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Foods Fave Five :) Dec 24 2013
23:02 (UTC)

kinda died in this. TOP FIVE YOGURT FLAVORS;


1 Key Lime

2 Pistachio

3 Pineapple

4 Blood Orange

5 Blueberry

Weight Loss apples are high calorie? Dec 24 2013
19:49 (UTC)
Original Post by emily02:

Original Post by diana20133:

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low-calorie nutrient dense foods that when consumed regularly contribute to good health.

This kind of mentality is unhealthy. No, apples are not low calorie. At least not the kind of "low calorie" that most people assume it is. My mother, a formerly obese woman, used to think she could eat as many fruits/veg as she pleased and she'd magically drop pounds. When she didn't it just confused her. This has happened to so many people I know.


Calorie counting is the only sure-fire way to lose weight, and when you turn a blind eye and accept the generalization that "most fruits and veggies are low calorie" it just encourages ignorance. I've seen it happen to so many people.

That is where some common sense comes in. Of course no one will lose weight if they eat like a whole 3lb bag of apples or bags and bags of 1lb baby carrots. But should you freak out over eating an apple and some carrots with lunch because you might be over calories? I don't think so.


I'll be on point with my calories for the day but sometimes still hungry and will eat some carrots, apple, banana, pear etc and haven't become overweight from that. Now when I felt hungry and then ate a snickers or pop tart or doritoes etc yeah I saw the lbs creeping up.

Weight Loss Does 3500 calories really show 1 lb lost on the scale for you? Dec 02 2013
20:50 (UTC)

No I swear it's more like 5000

Weight Loss Is a FAT FREE diet safe? Nov 29 2013
23:22 (UTC)

I ate low fat, not purposely avoiding fats per say, just my meals had lots of veggies and fruit etc so no fats. This harmed my body terribly because the lack of fat made me develop gallstones which pierced my gallbladder and got gangrene and had to get my whole gallbladder surgically removed. now I make sure to get at least 70% of my fats.



Weight Loss Is this breakfast too much? Sep 30 2013
18:26 (UTC)

Probably you felt really full because of the apple. I like to keep breakfast at around 400-450cals. You could leave the apple for later in the day. Like let breakfast settle and have apple for snack 2 hrs later or include it in your lunch. Eggs can also really fill you up at first. Again, just spread the foods out but still eat all of them.

Weight Loss Activity level and Calories to eat Jul 06 2013
12:00 (UTC)

I think it's not enough for lightly active

Weight Loss Am I sedentary or light activity?? Jul 05 2013
04:38 (UTC)

I don't know just seems like basic activities to me

Calorie Count Site not loading? May 25 2013
17:38 (UTC)

I was afraid of that. I am not sure how to correct the issue though. so far today and yesterday it has been working fine. hope it will stay that way hahaSmile

Weight Loss what is a good measurement for a waist being 5'4 May 21 2013
16:50 (UTC)

I'm 5'4 and like having my waist 25-26in.

26 looking very nice really

Weight Loss How much damage have I done? May 20 2013
13:29 (UTC)

I swear sometimes eating above actually helps you to lose, if not done in habit form. ie. I have been eating very well, but yesterday ate at least 1k over of cookies. I lost 1.5lbs this morning. Assuming not water weight because I didn't even go to the bathroom yet. Same has happened in the past. I wouldn't worry unless you did a severe binge, and ingested something like 3-5k over. And like above, you could even it out with an extra 100 deficit over 6 days.

Weight Loss How do you turn away food? May 10 2013
11:54 (UTC)

At my work people bring and make crap all the time. Every morning donuts, pies, pastries, bagels, brownies, etc. I get away with not having anything because I told them I had my gallbladder removed (true) and my body can't handle that junk. And not to be rude, but the workers I see that do eat that stuff are well over 30+ overweight except only the high school boys we have employed.


So no one bothers me anymore. If you don't make it clear right away, people will offer you things in the future again and again.

Weight Loss The single most helpful change you've made? Apr 26 2013
22:13 (UTC)

No. Pop.

