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Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 24 2014
16:22 (UTC)

Soraya, logging can be the gentle reminder you need :) It gets easier as you go and I know you can do it ♥

I've been logging as best as I can but it's been totally guessing. Food at the training event was good. There was 6:30 PT both mornings (Wed and Thu), so I didn't entirely blow off my workout schedule. I get home tonight and I'm interested to see what the scale says Saturday morning. Really looking forward to being home! The whole trip has been mentally exhausting. 


Fitness Weight Goals Oct 21 2014
18:30 (UTC)
Original Post by deborahamorgan:

Today: 6800lbs running total: 244,103lbs

You're going to catch up to me while I'm gone.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 21 2014
17:56 (UTC)

Hi Claire! How was it cooking in the new kitchen? Fabulous?!? Sorry you missed yoga :( I'm working on staying on the 150's during my trip, but of course it's harder. No weighing, just guessing and logging.

Team lunch to an Italian place today - just pulled up the menu. I can do soup and salad, that should be ok. Mmm, or gorgonzola salad: "Romaine Hearts, Walnuts, Gorgonzola, Olives and Avocado", and no soup :)

*Jen (28 days!)

eta: Hi Soraya! Wow, an hour to go 9 miles :( Hey, I'm in Cupertino right now! Yes, logging everything best I can. It's been the only thing that really works for me when I want to lose. The motivation of a beach vacation helps too :) I love lifting, and catching the shadow of my delt and triceps in the dining room mirror. I love watching the total weight lifted go up each workout. Success is pretty motivating. But you know me, it takes me a while to get revved up & get serious. I gotta get through the "whine and complain about it" stage before I get to the "JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" stage. I think I'm looking pretty good - stomach a little flatter each week, jeans fitting better. I need new jeans, but not till I'm 150!

Logging is a real eye-opener. Small steps, hon, you can do it. Get everything checked out and fix whatever needs fixing then commit to some exercise, commit to logging. Later, commit to a calorie target that's reasonable and achievable. You got this ♥

Calorie Count coffee Oct 21 2014
17:49 (UTC)


Weight Loss stress and weight Oct 20 2014
16:46 (UTC)

Maybe focus on stress-reduction techniques: deep breathing, imagining yourself in a "happy place", take a walk, yoga, etc. 

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 20 2014
14:10 (UTC)

Soraya, I got 21.84 miles on my fitbit last week :)

Had a great weekend, out to dinner to a cute Italian place Saturday night for delicious pasta. I logged 2500 calories for that day, but ended up only 12 over for my weekly average. I leave this afternoon for my work trip, but I'm sneaking in yoga and my 2.88 miles before I go. 

*Jen (159.0! 29 days, 4 pounds)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 18 2014
16:37 (UTC)

Yeah, that's the elevation of my town (4978 feet at City Hall), north of Denver (the mile high city). Oh I've done that before, a whole bottle of wine. I'm pretty sure you deserved it after the week you've had! Have a great, relaxing weekend.

So I had another weird weight on the scale. I didn't believe it so I got back on 2 minutes later and it was still the same. I've been fluctuating up and down this whole week and I wish it would just be more predictable, but I should probably quit whining about it because it's awesome. Just hope I can maintain it through the weekend...

*Jen (158.9!!! 31 days, 3.1 pounds)

Fitness Weight Goals Oct 17 2014
18:13 (UTC)
  • Oct 17: 8550 | 264,250

Traveling for work next week, not expecting to be able to do my lifting. See ya'll Oct 28!

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 17 2014
15:04 (UTC)

Saturday plans have changed, now just out to eat I think. NROL later this morning. Next week I'm traveling for work. No lifting all week, but I'll get one yoga in on Monday and my 2.88 miles, then there's one optional and one mandatory "PT" during my training. Not sure what that's all about, but it's at 6:30 in the morning. I told my husband I hope it's not supposed to be team-building because I hate everyone at 6:30 in the morning. The good news is I'll be at sea level (I live at 5000 ft) and there's a lot of air down there. I have every intention of logging and sticking to my targets on the trip. 

