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Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 27 2014
16:35 (UTC)

Hi Coach K - Thanks for helping us out!

Got a joke for you, but you have to read to the end to get the punchline:  What do you call someone with no body and a nose?

Browneyes 6809 - sorry to hear about your liver problems.  Within reason, have you changed up your diet a little?  Sometimes you need a day or a few days to stimulate your metabolism, which can be done in a variety of ways.  You could have a "cheat" day, for example, or you could raise your calories for a few days while still eating healthily, or you could try a high intensity interval workout one day, if you are able.  It's good to meet you and see you here in the group!

212.2!  I am so happy to have gotten down just a little bit more!  Total sustained weight loss: 22.6.  82 to go!

In case you all have noticed, I don't think of this as weight loss - we aren't losers! We're winners!  I think of this as weight release - it's a much lighter, healthier feeling when you put it this way.  I am releasing weight, not losing it.  Losing my keys, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Punchline?  Nobody knows.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 25 2014
16:39 (UTC)
Wickedgirl - I have the same question as Cailynn. Are you currently 270? If so, you are very welcome to this group. Amd how is that ankle going? I hope it feels better! Give us updates when you can!

I got drowsy and napped in my car during my lunch. I almost didnt get back clocked in on time! Oopsie!
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 25 2014
14:27 (UTC)
Good Morning! It's so nice to see new people! I got to see a new low of 212.4, which puts my weight release at 22.2. I am proud!

I am surprised to see a loss because last night I grabbed a bag of easter candy out of the cabinet and vegged on the couch with about half of the bag,mindlessly unwrapping them. Not the proudest of moments, surely, but I behaved the rest of the day so I feel I have done well.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 23 2014
15:33 (UTC)
I had a post planned out but my phone went crazy so I will shorten it to the important part:

I have had my own eating struggles in the past and the biggest thing that helps me everyday is to remind myself that I am beautiful no matter ehat weight I am and I am working on making my body healthier.
Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 21 2014
15:17 (UTC)

Cailynn!  Of course! Come on in!  It's always open!

Today we're doing a small solstice cookout and tomorrow a big one.  It's supposed to thunderstorm on and off today so we're playing it safe.  We have deviled eggs, pasta salad (I will not be eating this), antipasto (I WILL be eating this), grilled chicken, kabobs (chicken and beef), celery with some peanut butter and some cookie butter (Thanks Trader Joe's), and Lord knows what else we have in store.  I'm an Italian so we tend to go overboard.

I'll make sure to update on how healthy I eat today and if I get some quality exercise in.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 21 2014
11:47 (UTC)

Hello Enoblin!  Welcome to the group!  What weight would you like to get to?

It's a cookout day today, for the summer solstice, and my friend Ed and I are hosting it at the pool at our apartment complex!  Since we are hosting it, we will have control of most of the food coming in (it's sort of a potluck but we have the chicken and salad and some of the beverages).  Balsamic chicken, big antipasto, maybe a second salad for people who are pickier.  I am excited! So far not a lot of people responded, but we didn't give them a good notice.  We just remembered - hey! it's summer solstice!

215 this morning.  A little disappointed.

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 20 2014
15:55 (UTC)

Great to meet you Chunky Monkey! One of my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors!

I am glad to see you so motivated and losing weight so well so far! I myself have been afraid of the elliptical because I tried it once a long time ago when I was a runner and it about killed me!

Great job and welcome in!


((Edit: I had a few typos from typing with my phone earlier, so I fixed them.))

Weight Loss 100 Pounds to Lose! Who's With Me?? Jun 20 2014
13:05 (UTC)

Good morning!  213.4 when I got up this morning.  My husband and I figured out last night after my post that our bathroom floor is uneven or something, so we moved our scale to the kitchen and realized that we weren't QUITE as along with our weight release as we thought, but it's fine, because now we have more to work on.  That's fine! We will be able to work on it longer!  When I hit 210, I will be taking a milestone picture, and every ten pounds from then on, I will have a new picture.

I was a little disappointed this morning that no one has come up here yet, but it will happen!  No journey is quite the same without the support of a group.

So as of 6/20/2014 this is week 7 day 5, and 21.2 pounds lost.  I am still ahead of the game, if I want to continue to lose 2 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month (which is approximately 2.33 per week), until my goal weight of 135.  So conservatively, I have at least 39 weeks to go.  So I would like to see my goal by April 1, 2015.  This is attainable, but it will be difficult.

