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Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 19-25: Nuturing and Self-sabotage Oct 20 2014
16:36 (UTC)

After Nov 5, I'm game ... unbelievably busy at work until then (big fundraising event at the beginning of November!) :)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers October 19-25: Nuturing and Self-sabotage Oct 19 2014
21:33 (UTC)

1. Do you sabotage yourself and your goals? If so, how? 

In the past, I didn't really self-sabotage, I just get burnt out on crash dieting, refuse to eat any more vegetables and to count calories, and STOPPED dieting. Which meant I returned to overeating and eating the wrong stuff, and I regained all the weight and then some. I seem to have an "all or nothing" approach to healthy eating ... I'm either REALLY doing it (completely), or I'm absolutely NOT doing it. But when I'm REALLY doing it ... I'm pretty anal-retentive, competitive, and self-motivated. I've been now eating healthy for the last 20 weeks (as of yesterday) without one "cheat" ... not one thing that I didn't plan for and intend to eat. (I do plan several meals per week of extra calories and more flexibility now that I passed the 90-day mark) So .... I need to figure out how to avoid burnout and just STOPPING.

2. How could you modify your behavior to nurture yourself instead?

This time, I'm not doing the extreme approaches to weight loss I've done in the past. I'm trying not to freak over how many carrots I ate. I'm allowing myself 1800 calories per day. I'm trying not to be controlled by what the scale is (or isn't doing). I'm giving myself more grace.

3. What topic or question would you like to see in upcoming weeks?

I wouldn't mind a discussion on fiber, getting the proper balance of fat-protein-carbs, and anything and everything having to do with veggies. Also, tips and techniques for making reasonable choices in restaurants.

(For anyone who cares, I passed the 100-pounds-lost milestone this week and I'm now at 102 pounds lost)

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 19 2014
21:24 (UTC)

"You're shopping for clothes again?" asked my wonderful DH last night as I was ... you guessed it ... shopping online for clothes again. As you might have surmised, snarky fat women who have lost 102 pounds no longer can wear most of the clothes that we USED to wear, necessitating the need to acquire new clothes in smaller sizes. Granted, I DID have clothes in my closet and drawers covering an amazing range of shapes and sizes and some items work fine even when loose and "comfy," ya know? (Especially when I'm doing something glamorous like weeding the flower beds or scooping litterboxes or riding my bike around the neighborhood.) But while I did just go online and pick up bike shorts in three colors (black, blue and purple) in smaller sizes, since I'm biking a lot these days and I at least want my pants/shorts to fit properly. AND my underwear, thank you very much. And ~ as depressing as it sounds ~ I think I've lost weight in my already small boobs, making me more flat-chested than ever. Seriously? Why take what little padding I had up there when there's still MORE than enough available fat lower down, trust me. <snort>

Yesterday was the 20-week mark, and I've lost 102 pounds. Woot! Woot! I did have one internet friend mention that if I'd take my weight loss "seriously" like they do on the Biggest Loser TV show, and if I'd commit to working out 6 hours a day and I'd slash my calories down to 1200 or less, I'd be "a lot further along right now, which would be a LOT more impressive."  I resisted the urge to tell her exactly what I thought of her crappy advice and just did a happy "Block and Delete" on Facebook. Nope, I have no plans to work out 6 hours a day. I'm not training for the Olympics, I'm learning a new lifestyle. Before I lost enough weight to be allowed to exercise, I treaded water in the swimming pool ~ which was all I was allowed to do. So I did that. Now, I ride my bike. Sometimes. Not every day. And not the same amount when I do. Some days I ride twice, some days I don't. And it's not a fancy bike. It doesn't have speeds. It's suitable for me ... a snarky fat chick with two bad knees, severe asthma, and a willingness to pedal. I like my happy purple-and-lime green beach cruiser. And I biked 9.3 miles on it this morning. Which ~ believe me ~ is WORK when you're as fat and out of shape as I am! And who snuck all these hills and speed bumps into my supposedly flat neighborhood?

