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Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 19 2014
15:46 (UTC)

That's sweet, I hope you had a great time! We had a holiday potluck in the conference room - it was underwhelming but a nice gesture. Some departments aren't doing anything.

So happy it's Friday. Only two more days of work then off till Jan 5. I plan to read a lot, sleep in, enjoy family and eat too much ;)


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 18 2014
15:57 (UTC)

We'll figure it out, I know. Until after the holiday though, it's just not my focus. I hope you find a good yoga instructor. Yoga is the only thing I'm still doing since the trip. It's always the last thing to go when I get lazy :) I hope you get a lovely new promotion for Christmas!!

Today is the department holiday pot luck, I brought parmesan mashed potatoes :) I think the main dish is BBQ, which makes me wonder if this white blouse was such a good idea! 

No clue what I'm weighing these days


The Lounge Chatters did you know? Dec 16 2014
15:30 (UTC)
Original Post by runesplendor:

Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

I've heard that Flamingos on the front lawn are a secret sign that the people that live there are swingers.


Is this true?

Dunno about flamingos, but apparently if you leave your front attached garage door up about 6 inches, it's a sign people are welcome to come join.

Even though I never ever heard of it in the 30 years I lived in this city, T/W told me so it must be true.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning in winter.  Or what people who don't have front attached garages do for a sign.

Or that you have a cat...

Good morning chat!

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 16 2014
15:25 (UTC)

Soraya, sorry you're having sciatica problems again :( Any word on either of the promotion opportunities? A good hair day can do wonders! I love your positive thinking and bold spirit ♥

Got to yoga yesterday, but barely even trying to eat well. My salad habit at lunch is about the only vegetables I'm getting. Need to pay more attention to water if I'm going to eat so many potato chips :) I think I've given up till after the holidays, then I've got a birthday coming up but not enough time to reach much of a goal other than "get back on the fitness wagon". So that's my plan.


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 15 2014
15:43 (UTC)

Claire: we went here. It was way better than the all-inclusive I went to in Cancun many years ago - that one turned me off all-inclusives for good, until friends planned this trip two years ago. The food was good and there were so many options. We had such a blast! Happy New Roof :)

Had a great weekend, so relaxing and stress-free. One more week of working, then two days next week, the off for many days :) We're hosting family Christmas on Christmas Eve which is also one of my brothers' birthday. I like getting all the work over with early :) Other brother and his wife will do Christmas Day with her gigantic family. 


The Lounge There's no place I'd rather be Than asking you if you'd oblige Chat into Christmas with me Dec 12 2014
15:56 (UTC)

I just thought there'd be a little more excitement. 

The Lounge There's no place I'd rather be Than asking you if you'd oblige Chat into Christmas with me Dec 12 2014
15:55 (UTC)
Original Post by igloogal:

Not only is it Friday, today my boys are 4 months old!


The Lounge There's no place I'd rather be Than asking you if you'd oblige Chat into Christmas with me Dec 12 2014
15:43 (UTC)

Good morning chatters. Did you know it's Friday?

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 11 2014
20:58 (UTC)

Thanks you guys!

Claire, it depends a lot on what you want to do. We tend to go for spots with good diving since John dives. For a bunch of girlfriends, I think Mexico is awesome since it's close and easy to get to! I'm a sucker for a beach and an umbrella drink - I don't need "things to do". For this trip we wanted somewhere with a town and stuff to do for John's parents. It had something for all of us, but it was I think 15 hours of travel to get there. Sorry whats-his-face ended up like that :(

Soraya, it sure was fun! And relaxing. I get a bunch of days off too, a combination of 4 paid holidays and 3 forced vacation days, plus I took one extra vacation day Jan 2nd. So I'm off starting Dec 24 and don't go back till Jan 5th! I hope you can accomplish what you want to on your break ♥

The Lounge Bring a CHAT, Jeanette, Isabella Dec 11 2014
18:35 (UTC)
Original Post by deborahamorgan:

Original Post by cajunrider:

Original Post by deborahamorgan:

House hippos are too small for eatin' Cajun. You might have to hunt down the real thing for a decent taste.

Too bad. I was looking for something to help me top this.

