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Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 23 2014
03:14 (UTC)

I ran into a friend at Trader Joes and she asked what we'd been up to so far today, so I mentioned that we'd gone for a bike ride in our neighborhood. "You should really look into biking for exercise," she gushed. I blinked and just sort of gave her a quizzical puppy dog head-tilt. "I am biking for exercise," I explained. "We just went for a bike ride in our neighborhood."  Oh no, she said, "No, I meant REALLY biking for exercise ~ you know, on an exercise bike at the gym."  I just smiled and said that I liked my bike, and I liked my neighborhood, and I liked riding my bike AROUND my neighborhood. "Well, if you ever want to take up biking for exercise, you should join a gym and ride an exercise bike. FOR EXERCISE."

I am seriously mystified.

One of us clearly doesn't understand what "exercise" means. Granted, I haven't been in a gym since the 80s ... but dioesn't pedaling my bike all over my neighborhood (and we have some little hills!) COUNT as .... ummm... EXERCISE? Anyway, we biked 12 miles on Sunday and another 7.75 miles today (Monday) and I'm reasonably certain that this counts as exercise. At least I'm counting it as exercise.

I spend a lot more time reading labels these days, mostly because I'm checking calories, carbs, and (occasionally) ingredients. For the record, peanut butter "may contain peanuts." Well, I certainly hope so. It is also worth noting that my almond milk contains almonds.  I picked up some fresh asparagus that contained the following list of ingredients: "asparagus and a blue rubber band. Do not eat the rubber band." How am I supposed to get in my daily fiber requirements if the grocery store doesn't want me eating rubber bands? Fortunately, a lot of what I'm eating these days doesn't come with a lot of ingredients ~ I suppose that's one of the many advantages of eating a lot of fresh veggies, right?

It's the time of year when Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING seems to be hitting the shelves, but not always in a diet-friendly version. I think I've figured a way around this, though. Part of my daily breakfast is a protein shake made with a vanilla (or strawberry) flavored protein packet, a MEDIUM banana, 12 oz of liquid, and a dozen ice cubes. I was checking the label on some canned pumpkin (NOT pumpking pie filling, just canned pumpkin) and discovered that I can have a whole cup of canned pumpkin for about 85 calories  ... which means that I can make a PUMPKIN PROTEIN SHAKE for breakfast when cool fall weather finally arrives. I'm pretty excited about this, and will see how it does. If needed, I can actually add another 1/4 cup of pumpkin to make it even pumpkinier for the same calories as a MEDIUM banana! And, of course, I'll sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice on top!

I just have to remember to bike for exercise ... but NOT to eat the blue rubber band.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 20 2014
19:13 (UTC)

I knew I was married to "MR. SAFETY" when I came into the kitchen this morning only to find him  generously making my breakfast protein shake ... only he is wearing ear plugs (noise protection from the blender) and safety goggles (in case he's suddenly attacked by a medium banana or wayward ice chip?) .... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, I was SERIOUSLY entertained by this ... but I did find it sweet that he was making my breakfast for me! (Insert collective "awwww" here!) While I am completely in favor of kitchen safety ... it just never occurred to me that blending was potentially dangerous. (grin)  It was a relief to see him toss all caution to the wind and go completely UNPROTECTED when adding my unsweetened Almond Breeze to my cup of original Fiber One.

I will say that my knife skills in the kitchen are improving, what with all of the vegetable chopping that I've been doing. (Doesn't that sound impressively Top Chef-y? "My knife skills?"  Don't let that fool you ... I am in no danger of being mistaken for a teppanyaki chef, that's for sure!) I just mean that the risk of my accidentally slicing off a chunk of my finger has gone down microscopically, and I've only needed to run for a Band-Aid for a finger twice so far this summer. Let me just say that radishes are slippery little suckers! My coping strategy for them has merely been to eat 'em whole ~ that will show them who is boss! And it's pretty easy to just snap pea pods in half, anyway. Of course, my wonderful DH has now taken it upon himself to sharpen all of my favorite kitchen knives ... hopefully this will make things safer in the kitchen and NOT be the springboard for a mishap. (To say I'm a bit klutzy is a bit of an understatement, it's a wonder I don't fall out of bed more often!)

