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Health & Support Constipated Apr 07 2014
09:35 (UTC)

It sounds like too much fiber. Also 4 liters of water is a lot. 

Morning coffee helps me, maybe you should keep it in your diet.

Health & Support Always feeling hungry. Apr 07 2014
09:32 (UTC)
Original Post by bellavita89:


Thanks for the help. Ntesan, you said you ate smaller meals, did you feel like that helped you with feeling satisfied? I go back and forth with that idea. Sometimes I feel like it's harder to feel satisfied on small meals. I know everyone is different so I'll have to find what works for me, but it isn't easy haha. 

I have to eat smaller meals because my stomach is very sensitive but it also helped me mentally. I still can't really eat intuitively so for me a meal plan is really helpful. It is also a lot less stressful for me now, that I know I'll eat in a couple of hours and there is a meal waiting for me. So I think less about food and I don't feel hungry all the time. Like I said it took some time but now I'm at that point when I actually know when I'm under- or overeating.

It also sounds you are eating too little. I have a sedentary job and I don't exercise regularly. You really have to find what works for you.

Health & Support Always feeling hungry. Apr 06 2014
08:30 (UTC)

I was the same. The only thing that helped me was constantly eating around 2000 calories, smaller meals, I also eat more protein rich food and of course patience for my body to catch up. You're probably thinking to much about it and that makes you even more hungry, At least that's how it was for me. It took good six months to finally feel satisfied after a meal and not thinking what will I eat next. I haven't had a binge in a long long time. But are you sure this was a binge or just plain old overeating?

You also mentioned you had some drinks. It is very normal to be hungry after alcohol. Usually when I go out drinking I snack in between or have a good lunch before that, the worse is to start drinking hungry. Before I go to bed I also drink a big glass of water with magnesium (you'll feel better in the morning) and if I'm still hungry I just snack on something. Because if I tell myself how I shouldn't eat because I had enough that day it usually comes to devouring 3 times more than I would.  But really you're panicking, a day of overeating won't make you gain. On the other hand if you did this every day...

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 06 2014
07:55 (UTC)

I hate my phone!

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 06 2014
07:55 (UTC)
Just clean after yourself especially the dishes and don't take other people's food. Those were always the main reasons for fights in my 10 years of experience having different roomates. Good luck!
The Lounge replacing David Letterman Apr 06 2014
07:48 (UTC)
No not Stephen Colbert! Do you think Craig Ferguson has a shot?
The Lounge What are the pros and cons of being a adult? Apr 01 2014
14:54 (UTC)

I love being an adult! Of course it involves a lot of grief, stupid mistakes, irrational fears ... but it also involves a lot funny moments, developing great friendships, learning new things ... All of these shape you and your life. 

When I look back I honestly feel kind of pride how more mature I've become and I'm looking forward of getting older.

The thing is in all this time I also had  periods of manically counting calories, isolating myself and feeling unloved (I couldn't even have a cat!) but I'm also changing constantly and learning and making progress. The great thing about getting older is  that you realize that you are the only who can make changes and find solutions to your problems.

So stop over-analyzing and live your life.


Health & Support TRIGGER WARNING: Functioning anorexic Mar 31 2014
12:16 (UTC)

I love Moommins too! That's great news moominvalley! 

Regarding Emma Woolf - I have issues with her as well. Some time back I replied in a thread about her book:

I really liked this book. She was able to write down some of those crazy thoughts and rules that ED sufferers use to tell themselves daily. I also think it's a good read for people who want to help but don't really understand this disorder.

The only thing that that bothered me is - that she came off like an orthorexic and that she still pretty much eats ''safe'' food. I did enjoy her interviews  on Supersize vs superskinny eventhough I don't always quite agree with her (like this article http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/20 13/08/19/emma-woolf-on-the-view-from-london-w hy-is-skinny-shaming-ok-when-fat-shaming-is-n ot.ht

Since than I've became quite annoyed with her - well maybe more with the way she is represented in the media because she's definitely not recovered and gives a out a false message.

Foods Quest Bars? Mar 17 2014
09:26 (UTC)

I really like the cookie dough one. Try baking them in the oven or a microwave - they are delicious!

Foods low fat yogurt in US Mar 12 2014
10:10 (UTC)

This is just weird that so many low fat yogurts in US contain sugar, I always thought it was a bit of a myth.

