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Foods Easter! Apr 15 2014
12:54 (UTC)

Yes because there are so many "Egg Yolk Beaters" They must be the healthy portion. Ick.. *Throws away 8 million egg yolks*. Egg Whites Foreverrrr

Weight Gain What will make her hungry? Apr 14 2014
17:06 (UTC)

Honestly, Take her to the movies or watch tv with her with food. When I started my weight gain program, they took us to the movies a lot. Why? Subliminal Messaging. Movies will post frames of foods and drinks that aren't caught by the eye but by the brain. If you have your daughter hanging on to a tub of popcorn, she'll be nawing on it the whole time. She'll be so focused on what shes watching that she wont notice her hands in the tub of popcorn. Goodluck and I hope she feels better soon <3

Foods Easter! Apr 14 2014
16:59 (UTC)

Holidays are for enjoying yourself and putting the little piece of "I hate this" away for the day. Beating disorders is one step at a time and by saying "enough" to your brain for one day, it is the start of something beautiful. The best way to go I guess is to realize that just because food is there, doesn't mean you have to gorge yourself. We are surrounded by food all the time doesn't mean that eat 24/7. Indulge ! If you really are looking at the health aspect of it, Egg whites are 17 calories a piece. Avoid the fattening yolk. Eat some Ham if you eat meat as it's great protein and lean. If you are worried about binging, make the food yourself. Baked beans, corn, yummy.. but one thing I will tell you..DONT YOU EVER TURN DOWN A CHANCE FOR A CHOCOLATE BUNNY !

Health & Support Recovering from an ED, I need to gain fat to get my period back? Sep 10 2013
18:26 (UTC)

Sometimes, it takes longer than normal for your body to backtrack to your period. You could actually go through a few months of all the symptoms (cramps, pms, huge boobies), all that glory, without actually having a cycle. For me, I found that I gained my period back with eating lots of meats, and raspberries ! Raspberries are amazing and help trigger a cycle. Also, sugary fruits. You gotta get more glucose in that body of yours :)

Weight Gain Stress make me lose my appetite. Jun 12 2013
14:42 (UTC)

It's very normal ! There is no such thing as normal eating when stressed.  Its always too much or not enough. The best thing to do, is do some stretches in the morning.  Have a nice glass of water and listen to relaxing music when you are on your way to work. You have to be careful of punishing yourself. Punishing yourself and saying "I don't deserve xyz" can develop an eating disorder. You started your own company !  Youre doing amazing. Youre not going to fail in anything. Take a shower first thing when you get home after your day and distress.  It helps :)

Weight Loss Tall Women 5'9" or taller! Sep 20 2012
14:48 (UTC)

You gotta own that height !  Tall women I found to be so beautiful no matter what their weight.  I'm 6'0 and 114lbs (trying to gain) and I found myself to be more gorgeous at a higher weight rather than lower.  All about the attitude... Also, we all hold our weight differently (dang hips).  beauty is in height <3  Be proud

Weight Loss Short and Fluffy need advice Sep 17 2012
17:24 (UTC)

Try eating complex carbs in the morning !  Oatmeal / Whole Grains keep you more full and energized throughout the day.  After your workout, always go with proteins. Frozen banana slices with peanut butter is an excellent post workout snack.  Start your day with a glass of lemon water as it helps boost your metabolism for the day. 

Carbs for Breakfast

Fruits and Veggies for Lunch

Proteins and Dairy for dinner :)

Health & Support Questions in anorexia recovery- rapid weight gain and hair loss! Sep 17 2012
17:09 (UTC)

Night Sweats and such could be the result of too much sugars in your system.  Try eating less sweets and more complex carbs like Oatmeal.  Better for you and will adjust your body to weight gain.  Also, for your hair, try taking B12 Vitamins.  You can find them in your grocery store and they are amazing for your skin and hair (as a recovering anorexic, I swear by these).  Keep up the good work my dear :) <3

Motivation Self Control after swimming? Aug 31 2011
14:23 (UTC)

YAY ! Finally a post just like my life hehe ;) I do the exact same thing.  What I do is the following


Pre Swim : Banana with PB

During Swim I take a bottle of water with me : 20 laps, drink, 20 laps, drink (it keeps you full throughout your excer)

Post Swim : Cucumber Salad and Grilled Chicken ! The vinegar from the salad and lean grilled chicken keeps your tummy full and happy without the gorge !

You have the strength and will power.  Just tell yourself you don't need it.  Set your post swim treats aside and prepare it before you swim.  Put sticky notes on that garbage food.. YOU DON'T NEED IT  :)

Motivation Non-food Rewards Aug 18 2011
11:23 (UTC)

Summer is almost over ! Get outdoors while you still can !

Take what you normally put aside and take a little more out for yourself ;)

For instance : I recently did a great job on a project at work.  So.. instead of saving 400 dollars per paycheck for bills, I'm only saving 200 this week and using the extra 200 to go camping with the boyfriend.  Hiking, Kayaking, being outdoors (and not to mention being healthy) is a great reward :)

Weight Loss Low cal filling food Aug 17 2011
18:33 (UTC)

Cocopop and Low Fat Peanut Butter !!!