I really do love to eat artichokes, but they are one of those annoyingly complicated-to-prepare sort of veggies. I do have a nifty pair of kitchen shears which apparently can be used for something other than opening packages of smoked salmon ~ you can use them to snip off the stabby points on artichoke leaves. Sheesh, artichokes really are the cranky rosebushes of the vegetable kingdom, and I can certainly see why most people just think, "The heck with this, let's just eat a jar of marinated artichoke hearts!" And I really detest the artichoke innards that are all prickly and stringy (not the crown ... but the porcupine-y part that needs to be scraped out!) Fortunately, artichokes are (to me) yummy enough to put up with all of this hassle. Of course, they're best with a puddle of melted butter, but I've been pretty happy with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a few wayward spritzes of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray. (Note: It really SHOULD be renamed "I Can't Believe Chemicals Can Be Sold as Fake Butter, but It Works If You're Desperate Enough.")

In my quest to try new veggies, I tried purple asparagus. Which, other than being more expensive than standard green asparagus (which can also be pricey), is pretty much the same thing AS green asparagus. It even turns from purple  to green when it's cooked. Though not a true green, sort of a weird purple-and-green combination. (Which, for the record, would match my purple and green bike should I weirdly choose to accessorize with fresh purple asparagus.) I also tried white asparagus, which was also more expensive than green asparagus. But it did have a slightly milder and sweeter flavor and had the added bonus of not making my pee smell like asparagus. Oh, wait, can I say pee in here? What the heck, it's my rant. Pee! Pee! There, I feel better.

Please practice kitchen safety. And always try to match your vegetables to your bike.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 19 2014
20:43 (UTC)

I'm a foodie. Which, for the record, doesn't mean that I'm a chef, or even a cook. It just means that I like food. Most food. Of course, I especially like some food better than other food ... who doesn't prefer bacon and fried chicken to lima beans and okra? (Besides your friendly neighborhood vegan or vegetarian, of course. But the vegans and vegetarians in my neighborhood aren't all that friendly and I recently caught one of them pilfering my tomatoes right off the vine. Which is not to say that ALL vegans and vegetarians are notorious veggie thieves, just the one living in my neighborhood.)

My healthy eating quest has shown me the joys and benefits of a high fiber diet. (I figure if I keep saying "the joys and benefits of a high fiber diet" someone might actually start believing that. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm still trying.) One of my health goals with all of this healthy eating (other than the obvious "lose weight" goal) is to reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides. Fiber also has the decided benefit of helping me to balance, regulate and moderate my blood sugar, and it helps one feel full. And, I suppose, there's that whole "colon health" benefit, too. I will say that if any one out there in Mollywood is considering a high fiber diet, you should probably slowly work your way UP to a high fiber diet and don't do what I did was to just dive-in, feet first, and start eating 50+ grams of daily fiber. OH MY. On the other hand, I did have a hard-to-store surplus stockpile of Quilted Northern toilet paper that's dwindled nicely as a decluttering benefit of my rash decision to jump on the fiber train. And I've also learned that it's probably useful to have products like probiotics and Gas-X on hand for any sudden surges in fiber intake. One added bonus: I am pretty sure that you can burn quite a few calories running to the restroom every few hours.

