting grave sites of past friends. The weight is starting to come off again. Haven't started back on the exercise bike again. Have a foot wound right now that I'm nursing. (diabetic)

But I am ready to get control of my life for the next phase of my life.   Put the past to bed and to look forward to the future.

If you guys will accept me I'm back. I have been logging for a few weeks now and have started to drop weight , The stress levels have lowered tremendously. 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers Nov 24 - 30: New topic: You're stronger than you think Nov 26 2013
03:58 (UTC)

Hi everyone, I was out of internet, phone, and off the grid last week, got home last night. unpacked, and started putting everything back where it belongs. I missed posting so I will try to post last weeks first and then work on this weeks .

wont let me post the questions, so I will try to do best I can.

update , I am basically about where I started the 12 weeks at.  Vacation, Deer camp, a few drinking of the spirits with friends.   I am happy I didn't put on 10 pounds.

new goals are . to maintain my journey toward eating healthy, log regularly, get back on the dang bike I have been avoiding.  Reduce more stress by getting rid of the projects I have lined up to do. 

I just finished a huge hurtle this week, tore down room addition, hauled off all the building materials, reclaimed everything I could and sold  the camper that was in the deer woods.  One more trip with a rake and shovel and all signs of my footprint there will be gone after being there for over 10 years. 

will post this weeks post as soon as I can to catch up.  glad to be back, With less stress.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 10th to 16th: Weekly topic: How have your diet and exercise changed now that Winter is almost upon us. Nov 15 2013
12:58 (UTC)


Catfish in the south, most fish houses, have a buffet, fried everything, catfish, frog legs, shrimp, stuffed shrimp, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, okra, onion rings, hush puppy's. lots of cobblers and soft serve ice cream. include salad bar, and some steamed veggies. and you have a buffet about 50 ft long.  

it's a social gathering point for the area.

the introduction of import catfish has almost ruined the industry. its frozen , soft and taste bad after you have had grain fed Mississippi delta catfish it's definitely not the same. My suggestion is if it says import walk away. you will be missing a good food. baked catfish is great, a little Cajun seasoning or blacked is my choice.

like seafood on the coast, grain fed beef of the central plains, catfish and chicken are our local specialties.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 10th to 16th: Weekly topic: How have your diet and exercise changed now that Winter is almost upon us. Nov 14 2013
13:07 (UTC)

sorry, welcome everyone, I'm  Rod known as ezrod on here. 55 , two children (grown) two grandsons, 21 chickens , 3 turkeys, 2 dogs. and a very understanding wife of 33 years. 

Moved from the city to the top of the mountain a few years ago. Had a life changing experience with someone else's lawyer.  Decided the corporate world wasn't for me.

I work in sales, commute five days a week. spend the rest of my time at lMA acres, (lost my a**)  that's what I call my little piece of heaven.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 10th to 16th: Weekly topic: How have your diet and exercise changed now that Winter is almost upon us. Nov 14 2013
12:53 (UTC)

a) how does this affect your exericse: eg:  more difficult to do exericises; lack of daylight etc.  my exercise bike is year round, heated in the winter and ac in the summer, I do get out and haul in firewood, and have a few more chores , keeping animals watered. hunting season is on us and I do a lot more walking in the woods , working on stands. etc.. Sometimes motivation is my downfall.     

b) how does this affect your diet: eg: we tend to eat heavier foods; heavier hot drinks and so on. like the others I eat more soups. I tend to graze at salad bars, and have made it a conscious effort to stay away from the catfish dinners lately. Learning to drink more hot teas and coffee is a staple in my daily routine year around.

c) what steps can we take to counteract the difficulties that arise from the change of seasons?  get up and get motivated, count calories, and stay away from gatherings with lots of food.

this is a completely different post than the one I lost. but it's the mood this morning.


I will be on vacation next week. back to camp to finish tearing down building and moving camper. will have very limited computer access. so logging will have to be done on paper. leave tomorrow night.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 10th to 16th: Weekly topic: How have your diet and exercise changed now that Winter is almost upon us. Nov 12 2013
13:34 (UTC)

dang it lost my post love this site, will post again later

Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 3 to 9th: Weekly topic by Xena: What Supplements were helpful & which were just gimmicks? Nov 06 2013
23:40 (UTC)

watched a hypnotist last night at one of our business meetings. was entertaining watching those guys do all the things he suggested . he says he can hypnotize for weight loss. hmmmmm maybe I should have talked to him.  he put 20 people on stage and about 8 were hypnotized. just thinking, ... my feet are so sore from walking all day attending meetings. Now they want to take us out for dinner. On a bus and be stranded  until everyone is ready to come back.  So far I have stayed away from the free bar.  had a diet coke though.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers November 3 to 9th: Weekly topic by Xena: What Supplements were helpful & which were just gimmicks? Nov 05 2013
01:43 (UTC)

