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Weight Loss Fasting Oct 04 2012
23:40 (UTC)

Calorie Count is all about HEALTHY weight loss.

Advocating that people eat less than 1200 calories per day (for adults) will get your posts flagged and removed.

Foods Whole Foods Bakery Items! Nov 28 2011
05:57 (UTC)

Their mini cheesecakes are worth every calorie. :)

The Lounge Are there any conservatives here? Nov 28 2011
05:55 (UTC)

<--- Definitely a conservative. :)

The Lounge . Aug 23 2011
19:18 (UTC)

Unless there are governmental warnings given closer to that date, I wouldn't worry.

But if you are worried ... why not ask now for that day off? Or take it as a vacation day. Use that day to go to the beach.

The Lounge Earthquake anyone? Aug 23 2011
19:16 (UTC)

I was in Coalinga for the May 2, 1983 Coalinga Earthquake (6.5). This earthquake caused an estimated $10 million in property damage (according to the American Red Cross) and injured 94 people. Damage was most severe in Coalinga, where the 8-block downtown commercial district was almost completely destroyed.

I lived in San Francisco for the October 17, 1989 Earthquake (6.9/7.1). The quake killed 63 people throughout northern California, injured 3,757 and left some 3,000-12,000 people homeless. The quake caused an estimated $6 billion ($11 billion in current value) in property damage, becoming one of the most expensive natural disasters in U.S. history at the time.

I was on a business trip to Los Angeles for the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake (6.7). At least 33 deaths were attributed to the earthquake, with some estimates ranging much higher, and there were over 8,700 injured. In addition, the earthquake caused an estimated $20 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history.

<--- not a big earthquake fan

The Lounge Summer Goals(READ) Jun 16 2011
05:17 (UTC)

So ... I've read your post.

What ARE your summer goals?

Weight Loss Help me critique my new diet plan? Jan 28 2011
02:04 (UTC)

What's the percentage of fat, protein and carbs? My endocrinologist advised me to max out my daily protein at 35% of my calories to protect my kidneys. (I'm diabetic.)

Weight Loss Is this bad? Jan 26 2011
02:55 (UTC)

You are recovering from an eating disorder.

What does your doctor recommend?

Weight Loss Best foods to cut Jan 26 2011
02:53 (UTC)
  • lard
  • pork rinds
  • deep fried Twinkies
  • deep fried Oreos
  • anything "Supersized"
  • most junk food should be cut or reduced
  • hot fudge sundaes with extra hot fudge

Seriously, rather than focusing on what to ELIMINATE ... focus on what to EAT. A healthy, well-balanced diet should have heart-healthy whole grains, plenty of veggies, and a nice amount of lean proteins. Then add in some healthy fats (salmon, nuts, avocadoes) and some fresh fruit.... and you'll be off to a great start.

The Lounge Abortion aka MURDER!!!!!!!!!! Jan 24 2011
07:52 (UTC)



The Lounge If I made a raunchy video and aired it at work, Jan 05 2011
04:21 (UTC)
Original Post by coach_k:

This doesn't surprise me.  It appalls me, it amazes me, but it doesn't surprise me. 


The Lounge Biggest Loser - comments Jan 05 2011
04:17 (UTC)

My biggest complaint about those extra large sports bras in nifty colors is that I can't find where to buy some for me.

Weight Loss 17 day diet!?? Jan 02 2011
07:38 (UTC)


The Lounge just say a random comment. Dec 05 2010
05:10 (UTC)

Why is jicama so expensive?

The Lounge My OverEating and My UnderExcercising: symptoms of a deeper problem? a problem which requires a spiritual solution? Dec 05 2010
05:08 (UTC)

Posting the same thread in two locations is considered spamming. Please go back to the other thread, as this one is locked.

Weight Loss My OverEating and My UnderExcercising: symptoms of a deeper problem? a problem which requires a spiritual solution? Dec 03 2010
17:35 (UTC)
Religion and Spirituality are personal matters, but they are not "off limits" as discussion topics on Calorie Count.   Christians of CC- talking faith, God, and support! has 168 members and is an active group on CC.   I can do all things through Christ! has 202 members and is an active group on CC.

I believe there is also a pagan group and a Jewish group, as well. And other faiths may be represented ~ you could search groups if you are interested in other faiths.

You could dicuss the spiritual aspects of weight loss in these groups, if desired. Or you could discuss it in the Weight Loss forum or Lounge Forum ... but you will likely get a lot of comments from people who disagree with you.

Weight Loss how Many Calories do i need to loose weight at a healthy rate? Dec 03 2010
02:08 (UTC)

Have you input your information into Calorie Count's tools? (See the top of the page, click on tools ... go from there.)

The Lounge if you're still talking about your pregnancies and deliveries when your kids are 1.5 and 3 years old... Dec 03 2010
02:06 (UTC)

Have you said something to her?

("Hey, please stop talking about your pregnancies and deliveries.")

Health & Support My opinion on addictions/ disorders Dec 03 2010
02:03 (UTC)
Original Post by crazinluv3000:

I fully believe that every thing you do is a choice and that there is no such thing as a eating disorder or addiction!

I fully believe that you are completely and absolutely wrong.