I have always been annoyed by acquaintences who start selling some "fabulous product" from home ... and who want me to come over for a party to learn all about it.... especially when I don't seem to get any calls or emails or social invitations from them UNTIL they're selling whatever they are selling. Currently, I'm ESPECIALLY annoyed by people I know who want to sell me "weight loss products."  Seriously? I've lost 102 pounds in 4.5 months ... don't you think whatever I'm doing might actually be .... ummmm... working? Apparently not, since I've had 3 different people try to sell me the same protein shakes this week. For the record, I actually LIKE the designed-for-diabetics protein shake mix that I am happily buying from the nice people at  The brand is Extend ... and I like the vanilla and the strawberry ones. Just 110 calories, 15g protein, 5g fiber, 1g sugar. I have mine with a medium banana, a Diet Mountain Dew, and 12 ice cubes. And then I have a side of original Fiber One and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze. It works for me.... why would I want to change it just because someone else thinks their pricey shakes are "better."  (I will usually respond with "better how? How do you know what's in my current protein shake to say yours is better?")

You know what was nice this week?
I got a nice compliment from the lady who cuts my hair.  I got a nice compliment from a lady in my neighborhood. And I got a friendly wave this morning from some incredibly buff male cyclists wearing full cycling apparel and flying by on bikes that weigh less than my left shoe. One even yelled "Good for you! Keep pedaling!" I thought that was pretty cool. And I realized that my asthma is much better, too. In fact, I haven't had to use my fast-acting inhaler since AUGUST. I don't think I've gone 50+ days without using it in 15+ years. Woooo HOOO!

I may not be the Biggest Loser, but I feel like the Biggest Winner ;)

Motivation One Day at a time Oct 16 2014
04:05 (UTC)

Good for you!

What did you see on your walk today that made you smile?

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 12-18:Dream Goal Oct 16 2014
04:03 (UTC)

I know I'm new here ... but I wanted to share. After 4.5 months of healthy eating, I weighed in this morning and I've lost 100 pounds.

Onward ...

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 15 2014
14:56 (UTC)

I've lost 100 pounds!
I've lost 100 pounds!
I've lost 100 pounds!

(We now return to your regularly scheduled programming)


Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 13 2014
15:50 (UTC)

For those of you keeping track of these sorts of little things, it's Monday Morning and I'm now at .... 99.4 pounds lost! Woot! Woot!

I hope to chase down that elusive 100-pounds-lost mark later this week or maybe early next week.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 12-18:Dream Goal Oct 13 2014
15:47 (UTC)

Imagine you have reached your ultimate Calorie Count Goals.You are fit, healthy, and at your goal weight. If you have reached this goal, congratulations!

 A) How would your life change? What does your daily life at goal weight/fit/healthy look like in your imagination?

B) Once you reach your Wagon Jumpers goal, what will be the first three things you will do?

1. No more insulin shots! No more insulin shots! No more insulin shots! Oh, and I can fly on an airplane (and fit better in the seat) and travel! Woo hooo! Did I mention no more insulin shots?

2. Shopping for new clothes, of course! Then starts the joy of maintaining .... more calorie counting, and more biking!


Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 11 2014
19:32 (UTC)

We biked 8.8 miles this morning ~ that's my longest ride (in one sitting!) I'm pooped! I never cease to be amazed at the idiot drivers who nearly run me over when I'm crossing IN THE CROSSWALK, at a light, with the pedestrian light permitting me to cross. I'm rather hard to miss on my purple and lime green bike, wearing purple bike shorts, a purple tank top, wearing purple and orange shoes and then wearing a lime green visor and a big reflective green belt around my basket! (Heck, I'm half surprised the fashion police didn't pull me over to offer me a starring role on "What NOT to Wear!") Plus I was repeatedly TING-ting-tinging my bell with one hand and literally waving my right hand over my head to attract attention. SHEESH. At least the nice lady driving BEHIND the idiot saw me, and smiled as she shook her head at the doofus. But, seriously, I had to SLAM on my breaks 2/3s across a busy intersection because he just pulled out in front of me to make a right turn on a red light (which is legal ONLY if the Crosswalk is empty) Arrrrrggggh.

