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The Lounge Canada Oct 24 2014
19:01 (UTC)

I think that is precisely what happened to CNN. When they were the only 24 hour news gig on US cable, they were nonpareil. I noticed them starting to fail during the OJ chase and subsequent trial. But it got a lot worse during the Newtown shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing/suspect chase.

Bad reporting exacerbated by misinformation and the need to scoop hundreds of other sources. :/

The Lounge Canada Oct 23 2014
17:00 (UTC)

Stalwart fellow. Good job former Mountie.

The Lounge Relationship Test - Dataclysm Oct 23 2014
16:51 (UTC)

Does it matter that Facebook dictates your content? Decides for itself what you actually see in your newsfeed? Seems like that would skew the numbers?

The Lounge Canada Oct 23 2014
16:44 (UTC)

Broadcast News is, I think, the higher rated news source, Nomo. I think we're not entirely Foxed up.

The Lounge Canada Oct 23 2014
15:42 (UTC)

When I first read about the incidents, I felt a sort of overwhelming protectiveness for our Canadian friends. You guys don't have a lot of gun violence up there, it doesn't seem, and I thought 'this is going to be even more difficult for people so unaccustomed to it.' And you guys are pretty..well...nice.

Then I realized that was probably a mite patronizing, but still I can't shake the feeling of being sort of pissed off and dismayed on your collective behalf.

May your soldier rest easy. :/

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 17 2014
13:27 (UTC)


The Lounge Are you gonna be my Chat Oct 17 2014
13:14 (UTC)

Cool earworm, Deb.

Mornin' folks.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 17 2014
13:12 (UTC)

The acting surgeon general is the deputy and can't make policy. That the Senate still hasn't confirmed the president's appointment for Surgeon General - thank you NRA - probably leaves him little choice but to appoint an enforcer type individual.

I would prefer an Ebola Shogun though. More tough and cool. Or maybe an Ebola Leftenant. No one uses leftenant anymore.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 16 2014
14:28 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

seems to me this clusterfrack is the consequence of a whole lot of pretense and face-saving. spend a few decades bragging about having "the best health care system in the world" and you'd better have some substance to back it up.

And then there's capitalizing on a significant portion of the voting public's fear of too much government intrusion, for an extra dollop of dumbassery.

If it becomes clear that the CDC is under-funded, under-staffed or in any way hobbled by the nonsense of the last 20 years or so, I'm going to be a mite put out.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 16 2014
13:39 (UTC)

I don't think I'd label the death of 1833 people in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina 'inconsequential'. Nor would I say the government wasn't taken to task. FEMA got a big shake-down.

As to the healthcare workers becoming infected, I think many Americans are laboring under the false impression that all hospitals come equipped with bio-containment units, and that the second an Ebola diagnosis is even suspected let alone confirmed, the CDC is empowered to fly in and swarm the situation with federal workers and hazmat suits. They aren't. They have to be invited in by the state.

I'm not even sure how many realize we've got no appointed Surgeon General, thanks to blocking by the Senate GOP. The acting one, the deputy SG, is not empowered to make policy. Policy that, it has to be pointed out, might better empower the CDC.

I agree erring on the side of caution would have been the more prudent decision with regard to the nurse flying. That said, I'll be surprised if they come up with any victims from her flights. There have been no reported victims from Duncan's, after all. Not even his immediate family, living with him in the apartment, seem to have been infected.


The Lounge What did you love to do in junior high (middle school)? Oct 09 2014
15:17 (UTC)

Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Boys, Biking, The Funk, Boys, Levi's 501s, Boys, Drawing, Boys, the beach, Boys.

By the time I was nearing graduation I wanted to be an actress, an architect or a lawyer.

So...none of those things...


The Lounge Ghosts and aliens and Sasquatch...oh my! Oct 09 2014
15:10 (UTC)
Original Post by barbarjinx:

So as a secondary query, if you could wish one mythical being into existence, what would it be?

An honest politician.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 09 2014
14:46 (UTC)

The most recent I've read is that she says she touched her face after cleaning up an infected patient.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 09 2014
14:36 (UTC)

Madrid put down the Spanish nurse's dog. Not certain how I feel about that. Couldn't they have isolated the animal, instead, and learned something from it?

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 08 2014
15:47 (UTC)

I've come to the conclusion that at some point the Red group is just going to have to human up. They can't keep their rage hard-on for ALL the things, all the time.

I am seriously sick of the rage-sturbation.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 08 2014
15:39 (UTC)

Dallas patient died. May he rest easy.

And, Jesus F. Christ, no more talk of criminal charges against further victims. Just...no.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Oct 08 2014
12:46 (UTC)

I thought this was a cool story.

Obviously, it was and is in Firestone's interests as a corporation to be proactive, but I like that it also saved lives and demonstrated what immediate response and money can really do.

The Lounge Rasslin' in the Lounge Oct 08 2014
12:10 (UTC)

I think I'd submit that true respect is earned, 'Wick. I think civility is something that can be expected, or possibly demanded, but not respect.


The Lounge Rasslin' in the Lounge Oct 08 2014
11:14 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

here's a good explanation of what values are (or should be). note: not a single value on the list of examples takes the form, "my [insert person or thing]."




The Lounge Rasslin' in the Lounge Oct 07 2014
15:57 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Let's say your child is the only child at their school with special needs (small town, private school or whatnot).  In order to create a program and add extra staff for your child, funds will have to be taken from other areas that currently benefit dozens or hundreds of other students.  What parent is going to say, "Oh well, screw my kid's ability to learn and be successful in school.  I have to side with the option that provides benefit to the largest number of people in order to stay true to my value of community responsibility?"

It actually almost happened. When my elder kid was accepted into the International Baccalaureate Program, we lived half a county away from the school. I called, to see about transportation, and the lady told us he'd have to make his own way. She suggested that at least one student she was aware of had used a city bus. Which would have meant him getting up at 4:00 AM to attend.

As it happened, enough parents must have complained, that money was allocated for a school bus that year and every year after - but we were prepared to take the hit.

eta: heh. Upon reflection, not quite the same thing.