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The Lounge I need to justify why I need my husband to help me get kids to school Nov 07 2014
21:58 (UTC)

Payton and I are golden in the morning.  He's a morning person, I'm getting better at it.  He does what I tell him, I do what I have to.  He's a boy so we don't have to worry about matching sparkly tutus to flowing hair ribbons and what not.  Mornings are the time I feel the most efficient as a mom.

The Lounge I need to justify why I need my husband to help me get kids to school Nov 07 2014
21:56 (UTC)

I guess I've been a single mom too long...

But it always baffles me how one parent always ends up asking for "help" from the other, in whatever direction it goes.  It's not help.  It's your job.  It's not a favor.  And furthermore, I get that asking is polite...but asking indicates that it's optional.  Like, "Hmmm...these kids that I'm 50% responsible for being in existence are being, do I feel like pitching in"

How does the work end up distributed so unevenly?  I get that some things end up being divided according to schedule or who is better at making spaghetti noodles that don't all stick together in a big wad...but if you guys are both in the house at the same time...why in the heck haven't you both always been getting the kids ready together?  How did it ever end up that he was doing nothing, you were doing everything, and now you're requesting some assistance??

The Lounge CHAT Me to the River / Drop Me in the Water Sep 29 2014
13:08 (UTC)

I never come in Chat anymore and don't get on CC very often and I know it's crazy early but...

I don't want to miss Chattermas this year!  Last year was my first year and I really got into it and enjoyed it.  So please, when you guys start coordinating all that, keep me in mind.

Hope everyone is doing smashingly well.

The Lounge Worst sex ever Sep 12 2014
19:29 (UTC)
1). The guy with the smallest unit EVER who was convinced that it was ENORMOUS. He kept asking me if it was painful. I was thinking, "Physically?". He was the same guy who used his whole face for...well, you know. Like...pressed his face into every nook and cranny like he was trying to leave an imprint in concrete. No bueno.

2). The guy who imitates a dolphin in the middle of the act. In his defense, it was his first go round ever was quite unsexy. Poor fella.

3). Most of the times I've hooked up with exes it was disappointing. They usually get fat and laxy in the interim. And then I'm like, "Damn I missed Real Housewives for this."

4). Oh god. The first time I attempted to allow a driver down the alternate route. Oh God oh god...there are so many things one should understand before going "there"! There should really be mandatory safety training.

5). There was a poop incident, also.

6). The guy who talked just like the nutty professor the whole time.

Actually...considering how much sex I've had, I'm pretty lucky. More good than bad really.
The Lounge New Apartment...Yikes! Sep 05 2014
20:36 (UTC)

I feel sick to my stomach............

uggghghghghghghghghg I'm scared

And of course, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Of course.

The Lounge New Apartment...Yikes! Sep 05 2014
17:23 (UTC)

I feel pretty confident we have our necessities.  Because, really, that doesn't boil down to a lot.  Sleeping, eating, bathing...these are necessities.  I wish I'd had more time and money to get decorative stuff, but I know I can get those things here and there over time.

The Lounge New Apartment...Yikes! Sep 05 2014
17:22 (UTC)
Original Post by cellulitedelight:

You know, when my husband and I moved into our first apartment we thought we had everything.  We had a little modular sofa set.  We bought a table and chair set at the thrift store.  We had a mattress and two sheet sets.  Hangers, laundry baskets, all of our cooking necessities.  What else could we possibly need?

About a week after we moved in we discovered it through a combination of teenager diets and fear of pooping in a new toilet.  By the time we were both ready to unleash our nasties in our new home, we realized we didn't have a plunger.

Buy a plunger.

It's so funny you say that.  It's one of the first things I bought.  Actually a plunger/brush combo.

Almost everything on the internet that I read about first time apartment-ers, everyone always says, "Buy a plunger!!"

I don't even know why it occurred to me, really.  I can't even remember the last time I needed one.

The Lounge New Apartment...Yikes! Sep 05 2014
14:42 (UTC)

TVFH, I wish you were moving out of the apartment I'm moving into.  I could use a new vacuum!

Love the curtain idea, Cat.

I literally just decided I'm taking Simon (my dog) with me.  I wasn't going to because of the pet deposit...but I need him.  And I think it'll make me feel safer.  And I already have a kennel and everything, so we're good to go on that.

I'm most anxious about money.  On paper, my budget works.  I have enough money to take care of things.  But I've never done this before and the stakes are bigger.  If I miscalculated and overspent at my mom's and couldn't afford big deal.  I've never had this many expenses....

I'm nervous guys. 

The Lounge Sometimes... Aug 13 2014
01:13 (UTC)
I am an excellent conversationalist, but something about small talk is hard for me to handle. I think its because its such a narrow little hallway of talk. Like, you aren't supposed to say too much...but you have to say SOMETHING. And you don't really know the person, probably, so it's like...what could our common ground possibly be? I refuse to talk about the damn weather! So I usually end up saying something awkward like "I like your pants" or something worse like "I feel conflicted about my sexuality today". It could really go either way.
The Lounge Chat a Boom (Don't Ya Jes Love It?) Jul 10 2014
14:47 (UTC)

Hey dudes

The Lounge Being single Jul 10 2014
14:45 (UTC)

It's all about needing external validation.