My body is now nicely acclimated to high fiber. It's taken me a while to figure out a breakfast that works for me, so now I eat the same breakfast 6 days a week: a cup of original Fiber One cereal (the stuff that looks like hamster food pellets, NOT the yummy flakes and other flavors of Fiber One), some unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (which has a fraction of the calories and carbs of skim milk or soy milk), and a protein shake I make in the blender (110 calories) plus I add in a "medium banana."  I have to laugh about the "medium banana" because when you start looking up calories online, they specify small bananas, medium bananas, large bananas and extra large bananas. Up to this point, I thought bananas pretty much came in three styles: green and unripe, yellow and ripe, and brown spotted who wants banana bread. I now spend FAR too much time in the grocery store, fondling and comparing bananas, but at least I'm not doing something irresponsible like accidentally purchasing a LARGE banana by mistake. (My wonderful DH is learning to accept my newfound and slightly freakish focus on the size of fruits and veggies and doesn't blink an eye when we're shopping and I yell across the produce aisles "Last time, your bananas were too big!")

On the 7th day, there shall be hashbrowns. OK, that may not be in the Good Book, but it certainly is in MOLLY'S HEALTHY EATING BOOK, lol. Just as cats are attracted to and slightly addicted to catnip, I must confess a lingering attraction to and addiction to the 150 calories of fried potato-y goodness that is McDonald's hashbrown. Cats have their catnip, I have my "fatnip." (Yep, that's what I call it!) Anyway, on Friday mornings, I eat my Fiber One and drink my protein shake (banana-less), and then on the way to the cat rescue adoption center we zip through the McDonald's drive through and I get my beloved hashbrown. Which I eat in the car. Happily. Fat be damned. It actually only makes my Friday breakfast 45 calories more than my other breakfasts, but it's worth it. And since the rest of my high fiber, veggie-laden, lean protein-filled diet is fairly lowish in fats, one dose of fatnip per week won't kill me.

Did I mention the joys and benefits of a high fiber diet? (grin) Oh well, at least my bananas are the proper size.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 18 2014
19:12 (UTC)

For the past 11 days or so, my exercise of choice has been riding my nifty purple-and-lime green Electra Hawaii Beach Cruiser. I bought it years ago (in my wayward youth) and it's been gathering dust in my garage for the past 3 years or so. So I dusted it off (spiderwebs included ... which involved me shrieking and squirting the bike with the hose in the middle of the driveway), and started S-L-O-W-L-Y biking last Monday.  Anyway, I'm rather new to this whole "exercise thing" ... but I figure that after a solid summer of healthy eating and weight loss, maybe I'd be able to pedal around the block without flopping over and squooshing someone's zinnias.

First off, let me admit, that I love my bike. They only sold one locally, and it's mine ... apparently not everyone thinks magenta purple and lme green are a good color palette for them. It came with the standard Beach Cruiser seat, which I decided years ago wasn't nearly big enough, comfy enough, and squooshy enough for my big butt ~ so I found one online that's a gel seat and downright delightful. I still get a sore bike butt after a while, but it seriously was worth the investment (whatever it was back then.) I also have a nifty purple bike bell that I "TING TING TING!" with authority when some roadhog in a car wants to run me over as I'm patiently waiting to cross a busy intersection. We also added a metal basket in the front because I always seem to travel with "stuff." (It's got an emergency $20 bill, some hard candies (for low blood sugar), my asthma inhaler, a bike lock, and a large baggie of Kitten Chow to entice the cats I meet on my way. Oh, and the garage door clicker thingy so I can actually get back inside when I'm done biking.)

One of my favorite quotes from Fried Green Tomatoes is "What separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." And my bike is accessorized. In addition to my nifty seat, my nifty basket, my nifty bell, I've got nifty lights (red in the back, white in the front), a bike radio, reflective wheel spoke colors, and my wonderful DH contributed a yellow reflective safety belt that's looped around the metal basket. When I ride after dark (which I do, since our summers are sizzling and seem to last forever ... we were just 105 this week) ... I also wear a reflective yellow safety vest. Seriously, between all my lights and reflectors, I looks like a festive flashing lime green Christmas Tree. We only ride at night in our reasonably quiet neighborhood, and our neighbors can definitely see me coming, lol!  Safety first, right?

