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Recipes hummus Feb 10 2012
15:41 (UTC)
  • 2 cans- Chickpeas
  • 2 tbls.- Tahini
  • 3-4 Cloves- Garlic
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • Plenty of Cilantro
  • Several Green Onions
  • EVOO until nice smooth texture
  • (you may want to add a touch of water)
  • Top with Paprika

I use  a food processor, nothing else gives the creaminess I'm looking for. Also, this is a lot, you may want top half the recipe if it isn't going to be gobbled up.


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Feb 09 2012
21:22 (UTC)
Hey ladies I've been crazy busy with school and work. I'm sick right now with the chest congestion and cough. I've only been going to yoga. I really enjoyed reading everybody's post and I wish I could reply but I have to get back to a patient. I'm not doing too bad I'm trying to eat healthy. We've had fish three nights in a row for dinner, last night I mean Baja fish tacos. Peace out love you girls, Nix
Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Feb 09 2012
21:17 (UTC)
Hey ladies I've been crazy busy
Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 24 2012
02:59 (UTC)

I wanted to say that on my lost posts, Soraya I congratulated you on landing the job! That's awesome!! And Jen, I wished you a great show..... and I don't remember what else girls but I wanted to say that.

So I've been doing pretty decent at the gym and made it to yoga on Sunday again. My favorite yoga teacher is taking over Thursday nite yoga so that will be great inspiration to make it to those toooo! Today it's raining in my parts so the low pressure has me limping, I skipped the gym and I'm doing homework anyway. I'm thinking this weekend I want to get my family and family neighbors out in the mountains this weekend, it should be in bloom here. It is amazing that when the rest of the country is still hibernating we have blossoms all over our trees already.

Well ladies I need to get back to my school work, but I wanted to stop in because I need to saty with you girls, this is an important part of my balancing act- IT'S DISCIPLINE!

sEXY wORLD tOUR!!!!!!


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 19 2012
17:28 (UTC)

Well girls my post has been deleted twice, so I'm not going to rewrite. I did address everyone though.

I'm hitt'n the gym 2nite, cardio & yoga! Eating hasn't been as good for a few days but I'm stopping that!


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 17 2012
20:54 (UTC)

Hey ladies!

I did yoga this weekend and it felt so good! I didnt make it to the gym yesterday bacause I had a hair catastrophy! I wore a hat at work and went home and died it back ot my natural color. I don't know whwat went wrong, I always do my own hair but it came out neon orange, now it medium blonde and GRAY! That's okay, I'll keep it up and try and find some neutralizer at Sally's, I'll give it a few weeks so I don't do any more damage. 

I hope to make it to the gym today but I might be meeting someone to buy my motorcycle. Otherwise I'll do 25 on StairMaster and I don't know what else. I also haev a paper to write. I have to write like 6 papers a weeks!

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 10 2012
15:37 (UTC)

Jen, LOL! Boobtacular-funny! I was thinking something more asstacular.... ya know, like assless chaps with fish nets, lolllloooool.

Insiyah, Huhhhh! I didn't even know people still got leprosy, that's insane, I'm going to google it when I'm done here. Ewwww, there are some nasty skin diseases. I saw this Gray's Anatomy that had an obese man with a fungus that had eaten its way through the fascia. At work I saw something that looked like that on a cath lab patient, I swear there were 3-4  different kinds of growth including a yeast, 2 different types of wart looking things, and even one that resembled mold, with an array of colors as well, it wasn't appearing to be as deep as on the show however, we won't go into the smell.

Mandy, Very interesting, how did contact finally come about? Good for you keeping witht he shred. I felt a break through in my endurance last night as well.

I did 25 min. of StairMaster on the indurance setting, abs, and a bit of back and shoulders and stretches of course. And I love being back at my old gym, I just have to say there is this trainer there who my sister in law has had a crush on since he started, but my god I don't remember him so hot, lol! I don't mind occasional eye candy at the gym, it's a lil extra incentive to have a good WO.


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 09 2012
16:00 (UTC)

Happy Monday Ladies,

I don't know how the moon looked in most of your neck of the woods for for Mandi, Soraya, and I this morning the moon was huge (around 630 am).