That's a lot of food.

and now I'm thinking of manbearpig from South Park.

The Lounge Bring a CHAT, Jeanette, Isabella Dec 11 2014
18:14 (UTC)
Original Post by runesplendor:


What I meant: I have to end this conversation to attend the ladies room as I have several calls to make and I don't want to be held up waiting for the cleaning lady to finish.

What I said: I gotta go to the bathroom because I have things to do.

Now that's funny! Comedy gold, right there.

The Lounge Bring a CHAT, Jeanette, Isabella Dec 11 2014
18:10 (UTC)
Original Post by shepard2826:

I actually don't know today's chat song...

Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella

The Lounge Bring a CHAT, Jeanette, Isabella Dec 11 2014
18:03 (UTC)

Hi Chat! My mom would sing this during the holidays, but it was like ♫ bring the peas, Jeanette Isabella ♪. I thought she was just calling me Jeanette Isabella for some reason.

eta: one n

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 11 2014
17:49 (UTC)

Soraya, not really a diagnosis and treatment that gives you a lot of warm fuzzy feelings :( I hope you find something else to help with the crazy bleeding ♥ Let me see if I can link to some facebook pictures. 

I made it to yoga yesterday and it was awesome. I need to drink more water too!

*Jen (probably not weighing till after New Years :D)

Weight Loss question about "standing" and calories burned Dec 11 2014
17:32 (UTC)

Yeah, I'll report it. That user has posted the same thing in a bunch of threads today.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 09 2014
15:42 (UTC)

Claire, we were so glad we could do this for them :) Coco is much better. Sorry to hear about your dog; bad boy! He shouldn't scare his mama like that! We're not crazy, we just love our babies ;) Way to ease back into yoga, you wouldn't want to overdo it ;)

Saturday we got our Christmas tree and put lights on two trees outside. We also have a lit bear who moves his head, hand-me-down from John's parents. They were downsizing their Christmas decorations and when they said they were getting rid of the bear I said "no, I love the bear!" so the next thing I know it's in our basement :) Last night we got lights on the inside tree and pulled out our stockings. Coco was enthralled with them and at one point ran off with one of the little ones we have for them. It was so cute, I wish I'd gotten a picture. It was nice to see her acting like her old self. Maybe we'll get some ornaments on the tree tonight.

*Jen (162.8)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 08 2014
20:41 (UTC)

Soraya, I just had a big salad which had more vegetables and fiber than I've eaten in the previous 3 weeks, probably :) Did you get your second biopsy results? Are you going to get the fibriods taken out? The vacation was very nice. We had great weather and it was nice and relaxing for the most part. We stayed in a ground-floor condo that walked right out onto the beach. John and his Dad spent most of the time in the ocean. I was in the water every day and his Mom tried snorking a couple times. I think John's parents had a great anniversary! They walked on the beach every morning. 

You're taking great steps! All those things save calories and are great habits to cultivate. GOOD LUCK, I'm crossing everything that you'll get offered one or both of those positions! ♥

Any day now I'll get re-motivated to work out and eat right, lose that last 11.6 pounds. I'm waiting...

*Jen (161.6)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 04 2014
19:11 (UTC)

Claire, love the home improvements! I think you deserved the new tv :)

Soraya, feel better!

I've been working from home all or some of every day this week and I'm totally out of my routine. I don't know the last time I ate a vegetable.

*Jen (160.1 yesterday)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Dec 02 2014
20:45 (UTC)

I'm back, the trip was nice, the in-laws had a great time!

We returned to a very sick Coco (our little girl cat) and she spent 3 days in the hospital. Emergency vet said if we hadn't brought her in when we did she wouldn't have made it. We got her home Sunday and she's doing a million times better but she still won't eat very much so she's in again for an ultrasound and a consult with an internist. Once she's all straightened out we have to deal with the 15-year old girl who was supposed to be taking care of her and her parents who are our friends, so it's all super awkward. 

*Jen (162.2, so I didn't gain it all back)

Weight Loss What about a Low Carb diet in effective weighloss treatment? Nov 17 2014
17:03 (UTC)
Original Post by bodytransformation:

... but low carb is certainly a must for weight loss. 

No, it's merely one method, among others.