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Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 30 2014
14:29 (UTC)

Wow, that is a lot! Still, won't it be nice to have it all sorted out? Silver lining? ♥((Soraya))♥  We're taking the in-laws to Grand Cayman for their 50th wedding anniversary. 

I am so sore from lifting Tuesday! Just one week off and I can hardly get out of the car. I think today is a rest day instead of cardio. I did go round the path after yoga yesterday, at a brisk walking pace. It was a bit windy, but not too cold.

*Jen (157.7 <<just a wine-dehydration fluctuation)

Fitness building muscle at home Oct 29 2014
16:46 (UTC)

options for equipmentless workouts

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 29 2014
16:04 (UTC)

This week is the last week of the step program at work, but it's been cold and windy so I sort of wimped out on the first day. If it's not too bad I'll go after yoga today, but probably just walk. Pretty sore from lifting yesterday. Even a little one week break makes a difference.

*Jen (158.7, 20 days, 3.7 pounds)

I should think about packing...

eta: I'd made a typo adding 10 pounds to my weight that I couldn't let just sit there staring at me.

Motivation getting started here. Oct 29 2014
15:59 (UTC)

Welcome and good luck!

The Lounge You can do all the things that you like to do, All around underground pick a Chat that's new. Oct 28 2014
22:11 (UTC)
Original Post by deborahamorgan:

For all that eveyone here complains about socialized medicine, and the communist leanings that must be inherent in such a system. I have to say that knowing that everyone can have adequate healthcare for free in exchange for national insurance contributions of 12% on 153 - 806 pounds per week, and then 2% on anything above that in Britain seems like a great deal compared to the premiums, deductibles and co pays the system here inflicts on those who can afford to get health insurance.

ETA: if you earn below 153 pounds a week then the free healthcare really is free. No contributions at all.

ETAA: Why do I not have a pound sign on my keyboard? Why?



Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 28 2014
18:53 (UTC)

Soraya: nice job getting to the gym Sunday. Huh, I'd take the 4k steps ;) Can you test it, like by counting your steps? Oh geez, glad you're getting in to the Dr ASAP. Good luck, darlin'.

I lifted 11,400 pounds this morning! Not all at once.

Fitness Weight Goals Oct 28 2014
17:30 (UTC)
  • Oct 28: 11,400 | 275,650
The Lounge You can do all the things that you like to do, All around underground pick a Chat that's new. Oct 28 2014
14:25 (UTC)

Morning Chat!

One year we ran out of candy at 7:20 so hubs sat on the front steps in his Jason costume dragging a machete across the sidewalk. I was inside listening to people screaming.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 28 2014
14:17 (UTC)

Claire: well, to vacation goal, yes :) I'm sorry to hear about the guy getting all weird and dumb on you. As if relationships aren't hard enough plus the distance then he gets all douchy? Ain't nobody got time for that! Maybe shedding that stress will free up some energy, get you moving again and feeling better. The world is your oyster, my dear ♥

Soraya: 22.89 miles last week on my fitbit. Hope you had a great weekend!

I think I'm getting hot flashes. I do turn 47 in 3 months, so menopause is not beyond the scope of possibility. Since I had a hysterectomy in 2008 I don't have the big obvious clue :) Hopefully they burn calories!

*Jen (158.2 << of course 2 pounds down from "official" Monday weight which left me up 1.2 for last week. Anyway: 21 days till vacation, 3.2 pounds to vacation goal)

Calorie Count Are you able to change your username? Oct 28 2014
02:19 (UTC)

*blushes* Thanks Nomo :)

Calorie Count Are you able to change your username? Oct 27 2014
21:26 (UTC)

PM a moderator, they'll fix you right up!

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 27 2014
14:44 (UTC)

Back home, back to my normal routine, so glad. We went to Chili's at like 10pm after my plane landed, because I was starving. That was a huge (but delicious) mistake. Then Sat was a bit of a mess too and I ended up gaining 1.2 pounds for the week. Vacation is in 22 days, 5.2 pounds to goal.

*Jen (160.2)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 24 2014
16:22 (UTC)

Soraya, logging can be the gentle reminder you need :) It gets easier as you go and I know you can do it ♥

I've been logging as best as I can but it's been totally guessing. Food at the training event was good. There was 6:30 PT both mornings (Wed and Thu), so I didn't entirely blow off my workout schedule. I get home tonight and I'm interested to see what the scale says Saturday morning. Really looking forward to being home! The whole trip has been mentally exhausting. 


Fitness Weight Goals Oct 21 2014
18:30 (UTC)
Original Post by deborahamorgan:

Today: 6800lbs running total: 244,103lbs

You're going to catch up to me while I'm gone.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 21 2014
17:56 (UTC)

Hi Claire! How was it cooking in the new kitchen? Fabulous?!? Sorry you missed yoga :( I'm working on staying on the 150's during my trip, but of course it's harder. No weighing, just guessing and logging.

Team lunch to an Italian place today - just pulled up the menu. I can do soup and salad, that should be ok. Mmm, or gorgonzola salad: "Romaine Hearts, Walnuts, Gorgonzola, Olives and Avocado", and no soup :)

*Jen (28 days!)

eta: Hi Soraya! Wow, an hour to go 9 miles :( Hey, I'm in Cupertino right now! Yes, logging everything best I can. It's been the only thing that really works for me when I want to lose. The motivation of a beach vacation helps too :) I love lifting, and catching the shadow of my delt and triceps in the dining room mirror. I love watching the total weight lifted go up each workout. Success is pretty motivating. But you know me, it takes me a while to get revved up & get serious. I gotta get through the "whine and complain about it" stage before I get to the "JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" stage. I think I'm looking pretty good - stomach a little flatter each week, jeans fitting better. I need new jeans, but not till I'm 150!

Logging is a real eye-opener. Small steps, hon, you can do it. Get everything checked out and fix whatever needs fixing then commit to some exercise, commit to logging. Later, commit to a calorie target that's reasonable and achievable. You got this ♥

Calorie Count coffee Oct 21 2014
17:49 (UTC)


Weight Loss stress and weight Oct 20 2014
16:46 (UTC)

Maybe focus on stress-reduction techniques: deep breathing, imagining yourself in a "happy place", take a walk, yoga, etc. 

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 20 2014
14:10 (UTC)

Soraya, I got 21.84 miles on my fitbit last week :)

Had a great weekend, out to dinner to a cute Italian place Saturday night for delicious pasta. I logged 2500 calories for that day, but ended up only 12 over for my weekly average. I leave this afternoon for my work trip, but I'm sneaking in yoga and my 2.88 miles before I go. 

*Jen (159.0! 29 days, 4 pounds)

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 18 2014
16:37 (UTC)

Yeah, that's the elevation of my town (4978 feet at City Hall), north of Denver (the mile high city). Oh I've done that before, a whole bottle of wine. I'm pretty sure you deserved it after the week you've had! Have a great, relaxing weekend.

So I had another weird weight on the scale. I didn't believe it so I got back on 2 minutes later and it was still the same. I've been fluctuating up and down this whole week and I wish it would just be more predictable, but I should probably quit whining about it because it's awesome. Just hope I can maintain it through the weekend...

*Jen (158.9!!! 31 days, 3.1 pounds)

Fitness Weight Goals Oct 17 2014
18:13 (UTC)
  • Oct 17: 8550 | 264,250

Traveling for work next week, not expecting to be able to do my lifting. See ya'll Oct 28!

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