I must admit, part of my goal is to distract people from thinking "Holy cow, there's that snarky fat chick riding her bike." Now I hope they think "Holy cow, that's a whole lotta lime green. She looks like a Christmas Tree!"  

So far, I've chosen to ride in bike shorts and long tank tops, which I rather hope do a semi-decent job of covering my butt. No, I'm fairly certain that bike shorts aren't an especially flattering fashion choice on chubsters like me, but they really are a good choice for biking since the leg fabric doesn't get in the way. It's not like people wouldn't have already noticed I was fat. "Gosh, Molly, until I saw you biking in bike shorts, I had absolutely no idea you were fat, wow."  Anyway, I was delighted to find some bike shorts in my size online, and initally ordered a pair in a medium blue and in lime green. (Come on, how could I turn down lime green?) I've since gone back online and order a pair in purple (because I must match my bike, right?) and in a rather bright hot pink berry color. Go big or go home, right? I will just keep wearing long and loose tank tops with my bike shorts and I promise not to wear them when I'm not biking, fair enough?

Anyway, I've been biking for about a week and a half. The first few days, I was biking what I "thought" was a one-mile circuit around my neighborhood. When I mentioned this to my wonderful DH, he insisted that the route I was taking was longer than a mile. I insisted it was  mile, since I remembered mapping it out years ago. Anyway, I looked up that one mile route online and it's 2.5 miles. Oops. HAHAHAHAHA. OK, I have the spatial awareness and sense of direction of a gnat, and was completely clueless that my one "mile" was really 2.5 miles. I've decided that my wonderful DH is usually right about things like distances and directions .... and I'm almost universally wrong ... even when I am CERTAIN that I'm right. (grin)

I have a sore butt. Can I say that in here? After all, I've been saying poo. (Poo! Poo!) Even with all the extra padding (both from my nifty bike seat as well as from my own flubber), there is something about biking that just makes my butt sore. And if there's a way to keep from giving oneself a wedgie while riding a bike and getting on and off the bike seat, I haven't learned that trick yet. It's a good thing that a fair amount of my biking is occurring after dark, when it's easier to free trapped underwear fabric from where it's been hiding. I mentioned this to my wonderful DH who helpfully offered to remove the fabric for me (men!) or suggested that I go "Commando" (men!) Yeah, I'm already risking the sensibilities of my neighbors by wearing lime green bike shorts ~ does he really think I'd do without underwear to help control jiggling? :::: rolls eyes and sighs melodramatically ::::

We were biking yesterday when I slowed to look at some pretty flowers. Suddenly, I was swarmed by a flock of 20 ducks. Seriously. Quacking ducks. We don't HAVE ducks in our neighborhood. They were in someone's yard. They saw me stopping, and literally RAN up to me. Quack Quack Quack. I wasn't sure of the proper protocol for such things. Do I shoo them away with my foot? Do I ring my bell? My wonderful DH suggested I share my Kitten Chow since I travel with a baggie-full. I don't know about the duck swarms in YOUR neighborhood, but the duck swarms in MY neighborhood are pretty crazy for Kitten Chow. While they were Hoovering it up, we made a break for it, with just a farewell TING TING TING!

In the meantime, I'm getting used to biking again. I biked 10.25 miles yesterday, and we did another 6.3 miles this morning. My butt hurts, but I'm nicely accessorized. And I'm ready for more ducks. (grin)

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 17 2014
18:00 (UTC)

I've discovered, with a growing sense of amusement, that SOME people are pretty clueless when it comes to how to comment on (and hopefully compliment) someone who APPEARS to have lost a significant amount of weight. I can say, with my vast years of wisdom (snort) and finesse (double snort) and tact (triple snort), that it's probably BEST to just enthusiastically exclaim "Hey, don't you look great!" with a big smile ... and then leave it at that.

