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Weight Loss Can you please tell me, what are the hardest things in losing weight? Dec 15 2014
15:35 (UTC)

Probably the studies that show that most "diets" don't work long term and the overwhelming majority of people gain all the weight back, and then some. 


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Dec 14-20th, Pasta's Topic: What is one Change you're particularly proud of effecting: Dec 15 2014
15:29 (UTC)


a) What is one change, moment, or achievement in your healthy lifestyle journey of which you are proud? (Probably, there are a few!) I'm just not sure what to follow it up with. (Maybe: What is one thing you could commit to doing this week that will allow you to look back over the week and feel proud of yourself?)

I am now off insulin. :)

b) My thinking is that often recalling a positive moment will bring back that positive feeling of pride and achievement, which can be a very motivating thing.

c) Do you have any sources you can show everyone else how they can get inspired? 

For me, I find that inspiration and motivation comes from within, and not from comparing myself to others.


a) Let's count calories for 3 days again.  The more we can get into the habit of it, the easier it is to lose weight.

I count calories every day, already.

b) Let's try planking.  Do it while you watch TV and time yourself.  3 times this week

Planking, as I have stated before, is not on the list of things I am permitted to do.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Dec 7 - Dec 13: Because 85% of all weight is lost in the kitchen, some easy ways to lose it Dec 07 2014
22:42 (UTC)

Planking is not on the very small list of physical activities/exercises I am allowed to do ~ no planking for me. :)

I will be on vacation out of town much of this week, with limited or no internet access (yay), so for a change I WON'T be counting calories daily. I will, however, to make reasonable choices when eating out.

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Dec 03 2014
17:20 (UTC)

Ahem. May I have your attention, please?

As of this morning, I've now lost 130.2 pounds.

(And I'm at 299.8 .... which means I am finally Finally FINALLY out of the 300s!)


Not too shabby for a nearly 50-year-old snarky fat chick with health issues, huh?


Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Nov 30-Dec 5: What we can do to jumpstart our efforts. Dec 01 2014
07:12 (UTC)

1)  What are three things (or more) that have held you back from achieving your goals (be specific) whether it be exercise or diet or both.

a) health limitations prevent me from doing a lot of physical activities

b)  finding biking apparel in my size can be very challenging

c) our air quality here is the worst in the nation and wreaks havoc on my severe and chronic asthma

2)  Please be specific and tell us what you can do to overcome these things and how you might implement them

a) pray for miraculous healing, I suppose. Or just learn to accept that I have severe health problems and physical limitations.

b) shop harder

c) move out of here, some day


Let's count calories for 3 days again.  The more we can get into the habit of it, the easier it is to lose weight.

I've been counting calories daily since June 1.

*** NOTE: In all fairness, I have achieved my exercise and weight loss goals since I started my healthy eating quest on June 1. If anything, I surpassed my goals and surprised myself .... so I really am not sure if I could properly answer this week's questions.

Motivation Sugar addiction? Dec 01 2014
07:06 (UTC)

Count calories, eat more whole foods and eat fewer processed foods and sugary foods?

Foods What's the WORST thing that you've tried during your Healthy Journey?? Nov 26 2014
00:34 (UTC)

heh heh heh .... confession: I actually like the Walden Farms peanut spread. It isn't food, but I still like it once in a while.

I tried radicchio and found it to be repulsive ... raw, cooked, or mixed with other veggies. :::: shudder :::::

I don't like ground turkey, either.  And turkey bacon is an abomination.

Weight Loss I have to loose 100 pounds Nov 25 2014
04:30 (UTC)

Get more active. Figure out what exercise or sport or physical activity you like ... and start doing it. Even if you have to start slowly ... start ... and then increase your activity. If someone in your family or friends group is active, consider doing what they are doing.

If you like walking, walk.

If you like dancing, get a workout/dance DVD to watch.

If you like biking, ride your bike.

If you're into winter sports (if that's where you live), pick one.


Eat better. Make a decision now to always always always eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast. No skipping breakfast. No fast food or junk food. Make sure your breakfast includes some protein and some fiber, and maybe a piece of fruit. (I eat one cup of Original Fiber One, unsweetened almond milk, a medium banana, and about 100 calories of protein)

Eat more veggies. (And, no, french fries don't count) Find some salad veggies you like, and eat more of them. Find some cooked veggies you like, and eat more of them. Green beans, broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, radishes ~ there's plenty to choose from. And don't drown them in butter or ranch dressing, either.

LIMIT TREATS AND JUNK FOOD. Decide that you will only eat "crap" a few times a week, and try to stick to that.

DON'T DRINK SUGAR-FILLED SODAS. Or festive coffees. These are a complete waste of your calories.

ASK FOR HELP. Talk to your parents, a school counselor, friends, your doctor ~ and consider getting some nutritional guidance about what is a healthy diet, and what's a dangerous and ridiculous fad diet.


Motivation Wagon Jumpers Nov 23-29: Gail's Topic: How to cope with Thanksgiving Nov 25 2014
04:20 (UTC)

1)      What are three Thanksgiving / Appreciation wishes that you have?

I am thankful for a loving, supportive husband who is helping me with my healthy eating goals.

I am thankful that my diabetes has improved enough that I'm now off insulin.

I am thankful that my asthma has been steadily improving on my anti-inflammation diet.

2)      How can you maintain your diet perspective before and throughout a feast?