Anyway, that encounter (near the start of my ride) pretty muched morphed into me ranting on my ride to my entertained wonderful DH about drivers, idiots in general, dieting, the weather, global warming, the repulsiveness of radicchio, and my various fat-bodied, nearly-50-years-old assorted and sundry aches and pains.  Fortunately, there weren't a lot of people around to hear my rants. Finally, I just kept repeating that I had a sore butt from biking, and I decided to ask my wonderful DH how to say that in Spanish. (Heck, why not learn a foreign language while ranting, right?)  So ... he taught me to say "Mi trasero me duele." So I proceeded to say it repeatedly, and then decided to sing it to the tune of "The sun'll come out tomorrow" (from the musical, Annie.) So, I just kept huffing and puffing and pedaling and singing this loudly ~ right up until the time I realize that we'd stopped for a water break right next to a group of (apparently) Spanish-speaking guys trimming trees who all started laughing and grabbing their butts for me. It was sort of an embarrasing, but highly entertaining, bonding experience. <snort>

My wonderful DH came into the family room this morning and reported that the "scale was in a good mood this morning" (she can be pretty persnickety, some days) and wanted to make sure I took the opportunity to step on her. But I already had ... lost a wee bit more! Woot! Woot! AND she didn't make me get on and off her 14 times to get the same weight TWICE. (That's my rule ... I need the same weight twice. Not twice in a row, or I'd spend days on the scale, LOL.) Anyway, my current weight loss at 19 weeks of dieting is .... (drumroll, please) ... 97.4 pounds! Yep, I am slowly but surely sneaking up on that nifty "100 pounds lost" mark ... which I hope to hit in the next week or two. It's hard to say with my body ... when I'm watching the scales and trying to hit some self-imposed goal or milestone, my scale and my body conspire together to screw things up and slow things down. That's OK, I've bought more chard and I'm NOT afraid to use it, bwahahahahahaha!

If you're driving, please watch out for cyclists and pedestrians. And share some Spanish with a friend: "Mi trasero me duele."

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 11 2014
19:32 (UTC)

Actually, I really LIKE the Laughing Cow little wedges, and recommend it for dieters who want some pretty decent cheese. It's great added to a sammy, or spread on something suitable, or even eaten (slowly, savoring it) as is. I've got some in the fridge for when I just need some cheese.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 11 2014
16:26 (UTC)

::: grins ::: 

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 10 2014
15:35 (UTC)

. . o O (In the Cheese War, are the Swiss still neutral?) ;)

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 09 2014
21:19 (UTC)

I admit it. Sometimes, I buy what's euphemistically called "diet food" (but which often could be more properly called "mysterious chemical-laden allegedly low calorie foodlike substance.") Let me just say that I've been a diabetic for 20+ years, so I am not freaked out about artificial sweeteners and I don't avoid them like many non-diabetics do. That being said, I do monitor how much artificial sweetener I eat and at least try to switch them up so that I'm not overindulging in just one. Heh heh .... "overindulging" ~ does sprinkling some fake sugar on my bowl of cardboard hamster food (that would be original Fiber One) every morning COUNT as "overindulging?" After all, that's pretty much the only artificial sweetener I intentionally add to my food. Anyway, before anyone feels the overwhelming compulsion to lecture me on the alleged dangers of artificial sweeteners, let me just say: don't. I've heard it, and I'm eating some anyway. And for those who want to urge me to use agave or Stevia, them me just point out that both of those give me hives. Big red welts. So, onward to my rant about "diet food!"