I was in the check-out line of our local independent grocery store the other day, when the store's only male cashier blurted out, "Hey, didn't you used to be a lot fatter?"  As I was staring at him and attempting to frame an appropriate reply, the older female cashier standing next to him turned around and just WALLOPED the CRAP out of him. Seriously, it was a textbook "smack upside the head" that was both startling, decisive, and loud. "THWACK!"  He ducked and turned around slowly and she announced "Don't ever say things like that to a customer. Or to a woman. EVER AGAIN."  He stared at her, wide-eyed. I stared at her, wide-eyed. I'm rarely speechless, but I decided to proceed cautiously since I didn't want to do anything to get the poor guy gob-smacked again on my account. Finally, I just smiled at him and said pleasantly, "Yes, I used to be a lot fatter."  He smiled back, bagged my groceries, and was last seen fleeing toward the meat department at the back of the store.

The guy in the feed store where we buy bird seed and squirrel peanuts was just as enthusiastic and complimentary, if a bit more profane. "HOLY ****! You've lost a TON of WEIGHT!" I just smiled, thanked him, and resisted the urge to correct him that it wasn't a TON of weight. Since no one got smacked by this outburst (though his wife looked mildly horrified and muttered a quiet "Oh my God"), I just smiled and said, "Yep, I have." And bought my bird seed.  As I left the store, I did see her slug him in the upper arm out of the corner of my eye. I've come to realize that there's something about commenting out loud on women's weight seems to set off some weirdly violent tendencies in some women. (For the record, I have not yet felt the urge to smack my wonderful DH for this, but he does tend to more judicious in his always-complimentary and encouraging statements when I'm "eating healthy.")

I do think that some people are just better at compliments, conversation and small talk than others.... and I've decided to just accept all comments as well-intentioned compliments (regardless of how well-phrased, or how well-intended they actually may be.) Frankly, I'm not at all freaked out by hearing the word "Fat." Why? Because I AM Fat. I'm also fair-skinned. And auburn-haired. And freckled. And sarcastic. If someone were to refer to me as the "Snarky red-headed fat chick driving the yellow Mustang" .... I'd say that's a fairly accurate description, actually. Do I use words like "chubby"? Yep, sometimes. And Flabby. And Grouchy. And Snarky. And Perky. In fact, I'm my own Seven Dwarves some of my more menopausal days  ~ Chubby, Sweaty, Grouchy, Snarky, Perky, Psycho and Fat. Yep, I'm a walking Thesaurus.

And I'm not as fat as I used to be.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 16 2014
18:59 (UTC)

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with Tomato Wraps. Completely. OBSESSED.

So, what ARE Tomato Wraps? Well, they are these wraps I found on Amazon (which has EVERYTHING) made from tomato puree and other non-GMO ingredients and made into wraps (sort of like a fruit rollup, but without the sugar and artificial flavors and colorings.) According to their package, they are vegan and gluten-free and low sodium. What I like about them is their delightfully tangy, tomato-y flavor and the fact that they are only 25 calories each and 3 carbs. (Because, after all, I count calories and I count carbs ... and if I can save calories and carbs on one aspect of my meal, then I get to eat more food. And, frankly, there's a delightful truth to the fact that chubby foodies like me appreciate any and all opportunity to eat more food, LOL!)

My first few attempts to successfully navigate the intricacies of making wraps with these tasty little suckers were comical at best. Time #1 ... I left the wrap affixed to its plastic backing, only to discover that if you get the wrap too wet (by not drying off the leaves of your just-washed romaine lettuce leaf), then you are dealing with a food substance with the adhesive ability of super glue or wet wallpaper. And they you sort of have to scrape it off the now permanently-attached plastic backing with either a butter knife, or your teeth. It wasn't pretty. It was tasty and worth it, but it wasn't pretty.  I suppose next time I could have just opted for dirty lettuce, but decided to exhaust other avenues first like ... perhaps.... using dry lettuce or FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS and peeling it off the backing like the package suggests. Silly rules ... those are for sissies.

