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The Lounge Seeing through the walls of your home Jan 26 2015
18:04 (UTC)

They can already listen to your conversations by bouncing a laser beam off your window (a technology that's over 70 years old).  

The ability to see through walls is at least 20 years old.  Here's a flashlight-like device that they use to detect your heartbeat and breathing that was developed in the mid-eighties.  Since 9-11 these things have exploded.  They've been used to see through trucks at strategic shipping points (such as border crossings) for over a dozen years.  They're in common use at American airports to see though clothing (among other things, there's a reason they're called rapey-scans).

Combine this with cell-phone eavesdroppers, government surveillance of all telephone and emails (Which started in the 60's, and picked up in the 90's).  Overhead drones equipped with thermal or wall-penetrating radar and the question isn't will they do it, but simply how often.

There's an story that Princess Dianna had all of her phone conversations recorded by Carnivore.  It did this because at least once the landmine-banning Princess Di said the word "bomb" on an international phonecall, which automatically put her on an "actively record everything" list.  That was in the mid-nineties.  Imagine how much better that system is now.  Imagine how many of you are on similar "actively record everything" lists.

As for warrants, they only need those if they plan on submitting the information in court proceedings.

The Lounge Seeing through the walls of your home Jan 26 2015
16:48 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

If they did that to my house, I hope they saw me doing something really disgusting or outrageous. I hope they had to look away and say "OMG, how could she" or "can you believe that" or "WTF, I didn't think that was even possible".

See #2 in this article about drone pilots.

The Lounge Seeking BPD resources Jan 26 2015
16:15 (UTC)

weird that this Cracked article came out today.

The Lounge do these jeans look ok in the rear? Jan 23 2015
12:10 (UTC)

I just found this and thought it appropriate.

The Lounge Wind Tree - Cool new technology Jan 21 2015
19:55 (UTC)

As an eco-nut, I'd have to say that it's pretty, it's artistic, but it's not all that practical.  I've studied using multiple small turbines instead of one big one, but the one big one generally is more efficient.

This prototype, which weighs around 5 tons and costs roughly $35,000...

That's at least triple the cost of a "standard" 3 kW wind turbine.

The Lounge Family under investigation for letting children walk home alone Jan 21 2015
19:40 (UTC)

There was a complaint, the police were involved, CPS has to investigate.

I'll not hold that against them, that's just them doing their job.

I'll reserve judgement for the result of the investigation.


The Lounge vacationing alone Jan 21 2015
12:54 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Original Post by knowan:

Will you have a car?

Nobody walks in L.A.

LOL, I walked in LA.  I even took public transit.  I do not recommend public transit in LA.

Even walking in South Central LA was better than taking the bus.  Sure I was surrounded on all sides by hookers, drug dealers, crazy homeless, and con men, but it still beat the bus.

The Lounge do these jeans look ok in the rear? Jan 21 2015
12:37 (UTC)

Back when I was married, I learned that the correct answer to "Do these jeans make me look fat" is definitely not "Honey, I don't think it's the jeans"


Is it any wonder that I am no longer married?

The Lounge vacationing alone Jan 16 2015
12:11 (UTC)

It was a long time ago, but when I was in LA by myself I:

Saw a movie premier in Manns Chinese Theatre (An absolutely terrible movie called "Robot Jocks").  Manns was apparently renamed to TLC Chinese Theatre last year, it's the one with the handprints of famous stars.

Went to Venice Beach and bought a cheap t-shirt near where the body builders work out.  Loved that t-shirt and wore it for the next 8 years, even though it started disintegrating after the first wash.

Went to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.

Marveled at the number of homeless people, especially on the beaches and public parks.  Spoke to some of them, apparently they migrate to LA every winter to stay warm.

Walked through south central LA.  Saw an 80 year old hooker hitching up her skirt to show off her varicose veins, drug deals, more homeless (these ones were the scary insane type), and a 60 year old lady with no nose.  Had a couple of con men try to scam me.  Joke was on them though, all I had was travelers cheques, and I caught on before they even got those.

Walked down Hollywood and Vine.  Ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

And that's about all I can remember.

