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The Lounge Traveling with Food Apr 17 2014
15:25 (UTC)

I find chewing helps keep me awake and aware while driving, so I always include sugar free gum on any road trip (or flight, it helps pop your ears too).  I also usually have hard candy, for the same reason.  Sucking on a hard candy keeps me awake and aware, and if you suck instead of crunch it lasts longer, which means only about 2 a day (about 80 calories).  I prefer scotch mints, as the flavor lasts until long after the candy is gone, and that stops me from having another right away.

coffee instead of pop.

As for eating out, just use whatever your normal method is.  I usually order something else in place of the french fries and call it good enough.  On general principles I always avoid pasta dishes when ordering out (just because pasta is so cheap and easy to prepare at home, why pay such a large price for it).

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 07 2014
17:17 (UTC)

1) Wear cloths.  I don't care if you used to hang around on the couch in your underwear and play videogames all day long at your mamma's house, this ain't your mamma's house.

2) Don't use your roommate's toothbrush to clean the toilet.  You can use your own if that's what you're into.

3) It's a perfectly legal move to make some ex-lax cookies and leave them out with a note saying not to touch them.  This is considered an acceptable solution to the "who's stealing my food" food dilemma.  It is not an acceptable solution to make ex-lax cookies and leave them out with a "please take one" note.  At a very minimum such a crime against humanity will warrant permanent bathroom cleaning duty.  And you don't want to see that bathroom after the ex lax cookies hit.

4) Never enter a roommates bedroom without permission.  For all intents and purposes the space beyond that bedroom door is in a quantum state of flux and therefor does not truly exist and cannot be entered.

5) Do not borrow someone's computer and forget to close out your browser windows before returning it.  No one wants to see the websites that you've been visiting and then wonder why the keyboard is sticky.

6) Learn how to use a laundry machine.  Buying new cloths every time your old ones get dirty is financially unsustainable.  Wearing your unwashed cloths until the next time you visit your mamma's house is olfactory untenable.  Throwing someone else's laundry with your own to make up a full load, then folding said laundry before delivering it to said roommate will earn you the title of "best roommate ever!".

The Lounge Never mind... Apr 07 2014
12:22 (UTC)

You can't imagine how much I enjoy this video.  It's so true!

The Lounge bizarre local news stories Apr 07 2014
12:00 (UTC)

I heard on the radio this morning that someone tried to rob a grocery store.  She was confronted by a security guard and tried to escape.  He chased her.

She dragged him with her car, hit several other cars in the parking lot and then crashed into a cart coral before she was finally captured.

And I'm thinking to myself damn, I hope they have a security camera in the parking lot.  That's like a Hollywood movie right there.

The security guard was fine BTW.  Just some scrapes and bruises.  She, on the other hand, has a lot more serious charges than just robbery against her now.

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 07 2014
11:37 (UTC)

Dishes.  I've seen more feuds erupt over dishes than over anything else.

We had a shelf in our fridge that was considered common area.  Anything on that shelf was considered free for anyone.  It had the typical ketchup and mayo, etc, but people would also put their leftovers there if they wanted to share.  One roommate had his parents over for thanksgiving dinner, and we feasted for days off the leftovers.

But seriously, dishes are the bane of relationships.

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Apr 04 2014
15:50 (UTC)

Yeah, like how about your baby?

GATTACA her we come!

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Apr 04 2014
12:07 (UTC)

That's cool too Hata, but do they light up? 

Carbon fiber muscles would also be able to transmit electricity wouldn't they?  You could have your muscles and your nervous system combined into one.  String it up just right and it'll be faster than our current nervous system, by a factor of millions.  Imagine reaction speed that's a significant fraction of the speed of light instead of our current 100 m/second.  Boxing matches would be over in fractions of seconds.

So you'd be 200 times stronger and millions of times faster.  Your poor skeleton wouldn't be able to keep up.  If we don't Wolverine-up our skeleton they you would be in constant danger of shattering your own bones with a sudden movement.

Good news though, titanium is bio-neutral, so you can lace or replace your bones with titanium.  Carbon tubes are bio-neutral as well, so your body wouldn't reject either of these.

Suddenly, future warfare is looking a lot scarier.  We'd have Terminator-level abilities on an individual scale.

But they've got to find something better than thermal control first.  Imagine your muscles contracting and expanding based on how hot or cold you are and you'll begin to see the problem.  How do you disperse the heat-load in a bio system?  Already cheetahs have to stop running after 2 minutes or they are in danger of cooking themselves from the inside.