Cocopop = 20 cals a piece (it's a giant round ricecake of goodness)

Peanut Butter = 40 Calories a Teaspoon (which is all you need)


60 Cals for something that will leave you filled up for a while :)

Weight Loss What In the World?? Aug 11 2011
12:27 (UTC)

You might want to eat a little more and yet do a little more.  Carbs before working out , protein after.  Eat lower cal foods.  For the love of godddddd do cardio more more more.  I lost 15 lbs getting down to 115 from 130 by avoiding high sugar booze, and icky carbs.  I live off of salads, ground beef and peanut butter and live in the pool.  Swimming burns 500 calories an hour ! Hop in !

Weight Loss Weekend Weight Gain Aug 09 2011
17:29 (UTC)

It's the weekend ! That means.. GET OUT DOORS !  I eat tonnns on the weekend, but also will go on a hike.  You have a son right?  Get him out doors with you.  Go play outside.  Running, swimming... I allow myself a certain number of calories per week (including weekend).  If you want to eat more during the weekend, consume a little less during the week !

Foods 100 calorie snack ideas Aug 05 2011
14:06 (UTC)

Cocopop !  They are giant multigrain or wheat or regular yummy rice cakes.  16 cals a piece ! I take one of those and put a teaspoon of reduced fat Peanut butter (about 40 cals) on it .  Keeps me full and only about 60 cals :):):):)

Weight Loss eating back calories burned? Aug 02 2011
14:00 (UTC)

Keep Swimming ! You are probably suffering heat stroke a little bit.  But swimming is THE BEST way to burn those cals ! I've tightened up the body by massive swimming.. However, calorie intake needs to be a lotttt higher than 1400 a day if you are going to be swimming.  It stinks, but it's true. 

1 meal under 200 calories and eat heavy before you swim and high protein after. Also, keep a bottle of water next to you at the pool.  20 laps, half a bottle of water, 20 laps ..... at 6ft tall I swim 3 hours a day and eat about 2500 cals a day. If your body is feeling sore and you're feeling tired, try peantbutter.  It gives you energy :)

Weight Loss Sedentary lifestyle people who has lost weight healthily? HELP! :'( Jun 28 2011
12:34 (UTC)

Don't let the fact that your sister thinks it is too hot out keep you from doing stuff !  That is just an excuse !  I work 12 hours a day at a desk snacking, come home, eat, and go to bed. I'm 6ft tall and weigh 120.  How? Little things. 

I offer to to bring paper up and down the stairs.  I get up randomly and will knock out 100 jumping jacks. I DON'T EAT GARBAGE ! Give up soda (or pop if you call it that) and candy !  Say to yourself "For every bit of sugar I eat, I'm gonna do....."  Breakfast I usually have a small carmel latte from dunkin donuts !  Iced coffees are around 180 calories, yet keep you full for so long (7am-11am for me). Lunch is meats and grains, lunch is veggies and fruit (they make you feel great in the morning and are much easier to digest).

Don't let anyone stop you from going outside.  I'll go for a walk all the time.  Going to mcdonalds for lunch? WALK THERE ! Friends all going to a restaurant for dinner? Look up the nutrition facts before hand.  You'd be surprised how a salad is 800 calories .

Follow a diet plan.  300 cals for breakfast, 400 for lunch, 500 for dinner. 


Recipes Quick healthy meals Jun 16 2011
18:48 (UTC)

Ooo ! Honey Mustard Chicken !!!

Take a few Chicken Breasts, Toss them in a caserole dish, Pour about half a cup of italian dressing on top (I use T Marzetti Sweet Italian. It's amazing).  Then pour a little bit of garlic powder, powdered Mustard and drizzle honey over the top.  Pop it in the oven at 350 for about 35/40 mins and you have yourself a delicious high protein low fat meal ! :)

Weight Loss Low Carb Eating Jun 16 2011
14:29 (UTC)

I try to be low carb, but I mean come on... you can't eat an apple but you can eat bacon?  Seems kind of silly don't you think?  Carbs give you the energy to get through the day.  Eat your fave carbs pre workout but don't give them all up.  I actually lost 10lbs in a week just by giving up foods like bacon and eggs.  but mainly,  BOOZE AND SUGAR ! Pastas and potatos are very good for you !  I'd rather have an order of veggie oil fried potatos over bacon and steak anyday of the week <3

Foods What is your Kryptonite?? Jun 01 2011
11:31 (UTC)

Thats a Dang big block o cheese !

Somedays, I wish Peanut Butter was never invented.  I will make little peanut butter bars with graham cracker crumbs and butter.. It is the most disgustingly amazing treat ever.  500 calories a bar.  DIE DIE DIE ! :( 

Also, Please remove me from any form of gummy snack.  Twizzlers, Starbursts.  Yesterday for lunch, a pack of twizzlers and salt and vinegar chips.  Dear Gooooodness