Just a few months ago my friend was stubbornly claiming that low fat yogurt is full of junk. So we bought one plain low fat and one full fat one with fruit. Low fat didn't contain anything than milk and yogurt cultures and the other one was filled with sugar and flavour add-ins. And is so cheap as well! - Like 60 cents, while Fage here in Slovenia is like 1,5 dollars at least.

Well my trip has been postponed till late summer so I have some time ;-).

Foods low fat yogurt in US Mar 10 2014
10:25 (UTC)

:-). That's funny - I'll be staying with my boyfriends family and they are all health food freaks but they only just moved back from the east coast (my boyfriend grew up in Lakewood), so they are quite new there. I'm already looking forward to it!

Foods low fat yogurt in US Mar 10 2014
09:47 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply! Are you in Seattle? I'll be in Tacoma actually, I'll probably we'll be able to find something. It's just a bit annoying, there are always some yogurt issues (when I travel around Europe as well). I always seem to forget that we have some great dairy products over here, it makes me appreciate it more.

Health & Support Can dieting "forever" really kill a person? Mar 04 2014
09:55 (UTC)

Everybody who cares about their health and physic is careful of what they eat, you don't have to stuff yourself with cake. A tablespoon of olive oil more in your salad, full fat dairy products, handful of nuts are all healthy additions and can only benefit your health.

Well mrswilsoncat already said it better anyway...

Health & Support Can dieting "forever" really kill a person? Mar 04 2014
08:40 (UTC)

This from my own experience - I've been to the US a lot, usually  for a month living with an average American family. When I compare eating habits the main difference is portion sizes and amounts of snacks. Also average Slovenian family still cooks more and walks more while in US you actually have to make an effort to walk because everything is mainly accessible with a car. Here in Slovenia people still eat way more meat and pastry stuff, cheeses (so quite caloric foods) just less.

Health & Support Can dieting "forever" really kill a person? Mar 04 2014
05:57 (UTC)

Melissa I'm not going to argue about the amount of calories a person needs because it is very different for everyone. But anybody who works out daily and is not petite or an old lady and eats around 1000-1500 calories a day is seriously hurting himself. And really why would you want to eat so little (1500 calories is nothing!)- are you scared of food, anxious about it? I guess you can convince your body to feel full, but it usually always leads to binges.

And whoever commented about their grandparents - do you actually now what amount of calories they ate everyday their whole life?

The Lounge What does an American accent sound like? Feb 26 2014
16:21 (UTC)

To Slovenes it sounds like you're talking with your mouth full. But most can't really tell apart which part of the US people come from. You all sound the same :-).

The Lounge why the olympics are effing awesome, even in russia Feb 26 2014
16:18 (UTC)

Ha, ha ... we watched that live in our office - it was ridiculous. Of course the picture circled on people's facebook after a few seconds. But that sport is very dangerous, the russian skier remained paralyzed after the fall during practice.

The Lounge why the olympics are effing awesome, even in russia Feb 19 2014
14:57 (UTC)

Ligety is out of this world when it comes to giant slalom! And he's really nice in person as well...

Sweden beat Slovenia in hockey which was expected but no one expected them to come this far. They actually already had a plane ticket to Slovenia booked for yesterday. Russia played badly...

And another bronze medal for Slovenia (parallel giant slalom in snowboarding)!

Health & Support Unexplained continuous weight gain Feb 19 2014
14:02 (UTC)

You should definitely see a doctor, there are so many reasons why this is happening to you. But don't start starving yourself please, you can do a lot more damage. Just keep on with your activities and have some patience.

Health & Support Reached my goal ? but freaking out Feb 19 2014
13:58 (UTC)

Oh I know the freaking outs - for the last few years I'm going from 18 to 20 and my body is exhausted. This time I'm definitely not going back but I'm still having panic attacks. 

The thing I also have some gynecological problems that I have to deal with so I feel very unattractive with low self esteem. But I know in my head it's all stupid and I should be happy that I'm getting healthier.

Yeah, I had to breathe through a mask. The thing is with little activity I can definitely maintain on 1800 kcal or more. Dietitian said it's probably due to my higher muscle mass. Who knows...

The thing is I also want to start exercising but I have to wait for other results. I've never had problems with over-exercising so I've got a green light. I'll follow my doctor's advice and see what happens. Thanks and good luck!