Claire: That's horrible, I'm glad it was only her arm and it was easily repaired, my brither's poor arm was shaddered in the socket a few years ago. I wish her a good strong recovery, it'll likely take time since she is beyond her prime but staying active and positive thinking is key, right! Also. so greta you can handle the insurance, my brothers lawyer took 25% I think and that even included the $75,000 just from his own regular insurance that anyone in the house could have easily handled.

Mandi: Geez, I don't miss dating! I remember always expecting things to be that way. If I really liked a guy I could usually tell he wasn't feel'n me and guys I wouldn't think of be commited to were often head over heels for me, it's just the way it goes I guess.

Soraya, I'm so with you girl, I am going to stay on track. I am going to be learning discipline on a new level this year. I chose to take this challenge with exercise, school, work, and being a more fun mother to the kids.

Jen, I'm going straight to the ggym from work so I don't have to get caught up with anything. I'm just working out in my scrubs if I haven't been with patients, what can I say, they're comfy.

Insiyah, Luv you.

I know it doesn't sound like the healthiest thing but we're having a Pimps & Hoe's party at my house for Friday the 13th! It's not going to be to big, just about 20 people, but it should be fun!!

Anyway, I did pilate's Sat, and hit the gym Fri. as well, I did 25 on the StairMaster which was an accomplishment. I'm doing good, my body was been feeling consistantly sore from muscle building but not so much that I've over done it. I'm looking forward to today's WO.

Here's to the New Sexy Back World Tour, whoooooo!


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 04 2012
16:35 (UTC)

Hey Jen! I'm glad to be back on track. I miss you all too. Married life is what it was, I would like to improve it by coming up with ways to bring us closer together  through healthy activities (a goal I've always had). Congratulations on losing pounds thru the holiday! A gofer ate my entire winter crop:(

I am definitely starting back like a beginner. Last nite I did 20 on the StairMaster, followed by shoulders, bi/tri's, back, and some stretches. It was about a 45 minute workout. My goal is to do cardio 20-25 miutes every W/O, atleast for awhile, and work on my upper body and core. I have to rebuild the strength and "work on my posture", which seems to be the theme of the New Year at the moment. I'm about to get a 4S iPhone which will help me keep up with this better. Another thing is i couldn't be on here when I was in such pain and would have simply been a downer.

Mandi- Whew! That's hard work, keep it up and don't forget about rest days for recovery. How is your diet these days? Last time you were on a carb binge and had started back on good veggies. I've had a real sweet tooth, usually in the winter it's creamy, hearty food, and carbs that get me. That is nice you can just talk about your health with your hunky fellow and not have that stigma attached.

Insiyah- how's the internship going?

Soraya- Hey girl... How many cals. is a veggie Delight anyway?


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 03 2012
20:34 (UTC)

Insiyah- PRE-PAID BOOTCAMP! Sounds like a commitment, good for you!! I'm going to have to get some back strength yoga. Job security is the goal.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Jan 03 2012
17:18 (UTC)

Hey girls! I wanted to see how everyone's doing! I just rejoined my old gym, I’m going to work out after work. Tomorrow I start school online for my BS- Health Care Administration.

I got caught up in the holidays and gained almost 10 pounds putting me at 152. I need to revamp my menu and get organized. I've got to get back on the wagon, it's been 9 months now since I hurt my back and went on a downward spiral, I'm happy to be ready to go, it's still going to be about getting to the gym like a good girl now that I've lost the habit.




Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Nov 07 2011
17:29 (UTC)

I worked out yesterday and my abs are nice and sore today. And I'm still doing the liquid breakfast even on the weekend. I've actually lost 3.5 pounds in 1.5 weeks. I'm actually hungry right now though. Think I may go grab some toast.

Jen, Bummer about the hubby's hand. My brother just missed his tendon a couple months ago in a mishap at work. He's really going to be annoyed with that splint too. I hope it's not to painful. I'm glad your all fired up!!  And you gotta love that beginners luck right! That's whats working for me right now.

BTW, I got a winter crop planted with broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, beets, onions, and sugar snap peas. I still have my herbs growing, I'm sure the basil will die soon and maybe the tarragon, but the thyme, sage, and lavender should be fine. I don't have any rosemary, I just don't really use it much, although it is pretty.

Soraya, Ya 20 lbs. is alot in one year. Do you think it's your thyroid or do you think all the stress you've had took a toll and you just turned to food? Good luck with the new diet, I wish I could do it, I just can't tho.