Not long ago, I was in the grocery store staring wistfully at the cheese. I love cheese. In fact, I am more than capable of ingesting an entire 1,000+ calorie wedge of brie in one sitting. By itself, though I understand the conventional wisdom is to actually eat it with crackers. I love cheese so much that I once named an entire litter of foster kittens after cheese! (Chedder, Brie, Colby and Jack!) Right now, between my desire to keep my fats to 15 percent of my daily calories (for medical reasons) and my desire to avoid pesky lactose intolerance symptoms, my cheese intake has been largely limited to lowfat Lactaid cottage cheese of which I eat two one-half cup servings per week, along with smoked salmon, as part of my yummy dinners. So ... I spotted the plastic wrapped rubbery Kraft fat free singles in the "sharp cheddar" flavor (just 25 calories each) and thought, "HEY! I can fit that into my daily calorie budget!"  So I bought the package, noting that the fat free version was fully TWICE the price of the regular version. (I've never tried the regular version ... why would anyone not counting fats and calories want to buy weirdly rubbery plastic wrapped fake cheese slices?) Anyway, I assume that the price is the store's way to try to protect unsuspecting consumers from making unwise culinary choices. Or they're trying to profit from cheese-deprived desperate fat chicks ~ I am not sure.

Normal cheese doesn't stick to its plastic wrapper (if it even HAS a plastic wrapper.) This cheese does. It can also stick to your teeth ... something I usually only encounter when eating something wonderful and caramel.  Normal cheese actually melts when you expose it to a heat source. This cheese either remains unmelted, or it starts bubbling and bursting into flame in the microwave or toaster oven. Seriously, I haven't figured out yet how to properly melt it.... it's either hot/rubbery and unmelted, or inferno. When I mentioned this quandary to my wonderful DH, he just grinned and said "You're trying to figure out how to properly melt the equivalent of a beach ball in the microwave?" <snort>  OK, that was a semi-helpful perspective.

I haven't decided why I keep trying to figure out how best to eat my plastic-y fake 25-calorie cheeselike slices. Mainly, I suppose, because they're paid for (and I can be thrifty up to a point ~ you'll recall that I finally admitted defeat and refused to finish my radicchio) and because I'm stubborn. What can I say? If I can't have the REALITY of cheese, I am at least attempting to joyfully embrace the CONCEPT of cheese. Anyway, I finally finished the last two slices today (quartered, and added with some turkey atop some organic non-GMO corn thin cakes.) Disclaimer: I don't know why I felt compelled to tell you that they were organic and non-GMO ... probably because when I recently mentioned to some Paleo people that I was eating something that contained corn, they started shrieking about the evils of corn! My goal in life is to have fewer people start randomly shrieking at me.  YES, I eat corn. I eat my organic, non-GMO imported-from-Belgium thin corn cakes AND I eat organic corn on the cob purchased from either Whole Foods or Trader Joes or my local independent grocer. I like corn. I do well with corn (blood sugar wise). I'm not giving up my corn.

For the record, I promise to NEVER put fake cheese on my corn ~ that should make you all feel better.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 08 2014
16:54 (UTC)

That sounds like a tasty salad! For dressing, I've been using some (sugar free) asian salad vinegar, some Ponzu sauce (sort of a mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice) and then I sprinkle some ground sun dried tomatoes over all my veggies ~ quite zippy and tangy ... and that really fits my savory loving flavor profile.

Since I have salads twice a day (lunch and dinner) most days, I switch off which veggies I eat when!

Lunch salad: Cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, kidney beans, garbanzo beans.  (I also eat cooked greens at lunch ~ separately ~ for more veggies)

Dinner salad: Romaine, red/yellow/orange pepper, hearts of palm, a few marinated mushrooms. (I also eat corn on the cob and usually one other cooked veggie ~ separately ~ for more veggies at dinner!)

Other salad veggies I like (but just eat less often): pea pods, jicama, avocado, edamame ... there may be others I'd pick off a salad bar, but that I just don't eat on salads at home: red onion, etc.

Salads really are a great way to get in your veggies! :)

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 07 2014
03:02 (UTC)

"You're starting to eat like a hippie. It's sooooo obvious you're from California."