Time #2 with the wraps had me peel four lovely tomato wraps off the plactic backing and lay them on a clean, hard surface. OK, it was the kitchen counter top. Yes, I put them directly on the countertop. Yes, the counter was clean (what are you, my mother?) Anyway, this time I used a bit too much hummus, my lettuce may have been slightly damp, and I am sure that my ham was a bit drippy, too. If you thought getting those wraps off the plastic backing was a challenge, you haven't see a grown woman attempting to get them off her kitchen counter. Yay for metal spatulas and butter knives. By the time I was done, they were a tasty, but shredded mess, LOL. And, yes, I ate them anyway ~ those suckers are pricey.

After that, I discovered the secret is to just place the unwrapped tomato wraps on a plate or other SUITABLE surface, quickly add a modest shmear of hummus, quickly add a dry romaine leaf, and then add a slice of meat (dripping or otherwise) on top of the lettuce leaf and THEN ROLL UP THE SILLY WRAP! Success! Eureka! It works! It works! The clouds parted, the heavens opened, and I swear I could hear an angelic chorus of "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" Oh happy day! Seriously, I almost burst into song ... but the only song that I could think of that had any relevance to the situation was the theme song from "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" and that seemed mildly out of place.

Anyway, my initial Amazon purchase of 4 packages was dwindling, and like a cat who can see the bottom of the food bowl, I panicked. So I zipped back onto Amazon and ordered .... um .... 10 more packages. (Don't judge. I'm..... ummm... stockpiling! Yeah, that's right! I'm stockpiling! What if they run out? What if Amazon stopped carrying them.)  Then, a day later, I thought, "Hey, they're shelf stable for 12 months, why not go BACK on Amazon and order 10 MORE PACKAGES?"

Do you know what happens when you order TWO orders of 10 packages of Tomato Wraps from Amazon within a few days of each other? Your telephone rings.

Yep, you know you've over-shopped on Amazon when a company representative from the Tomato Wrap company calls you and asks "We got your third order for Tomato Wraps and we're wondering ... are you a restaurant??"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nope, I had to confess, just a wayward dieter currently obsessed with his product and freakishly worried about a sudden run on Tomato Wraps causing their supply to dwindle. Bless his heart, at least he didn't laugh at the irony that "I" was probably causing the sudden on run on Tomato Wraps. Anyway, we had a simply delightful conversation about the wraps and what to do with them and other flavors (he's sending me some free samples of flavors I wasn't brave enough to try)  He also let me know about a special deal they had going with a slightly better price for those of us buying in quantity, so (of course) I took him up on that. I am now REALLY stocked up on Tomato Wraps, LOL.

Any my kitchen counter has never been cleaner.


Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Sep 16 2014
18:59 (UTC)

Thanks for reading!

Health & Support Rotator cuff injury sidelines me from all exercise Sep 02 2014
16:34 (UTC)

You can probably climb a few stairs, too ... using your "good arm" to hold a handrail.

Weight Loss Diet soda and sugar cravings Sep 02 2014
16:31 (UTC)

I've found that switching from diet sodas to things like flavored iced teas and water with those little flavored drops (Mio ~ or making my own flavored water with a few pieces of fruit) has saved me significant money and often contain a lot less sodium and caffeine.

Whether I crave sugar or not, I avoid sugar because I'm diabetic.

My primary reason for drastically reducing my diet soda intake has been cost, caffeine and sodium. The upside is that I am drinking a lot more water ~ which is always a positive.

Weight Loss Lipo 6 black Sep 02 2014
16:27 (UTC)

Welcome to Calorie Count ... a website designed to help you count calories and lose or manage your weight in a healthy, reasonable manner.

Forget those piils ~ they are worthless.

Perhaps you could try ... counting calories, making healthy food choices and exercising?

