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Weight Loss waist size measurements(apple shaped people) Apr 30 2013
20:24 (UTC)

wow it is telling me at my height i should have a 25" waist... I think I was that waist size when I had an ED! I would be happy to get to around 27.5-28 again!

Weight Loss I just had my first public fat bashing Apr 29 2013
20:22 (UTC)

Wow, the nerve of some people. You are at a healthy weight, I wouldn't pay any regard to what they say.

Weight Loss Vitamin D deficiency problems anyone? Affecting Weight Loss Apr 18 2013
17:17 (UTC)

Hi, I found this post in a search... I just found out today that I have low levels of vitamin D3, and to take a 2,000 unit/day supplement. I have to say that I do struggle with weight loss even when I'm really diligent about watching what I'm eating, so not sure if this is related at all. I originally went for bloodwork at my OB GYN because I thought maybe my thyroid was out of whack and it may have been causing my inability to lose weight and my short cycles, but apparently it is normal.  I would be interested to know if the supplements matter- vitamin D3 vs D?

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Mar 12 2013
14:34 (UTC)

Updating here as well, I think I lost weight without trying this week since I have not really been good about tracking and allowing myself treats but I have had stomach issues lately, so I lost about 2 lbs.

CW: 152.5

GW: 130

Games & Challenges 20 Pounds by June 21st. first day of summer! Mar 12 2013
14:30 (UTC)

Hi all, I went on the scale this morning and at one point it read 152.9 then 10 minutes later was 152 even, so I am going to say I'm at 152.5 which is about a 2 lb loss I think from last time. Although I don't know how because I have been bad about tracking lately and have allowed myself several treats. I have also been having lots of stomach issues lately :( so that could be why I lost weight without much effort this week. Good luck to all!

CW: 152.5

GW: 130

Games & Challenges 20 Pounds by June 21st. first day of summer! Mar 04 2013
15:50 (UTC)

I was down .4 on Sunday morning but this morning up a lb since I didn't eat too healthy yesterday. So I guess I will see how it goes next week.

Weight Loss Skinny people who say they never stop eating? Mar 04 2013
15:45 (UTC)

I think genetics does play a big role, well I think for me at least. I gain weight very easily and it takes me a long time to lose it. I can diet and be constantly good during the week, and I won't see 2 lb losses each week. If i have a slip up day (say, if I go to a family party and eat something other than grilled chicken and veggies) then I'm up 2 lbs. It's really frustrating! At my lowest weight I was eating very, very little calories. and it was nearly impossible to maintain. So, I would just be happy being in a mid range of a normal BMI if I could ever get back there again.

I did have a childhood friend that was always very skinny and she is still skinny today. But we used to snack on the same stuff and yet I was always the chubby kid haha.

Weight Loss Women's clothing sizes, body weights Mar 04 2013
15:38 (UTC)

I am 5'4" around 155 lbs and I *think* i'm a size 12 but i'm still wearing stretchy stuff from when i was pregnant, I know, so bad!

When I was about 20 lbs lighter I was in a size 8.

At my lowest weight I was around 118 and a size 4. Don't think i'll ever get back there though (I had an ED to stay at that weight). I'll be happy if I get to size 8 again!

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Mar 03 2013
18:37 (UTC)
Down .4 so now at 154.5, today though I sort of strayed so I have to be good for the rest of the week
Pregnancy & Parenting Am I too heavy to think aout getting pregnant? Mar 01 2013
15:33 (UTC)

i would also work on losing some weight before getting pregnant. just in case you gain a lot like i did! with me I lost 10 lbs before I got pregnant. This put me at the higher end of a normal BMI. But then, during pregnancy, I put on 45 lbs!!  My son is 6.5 months now but I still have 10 lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and another 15 on top of that to get to my "wedding weight". sigh.

oh i wanted to add that i did not have a c section or any other complications.

Foods Doughnuts have how many calories?!?!?!!?!? Mar 01 2013
15:23 (UTC)

All my husband has to do to lose weight is stop eating donuts as his snack. he did this for a week and lost 7 lbs. Meanwhile i am good all week and lose .5 lbs.. grr!

Weight Loss overeating Feb 27 2013
18:39 (UTC)

i would say try being good during the week and allowing yourself a treat on the weekends, this way you don't feel deprived. for what its worth, i overindulged at a family party on weekend on an ice cream sundae bar but ate well the rest of the week and managed to lose a pound.

Weight Loss how many calories do you eat a day? Feb 27 2013
18:36 (UTC)

I usually end up eating around 1600... I don't know if this is bad though, because CC recommends approx 1460 for me to lose weight. I would love some insight from those more experienced! I am 5'4" around 155 looking to get to 130. For exercise I mostly walk during the week on my lunch break at work and on weekends I'll do a more intense workout dvd or run.

Games & Challenges 20 Pounds by June 21st. first day of summer! Feb 26 2013
20:59 (UTC)

I am down 1.1 (as of yesterday).

Weight Loss Calorie Count or Weight Watchers? Feb 25 2013
17:28 (UTC)

I was on it for a month then canceled to save the money, it is kinda pricey and I would just go to weigh in and not stay for the meetings (i stayed for 2 meetings and thought it was the same whining each time). I did lose weight so it works in that sense that you have to measure/weigh everything but you can do the same for CC. I also found that I may have been undereating by eating my daily points only because once I upped my calories I lost more. One week I remember I was really discouraged because I felt like I was starving myself all week and only lost .4 lbs.

Weight Loss has anyone tried TURBO FIRE from beachbody Feb 25 2013
16:11 (UTC)

I have turbofire as well. At first I found it really tough to follow the moves (i am not coordinated AT ALL) but after a while I got the hang of it. I reduced the amount of days I do it though because I found that for some reason, i actually lose more each week doing less intense exercise, its really weird. Now I go on walks at my lunch break while at work and fit in a turbofire workout when i can during the week (although its hard with a 6 month old at home. i stick him in his exersaucer while i work out and he lasts maybe 15 minutes until he starts whining!)

good luck!

Weight Loss how do you cheat? Feb 25 2013
16:09 (UTC)

i will let myself have a cheat treat every once in a while... last week it was more like a cheat day, I had a family party, there was an ice cream bar... weakness..! but, i tried to keep myself on track for the rest of the week.

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Feb 25 2013
16:05 (UTC)
Original Post by georgiamapua:

I am down 2lb from last week! Although I didn't eat dinner last night and I have done 6 hours of exercise this week.

great job!

Weight Loss weekly weigh in!! Feb 25 2013
16:05 (UTC)

Hi, I am down 1.1 lbs as of this morning. I don't know if it should have been more, but I did have a cheat day last Sunday, and I also ran this weekend (which, I haven't done in a while) so I feel like it could be water retention too (my muscles are really sore).

Foods waking up in the middle of the night hungry Feb 22 2013
18:40 (UTC)

this happened to me when i was not eating enough. eat a snack before bed and see if that helps