That's what an online friend remarked at me today as we were chatting back and forth about my healthy eating plan. I must admit that I was a bit befuddled and bemused by this, and responded with "What does a hippie eat?" She replied with a rather snarky "nuts and berries and veggies and crap." Hmmmm. Veggies and crap?  I thought back to the lifestyle changes I've made over the past 4 months, and the foods that have become my new staples. The funny part? I'm not really eating nuts OR berries, LOL. Don't get me wrong ~ there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating nuts and berries as part of a healthy eating plan, I just am not a big nut fan (except for pistachios, which I HAVE eaten on occasion ... I've got some yummilicious salt-and-pepper ones that are just 4 calories each  ... so I can have 25 for a 100-calorie snack!) As for berries, they have a fair amount of sugar, so I tend to limit my intake. Since my wonderful DH was gone all summer and didn't buy any (letting me grab a few here and there), I really haven't been eating a lot of berries lately. I do, however, eat a lot of bananas and apples as my fruits of choice, and a gazillion different veggies. And I STOPPED eating crap ~ that was the whole POINT of my healthy eating plan! <snort>  Clearly, she's just an ... idiot. (grin)

Speaking of eating like a hippie, I bought some amazing lemon-herb tofu today from Lassen's Natural Market (it's sort of like Whole Foods, but smaller. And ~ if you can believe this ~ I suspect it's more expensive. At least the cucumbers were. But they WERE humongous ... so large that I plan to just eat HALF a cucumber at a time. Seriously, we're talking little chubby green submarines here!) Anyway, dinner tonight was Lemon Herb Tofu served on top of a bed of steamed rainbow chard. I bought the chard at Trader Joes ... and it's delightful. Unlike my normal greens (mustard, collard and turnip greens), chard is pleasantly mild and less bitter. And (in this case) quite colorful. I also had some fresh beets, asparagus, corn cakes (they're like rice cakes, only ~ you guessed it ~ made from corn) and a salad: romaine, mushrooms, orange pepper, and hearts of palm. Frankly, I'm just not thinking that your average hippie was running around steaming chard and sprinkling lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper on asparagus while nibbling on hearts of palm. But I could be wrong.

We biked 7.3 miles this morning. I've been keeping track (after the fact) of my bike rides with a great website called (Don't bother telling me that I could download an app for this ~ I don't have a smart phone and I don't do apps. I'm about as technologically challenged as they come!) I used to have an odometer on my bicycle (two of them, in fact) but they BOTH got stolen when I foolishly decided to park and lock my bike and purchase hippie food from my local grocery store. I've also had my sweaty biking gloves stolen (ick) a bottle of water, and a package of Kleenex. So .... now I take everything inside the store with me when I stop or ~ better yet ~ I just bike with my wonderful DH and send HIM inside the store. That's what we did today while biking since we stopped at the store for more hippie food (mushrooms!) I resisted the urge to steal anything off his bike. And I further resisted the urge to make a smartass comment to the people who saw me sitting on my bike, waiting next to his bike, who kept asking "Biking today?" (Is that some sort of rhetorical question? Why else would someone be covered with sweat, sitting on a bike, wearing biking apparel?)

Be a hippie ~ eat your veggies!

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 4-10: Do you plan for being a senior? Oct 06 2014
16:38 (UTC)
Original Post by x-lawrence:

Molly super glad you decided to join our group as I really like your posts.  Will y give us two goals that contribute to your weight loss?  Eg; exercise, counting calories, eating more sensibly etc.....

50g+ daily fiber, counting calories + carbs

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 06 2014
16:27 (UTC)

Day #6 .... and the scale finally moved. I have ended up with a 1.6 pound loss for the week. At this point in my weight loss adventure, I'll take! That puts me at 92.4 pounds lost.

What, if anything, did I do different yesterday?

~ No biking (I needed a recovery day)
~ EXTRA greens (yep, a second serving of spinach, mustard greens, collard greens and turnip greens)
~ EXTRA eggplant hummus (because it was near the end of the container and scooping the remainder out with my finger was just waaaay too tempting to pass up, LOL!)

