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Weight Loss Going on Vacation Jul 13 2014
07:06 (UTC)

Do your best to make reasonable choices at restaurants. (Note: reasonable doesn't mean perfect ... just calorie-aware and recognizing what else you've eaten that day.)  Watch out for things that are fried/deep fried, have high calorie sauces and dressings, melted cheese, etc. If you want a burger and fries .... consider giving up the bun. Then see if you can get by with eating just 1/3 the fries, or 2/3.... or split them with someone ... things like that. Decide if you REALLY want a cheeseburger ... or if a really yummy hamburger will do.

Try not to "spend" your calories on sugary drinks or coffees. (Depending on your age and personal choices, you might want to save them for wine) ;)

Decide which meals you will be in "diet mode" and which meals you won't. Consider trying to keep 1 meal (of 3) pretty lean and light ... if you are really going all out for the other 2.

Don't hesitate to ask the waiter/server to recommend diet friendly items on the menu. or ways to make a menu item "lighter" or healthier. They should know their products well, and should be able to help.

The more active you are, the more you can eat! :)

Motivation Let's Geturdone- over 50 + Jul 13 2014
06:59 (UTC)

I am very sorry for your loss, Margie ~ it is hard to lose a furry friend. Give yourself time to cherish wonderful memories and to grieve.

Heartburn is no fun ... hope you can work out something that works for you.

Had a nice Saturday ~ should be a quiet Sunday.

Weight Loss Want to lose some extra weight. Jul 11 2014
15:45 (UTC)

Foods Just starting out and I need a lot of help Jul 11 2014
15:39 (UTC)

Start with breakfast.

Pick a standard, basic breakfast that you can live with that will work 6 days a week. (It's nice to do something different on day 7). For me, breakfasts don't have to be fun or exciting ... just easy and functional and basic for my diet. (As you might expect, I eat the same breakfast 6 days a week!)

Once you figure out a calorie budget for your breakfast, see what fits into it that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

For some people, it's scrambling a few eggs or egg whites with some fresh veggies and sticking it in a whole wheat wrap.

For some people, it's making a protein-added smoothie and taking it with them as they run out of the house.

For others, it's a banana and two cheese sticks.

Personally, my breakfast is one cup of Fiber One cereal (120 calories), unsweetened Vanialla Almond Breeze (30 calories), a medium banana (105 calories), and 6 hardboiled egg whites on the side (for protein! 90 calories). That's what I have 6 days a week.

I can always substitute some other protein for the hardboiled egg whites, as long as I stick with the same calories.

I can always substitute 7 ounces of pineapple for the banana, as long as I stick with the same calories and the same carbs. (I track my carbs carefully since I am a diabetic.)

The nice thing about that cup of Fiber One? Fiber. My daily requirement is done. (Of course, I eat a lot more fiber ... but fiber makes you full!)  Nope, not exciting ... but it works for me. And even when the rest of the day gets off track (sometimes) and anything else happens ... I know I had my standard, planned out, healthy breakfast.

Once you've mastered breakfast, work on lunch!

Foods String cheese Jul 11 2014
15:26 (UTC)

My guess is fat or sodium ... at some point, I don't sweat the letter grades over various foods. At any given time, something as healthy as an apple can be rated anywhere from an A to a C, lol. 

Instead, I try to focus on my end-of-the-day letter grade.



Foods Can you tell me your 'bedtime' snacks Jul 11 2014
15:24 (UTC)

I have an evening snack around 10pm ... and head to bed around midnight ... so it's not quite a bedtime snack. And I budget for those calories.

It's 90 calories of hardboiled egg whites and 100 calories of turkey.  Yep, protein. It keeps me from being hungry for the rest of the evening and provides a nice addition to my daily protein intake.


Calorie Count water enhancer Jul 11 2014
05:49 (UTC)

Assuming you're OK with artificial sweeteners .... I've found that some flavors are NASTY and some brands are better than others. And some STAIN ... so be careful with those little squirty bottles.

And it can be a bit of an art to squirting in the RIGHT amount of flavoring. Too little, you've got a slightly watered down flavor. Squirt too much and it's flavor overload and you need to get a much bigger glass and add more water.

Different brands will have different artifical sweeteners ... I've seen ones with sucralose, aspartame and saccharine. Do your research and make an informed choice about which of these (and how much) you think is worth adding to your diet.

If you aren't avoiding sugar for health reasons (i.e., diabetic), why not just buy some real apple juice or grape juice and add a little splash to your water to flavor it? Try this: freeze appe juice in ice cube trays and then add one apple juice ice cube to a large glass of ice water :)

Calorie Count can you carry calories over Jul 11 2014
05:43 (UTC)

I do .... there's always some slight fluctuation in my daily calories. If I go over one day, I try to make it up over the next few days.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend eating 400 calories one day, and then 2000 calories the next day. Keep in mind that you should eat at least 1200 daily calories if you are an adult female, 1500 daily calories if teen female.

Just decide how many "extra" calories you can live with in any given day, and then have a plan for making up that deficit later. For me, I try to limit my overages to 300-400 calories ... knowing that I can eat 100 calories a day less for the next 3-4 days, if needed.

When it comes to healthy eating, there's no one-size-fits-all answer ~ you just need to figure out what works for you :)

Calorie Count how to Jul 11 2014
05:39 (UTC)

Recipe analyzer: _add.php?tab=new_recipe

Calorie Count how to Jul 11 2014
05:39 (UTC)

For something like onions, you need to calculate the weight/amount of the onions (raw), then add it. THEN you need to calculate the amount/calories of whatever you sauteed them IN ... (butter? oil? etc.)