The Lounge ****ing Microsoft Windows 8 Apr 04 2014
11:28 (UTC)

At work we're giving Win 8 a miss.  I hope to high heaven that Windows 9 is better.

Right now we're in a big push to get everyone upgraded from XP to 7 by the end of April.  Only about another 2500 PCs to go!

We've looked into switching to linux, but software compatibility issues stopped us.  I use Linux at home for my file server and one laptop, but nothing beats Windows for compatibility with games, and my kids like games.

But I wouldn't touch Win 8 with a 10 foot token ring.

The Lounge Never mind... Apr 04 2014
11:12 (UTC)

You want to see the results of a 3 day blizzard?  This video was taken in the same town that I live in.  My own driveway and walkway was just as deep, and now I've got a 12' wall of snow on either side of my driveway.

And if you like the Newfoundland accent, you'll also enjoy this video.  The fun starts about 25 seconds in.

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Apr 03 2014
12:11 (UTC)

I, for one, salute our cyborg overlords.

Seriously, this is a fantastic advance.  My mind just boggles at the applications.  Self-healing, growing, artificial muscles that grow stronger with use AND that lights up when used?

The Lounge Never mind... Apr 03 2014
11:43 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Original Post by knowan:

A perfect day for beach walks?  We're 3 days into a blizard.  It's supposed to stop this afternoon, but there's more snow scheduled for Thursday.

I so wanted to hang up my snow shovel this month.  Looks like that isn't happening.

Oh, and to top it all off someone shot up an electrical substation, so no power for over 5,000 people.

A blizzard??? Noooooooo! NO! It's springtime! That is not fair!

I'm very sorry that you are a victim of heinous Canadian weather.


About the substation, are you saying that someone just did this in your area?

Has anyone wondered if it's connected to the substation that was shot up a few months ago in California?

Nah, this was someone who went out in the middle of the night during a raging blizzard and shot at a power station until it died.  Much as I'd like to put a sinister spin on it and weave a tale of having to knock out the power to disable the alarms and reset the clock to 12:00 in order to release the time-lock on the safe that contains the password to crack the system that controls the eastern occidental milk cabal, it was probably just some yahoo.

The Lounge Never mind... Apr 02 2014
11:35 (UTC)

A perfect day for beach walks?  We're 3 days into a blizard.  It's supposed to stop this afternoon, but there's more snow scheduled for Thursday.

I so wanted to hang up my snow shovel this month.  Looks like that isn't happening.

Oh, and to top it all off someone shot up an electrical substation, so no power for over 5,000 people.

The Lounge Stuck with a bunch of scaffolding... Mar 24 2014
18:18 (UTC)

Ideas for things to do with scafolding:

1) Get a white sheet and hang it from the scaffolding.  Use a movie projector to watch an outdoor movie.  If you don't have a movie projector then just pretend it's the world's largest ghost.

2) This

3) Re-do that scene from Rush Hour 2

4) Keep taking pieces from the bottom and and putting them on top.  Play the world's largest game of Jenga

5) Put a camping tent on top and spend a night in the penthouse suite. 

6) See if you can use a garden hose as a bungee cord.

7) Get a lot of cardboard boxes and use the scaffolding as a frame to build a cardboard box castle.  Include marshmallow guns, but live in fear of the only weapon capable of destroying your castle, the super soaker (or a rainy day).

I'm sure there's more.



The Lounge Stuck with a bunch of scaffolding... Mar 24 2014
17:03 (UTC)

scaffolding is actually wicked expensive.  Don't sell it for scrap, sell it to a contractor.


The Lounge quarter cups and shelves (for bewbs!) - women's opinions of, advice about Mar 19 2014
16:24 (UTC)

Then you're going to have to get a better title.  I wandered in because I thought you were going to post something about kitchen shelves (or possibly measuring cups).

Anyway, the only shelf I've ever worn was one day when we were doing demo on a room in our house, so I'll wander back out again.

The Lounge Questions you've always wondered... Mar 19 2014
15:56 (UTC)
Original Post by eevrikaa:

Ostriches are beautiful. It is society, who is ugly:)


Ostriches are scary. Very Scary  But no one seems to know just how scary they are.

The Lounge Human sterilization Mar 14 2014
18:09 (UTC)

There's the problems of selection as well.  For example, some genetic diseases such as diabetes, Huntington's disease, etc are actual diseases that it would likely be a good idea to eliminate from the genome permanently.  But there are also some diseases that have a beneficial effect.  For example Sickle-cell anemia causes a deformity in red blood cells, and people who have it often don't live long (without costly intervention such as regular transfusions).  But, and this was only recently discovered, if you have the recessive version of sickle-cell anemia, your red blood cells don't deform, you don't get sick and die, and ALSO you are resistant to malaria.  