Today I have a busy day planned:

  • Photography shoot:  although I do not do photography as a career, a good friend of mine does, and he overbooked his list for today.  So my husband and I have been tasked with taking photos of a local furniture business, editing, and building a corporate website (my husband's forte).  It's becoming a good way to make money on the side!  I have another one scheduled for 6/28 for basic wedding photography and videography.
  • Nail salon for a manicure and pedicure:  I've been putting this off because I broke one of my toenails on the crisper (long story short, I couldn't get the bottom crisper closed so I kicked it barefoot), and I was waiting for it to grow back in.  So my fingernails are claws right now, catching on just about everything, and my toenails are BORING.  I'm thinking a nice bold turquoise with french nails on my fingers, and turquoise on my toes.  It matches a dress I like to wear.
  • Laptop drop off: My husband owns his own computer repair and sales location, and he finished preparing all of his computers for the upcoming big weekend sale!  So it is time to drop them back off at his store!
  • Grocery run:  We went yesterday but we realized that we forgot a handful of things (most of which are not coming to mind!), and we have to return a jar of pickles that tastes "off".  I am sort of a foodie and I have a super-tongue (like they have on Hells Kitchen), so I can tell if something isn't right.
  • 35 minutes on the treadmill:  I want to run for at least 5 minutes straight and walk the rest.  Also 3 sets each of 12 reps on two of the machines at the gym.  Two machines each time at the gym!
Weight Loss i went over ny cal limit and now im sitting here and my stomach is growling! Jul 01 2011
11:58 (UTC)

I would suggest a giant green salad with low-cal dressing or lemon juice.  Or a cup of in-season broccoli.

I might be a weirdo but broccoli in-season is so sweet it feels like dessert.

Weight Loss A Little Confusion Here - 1400 Calories and Hungry! Jun 13 2011
00:20 (UTC)

That gives me the freedom of dessert for tonight.  I'll try 1500-1700 for now.  Thanks.

*searching for fiber one bar*

Weight Loss A Little Confusion Here - 1400 Calories and Hungry! Jun 13 2011
00:16 (UTC)

As for food, my most recent salad was:

2 cups spinach

1/4 cucumber

1/4 tomato

slivers of fresh basil equalling about 5 leaves

pinch of shredded mozzarella (part skim)

pieces of sliced ham (=2 slices)

tbsp balsamic vinegar

tsp olive oil


And my soup was a full can of Progresso Healthy Request vegetable & noodle soup.

My sandwiches are jewish rye bread, fresh deli ham or turkey, provolone, and light mayo.  That is much easier to carry to work than soup or salad.

Weight Loss A Little Confusion Here - 1400 Calories and Hungry! Jun 13 2011
00:10 (UTC)

I'm 23, 203 lb currently and 5'2", and trying to get back into the wedding dress i picked out and was tailored to me, when I got engaged.  I was in the upper 160s and will be satisfied with 170 by my wedding date on October 8, 2011.

I played with the computer one more time and it asks for the following:

You should consume about 1,254 calories a day to reach your goal weight of 170 lbs by October 08, 2011.

Experts recommend weight loss at the rate of 0.5-2 lbs/week. Remember that this estimate is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and I'activity level. It may vary slightly depending on other factors.

Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day.

But if I'm hungry, not losing weight, and need to eat 1254 Calories to lose weight, it just can't be done.

Motivation Goals for Today (Always Open!) Sep 16 2010
00:45 (UTC)

Did terribly.  I was in this hurry up and wait situation for dinner so by the time I ate I felt like I needed to eat much more to feel satisfied (I hate that low sugar/high hunger thing) and I didn't get time to take a walk.

So it was in the ballpark of 2200 Calories without a workout...


... It'll be better tomorrow.

Motivation Goals for Today (Always Open!) Sep 14 2010
20:31 (UTC)

It's high time for me to use this thread again.  I haven't set goals for today except to go out and exercise for 30 minutes (I got in 38 minutes of walking outdoors with fiance) and eat 1500 Calories this day.  I'm going to edit it because I had a few Rice Krispy Treats and am going to need to.

So for the rest of the day:

  1.  Stay standing up for the whole of my 4 1/2 hour shift at Sears.
  2.  Deficit of 750 Calories (attainable if I have the food I cooked for lunch); 1734 Calories
  3.  Eat EXACTLY when I get home, don't wait or I will have eaten too late.

Goals to start tomorrow:

  1. Log my weight
  2. Walk exact distance as yesterday, count the time with my watch.  Want to measure to see if I walk faster or slower without Jonah.
  3. Cut down to 1700 Calories and keep working on that.
Motivation Can I get into graduate school with a 2.4 undergrad GPA? May 17 2010
22:58 (UTC)
Hello sweetheart,

I just graduated Friday with a 3.14 GPA for a BA in psychology and I'm unsure with even that if I can make it to grad school. I right now have 6 months of experience at the Mental Health Association (there may be one near Hunter College - that's Downstate, right?). Back in high school I successfully began a suicide intervention program in my home town. I participated in research experience courses and did an independent study. But I didn't get called up every three minutes for an award. No summa, magna, or regular **** laude.