Oh, and I ranted, of course. Maybe THAT'S the solution?

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 4-10: Do you plan for being a senior? Oct 06 2014
03:31 (UTC)
Original Post by sunnymoms:

 "a study of elderly women showed that those who ate the most green, leafy and cruciferous vegetables in the group were one to two years younger in mental function than women who ate few of these vegetables."

Here's a list:

Right now I only eat Broccolli, cauliflower and cabbage.  Kale I put in my smoothies sometimes.  Anyone have good recipies for any other?  What about cost?

Take care.  Gail

One of my recent new veggies to try has been baby bok choi. I've found it both at my local independent grocer as well as at Trader Joe's. I just wash it, cut off the ends, lightly/loosely chop, then steam and season to taste. Yum! A sweeter, milder flavor than a lot of other "greens" (I eat a lot of collard green, turnip greens, mustard greens and spinach) and less bitter than chard, kale or radicchio (I detest radicchio). If you're inclined to making any sort of stir fry dish, baby bok choy is a great addition. I would think you could use it to substitute for fresh spinach in a lot of recipes. (I can't help you there, I don't really cook. I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!)

I eat steamed spinach/mustard greens/collard greens and turnip greens 5-7 times per week, at lunch. You can actually eat a fairly large amount (uncooked) for about 30 calories ~ and they're loaded with nutrition. Trader Joes actually sells a bag of these four mixed together called "Southern Greens" which is really simple for me.

For radishes, if I have them in the house, I eat them at least once per day. At about 1 calorie per radish, they pack quite the flavor punch. A friend of mine makes a spicy clear soup from radish greens ~ and raves about it. (I'm sure you could Google radish soup recipes.) She also sautees the radishes and their greens in garlic butter.... I had it once and it was amazing. Then again. most things covered in garlic butter ARE amazing!

Veggies are fun! :)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Oct 4-10: Do you plan for being a senior? Oct 06 2014
03:20 (UTC)

1. Do  you plan your diet, exercise and lifestyle around planning for the future as a senior?

I do, now ... I started eating healthier and making radical lifestyle changes about four months ago on June 1. Frankly, I'd like to live long enough to get to BE a senior ~ who doesn't crave all those nifty senior discounts, right? (Though I understand that I'm technically eligible to join AARP next March!) ;)

Anyway, I'm counting calories and carbs. (I'm a diabetic and take insulin, so there's just no getting around counting both!) I've managed to lose enough weight in the last four months that I've gotten medical permission to try some biking (due to health limitations, I can't really do anything weight bearing on my legs/knees), and my high blood pressure is still somewhat of a concern ~ but the hope is that I can bike safely around my neighborhood without flopping over dead into someone's petunias! (grin)

I'm also down to just one caffeinated beverage per day ... and I've completely stopped adding salt to my foods. I've decided to focus on small lifestyle changes in the hopes that they lead to bigger ones.

2. I count calories every day. :) I have a daily calorie budget, and a meal-centric carb budget, and I'm also seeking to get in the right amount of protein and fiber a day. So ... it's a bit like one of those complex math word problems.

3. Pushups:  I am new here, so didn't do any pushups this past week. I've had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery and I have two bad knees, so I won't be trying any pushups in the foreseeable future. I did once try a pushup bra with disastrous results ~ those suckers hurt if you're flat chested. (grin)

4. Brain food: I eat salmon 4-6 times per week! It's great for your brain! Oily fish contains EPA and DHA in a ready-made form, which enables the body to use it easily. The main sources of oily fish include salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kippers. Low DHA levels have been linked to a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.

*     *      *      *

Introduction: Online, I go by Molly.