Weight Loss Dealing with unhealthy weight loss consequences Apr 21 2013
18:27 (UTC)

I'm 5'4 and didn't lose my period until getting around 102 pounds.

I wonder if it is just stress from school? But you should at least eat around 1400.

Weight Loss which calories do I count, if I threw up? Mar 17 2013
21:03 (UTC)

Almost an hour? Just log all those calories then. You probably only expelled the stomach acid and the roughage of food only, your body already absorbed the calories, nutrients and etc.

Foods Cheap Food Suggestions? Mar 12 2013
03:03 (UTC)

I have about $110 a month for food and I can give a run down of what I always end up buying to stock up:

Apples in bags. (they fill me up and are great as snack, with meals, and last the whole month in the fridge)

Peanut butter, Polaner fruit spread, wraps, multi grain bread). (I buy the natural Krema but if I'm short, I get the Skippy natural because 80% of time they have the buy 2 get $1 off coupons. Polaner has fiber, and put with bread/wraps for PB&J) lso I bulk buy the wraps and bread and freeze. they taste great when defrosted

Slice cheese for toasted cheese with above breads)

Greek yogurt buy when there is the 10for$10 or big tubs on sale. Chobani has 30cent coupon to abuse on website

Frozen fruits and veggies

Big bag salads, carrots, cucumber, fat free dressings


Chicken breasts, tuna, beans, nuts

My biggest tip is to learn to watch for sales and use coupons. Know store policy for price matching with ads. Know which stores carry your staples cheapest. ie. use to buy my wraps at Giant Eagle for $4 each. Can get at discount store for 2 for $3!



Foods What's the deal with Oreo cookies? Feb 28 2013
02:39 (UTC)

I don't care for them unless in a mint blizzard from Dairy Queen.

BUT they smell very good. I just love that artificial sweet scent. But yeh, they taste like crap and get stale super easy.

Foods do I eat too much fruit? Feb 21 2013
19:40 (UTC)

I guess it's an individual thing because I eat a lot of fruit everyday: bananas, melon, apples (lots! like 3 a day), frozen fruits, etc, and my waistline and everything are fine. But I also get my protein and fat from other foods like yogurt and peanut butter and chicken. Also eat lots of raw veggies.

Foods Honey Bunches Of Oats. Feb 18 2013
18:42 (UTC)

Cereal won't make you fat if you fit it in, but really, cereal sucks. Most are too processed, too much sugar, and don't leave you feeling full unless you eat like 2-3 servings of it. I was a cereal addict, but now could care less about it. Oh. Ans I did use to eat that Honey Bunches of Oats, and it really had no oats haha and gets all soggy in your milk and I'd have to eat like a huuugeeee bowl of it.

Weight Loss Salad calories surprise Feb 18 2013
02:14 (UTC)

Always get dressing on the side. I do that too for any syrups, etc as well. Everyone seems to drench stuff.

The Lounge Am I being a bad friend? Feb 17 2013
17:59 (UTC)

You need to get over your jealousy. It is understandable, but in life, there will always be people that seem to get it easy and have things you want to have or seem to advance with little effort. Believe me, I see it so much at work it is sickening while you work your butt off. I say this because jealousy will make you a miserable, miserable person and eat away at you.

Anyway, this is worse because this is your friend and honestly she is doing nothing wrong but living her life as it happens to be. If your friend ONLY wants to do things with you if you HAVE to spend craploads of money, then you need to sit down and find different things you like to do that are cheaper.

Maybe your friendship is artificial and you have no common interests? There's so much to do, especially on college campus, for low costs! Many many things!!! Read the papers and see all the adverts for theater, cheap concerts, etc. Or if your friend is inviting you out, she can pay for you. I did that for my friends when I wanted to hang out and they had no money. Sometimes spent over $200. Was never an issue for us because I WANTED to be with them and for all of us to have fun and enjoy things.

You can also make cheaper substitutions. Can't afford the movies? Use Redbox or the library to get them and watch them at home. Can't afford to eat out? Buy ingredients and hang out at home and cook an awesome meal. Can't afford clothes? Go window shopping or go to funky stores where you can just try things on and mess around and have fun.


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