We have been invited for Thanksgiving at a friend's house. We've gone before, and there's very little there I can eat with my dietary limitations (no sugar, low glycemic, fairly low carb ~ I'm diabetic and have to carefully control what I eat.) So I asked if I could bring fresh green beans (she said yes!) So, we're bringing a LOT of yummy fresh green beans and shallots (from Whole Foods). My plan is to have some white meat turkey, one starch (probably a scoop of mashed potatoes with no gravy) and as many of my green beans as I want.  Even if I wanted to take the day off from dieting, I don't get to take the day off from being diabetic.

3)      Explain one way you hope to broaden your activity level during your time off this week, and can follow through in your weekly routine?

I biked 10.3 miles on Saturday. I biked 15.3 miles on Sunday.

Today (Monday) was a no biking day (to rest my knee)

I will bike on Tuesday. I will bike on Wednesday. I might bike Thursday morning.

I work on Friday and Saturday ~ so no biking, then. Sunday is forecast for rain.

(I am trying to bike 3+ days a week, weather and knee and time permitting)

Motivation Molly's Diet Rants Nov 22 2014
18:08 (UTC)

I have raging PMS and hot flashes ~ so it seems like a great time for a bike ride, huh? (snort) I'm hoping to channel all of this hormonal pre-holiday rage into some biking energy ~ but it IS a rather cold and chilly day out there and I'm not sure how long my motivation will last. Maybe by the time I've finished breakfast, I'll have either decided to go this morning ... or I'll have decided to wait for the afternoon?

Confirming for once and for all my long-held suspicion that my body is completely weird, I am pleased to announce ... 25 weeks into my happy little weight loss adventure, that I've now lost exactly 125 pounds. Yay! I am a well-rounded round-shaped person who always wants another round of round numbers! (giggle) I suppose the suprising part of this is the rather anomalous fact that I tend to lose weight before and during my "time of the month" .... and then my "human sponge" superpowers kick in and I spend the rest of the month dealing with random and haphazard water retention every few days.

Foods Low calorie yogurt with no added sugar? Nov 18 2014
20:54 (UTC)

Wow ... you dug up a 3 yr old thread to yell at people?

Foods thanksgiving Nov 18 2014
17:15 (UTC)

White meat turkey

One scoop of mashed potatoes (no gravy)

All the green beans I want to eat. (I'm bringing them from Whole Foods ... it's NOT a green bean casserole.)


We're going to a friend's house ... and I'm doing my best to consider it "just another lunch" and eat accordingly. (I'm diabetic and really watch my carbs ... and I can't "take the day off" from being diabetic even if I wanted to "take the day off from dieting.")

Motivation Wagon Jumpers 11/16- 11/22: what will you do when you get to your goal weight? Nov 18 2014
17:09 (UTC)

(Jotting this down so I don't forget to mention it) .... some week, I'd love to have a topic on what supplements (if any) people take :)

Weight Loss What about a Low Carb diet in effective weighloss treatment? Nov 17 2014
07:25 (UTC)

Frankly, I like vegetables ... and I eat a lot of them, so I'm not eating low carb. But I do count and limit my refined and processed carbs ... and set very reasonable, long-term livable limits.

My breakfast includes two "starches" (original Fiber One and a banana) plus lean protein.

My lunch includes one "starch" (plus a bunch of salad-type veggies and cooked greans and lean protein)

My dinner includes two starches (plus a bunch of salad-tyoe veggies and cooked veggies and lean protein)

My snacks include lean proteins.

So, in addition to veggie carbs, I get 5 "starches" per day ... and while my breakfast carbs stay the same, I vary the other 3. Sometimes it's an apple or corn on the cob or quinoa or roasted butternut squash or 100-calorie popcorn or 2 slices of light multigrain bread.

It's a healthy eating plan and a lifestyle that works for me ... and there's enough variety and choices for me to do it long term.

(By the way, I've lost 119 pounds doing this ... in less than 6 months. And I went from taking 240 units of daily insulin to being completely OFF insulin.) In moderation, there's absolutely nothing wrong with carbs ... even starchy ones. But the key, of course are the magic words "in moderation." But it's not a low carb diet. In fact 50 percent of my daily calories come from carbs ... 35 percent from protein, and 15 percent from fats.

When it comes to healthy eating and weight loss, there is no one-size-fits all answer.


Motivation I need someone to be my support buddy! Please! Nov 17 2014
07:17 (UTC)

Just start posting. If you want to post daily, post daily. Just start a thread and give updates and ask for advice and people will answer.

Did you eat plenty of veggies today?

Did you get plenty of fiber?

Did you drink plenty of water?

What are your short-term and long-term healthy eating goals?

Motivation Wagon Jumpers 11/16- 11/22: what will you do when you get to your goal weight? Nov 17 2014
07:16 (UTC)

You know what I discovered today? My wedding rings fit again. In fact, all of my rings now fit :)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers 11/16- 11/22: what will you do when you get to your goal weight? Nov 16 2014
22:49 (UTC)

My goal weights come in 5lb increments. When I hit my goal, I smile, and set another goal.

As for buying new clothes, I'm already doing that on an ongoing basis.

Weight Loss Plateau hit need help Nov 14 2014
02:14 (UTC)

You might try eating 1400 or so for two weeks and see how things go. When adding in those "extra" 200 calories .... either pick things you REALLY like, or pick some healthy fats (so your body knows you're not in a famine!) Nuts, nut butters, avocadoes ... would be nice ways to add in some calories. Or alternate, one day of something really special ... the next day, some almonds/avocado (etc.)

Foods Maybe I'll try juicing Nov 14 2014
02:11 (UTC)

Grazing through a mountain of vegetation is often what keeps many people from eating too much crap ;)

Foods Better than Bouillon Nov 14 2014
02:10 (UTC)

I will have to try some :)