Motivation Motivating obese parent to lose weight who also refuses to seek medical help Sep 02 2014
16:22 (UTC)

Motivation needs to come from within. 

You cannot motivate another person. You can try to persuade, reason with, coerce and manipulate another person ... but that's not motivation.

Your mother has clearly communicated with you that she does not want to discuss her weight with you. When you continue to do so, you've said that she gets angry and furious with you.

Your mother knows she's fat.

Your mother knows she's unhealthy.

Your mother knows she should lose weight to improve her situation.

Bugging, bothering and badgering her about this is only serving to make her angry and to force her to set up higher and higher defense walls between the two of you. And I can't imagine that this increased emotional stress is good for either of you.

My advice? Love your mom. Spend time with your mom. Listen to your mom. Discuss things that interest both of you. And (if you're a person of faith), pray for your mom.  Until SHE brings up the topic of weight loss ... bide your time, hold your tongue, and just be a loving daughter.

I hope you can find some peace with the fact that YOU cannot fix your mom. SHE has to want to fix this. And until she does, you need to just be her daughter (not her coach, not her mentor, not her health care provider, not her nag.)

Weight Loss Intermittent fasting? Aug 28 2014
19:03 (UTC)

Why not just eat reasonably every day and get some exercise?

Foods steel cut oats gets a C+ ? Aug 28 2014
19:00 (UTC)

Some of the grades make sense? Greasy fried chicken gets a poor grade, OK ... we get that.  Dannon Light n' Fit Greek Yogurt (80 calories) gets a bad grade? What's up with that?

Take the grades as something to make you look further ... when an individual item has a poor grade, take a look at it and see why ... it may have a nice chunk of fat, or sugar, or sodium in it. Your entire day's worth of food is what really matters.

And adding fresh veggies will ALWAYS improve your daily grade!


Weight Loss Fiber powder not helping Aug 11 2014
02:00 (UTC)

If you need to take a fiber supplement or powder, you're eating the wrong foods!

Eat more foods with fiber in them .... veggies, heart-healthy bran, beans, etc.

(I get 38g of fiber just for breakfast!)



Weight Loss fasting!! Jul 31 2014
19:42 (UTC)

I'm diabetic. When I asked my endocrinologist about fasting (except for a periodic blood test) she looked at me and asked "Are you crazy?"

For diabetics taking insulin, do NOT attempt any fast that isn't doctor-sanctioned.

Weight Loss Hydroxycut and Weight Loss Jul 31 2014
19:37 (UTC)

Why not just lose weight the healthy way ... good nutrition, plenty of veggies and lean proteins, exercise and activity?

You should be skeptical .... those things don't work. Proper nutrition and exercise does work.

Motivation Can I share something that just made me smile? Jul 25 2014
01:11 (UTC)

Thanks, everyone.

I am currently on what I like to call the "eat lots of veggies and lean protein and there is less room for crap" diet.

And it's working!

Weight Loss Food Addiction (Help!) Jul 23 2014
04:25 (UTC)

My evening "sweet treat" is an 80 calorie Dannon Light n Fit Greek Yogurt. I stick mine in the freezer for ... (you guessed it) ... frozen yogurt. Nice protein. Nice flavor. Nice creaminess. 80 calories ... planned for in my daily calorie budget.

I especially like the Key Lime, though the Blueberry and Pineapple are nice. There's even caramel macchiato.


Health & Support Panic Attacks and Constance Reassurance? Jul 23 2014
04:20 (UTC)

You need to eat a MINIMUM of 1500 calories per day.

Promotion of starvation diets or habits that exhibit signs of an eating disorder ("pro-ana", "pro-mia", etc.) is prohibited.



Weight Loss help please Jul 23 2014
04:16 (UTC)

Eat more.

How about some nuts? Or avocado? Or cheese? Or a banana or two?

1200 is the minimum calories for adult women; 1500 calories is the minimum for women under 18.