I mean, we're pretty much raised to believe that what other people think of us is a reflection of our actual worth and thus extremely important.  Do people see us as successful?  Attractive?  Happy?  Cool?  We grow up performing to get positive feedback.  It's really no wonder that it's so difficult for people to be happy with themselves.

That's definitely what it was/is for me.  I'm getting better...but I thrived so long on attention and relationships with men that it's hard to sort out any self confidence without it.  In my head, it was/is like, "If dudes aren't trying to screw/date me, that clearly means I am undesirable."

It's getting better with age though.  I'm really learning to give myself credit, props and love.  When things got really bad a few weeks ago (mentally and emotionally), I got in the habit of writing down the good choices I'd made every day.  I have this tendency to see myself as such a ****/bad person...I really have to make an effort to encourage myself or it will eat me up.  Sometimes, the list was like:  Cleaned my car out...went for a walk...paid a bill I didn't want to pay...didn't buy shoes...

Unfortunately, a lot of people (myself included) have to learn the hard way that when you base your self worth on outside opinions, it will never be consistent.  People will let you down, change their minds, come and go.  And if your happiness hinges on the decisions they will be up and down and all over the place.  

The Lounge Rock bottom Jun 23 2014
18:33 (UTC)

I regret that I missed this thread when it was posted.  Thanks pav, I'm assuming this thread had something to do with me and it absolutely did help to read the experiences of others.

I'm fighting as hard as I can right now.  My biggest obstacle right now is definitely my loss of motivation.  I know I need to do things, any things, in order to get out of this depressive state.  But being in the depressive state makes getting off the couch seems as impossible as taking a quick jog up to New York.  So I don't do the things.  And the less things I do, the less things I want to do...and so on and so forth.  It's f-ed.  I have a friend who keeps trying to take me to lunch and I keep agreeing and then cancelling the day of. It doesn't even make sense that I can't go get a free lunch with someone I truly love but...I just can't seem to do it.

Today is better, tomorrow might be worse.  I'm developing a new coping skill right now that is proving effective.  I think most people think of it as a negative habit, but it's very comforting to me to be short sighted right now.  I simply cannot allow myself to take any inventory of my life in this frame of mind.  I cannot measure or reflect.  I can't dream or fear.  I have to just be in this moment without regretting the one that came before it or worrying about the next one coming.  Right this very minute,  I am alive.  I have food and water and shelter and friends and love. I am OK.

The Lounge Should I just move on or am I overreacting? Jun 23 2014
18:13 (UTC)

If you like someone and would like to see them again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a couple of respectful attempts to express that.  If he continues to ignore you, move on.

Just out of curiosity:  did he recently break up with someone or get out of a relationship?

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
20:22 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Was the possum wearing a tiny cowboy hat and little bitty boots?

Because he should've been.

Teehee, no.  But he kept walking into all the doorways and looking as if he wanted to go in somewhere. 

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
20:12 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I'm fighting a serious shopping urge.  But instead of fun stuff like home furnishings and clothing, I'm getting toddler toothbrushing paraphenalia and child development books.


I'm desperately trying to think of something fun to purchase for myself but I'm coming up empty handed.

I've been there.  Wait till Tess can use the fun kid mouthwash.

I'm actually considering buying a bottle of wine tonight.  Which is very weird and out of character for me. 

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
19:59 (UTC)

Oh, good, thank you.  I appreciate that.  I've thought of her like, every day in the morning on the way to work for some reason.

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
19:37 (UTC)

So, I just have to share.  (Making like, huge efforts to be positive these days.  Doesn't always work but it's better than moping.)

I was headed in to work this morning and I see something far ahead of me, walking down the sidewalk.  At first, I thought, "Oh s***, big cat!"  And then, "Oh s***, big squirrel!"

But it was A POSSUM.  Just waddling right down the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Chattanooga.  Very busy down here in the morning and lots of traffic (both foot and wheel), so it was just so odd and he looked so out of place.  But also pretty damn confident.  I assume he's moved to the city to become a STAH!

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
18:51 (UTC)

Hey has anyone heard from tb and if so is she okay?  Not trying to be nosy, I've just been thinking about her and haven't gotten any messages or seen any journal entries lately.

The Lounge Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless Chatting Chatting home May 19 2014
13:09 (UTC)


I would just like to say that the world is not fair.  In case you didn't know.

I have been practicing the most unbelievable self control by not picking any of my zits for a week and they are NOT GOING AWAY.

Where is my reward?! 

The Lounge Since dogs are better than cats May 16 2014
20:04 (UTC)

oh the little honeys!

love them all

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