cinnamon and gnc mult vitamin pac for diabetics, 


On road his week two day drive to Orlando Florida, attend two day business meeting and drive two days home. Lots of windshield time, drove 600 miles today another 350 tomorrow . meetings start tomorrow night. (wish I was home on the mountain.) I will try to be positive this week.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 27 to November 2: Weekly Topic: What to do about it once you've overeaten. Oct 30 2013
03:45 (UTC)

started a post this morning, completed it and hit enter. poof it was gone. So I will try again.

made it back home from a week on no computer or logging, Spent it at deer camp. Mostly there to tear down building and get ready to pull out camper for the last time.

Will need to go a couple of more weekends to complete the job.


As far as going off diet, I have decided to not stress over it, Just to accept my downfall, and to get back on the wagon again. with a goal of about 100 pounds, I just set my mini goals in 5 pound increments.  Remember this has been a slow process of building up my weight over the last 30 years, It wont come fast, and a splurge should be logged and accepted, keep logging and use the analysis pages for long term reports of how i'm doing.

snack foods for me are peanuts, peanut butter, popcorn, crackers, apples , bananas. With my diabetic history, snacking to regulate blood sugar is almost a must. 

Nenke, I'm sorry for your losses, Our lives are just moments in time, We pass each other and leave our marks on others lives. We cherish the smiles and good times we had and The memories we made.  Our prayers are with you.

Our jobs are to leave memories for the loved ones we will soon leave behind.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Oct 20-26 Oct 20 2013
14:06 (UTC)

let me be the first to say thanks for shorting intro:

1. How are you doing with your goals?  logging has been great. exercise bike not so well although I did do lawrences 25 doorway pushups this week.  

2. What do you do to stay positive and change a glass-half-empty outlook to glass-half-full?  I know it's hard to believe with some of my posts, but I am naturally a half full type of person. I am surrounded with 1/2 empty guys. If I let my luck predict my life it would be 1/2 empty,  my  friends will tell you, they have never seen anyone who it just keeps happening too. but I just keep struggling along. maybe I just have  a screw loose or something. lol  every day is a new day, you make a choice is it going to be a bad one or a good one.

3. Building on #2, here's a challenge for the week: create an affirmation for yourself to help you stay on track or get back on track.  I think I just need to make visual aids that I see to keep me on track. I push till I can't stay awake most days. I vowed to shut off the tv except weather this week and get more stuff done, seems to be working.


bty, I will be out of internet access most of the week, leaving for camp after church this afternoon.   tearing down building, getting ready to leave the camp for good. hoping someone will buy the camper cheap. three hour drive each way  has become a chore and expence I don't need anymore. 

Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 13 to 19. Weekly Topic: Ways to burn more calories with little effort Oct 17 2013
11:34 (UTC)

Sorry, I have bit my tongue on this subject: but I just can't pass it up, 30 minutes has Never been a problem for us, 20 minutes of me begging and pleading. 8 minutes of her making sure no one is driving up the drive way and checking all the doors and windows. get the picture, just depends when you start counting. lol sometime's I get to 45 Laughing. Hope you all have a great week.   


After 33 years of wedded bliss, 2 kids, 2 grandkids (so far, were hoping ) I'm just happy to have coffee with her in the morn!


Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 13 to 19. Weekly Topic: Ways to burn more calories with little effort Oct 15 2013
20:18 (UTC)

Day 2 door pushups, actually todays was against washing machine, waiting on the load to spin out the last of the water.  Lawrence you might be on to something here. something you can squeese in any day, and anywhere. Makes me want to get back on the bench press machine.

Wifes been at hospital with sister since last week. looks like at least another week there. Second hospital, specialists now. poor thing cant eat or drink anything.  If she try's it goes to her lungs.  I talk to her daily but havn't seen her in a week. 

Skeeter(my dog) and I have been fending for ourselves.  Skeeter likes my cooking, and she watches what ever i want on my Television. Dosn't even complain about watching wrestling. lol   Lawrence she looks at me like I have lost my mind doing door pushups. lol

Hope everyone is having a good week.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 13 to 19. Weekly Topic: Ways to burn more calories with little effort Oct 14 2013
03:32 (UTC)

Please do a little research and find a way to burn more calories that does not involve more effort on your part and this can be in the form of exercise or diet (try to make it as passive as possible as we know the easier it is to do, the more likely we are to do it):

this is an interesting article about The thermal effect of our food choices. d-articles-mainmenu-27/nutrition-mainmenu-34/ 13-tef


door pushups,  ok ill try anything once.  