For cooked dishes made at home, you should be able to plug all the ingredients into the recipe analyzer. Or ... just do the math. 

For example, let's say you make a quiche.  Add up all the ingredients (pie shell, egg, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, any other ingredient.) Come up with a total. Then figure out how many servings (4? 6?) Then divide the total by that amount. If a whole quiche is 1,000 calories (just an example), then 1/4 of a quiche = 250 calories.

A lot of recipes these days give you the nutritional information :)

Weight Loss Want to lose some extra weight. Jul 10 2014
22:38 (UTC)

Hello canealex .... welcome to Calorie Count.

I see from your profile that "I am a freelancer and written various articles on ED and have a relative experience of 20 years"

You have written articles on eating disorders as a freelancer and you want to lose 50 pounds without actually changing your eating habits?

Motivation Let's Geturdone- over 50 + Jul 10 2014
00:52 (UTC)

THANKS FOR THE WELCOME! I'm a professional yo-yo dieter now trying to do this for the third time ... it seems to get harder every time and I end up with more weight to lose after thoroughly trashing my metabolism ....... so ...... I've jumped "back on the wagon" again.

49 years old. Super Fat. Happily married military wife and cat rescuer. My wonderful DH is currently deployed. We live in California.

On June 1, I decided to see if I could commit to 90 days of clean and healthy eating ... so I am currently on Day 39. (My wonderful DH is due home in September, so I thought June-July-August would be great months to have something ELSE to focus on (besides the dreadfully hot weather, LOL!)

I've got a number of serious health issues I'm dealing with (severe asthma, underactive thyroid, high blood pressure, and I've been a diabetic for about 15 years. Currently taking short and long-acting insulin plus oral meds. I've seriously messed up both knees and have neuropathy in both feet, and at my current weight and health I am "not allowed to exercise" ... so I am hoping to lose enough this summer to be able to try biking come fall. (I am allowed to tread water in the pool, but not to do anything aerobic.)

I am currently on the calorie-counting, carb-counting "Eat lots of veggies and lean proteins so there's less room for crap" diet (as I like to call it.)

I aim for eating 8-12 different types of veggies every day. I think I am turning green. My fiber levels are off-the-charts, LOL.

I weigh in randomly so as to not completely traumatize myself. I sent away to Amazon for a nifty digital talking scale and every time I step on her (she has a faint British accent) I am relieved she doesn't say "Oh my gosh! GET OFF!" Or, even worse, "One at a time, please" <snort>  Anyway, her pleasant british accent is giving a decidedly Downton Abbey feel to my morning weigh-ins.


Foods Just getting started Jul 09 2014
19:55 (UTC)

Budget a reasonable portion of chocolate into your daily meal planning. :)

Problem solved :)

Foods pistachio binge Jul 09 2014
19:53 (UTC)

I love salt and pepper pistachios. So .... what I do ... is buy snack-size baggies and count out 25 pistachios per bag (100 calories). Then I do my darndest to just eat one snack baggy per day ... when I have budgeted those calories.

If having a big bag of pistachios in front of you ... or a bowl of pistachios ... is a problem, then make a change you can control.

Portion control can be your friend.... you can have those yummy pistachios EVERY day (if you want) ... just "budget" them.

Weight Loss How many calories should I be eating??? Jul 09 2014
04:29 (UTC)

You want to eat enough calories so that even after you subtract the calories burned from excercise, your body is still getting AT LEAST 1500 calories' worth of fuel.

Add some more lean protein and fresh veggies to what you're eating.


In order to lose weight, you need your calorie intake to be less than your total daily calories burned. Using our weight loss calculator, you'll arrive at the calories you need to eat to reach your goal weight. Remember, there's a healthy range in which to achieve this loss. Restricting too much can be harmful to your health. The goal is to reach a weight loss of about 0.5-2 pounds per week so that your body has time to adjust and you're more likely to keep the weight off in the long term.

Your daily calorie intake may vary depending on the amount of activity you do. If you're exercising more on one day, you may need to eat more to fuel that workout. As a rule of thumb, you never want to exceed a deficit (or eat less than) 1000 calories lower than the amount of calories you burn. The absolute minimum calorie intake should be 1200 for women and 1500 for men.

Foods Low fiber,low carb snacks Jul 09 2014
04:24 (UTC)

hardboiled egg whites are an awesome snack ... high protein, low calorie, no carbs or fiber.

sugar free jello

sugar free popsicles

Dannon Fit n Light Greek Yogurt (80 calories) ~ the Key Lime is amazing. Carbs are pretty decent, too (I think 9)  I stick them in the freezer and eat them frozen!

Cubes of tofu

Turkey slices.

(Scoop out the seeds from dill pickle spears/halves)

(Scoop out the seeds from cucumbers)

Motivation Let's Geturdone- over 50 + Jul 09 2014
04:18 (UTC)

:::: sneaks in and looks around :::

I'm 49 ... almost 49 and a half ... close enough?

(I'm trying to get back on the wagon)

Motivation I think my cat can help with my dieting (grin) Jul 09 2014
04:16 (UTC)

June bugs in my swimming pool have a REMARKABLE impact on how fast I make it across the pool! (grin)

::: shudder :::


I am SO not into bugs.

Foods what is the right food that tastes ok and has no fat and no calories Jul 09 2014
00:05 (UTC)

Do you have something against fat and calories?

Food is FUEL for our bodies.

Food should be NUTRITIOUS.

Are you interested in eating healthy? :)

Motivation I think my cat can help with my dieting (grin) Jul 08 2014
23:57 (UTC)

It's definitely not my RECOMMENDED or PREFERRED workout, LOL!

As for training my cats ... mine leave the tile so they can barf on the carpets. Or the bed. :)



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