I say at least get your 3.0. A lot of graduate schools care much more about your psychology GPA than your overall GPA. Find out if your school does grade-replacement. Your worst courses you can take again and have the grade replaced. Take an extra semester or two of ALL easy classes. Do psychology club and be active in it. Psychology is an extremely competitive field because undergraduate courses in psychology are on the easy side.

And with a BA you can do a few things - teach, do some social work, prison jobs. It is best to get your 3.0 or more and go on to graduate school. Apply everywhere and be open to going to grad school outside of New York. If they want you they will find a way to make it work for you.

I hope this helps!
Motivation Goals for Today (Always Open!) May 02 2010
18:17 (UTC)

I've been gone for awhile but I say it's high time to restart this thread.  I have been happily living my life with Jonah (btw, we're engaged!) and not paying attention to my weight, but as I lived happily from McDonalds to Chick-Fil-A to Taco Bell (all three places highly convenient to either my college or my job), I managed to put back on most of what I've been trying to lose.

I'm back to 188.  If I can find a few others to join in as a motivator, I feel like I'll have a much greater chance at succeeding.  I'm also going to start sharing with you all my AND my fiance's goals.  He'll tell them to me, I'll type them in.  That way we both will HAVE to accomplish them because it's set in stone.

I would have set "laundry" and "lawn mowing" to my goals today but I have them completed already.

Jonah's not here right now (he's at work), so I'll just go ahead and place mine here.

My Goals 05.02.10:

  1. Do !2! response summaries (of 10 remaining between now and May 10)
  2. Study where I'm lacking on my nutrition report (today it looks like protein and fiber.  A bowl of cereal for dinner it is!  With an extra glass of skim milk!)
  3. Eat light for dinner - possibly the same as lunch? 400 calories or so, assuming i drink water and not soda like I'm craving.
  4. Work from 5 - 9:30 - go the extra mile and find stuff.
Motivation Goals for Today (Always Open!) Dec 08 2009
15:56 (UTC)

165 two days in a row, and then back to 168 - 170.  Oh well, I'll sit down and really figure out where I can improve.

In about half hour I have a presentation that I never really got that prepared for, but I can manage.  I just don't have enough energy to study right now.  I'm glad the semester is nearly over.  After today, I only have a test in PSY311 on December 14.  The rest of the time I will be working, I hope.  I seriously need to get over 25 hours per week or I won't be able to afford life.  This week was 7.25 + 5 + 4.25 + 5 = 21 1/2.  It's close.  If my manager could just squeeze me in one more day per week I'd be ecstatic.  Last week was 22 - 23 as well, but that was because I covered for Olevia.  Time to really get down to the bare essentials.  I have food to last me till after I move out, so that's a good start.  I will start rearranging the leftover Thanksgiving food so none of it spoils (putting things in different containers, sticking stuff I'm not eating right away in the freezer).

Considering I don't exactly know how many Andes Candies I had for breakfast, I'm going to otherwise keep my Calorie Intake at 1300.  That can range my overall intake between 1400 and 1700, so I'll take a much smaller deficit than usual.

So today's goals are as follows:

  1. 1300 documented Calorie intake.
  2. Shower at 1:30
  3. Clean up massively for two hours
  4. Journal Entries
  5. Dye hair again.
  6. Squeeze in time to see Jonah.
Motivation Goals for Today (Always Open!) Dec 04 2009
21:26 (UTC)

Thanks for the luck... I didn't get to study as much as I had hoped.

I'm happy to announce that 165 was in my midst this morning.  I may have screwed it up because I didn't eat until just now.  Just not hungry today!  Maybe too tired to be hungry?

I indulged in alcohol and sex last night, so I don't know where that 165 came from.  And I had a date this morning... AWKWARD explaining alcohol on my breath at 7 a.m. for breakfast (anybody who has never tried a breakfast date - it is GREAT for people with busy lives).  Since I had to be at my internship at 12, and he had to be at work at 12, we spent the morning together with my half-hungover, every achy self.

But last night I did have fun.  My ex invited me out with the guys, which is great, because I haven't had a night out with the guys in awhile.  I am always the only girl but it's always fun.  Last night it got a little too fun, as my friend (who I call "Drunk Guy" as a joke) was so drunk that he tried to pull a certain extremity out of my shirt.

You should be happy with all your weight loss.  Do not expect to lost more than 1 - 2 pounds per week if you want to lose successfully and healthily.