Motivation Wagon Jumpers...Oct6-Oct12 Oct 08 2013
10:35 (UTC)

The exercise bike yes, 15 minutes in the morn.  The Harley Davidson is still in shop, last part came in last night. guess what I will be working on tonight Laughing.  Hope to be back on the road soon. will have to find all my leathers, to keep warm.

Up at four this morning,  Dog needed outside, coffee ready,  sugar free cereal with skim milk. Getting stuff done so we can go to family reunion this weekend. 

 Talk about temptation!!! Trying to get my mind ready for the over the hill foods, and lots of sitting and talking with aunts and uncles.   limited internet access will try to log while there.

Vacation coming in a couple of weeks. It's turning into my time of the year. 

Motivation Wagon Jumpers...Oct6-Oct12 Oct 08 2013
01:21 (UTC)

1.  What are the strategies that YOU use to try and avoid potentially falling off the wagon?

I have little self control. Grocery shop after eating. Don't buy snack food except granola bars, peanuts, ect, things that help with blood sugar.

Have nestle chocolate for that craving. my worst.   It's 8 miles to closest store, once I'm home won't leave.

2. If you do fall prey to temptations, how do you deal with it?

Hate myself in the morning, Have to realize that today is a new day, climb back on the wagon and try to beat the cravings again.

3. Mini Challenge of the week...Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner...which means for most people the season of less activity is beginning.  In preparation for this season I challenge you to fit in 15 minutes of extra walking a day into your regular daily routine.  Take the stairs rather than elevator, park farther away from the grocery store, walk to a colleagues office to bring over a document rather than emailing it to him. Think of small creative ways to incorporate more walking into your daily routine. 

 I did get back on the exercise bike last week. I will try to keep that up. with the cooler weather I am working outside more. Did get firewood stacked Sunday ,And two gates hung.  Tonight I started tearing down the roof over the dog pen I gave to my nephew. Got the metal roof off and started cutting down the rafters. Time to get the place ready for winter here.     

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Sept 29-Oct 5 Oct 02 2013
03:35 (UTC)

Hi gail,

I live in Arkansas (central us). I work 20 miles away in the flat lands, drive home everyday up the mountain.  When my motorcycle runs, it's a nice ride. been here about 3 years now. Advantages are no mosquito's, and a slower pace of life. disadvantages are occasional tornados and not many places to shop. lol


Lawrence , my wife grew up eating in the school system her mother was a school cook. When our kids didn't want school lunches she went to school one day and ate with the kids. she was shocked and came home telling me how awful it was. Things had changed a lot. She packed a lot of lunches after that and was happy to. She always made them healthy lunches, lots of fruits and veggies. 

I spent the evening working on the wire harness of the motorcycle again. Have to work on rent house tomorrow night. (I think i'm either a plumber or electrician tomorrow)

 Looks like the weeks plans are being pushed into the weekend now. Supposed to rain soon.      

Welcome Amayou82, glad to have you on board with us.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers Sept 29-Oct 5 Oct 01 2013
12:12 (UTC)

Lawrence, that is a interesting link. that show even a little effort goes a long way.

sunny, it's not really chores to me, it's just part of the keeping up of the place and improving on it. I live on top of what we call joy mountain, on the plateau , have a little over 2 acres, (wish I had more). surrounded by a cattle farm that belongs to my neighbor.  As long as I can stay here,  I will never return to the city life.

I saw a sign that said "living on mountain time" this weekend. That is as good of explanation as I can come up with.

Spent the night working on a wire harness on a motorcycle last night after work will be back on it tonight. my weekly plans are getting shifted.   



Motivation Wagon Jumpers Sept 29-Oct 5 Sep 30 2013
12:31 (UTC)

Am is usually filled with early morning coffee, cereal of some suger free variety. with skim milk.  My dog and I Feed the chickens and turkeys. pick up any eggs bring them back clean and pit up in fridge. Have another cup of coffe. get ready to work and try to be there by 7:30.

Pm get off work, come home try to finish up any yard work started and work on some sort of project that needs done.

 Challenge of the week, stack firewood inside outbuilding, try to set posts for 2 gates this week. Rebuild feeders and set them up. If I have any time left start trimming trees and set up deer stands for my grandson.  

Goals. exercise bike, lack motivation to get started. logging doing pretty good except this weekend. was on a vacation trip with limited internet access.  missed sat. back home,  Back to my routine.