BASICS: I'm your basic sarcastic, snarky pre-menopausal fat chick who is working hard to get less fat. I'm 49 years old, diabetic, asthmatic, 2 bum knees, broken thyroid, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. I have a 30+ year history of stupid fad diets, yo-yo dieting, screwing up my metabolism ... and gaining the weight back every time, and then some. I turn 50 in March and I'm tired of the roller coaster. So now I'm focusing on NUTRITION and HEALTH (rather than "dieting") and I'm reclaiming my life. Happily married crazy cat lady who is prone to ranting :)

GOALS: 50g of daily fiber, only 2 "off plan" meals/wk, bike 2x/wk,  try new veggies.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Oct 05 2014
18:49 (UTC)

I have spent the morning Googling "weight loss plateau" and being semi-entertained by the fact that there is absolutely no concise definitition of what this is, nor is there any sort of concensus out there about how best to deal with one. Why am I Googling this? Because the scale hasn't shown any weight loss for me for (gasp) five days. Yep, five WHOLE days. And, no, I'm not seeking any advice from anyone reading this about WHY this might be happening ~ I've just read online advice from 2 dozen people (many with impressive initials following their names and degrees from pricey grad schools) and its become painstakingly clear that no two "experts" agree on anything other than "wait it out, keep eating right and exercising, and it shall pass .... eventually. And, if it doesn't .... eat less and exercise even more." LOL 

Well, after 4 solid months of healthy eating (October 1 was the official 4-month mark), a plateau of some sort was bound to happen, right? After all, I've pretty much freaked out my metabolism into thinking this was the Great Potato Famine of 1775 and no wonder it's deciding to just lay low and reassess the food situation for a little bit. I am sure the fact that I'm pre-menopausal and hormonal may be playing into the equation a bit ~ after all, how many women get to have hot flashes AND their periods at the SAME time? And now I've got a zit on my chin. Seriously, maybe my body thinks I'm going through puberty all over again?  And, of course, I do have a known thyroid issue (I take meds for it) and I do have diabetes and insulin resistance (and I take meds for it) ~ so it's clear that my metabolism has what I like to euphemistically refer to as "issues." And now, it's got even more issues ~ we're laden with issues here in Mollywood.

So ... I've decided that I cannot call this "temporary weight loss slowdown"  a "plateau" until it's lasted 2 weeks. That should help me keep things in better perspective, and to endeavor to take a bigger picture and long-term view of this whole healthy eating / weight loss journey that I'm on. Still, I can't help but admit that my rather overactive imagination has come up with some rather silly reasons why I haven't lost any weight in the last 5 days:

1. My body is teaching me a lesson for making it deal with things like radicchio and kale and 2 kinds of chard ~ all in the same period of time. (Uh oh, wait until my body finds out I just bought a 3rd kind of chard to try!)

2. Revenge of the scale.  Seriously, I've been stepping repeatedly on her and squoosing her and smack-talking about her for more than four months and maybe she's just pissed off at me? (Let's hope that she's not reading this, shall we?)

3. Hormones. Yep, somehow, hormones are screwing things up. I'm not sure how, but they are
. (I've decided that the vast majority of things that go wrong in life can be attributed to (a) hormones; (b) humidity; (c) governmental/political stupidity; and (d) mosquitoes. Of these choices, hormones seem the most likely culprit.)

4. The planets are out of alignment and Pluto is still sulking over losing its former planetary status. It's classic "short planet" syndrome. (Don't mess with my pet theories by bringing science or facts into it. Pluto is now just a "dwarf planet" and I think Pluto is mad about this revelation.)

5. It's one of the "great mysteries of life."  (Growing up, I attended Catholic school. When I'd ask the nuns a question they didn't want to (or couldn't) answer, they'd just smile knowingly and respond "That's one of the great mysteries of life." )

Despite the whole scale issue, I do have some positive happy news to report. I have been able to further reduce my insulin dosage from 80 units a day down to 50 units a day .... thanks to my reduced weight, my low glycemic veggie-centric eating, and biking my butt off on a semi-regular basis. (Just as a reminder, when I started this journey on June 1, I was taking 240 units a day!) Wooo hoooo! I'm pretty jazzed about this, as it's a clear sign that my body is responding to ~ and appreciating ~ my new efforts to take much better care of it!

Sometimes, success in weight loss and in healthy eating isn't measured on a scale.