Claire, Geez, what an assthat guy is! I'm glad the universe rewarded you with the message from old fling tho, that's always exciting!! The toe thing is weird, if it were a toe nail problem that would proly get worse thru the day, dunno. I would love to see your view of the beach.

Mandy, How's the move going?

Insiyah, Hey girl! Liven the dream up there. I wasn't excited this year about Halloween on a like usual, mine was just geared toward taking my little guy out and hi having the experience. He loved it and he was so cute. He was Dracula, he would try and trick or treat than just said treat & he told everyone thank you. And it was so funny he would knock until they would open the door . I wore all black and my t-shirt had the big Hawaii photo I.D. of McLovin and said "I am McLovin" across it.

All right talk you girls later,


Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Nov 03 2011
17:20 (UTC)

Hey girls,

Shoot! what a bummer the you didn't find the pix Claire. My profile pic is from the wedding, but all my other pix are just pix my daughter tagged me in so I thought there was a place you could look at my tagged photos. Maybe that's only if we're friends?? I guess I'm really going to have to tackle this picture thing, I still haven't picked out my pix to have enhanced by photographer, & that was in my package.

So it seems like everyone is anywhere from decent to good, and that's awesome. I'm starting to feel a lil better this week. It's that time so maybe I was PMSing and also having some $$ worries, as well as being of meds for a minute which I started back up. Not sure but maybe I get "SAD"- seasonal effective disorder. I also had the stress of school with my middle daughter. Alora is not a motivated child & she is ADHD minus the hyperactive part. She doesn't complete her work & even if she does she usually doesn't turn it in because she loses it, forgets to, or doesn't care enough to look for it. She's in 7th grade so she has to higher expectations than what she's used to. Today I'm taking her to the pediatrician who also does psyc. to see if  she might be a candidate for meds. (always avoided but I think it's time to try), and we will also start therapy next week to learn how to deal with this. This will help me a lot I think. To add to my pile, I am going back to school in. Jan. I'm doing it online. In 12-15 months I'l have my BS- in Health Care Administration. I have 120 credits & only need 60 more!!

On a more diet oriented note, I am doing a liquid breakfast for a couple weeks, I'm having a 10 oz. "Naked" drink @ only 160 cals. & my coffee of course. I'm hoping this will have a cleansing effect. Of course I will be eating good stuff all day. My diet really tends to have stuff that is not so cleansing, lots of cheeeeez. I am sticking with soy milk, fish, chicken, yogurt, fruit, salad, tomatoes, & other yummy veggies, cottage cheese, and some pasta & bread. I also like various soups or chili here at work for lunch (with salad). I haven't been doing it regular yet but I'm doing AM/PM 30 min. yoga.

Thank you all for your support.

Later lovely's, Nix

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 21 2011
21:18 (UTC)


Insiyah, You literally make me want to cry because I envy you so much at this moment. I aspire to get to that place, I have only had short lived moments there. I am having deep emotional issues of unstableness, insecurity, and anxiety. Last night I drempt of fish drowning in dark creepy fish tanks, and that my father had a heart attack and was dying. It's really strange because I've had the fish tank dream before. The fish are dying because the water isn't oxygenated enough and it has become merky and there are all kinds of creepy fish. Last night it was just one goldfish though. I imagine this resembles how I feel in life right now. Obviously the fish couldn't live if I took them out of the water, they would have to have an entirely new environment but the tanks are huge and sometimes there are eel and other creepy fish so that seems impossible in my dreams. I just want normalcy and relaxation in my life.

I am going to force the time to go to the garden into my life today.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 18 2011
20:57 (UTC)

hey ladies!

I worked in my garden about 10 hours over the weekend. I got it cleaned up from the summer crops, irrigated the soil and planted winter crops. I quit the gym since I don't like it at all and I'm going to either go back to my old gym and just go after work or I'm going to find one that is not focused almost soley to men. Hopefully that will help me get back in my groove.

Mandi, Last month I had that issue with my period. I was so bloated for a week before I started, I could tell my body wanted and neededt o start but was several days late,I was PMSing the whole time, it sucked!! Lately I haven't been making it to the gym 4 x in a month which is why I quit. I don't wanna throw my $ away, i need to search for satisfaction. I'm not fitting in any of my smaller pants, I just ripped a good pair last week trying to pull them up. All my skirts that were to big and I was wanting to alter now fit again. i was pretty bummed about that until I looked at my trends here on CC. I see that in the early spring I did the same thing and actually dropped that 5 pounds plus 2-3 more in a month. My inspiration then was that I was going to GA. for Memorial Weekend, I can do this I just need to find my way.