You were twice as likely to get the recessive version of sickle-cell, so for every one person that died of sickle-cell, 2 people were born almost immune to malaria, which annually kills millions.  If you totally eliminate the sickle-cell genes then malaria deaths go way, way up.  Even though sickle-cell anemia is a terrible disease, it's actually beneficial to humanity to keep those genes.

And there's some other ones. Dyslexia leaves you unable to read.  But people who have dyslexia also tend to be smarter than average.  Should we eliminate it?

Autism may or may not  have a genetic link.  It can be terribly debilitating.  But there are some high-functioning autistics that are fricking brilliant.  Their spatial recognition especially is very good.  Both Einstein and Mozart may have been autistic.

And then there's the whole can of worms that gets opened when we start selecting FOR certain traits instead of against certain diseases.  Who wouldn't want their kids to be super smart, super athletic and super good looking?  If you could select for these traits, who wouldn't jump at the chance?  Why doom your child to being average when you can improve their chances at having a successful life?

And then there's the inevitable government and corporate interference.  Selecting for more docile genes can keep you in power, and you can market it as a way to reduce crime.  Corporations may start sponsoring genetic "improvements", in return for adding in a gene that makes you think Coke tastes like liquid orgasm.  Corporations will patent and market certain genes as well, and control their supply (this is already happening).

Plus when you start selecting for certain traits you start narrowing the gene pool.  The tighter a gene pool becomes the less a species can recover from a change in environment.  Lets say global warming causes desertification and farming collapse.  Famine becomes widespread.  Your tall, strong, intelligent athletic child requires significantly more calories than a short, weak individual (muscles and brains burn calories).  If there are no more small, weak individuals then the population as a whole will be much more adversely affected.

The Lounge Teen sues parents for financial support Mar 10 2014
18:17 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Original Post by theviewfromhere:

they can in canada. it's not an easy process, but i had a friend in undergrad who did so. she had to have several people--the kind of people who can act as guarantors--write letters of support stating that her family was abusive and she could not remain their dependent.

That was mighty nice of them. A couple of my boys' friends were looking into it themselves, trying to work out some way of getting to school without incurring crippling debt, and were told pretty conclusively that their parents made too much and until they'd been living on their own independently for some arbitrary number of years (I believe it was 2 years) there wasn't even a chance at aid. No abuse history though, so I guess that was a mitigating factor.

As to this girl, I get the sensation that there's a lot of kids out there who have that same teen-aged solipsism she does, but that reality tends to smack it out of 'em before it sets in too deep. At a guess, this is a particularly violent reaction to reality's first intrusion into her perfect life.

I'd like to dial back into this child's life in about 15 years or so when she "hits the wall". This nonsense may end up looking like a mere temper-tantrum compared to the state of bitter disillusionment she'll be cloaked in once she's realized that younger, firmer versions of her former self are stealing what little thunder she once had.

I think this is different for every Canadian province.  I know that in my own province, if you were living 40 km away from your parents for a certain period of time then you were considered independent from their income.

Or I could just be mis-remembering my hazy recollection from 1991 when I was in University.

The Lounge zombie! Mar 04 2014
18:08 (UTC)

Perhaps some sort of ritual to determine if the person is really dead?

Centuries of sacred rituals are set in motion upon the death of a Pope, and these are administered by the Cardinal Camerlengo.

The death is verified by the Cardinal Camerlengo, or Chamberlain, who traditionally performed the task by striking the pope's head with a small silver hammer and calling out his Christian (not papal) name three times.

When the pope dies, the Camerlengo removes the Pope's Ring of the Fisherman from his finger, then ceremonially crushes it with the ceremonial silver hammer in the presence of members of the College of Cardinals. The same is done with the papal seals.  This is done to prevent the creation of forged, backdated documents.

After the ring's destruction, Camerlengo cordones off and places wax seals on the entrances to the Pope's private bedroom and study. This tradition originates from ruthless cardinals looting the papal chambers upon the death of past popes.

The Lounge Meanwhile in the state of Florida Feb 27 2014
18:38 (UTC)

This story raises more questions than it answers.  How did he manage to shoot himself in the hand with his stun gun?  Was he holding it backwards?

Did he think that at 6'2" and 280 pounds that his co-workers wouldn't recognize him robbing the place where he worked?

Why would he keep the stun gun and pepper spray in his car when he showed up for work 6 hours later?

And finally, why would anyone want to rob a Radio Shack?  Don't the realize that Radio Shack has almost no customers?  Did he actually think that they had any money in the store?