The Lounge vacationing alone Jan 14 2015
17:36 (UTC)

You can do pretty much anything by yourself.  I'll admit that going to a restaurant or a movie by yourself can be depressing, and going hiking alone can be dangerous, pretty much everything else is still on the table.

Venice Beach, Hollywood tours, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, museums, etc.  The list is endless.

One of my favorite memories from when I was in LA (by myself) was going to the Korean Bell at sunset.  The sun setting over the ocean, a tia chi group practicing in the foreground, an RC plane group doing aerial acrobatics in the background, Catalina Island just barely visible through the sunset-enhancing smog.  It was a beautiful moment that I'll never forget.

The Lounge Husband hates my cooking, not like his mamas! Jan 14 2015
12:54 (UTC)

I guess I'm lucky that my mother was a bit of an experimental cook.  We didn't just rotate the same 6-12 meals that most families did (seriously, look back on your childhood and you'll see that most families have 6-12 standard meals that they rotate).

Friday was always spaghetti night (usually made by my dad), and Sunday was always some kind of roast, but the rest of the week was a surprise (have you ever tried surprising your 10 year old kid with escargots, or introducing them to Indian food?).

Anyway, now that I'm the cook for a household of 4, what I do is each week someone gets to pick one day.  So 3 days a week I'm making what other people want ... with a bit of a twist.  For example, 2 of the 3 others really like macaroni and cheese, so that's a fairly common request.  Personally I'm not a fan.  So I'll make it, but also make a salad to go with it (because seriously, mac n cheese isn't that healthy).  I'll give myself a lot of salad with a bit of mac n cheese, and they get the reverse treatment.

Of course I've gotten pretty good at mac n cheese now.  My last one had a smokey bacon flavor, nutmeg, 5 different cheeses in a bechamel sauce, and a panko crust.  The one before that had a red wine reduction and caramelized onions mixed with gouda and provalone cheeses.  Since I won't be eating much myself I can drop all the high calorie stuff I want into it.  I've also gotten pretty good at making salads.

So I guess what I'm saying is, take what you like, take what he likes, and merge the two.  A meal typically has 3 different components (the main, the veggie and the starch) so make one or two of them what he likes and the other one or two the way you like.  Chicken wings with sweet potato fries.  Meatloaf and mashed potato with salad (I'm being stereotypical here).

You can also get him to make his own.  For example, we have "make your own pizza" night.  I make the crust and prep the toppings, then everyone gets their own individual sized pizza dough and they can top it however they like.  You can have sundried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese and they can have 5 different meats and no veggies.  Since they make it themselves they can't complain about how it turns out.

The Lounge Husband hates my cooking, not like his mamas! Jan 14 2015
12:10 (UTC)

Make him .. brainzzz 

No seriously, have him cook supper at least once or twice a week (the weekend maybe?).  No takeout and no frozen entrees.  Then take his favorite meals as inspiration, mash it together with your favorite meals, and then eat brainzzz!


The Lounge vacationing alone Jan 14 2015
12:02 (UTC)

Will you have a car?

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 12 2015
14:55 (UTC)

There are Protestant denominations that also believe images of Jesus or God are forms of idolatry.

I don't hear anyone trying to protect them, nor do I hear stories of them attacking those who print said images. (Nor do I think they need to be protected.  The idea is ludicrous to me.)

From wikipedia:

Over the next five days, private conferences were held to determine Luther's fate. The Emperor presented the final draft of the Edict of Worms on May 25, 1521, declaring Luther anoutlaw, banning his literature, and requiring his arrest: "We want him to be apprehended and punished as a notorious heretic".[22] It also made it a crime for anyone in Germany to give Luther food or shelter. It permitted anyone to kill Luther without legal consequence.

Martin Luther was then protected by Frederick III, Elector of Saxony 

and later (I bolded the last sentence myself):

What had started as a strictly theological and academic debate had now turned into something of a social and political conflict as well, pitting Luther, his German allies and Northern European supporters against Charles V, France, the Italian Pope, their territories and other allies. The conflict would erupt into a religious war after Luther's death

So yes, wars were fought, lives were lost, brother was pitted against brother, entire countries went to war against each other, off and on for the next 400 years (further if you count the IRA).  All because someone said "we shouldn't have statues in church, that's idolatry (also stop collecting indulgences)" and sparked the protestant reformation.