Soraya, Ya crazy guys, I can say that was the biggest reason I wanted to settle down when Moe and I hooked up- either I was obsessing over some lovely man that wouldn't have me or some sguy was obsessing over me that I didn't want around, it's always one shoe or the other it seems if you are single, hence the fact that you are single! I have had a serious stocker & he did break into my house while I was sleeping and crawled in bed with me- I'm still alive- WOW!

About the deaths, i'm doing okay. just found out that my neighbor that was shot in the heart (my friends uncle), was shot in the back first, EFFing WoooooW! The 2 with my family are on a different level since they were natural causes (except that my causin always abused his body and was always a severe diabetic). My uncle passed very peacefully but that brought pain on different levels that haev to do with family not being as loving toward each other as I would have expected, it truely saddens me & I have to bow out of situations that end up being torturous to my mind and heart.

I would have posted pix by now but my computer at home is having serious troubles & I can't do it from work. You can see pix on Facebook- Nichole Soto. The wedding was lovely & we & everyone had such a blast!!

Jen- i hope you have fun with business. Sucks your so close yet so far, would love to meet you.

Insiyah, How are you settling in? Sounds like nicely, glad you like the town & your back to running so it must be pretty good. Are you in laws still with you?

Claire, Hey girly take it easy, I'm glad your doing Yoga with your mama, it is great to have nice gym clothes.

muah, Nix

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 12 2011
15:42 (UTC)

Good morning girls,

I'm glad to see all my favourite girls are still here. I don't have much time, I have a Hemodynamics class to get to (2morro also) 9-330. I'm glad to read that each of you are working thru life pretty effectively. It's always a struggle we know that! It's about how we head it down. I feel my  motivation creeping in, I've been doing better. I've gone to the chiropractor twice, that has helped immensely. I've been working on clearing out my garden to start anew for winter. Moe welded a wrought iron gate for it. It's just over 3 feet tall once placed in the frame, I would have like it at 2.5 so I could bend over it easier. I've been trying to eat healthier. I'm back to yogurt, fruit, and nuts for breakfast, although I'm still wanting the other stuff.

<3 Nix

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 07 2011
02:12 (UTC)

Wow! I'm having the **** day. have managed to get in a fight with every person in my house hold. And don't feel wrong for the most part about any of it, of course that's completely subjective. I think I'm just going to get drunk right now and not go to work. I was going to post pix a couple hours ago but all this has happened in the time I've been sitting here.

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 05 2011
18:03 (UTC)

Hi girls!

I know it's time to come back. I have to upload some pix from home. I actually haven't even picked the ones I want printed yet. I've had to deal with 3 deaths in the past week in a half but no worries I'm good. I won' tbe able to post as much as I used to I don't think becuz work has picked up and is only getting busier. Got ur PM Insiyah.

I've really done so poorly as far as getting back into the gym since my back injury in March, followed by my ribs, followed by wedding plans which lead to more back problems. I have recovered from those but I went to Yoga and I have become so creeky from being away from it. I really felt like a cross between the tin man and a old lady. I know I can't let it keep me down and now it's time to get back to it and start feeling good again. I know my ankle is a pain that will never leave so I have to except that and live with it and get around it. I have to go to training so I'll get back tonite or 2morro.

muah, Nix

Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Oct 05 2011
18:03 (UTC)
Motivation *Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* ) Aug 17 2011
14:58 (UTC)

Insiyah, I'm excited for you to finally be moving. I forget were you are moving. It's for you internship, right??? Good luck, how exciting. I will post pictures and do my best to be healthy.

Claire, moving home should be nice and comforting while you look for work. And how wonderful it'll be to go to your first yoga teacher as well. This sounds like an exciting time for change but also reuniting with old friends and loved ones. Keep your head up when things get complicated as they so often do when moving and starting new jobs

And to both of you, as exciting and positive these changes are moving and starting new jobs are two of the most stressful things a person goes through, along with new relationships, so when you feel like your out of your head just remember it's perfectly normal what your feeling and pull your self back in knowing it's all going to work out and be okay.

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