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Weight Loss What is wrong w/ me? Jan 13 2012
04:36 (UTC)

How is your fat intake?  If you aren't getting enough good fat in your diet, you may find yourself constantly hungry and unsatisfied.

Recipes Any good fish/tilapia recipes? Aug 27 2011
01:24 (UTC)

Tilapia goes great in a curry! :)

Weight Loss Why and I not loosing weight? Apr 26 2011
23:06 (UTC)

Have you tried using your body measurements as a way to gauge?  Measurements are more reliable than a scale anyways. :)

Fitness Insanity Workout Mar 18 2011
20:12 (UTC)

Unfortunately I just had emergency surgery done on my feet, so it turns out it's going to be a couple of days before I can be back on them.  I'm going to sort of re-do week 2 and go from there.  :(

Fitness Insanity Workout Mar 11 2011
19:01 (UTC)

I'm unfortunately in the situation where I can't switch my meal plans to the one recommended for the Insanity workout, due to having far too many sensitivities - but after looking it over, my current diet seems to fit in the guidelines. 

Fruit, veggies, fish, and the occasional poultry - so I don't believe my results will be heavily impacted by not being able to follow the given diet plan.

Long day of work ahead of me, I'll be doing the Pure Cardio once I get home; wish me luck. :)

Fitness Eliptical vs. Treadmill Mar 11 2011
05:11 (UTC)

Degenerative arthritis runs in my family, so I stick to the elliptical because it's low impact on my knees - plus, I have a history of getting shin splints from running, so I find the elliptical is overall just more suited to me. 

Weight Loss Is it bad to lose weight by eating mostly sweets if its still in my calorie range? Jan 19 2011
00:35 (UTC)

1 cup chocolate almond milk + 1 chilled banana + soy (or coconut) dairy-free ice cream makes for one badass shake.  You can always remove the soy ice cream and replace it with another banana, though; chocolate almond milk is great for a sweet tooth.





Weight Loss what size at what weight? Jan 05 2011
01:22 (UTC)

When I was fitted last year for a bridesmaid dress, I was a size 5 at 145 lbs and I've lost weight since then, but the brand of jeans I buy are a size 7.

Weight Loss burping my vitimans? Oct 22 2010
19:21 (UTC)

This happens to me if I don't eat before taking my vitamins.

Weight Loss I need some diet help -- out of control and no idea what to do Sep 24 2010
03:35 (UTC)

Have you looked into your fat intake?  Personally, I find that if my fat intake is too low, I end up ravenous regardless of how many calories I've had that day - adding just a little more good fat to your diet might make all the difference.

Weight Loss Childhood food memories Sep 16 2010
17:10 (UTC)

As a kid my family lived off of packaged, heavily preserved foods - pogos, mac and cheese, TV dinners.  Vegetables were unheard of, and the only time we had fruit in the house was so we could cut it up for the various pets we had at the time. 

Back then, I was always very sick (three guesses why, with that diet) so my appetite was never really up to par; my entire family is overweight or obese, and my parents had a very skewed view of proper portions - if I didn't eat my entire meal fast enough, my parents would set a timer on the microwave and leave me at the dinner table alone, and if time ran out when I wasn't finished, I would be punished for it. 

Sometimes I still feel threatened if I go to dinner with them, lol.

Weight Loss Weird Injuries Sep 03 2010
15:46 (UTC)

For years I've had the same problem - I would start an exercise routine, then I would end up with the flu and it would keep me down for two weeks.  I would start anew, then it would be a cold.  Again, and it would be a muscle injury. 

After a lot of trial and error, I've discovered a connection between my illness and my iron intake - i've got a notoriously bad immune system, and it's due to anemia.  Maybe you should check with your doctor and get a blood test done for iron deficiency?

Weight Loss Why am I gaining weight on a proper weight loss plan? Sep 02 2010
16:19 (UTC)

Are your measurements going up, or just the number on the scale? 

Weight Loss I cannot fight my body anymore. Jul 20 2010
01:06 (UTC)

I find I get irregular when I don't have enough fat in my diet.  Try putting a bit of extra olive oil in your food and see if it helps?

Weight Loss . Jun 27 2010
23:05 (UTC)

You can't gain body fat unless you're eating enough calories to do so, and this goes for muscle gain as well, since you need excess calories to gain either; any weight increase you're seeing is likely from water retention.  Maybe you should ease away from the scale for a while, if you find it's discouraging you?

Weight Loss WATERMELON is my kryptonite.. Jun 04 2010
01:22 (UTC)

Were I Superman, beer would be the thing that sapped my superhuman strength; curse you, delicious, frosty beer!

Weight Loss 5' 8" girls: what's your size? Mar 26 2010
02:32 (UTC)

I'm 5'8", 140 lbs, and i'm a size 5 dress, size 6 in jeans. 

Weight Loss Gained another 8 lbs. I officially give up - it's hopeless. Dec 28 2009
01:43 (UTC)

The alternative solution is to just move around more - add something to your daily activity, a 30 minute walk every day can make all the difference. 

Weight Loss will you share your plan? Dec 28 2009
01:41 (UTC)

I'm lucky to be a person who doesn't particularly care for sweets; during the holidays we have piles of them around the house, but I'm never driven to eat them.  I did indulge in a couple of baked things (one recipe in particular that I hadn't had since I was 10) but I did it in moderation.  Ultimately, nothing changed for me from my regular eating habits - however, I am starting a new exercise plan for the new year, since I've stuck to the old one for far too long.  :)

Weight Loss What is going on?? Dec 24 2009
02:27 (UTC)

Talk to your doctor; that's the best thing you can do for yourself.