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 12 2015
14:34 (UTC)


Here's the story of a muslim employee of a kosher grocery rescuing several jewish customers during the kosher grocery attack.

Of course, when he snuck out of the grocery to go for help, he was immediately arrested and cuffed by police on suspicion of being a terrorist.

And that kind of says it all.  A muslim minimum wage worker (at a jewish grocery store none the less) does the last thing you would expect and rescues several jewish people form jihadist gunmen.  When he tries to get help he is immediately arrested by suspicious authorities, presumably because he is muslim.  Authorities that he then helps.  Can you feel your stereotypes shattering?  Is Islam still a religion of intolerance?  Are police always the heros?

People are people, no matter what they worship and no matter what their job is.

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 08 2015
12:08 (UTC)

quoted from way, way down on the bottom of a news report about the shootings in France:

Other attacks have also been reported today - including a "criminal" explosion at a kebab shop near a mosque in eastern France.

Overnight, two Muslim places of worship - in Le Mans, west of Paris, and Port-la-Nouvelle, in southern France - were targeted by blank grenades and gunfire respectively. No casualties were reported.

And so it begins, punishing the innocent for the sins of the wicked.

The Lounge What's disturbing about this? Jan 07 2015
12:24 (UTC)

Back in my school days, I used to be the one that other kids would turn to when bullies started harassing them.  I protected a lot of kids, broke up a lot of fights, but I only once had to do it with my fists.  Usually just telling the bully to back off, that you don't think what they're doing is right, and letting them know that someone's willing to stand up for their target forces them to back down.  Especially if you do it in front of a crowd.

I only once had to resort to my fists, and to tell the truth I was amazed that I won.  This kid had beaten up a lot of others  and had a fearsome reputation as a fighter.  I went into it expecting to lose.  Little did I know that he could punch, but he couldn't take it when someone punched back.

Anyway, there's other, better ways to get a bully to back down than fighting them.  Still I'm glad that someone stood up for this kid.  That's all you usually need, is one person to be willing to stand up for them and typically the bully will back off (unless egged on by their friends).

And that's what's stupid about TV movies and dramatic sitcoms.  They typically show the kid standing up to the bully on their own, usually after learning some sort of kung-fu, or just standing up to them and having them back down due to their sheer bravado.  That's just wish fulfillment.  You'll never get a bully to stop by facing them on your own.  You can study karate all you want but you'll never win that fight.  Mouth off to them and they'll just use their fists to shut your mouth.  The bully picked you because you were smaller and weaker than him, but also because you had no friends to help you.  And that's the key.  If you can surround yourself with a circle of friends the bully will back down.  A bully is not afraid of fighting, they're afraid of public shaming.  They know what happens to the kid with no friends, the kid that others look down on, and they'll do anything not to become that kid.

And I know this because before I started being the one that people came to for protection from bullies, I used to be a bully.

The Lounge Joe Cocker or Mario Cuomo? Or: Biggest losses of 2014 Jan 06 2015
18:03 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by barbarjinx:

Original Post by nebi-hime:

I don't know who those people are, except for Robin Williams, whom I don't remember being in Happy Days. Either I'm too oblivious, or I'm too young.

He was on a few episodes - did the head sitting thing for the first time on Mrs C's couch. :D

Laverne and Shirley was also a Happy Days spinoff.  Loved that show!

Joanie Loves Chachi - let's not talk about that one!

I can't believe you went there.

I just found out that one of my favorite things about that show isn't true.

The first episode was supposed to be the highest rated show in Korea, because Chachi roughly translates into "penis".

The Lounge The Dysfunctional Family Christmas Sing-Along Dec 23 2014
11:56 (UTC)

How about Alice Cooper for Christmas?

The Lounge The Dysfunctional Family Christmas Sing-Along Dec 19 2014
17:03 (UTC)

The Kinks Father Christmas.

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