*Jen (160.6, 32 days, 5.6 miles)

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 17 2014
14:40 (UTC)

I'm flying (domestically [US]) on Monday and now I'm noticing every time I touch my face. It's a lot.

Weight Loss yay!! Oct 16 2014
19:01 (UTC)

congrats! Success is motivating, isn't it? i'm down 0.8 since Tuesday.

Calorie Count cant see all the replies on my posts Oct 16 2014
18:53 (UTC)

also when it says you have 7, there's really only 6. Like it counts yours as one or something. 

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 16 2014
18:49 (UTC)

Soraya: Glad the other stuff is checked and normal. If they can get the biopsy and it's benign then what? Is there medication to get rid of the fibroids or do they just leave them there? So glad you're getting everything taken care of! Glad work is looking up, too :) ♥

Five to lose to get to 155 before the trip, then I still want to lose 5 more to 150 before I try to maintain 150-155. Yup, I'm still rolling!

Yoga outside yesterday and a leisurely stroll once around the building. This morning I did my three laps (2.88 miles), ran 1.5 miles of it. I went 113 calories over target yesterday, but weekly average is still below. Saturday we have friends coming over for home-made noodles and pesto with smoked sausage and scary movies. That will be a logging challenge, for sure. 

*Jen (160.0, 33 days, 5 pounds)

The Lounge Ghosts and aliens and Sasquatch...oh my! Oct 15 2014
22:37 (UTC)

Wicky you just reminded me: in Jan 2010 my father died suddenly. In Apr 2010 my family went to an organ recital that was featuring a piece of music my dad had composed in 1955. Starting the very next day, the very next time I had turned it on, the radio in my car would randomly change stations. I usually just listened to whatever it had switched to. This happened for maybe 5 or 6 weeks. Then it stopped and never happened again.

Health & Support low sugar Oct 15 2014
15:10 (UTC)


Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 15 2014
14:58 (UTC)
Original Post by Mollybygolly:

I've lost 100 pounds!
I've lost 100 pounds!
I've lost 100 pounds!

(We now return to your regularly scheduled programming)


YAYYYYYYY! Congratulations Molly!

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 15 2014
14:38 (UTC)

Claire: doo eet! Vegan jagerschnitzel! I'll take your word for it! :) Cooking is probably a habit like everything else. I always get a little re-energized to cook again when crock-pot season comes around. Ugh, a few weeks? OK, I'll ask again then. 

Yesterday I hit my highest total workout weight of 11,200 (in case you didn't see my previous post ;)). I got in the hot tub last night, but still feeling it today a bit. Yoga later ought to help and maybe I'll do an easy stroll around the building since it's supposed to be very nice today. Gotta get some sunshine while I can!

*Jen (160.2, 34 days, 5.2 pounds)

Weight Loss Lmao Oct 14 2014
18:22 (UTC)

We all started somewhere!

Fitness Weight Goals Oct 14 2014
17:31 (UTC)

Great job, Deb!

  • Oct 14: 11200 | 255,700

All recovered from my hiatus.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 14 2014
14:32 (UTC)

Hi stahr, I'm sure we have room for one more ;) Actually it's been a little slow lately so we welcome a fresh face. Tell us about you!

Claire: HA, I hollered for you and you showed up :) So, what are you going to make first in your new kitchen? Hey, how did the interview go?

As expected, weight is up today but I do hope to see the 150's again by the end of the week. Yoga and 2.88 miles yesterday (more walk than run because I was feeling shin splints). Lifting later this morning (eta: 11,200 pounds). Still being good with calories, even though I had an 800 calorie piece of coffee cake for breakfast yesterday. It sure was good :)

*Jen (160.8, 35 days till vacation, 5.8 pounds to go)

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